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My Pet Hotel 2 Cheats for NDS
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My Pet Hotel 2 NDS Cheats

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My Pet Hotel 2

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Set up rodent pen 14%
Go into the office and press the A button.
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My Pet Hotel 2 346695My 6 year old just cant work this game ..and nor can i! How do you get pets to start coming to the hotel? Answers: 1
My Pet Hotel 2 411551How do you administer medicine Answers: 1
My Pet Hotel 2 440934I cant get past 88% on scenario 1. ive been playing it for days. everything I have to do I have apart from administer medicine, which I cant. and the scenario on the you get when you open and the one you get when you go on the pc are different. please help Answers: 1
My Pet Hotel 2 455782How to feed the rabbitts Answers: 1
My Pet Hotel 2 897393How do you get the first pet in and how do you set up the rodent pen? Answers: 0
My Pet Hotel 2 559680How do you give medcine to rabbit on my pet hotel ds Answers: 1
My Pet Hotel 2 691209How do you get the dwarf rabbit to come to the hotel? Answers: 0
My Pet Hotel 2 691213How do you play with rodents and their toys? Answers: 0
My Pet Hotel 2 449987I can't even get started! After putting my name to a new game, the list of tasks comes up, but no clue as to how to begin ! What am I missing (apart from the right kind of brain)? Answers: 0
My Pet Hotel 2 412811How do you get to scenario 2 next level on tree Answers: 1
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