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SimCity Creator Cheats for WII
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SimCity Creator WII Cheats

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SimCity Creator

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

Unlockable buildings : What They Don't Tell You 92%
Seaport : Increase industrial zones near water
Airport : Increase your commercial zones
Science and Technology Center : Keep your education level above 130
Waste-to-Energy Plant : Keep your education level above 100
City Court : Increase your commercial taxes to $2100

Remember , be patient , it may take a while
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Buildings 92%
Description: Perform the actions outlined below to unlock additional buildings:

Art MuseumRaise Education Level to 90
Basketball CourtBuild 2 of Tennis Courts, Baseball Fields and Playgrounds
Bus StopReach 1920
High SchoolRasie Education Level to 75
House of WorshipPopulation of 4,000
Large GardenBuild 4 Small Gardens and reach a population of 50,000
Large ParkBuild 4 Small Parks and reach a population of 50,000
MuseumRaise Education to 100
Nuclear Power StationRaise Education to 115
Opera HouseBuild 3 Museums and 3 Art Museums
Recycling PlantBuild one Landfill zone
Solar Power PlantReach 2000
StadiumReach a population of 350,000
TV stationReach a population of 350,000
UniversityRaise education level to 90
Wind Power PlantReach 1985
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How to get power plants 86%
Gas power plant: Approve the clean air act in the 1980's and use coal power plants.
Wind power plant: 2000.
Fusion power plant: 2050.
Nuclear power plant: High school level and be in 1950.
Waste to energy power plant: 2000's and high school level.
Solar power plant: 2000's.
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City Themes 73%
Description: At the start of a new game, name your city one of the following names to change its theme:

mummy's desertEgyptian Theme
ancient cultureGreek Theme
become wildJungle Theme
future pictureSci-Fi Theme
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Get more people... Get more $.... 69%
Place your residential zones in the middle of the city as that is where the land value is the highest, this will get you more money and more people then you normally would
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Easy Energy 68%
Build alot of power stations(oil ones) NO POWER LINES the houses act like them.
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Unlocking Buildings 67%
Do the stuff that's shown below.

Gas power plant Pass the clean air act and place coal power plants in 1985.
Sea port Build industreal zones near water.
Nuclear power plant Rase education level in year 1965.
Bus stop Be in year 1920.
Fusion power plant Be in year 2000.
Air port Have low traffic in 1915.
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Hidden Cities 63%
To unlock hidden city types, use these codes:

Egyptian Building Set: Mummy's desert

Sci-Fi Building set: Future picture

Jungle Building set: Become wild

Greek Building set: ancient culture
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More maps (passwords) 48%
ANCIENT - Dawn of Civilization map
BEYOND - Post-Global Warming map
DAVINCI - Renaissance Map
FEUDAL - Asia Age map
HEREANDNOW - Renaissance map
MODERN - Global Warming map
MONEYBAGS - Maximum money
NEWWORLD - American Propsperity map
REBIRTH - Renaissance II map
SAMURAI - Asia Age II map
SCIFI - "Global warming age" map
COLONIAL - "American Prosperity Age" map
By: Buddy5(167)
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City court 46%
Build a lot of Commercial zones
By: Phrasers(203)
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Faster? 26%
Hit play, then realy fast play, and hit fast play.
Is fast play faster than realy fast play?
By: ryanlll3(15)
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Sci-Fi cheat 16%
Name your city Futurn Picturn
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SimCity Creator 426965How do you get a nucear power plant? PLEASE I need it! Answers: 9
SimCity Creator 432719How can you (if you can) control the demand for Residential, Commercial and Industrial? Answers: 5
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SimCity Creator 527265I connected my power lines and water pipes to the other neighboring cities and I went to sell my power and I pressed A and nothing happens Answers: 7
SimCity Creator 527738Whats a good way to spread power everywhere without having to create a huge web of wires? Answers: 10
SimCity Creator 560460I am unable to do any deal with any of my brothers citys next door i've conected to them whith power water and roads but I still can't do deals although my brother has done the same thing What do I do?, is there something Me or my brother has done wrong ? Answers: 3
SimCity Creator 581412How do you get a nuclear power plant Answers: 2
SimCity Creator 671067Can there be a game over?! Answers: 3
SimCity Creator 706483How can I connect train tracks to train stations? Answers: 2
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