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Far Cry 2 Cheats for PC
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Far Cry 2 PC Cheats

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What is a trainer? A trainer is a program written to intercept and alter the memory addresses of games that are running in the background. Usually trainers contain such features as GOD MODE, UNLIMITED LIVES and others. Since trainers address specific memory locations, they are usually written to only support a specific version of a game.

Mega Trainer 1.03 (STEAM + FORTUNE) by: Caliber Mar 4,2013
Mega Trainer 1.03 by: Caliber Sep 22,2009
Mega Trainer 1.02 by: Caliber Feb 17,2009
Mega Trainer 1.01 by: Caliber Jan 6,2009
Mega Trainer by: Caliber Dec 16,2008
Trainer by: Caliber Dec 9,2008

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Far Cry 2

Rating: 3/5 VOTE

Missions 90%
Description: Unlock each mission in the game

including an additional 4 missions not otherwise available, insert the following cheat-password at the in-game cheats menu: 6aPHuswe
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The Golden AK-47 88%
In the southwestern area of the 1st region head north of the safe house island and you will find a ledge. Go around the ridge to get to the top of the ledge and you will see a crashed plane containing a Jackal Tape. Search just south of the crashed plane to find a boarded-up mine entrance. Destroy the boards and you will find the Golden AK-47.
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Missions 83%
Description: Unlock each mission in the game, including additional missions not otherwise available

How to: Insert the following passwords at the in-game cheats menu:

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Diamond Hunter 82%
Apart from the obvious beeping in your PDA about the diamond case, there are additional clues you can use to find your diamond quota.
When your map is zoomed into the maximum magnification in a region, there is a small green (or blue) number on the map indicating the number of diamond caches in that zone. This, plus the lit points of diamond caches you've found, can be used to help you narrow down the areas you need to search.
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Easier missions 66%
All right, first, you should take over any safehouses you can find passby. To take over them, just kill the enemies near the safe house, a popup will come saying you took over the safe house. Afterwards, go inside, there is usually some ammo or health, also if you purchased the primary, secondary, or special weapon boxes, you can access them at a safe house. Go inside and sleep, set the time to late at night, now go and proceed with the mission, since it is very dark outside, it will be very easy to use a sniper rifle during the mission. You can shoot an enemy in the head with the sniper rifle, then easily relocate to a different spot and kill all your enemies if done properly without them even shooting at you.
By: warthriller(24)
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If you want 2 slide down to a lower ground 4rm a higher ground immidiately,,then sit into a car (if you have any) n drive it to the edge of the reef,the car will roll down the reef receving damage,
bt you will b uninjured:-)...
after the car gets down,get out n repair it,n go broom! broom!
otherwise hold c button while trying to slide down 4m a reef,n searci 4 d corners created by d stones,u will slide down safely...
By: veuz(174)
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How to make a Pyramid in the Map editor. 44%
First go into Map editor, then New map. Go into terrain tools. Then go into Bump. Go Edit brush. Change the shape of the brush to a square. Go back. Then hold RT and then it makes a pyramid. not much.
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Cheats 38%
Golden gun snipers-fc213ocmovbc
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While going to a mission from your safe house or from the mission breifing zone,,use bus services or cars instead of walking....
walking too much will consume your energy and 4 that you will need malaria pills frequently...
so save your energy,save pills and use vehicles...
By: veuz(174)
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Save 36%
Enter the cheat or hints here!
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Golden AK-47's-Bowa-Seko 36%
In the Second Region in Bowa-Seko, Go to the South-Western Bus Stop(the one on the bottom right) Once you have done that, Drive to the TaemoCo Mine. Once you get there, Search the road directly on the right of the Mine. There should be one guard post at each end of the road. Search the road for a Boarded up Abandoned Shack with A Luxury Jeep next to it. Climb through the back Window Of the Shack, And the Golden AK-47 Should be Sitting right in the middle of the Shack. Once you get it, Put it in your Primary Crate if you have one So you don't lose it. The last one is in the Heart of darkness. While doing the mission, Search for a Dead Fallen over tree. Climb to the top of the tree and it should be there.
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Unlimited Ammo - XBOX 360 28%
You must be half way threw the game for this to happen by this I mean in the southern district. Go into Port Selao and steal the Moltovs. Now sneak up to where you found the diamond. Look toward the machine gun and throw a moltov. Hurry and duck behind cover. Press Left, Right, Left, Left, Up, Down, RB [Right Bumper]. Now unlimited ammo shall be unlocked.

- Dah Cheat Masta
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Great exploisons plus fire and kills 27%
If you have the rocket launcher that after you fire the rocket in the air you can controll it,this is a great cheat for you.If you are on a hill overlooking a area full of enemies,grab the special rocket launcher,fire it into the air and controll the rocket,make the rocket land in the middle of the area full of enemies and shacks,now watch the Great exploison and those shacks will blow up,all enemies will die,and if the fire catches on to the trees and grass,thats even better cause some enemies might end up catching on fire.If the area has oil tanks than that is even better.
By: KingLeo(762)
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Fun kill 20%
To kill enemies in a fun way,run them over with a vehicle.
By: KingLeo(762)
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Instant kill 19%
To kill enemies with one hit,shoot them in the head.
By: KingLeo(762)
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Downwith it 13%
By: hussaini(8)
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Far Cry 2 670457Rescuing hostage from Dogon Sediko. I can open door, he talks to me, get message saying reputation is increased, but red 'target' still remains on building. If I go back in, he is gone. Ubisoft says it is something in the manual or walkthroughs, not a glitch. Anyone know what I do next or what I am missing? Answers: 1
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Far Cry 2 399753Asked this question as a guest but didn't see it posted anywhere it is again after logging in: I've read the cheats on FarCry2 and cannot find anywhere where it tells/shows how to "Start game with -DEVMODE" or where you type in the passwords for bonus missions. I went to the main menu, "Additional Content" but none of the codes seem to work. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Answers: 1
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