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My Little Baby Cheats for NDS
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My Little Baby NDS Cheats

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My Little Baby

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

What to do if you run out of money (euro) to buy food for the baby: 82%
Keep in mind if you run out of cash just remember when your at the food store buy plenty of snacks. If the game say's you lack some object's for the main meal section to feed your baby. Take your baby to the play room and hit the button on the top to the right side of the screen after that there will be a button with the shape of an apple on it hit it and there will be the snack's you bought for the baby. FYI you have to buy the snack's first and for most before you run out of cash. The snack's count a food too. Yes snack's will fill up the Nourishment bar.
By: ymmas626(1149)
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When the health bar is low: 80%
When the health bar is low go to the food store in the game and buy "Syrup" this will fill up the health bar.
By: ymmas626(1149)
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New Profiles, Old Items 75%
You get three profile slot's.

When you beat the game the second time you play in the same slot you'll still have the old pictures, clothes and toy's from your first baby along as you alway save the game and can use the pictures in the baby contest.
By: ymmas626(1149)
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How to increase the love bar: 74%
Touch the magnify glass then touch the microphone & say word's like cat, dog, or whatever & the love bar will increase really fast.
By: ymmas626(1149)
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Make the day go really fast: 71%
When a new day start's feed the baby first then change the diaper twice depending on how low the cleanliness bar is then make the baby crawl 3 times outside then the nanny will come on the screen and say yor baby is dirty if you don't listen to her the first 2 times and keep crawling 5 times straight in a row your baby will get very sick and the doctor will come out and charge you a fee. After that you feed the baby again and then the energy bar will be low put the baby to sleep then the next day start's all over again.
By: ymmas626(1149)
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Photo Album: Number of pictures you can take 71%
You have three profile slot's you get one photo album for each slot. The photo album can hold 63 pictures in one profile slot each but if you add all three slot's together the game can hold 189 photo's all together.
By: ymmas626(1149)
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How to get your baby taken away: 70%
When you start a new day go straight outside and make the baby do one of the three activities over and over again:

Learn to Crawl
Learn to Balance
Learn to Walk

It doesn't matter which one you choose it will work on all three but just pick one and keep doing the activity over and over again. Then you baby will get "Very Sick" four times the fourth time.

The nanny will come out and say:

You have neglected your baby too often and I can't overlook this anymore! I am forced to take "The baby's name here" away. I'm very disappointed! You are not a good parent!
By: ymmas626(1149)
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Cleanliness: 63%
If you don't want to give your baby a bath then just keep changing the baby's diaper intil you fill up the cleanliness bar. By the way changing the baby's diaper is whole lot more faster in the game then the bath.
By: ymmas626(1149)
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How to decrease the happiness bar: 61%
Touch the magnify glass icon on the touch screen then touch the microphone icon and blow air into the microphone and that's how you decrease the happiness bar and make the baby cry.
By: ymmas626(1149)
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Cheats! 42%
1.If you got no money and you got honey & syrup keep feeding them that because you never run out!         :)

2.If you beat the game twice and get loads of cool items and you don't wanna lose them just make a new game in that slot and you still have them!              :)
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My Little Baby 473003In My Little Baby what are the names of the nanny's 2 friends? The Guy, and the brunette with a pink shirt. Do either one of them actually have a name besides from them being the nanny's friends? Thanks in advance. Answers: 1
My Little Baby 473115How do I fill the love bar? Answers: 2
My Little Baby 473125How many word's can the baby learn? Answers: 4
My Little Baby 473838Why do the toy's break in the game? I letted my virtual baby play with the rattle and and ducky cd so much in the game that they broke. Why sell toy's in a game that are virtual and can break? Answers: 1
My Little Baby 473117What happen's if I run out of a certain object the baby needs? Like I toy's, food or etc? Answers: 2
My Little Baby 473119What happen's if the baby's toy break's? Answers: 1
My Little Baby 473839There are some object's I can understand rebuying in the game. But why do I have to rebuy toys, spoons, bottles etc that break? Answers: 0
My Little Baby 473843How do you switch camera's in the game? The nanny say's at the beginning of the game that you can switch camera's but how? Does this take some sort of button sequence to do on the system? Answers: 1
My Little Baby 473845What's the sense of cleaning the house if the object of the game is to take care of the baby? Answers: 1
My Little Baby 551960How do I teach my baby to say words? i keep repeating words and he wont say any words. please help! btw he is about 6 months old. it says he has learnt 0/20 words... Answers: 1
My Little Baby 859666How old does the baby have to be to learn to crawl Answers: 1
My Little Baby 471839How do win the baby beauty contest every time? Answers: 1
My Little Baby 472430In My Little Baby how do you do the activity "Learn to balance"? Every time I try this activity I get stuck and frustrated and can't seem to get the baby to do this if anyone know's how to do this let me know. Please help. Thanks in advance. Answers: 1
My Little Baby 473016If you neglect the baby what happen's after the nanny takes the baby away? Answers: 1
My Little Baby 473114What happen's when the baby get very sick? Answers: 1
My Little Baby 473122Can the baby have a pet in the game? Like a dog or cat? Answers: 1
My Little Baby 473127What year did this game come out? Answers: 2
My Little Baby 478137How do you get the baby to grab your finger every time? Answers: 0
My Little Baby 491254How do you make the baby grow up faster? Answers: 2
My Little Baby 638135Why do I always get a baby boy when I start a new baby Answers: 2
My Little Baby 473123What happen's after the game ends? Answers: 0
My Little Baby 495999How to get the baby to pick up an object Answers: 0
My Little Baby 529753How do you start over in My Little Baby? My daughter wants to change everything regarding her baby and start over. Thanks. Answers: 1
My Little Baby 594820How do you get the right temperature for the bath? Answers: 3
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