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Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals Cheats for NDS
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Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals NDS Cheats

Rating: 4.7/5 VOTE
Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals Cheats

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Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals

Rating: 4.7/5 VOTE

DGamer Achievements 96%
Description: Meet the requirements below to unlock the desired Achievement:

Defeated GelberusDefeat the 2nd High Krawl, Gelberus
Field BattlerDefeat 100 Krawl Dust
KrawlinatorDefeat 1000 encountered Krawl
New DiggerSuccessfully excavate 100 times
Passed TrainingComplete Rallen's battle training
Spectrobes 2 DSLog on to DGamer online with a username
Wireless VeteranPlay 100 wireless (a.k.a 1-on-1 ) Battles
Excavation Drill -Buy every single mining tool
Geo (item that holds an ultimate spectrobe)Complete sequence battle level 3
Krux's MaskDefeat Krux
Rallen's SwordEarn the 1st Krawl Dust medal
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Card Input Machine Codes 83%
Description: Enter these codes at the Card Input Machine for the desired effect:

1432IOBAzenor Cacti; Adult Spectrobe; Corona; Custom Color 2; Custom Part
4213GBMBakuraiya Wolve; Secret Spectrobe; Flash
1432CLSDefense Seed; Mineral; Raises a Spectrobe's Max Def
4213LFPDendama Spiko; Adult Spectrobe; Aurora
2341CFSEvolve B; Mineral; Reduces number of battles needed for spectrobes to evolve to 0
3142MHGExtra Rooms; Lab System; 4 Extra Incubator Rooms
4213AFJHp Seed; Mineral; Raises a Spectrobe's Max HP
3124APEIsadora Slizo (Secret Spectrobe)
1432DLAKibetekaa Empra (Secret Spectrobe)
2341AIHLeozar Dragos; Evolved Spectrobe; Corona; Custom Part
1432FQJMarine Wing; Cruiser Parts; Full Set
4213FMSPinska; DARK Adult Spectrobe; Aurora (Must be past certain part of the game to recieve this)
1432BDJPlasma Blaster; Strongest gun in the game
2341AJGShimainu; Child Spectrobe; Corona
3124KFNTamzoa; Child Spectrobe; Flash; Custom Color 2

3124MOG - Titanium/Metalium/Marble (5) The spots for the input codes look something like this:
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Cheats, hints and tips 70%
Some general cheats:-
* Easy ship materials - Scan in Nessa, Colony
* Secret ship model - Use the card input machine, then input '2341KC' to get the sky model
* Easy excavation - Just tap on the fossils/minerals/cubes in excavation mode

* In Krux's palace, just go through the portals spinning left to reach Krux.
* Scan at the bottoms of cliffs and beside rocks and boulders to find some rare minerals and mystery stones
* You can purchase different spectrobe badges from the vending machines located in different planets.
By: SMR13(75)
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Get evolve L 64%
Go to card type andtype
1432 FGO
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How to get through with ease 63%
Al you hav to do is put these input into the card input machine:
2341 CFS
1432 FGO
then feed them to your spectrobe make sure your spectrobe is an adult so what this cheat does is evolves your spectrobe to evoved so most the other spectrobes will become defeated easily by u
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Secret ship part! 58%
Use the imput mode, then use, and you get the Sky model
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Easy ship parts 57%
On nessa go to colony start searching some ship items will come up
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Spectrobes codes 56%
5 Metalium, 5 Titanium, 5 Marble (Mineral, used for making Patrol Cruiser parts) 3124MOG
5-way Blaster 2341TCA
Anuberos Boomer 1432JOB
ATK Seed (Mineral, raises ATK) 2341HPB
Azenor Cacti (Adult Spectrobe, Corona, Custom Color 2, Custom Part) 1432IOB
Bakuraiya Wolve (Secret Spectrobe, Flash) 4213GBM
Cosmo Plasma Blaster (Blaster, ATK 130, Single-shot, Non-tracking, Explosive) 1432BDJ
Cyclone Geo (requires game completion) 3412HCI
Defense Seed (Mineral, raises a Spectrobe's Max Def) 1432CLS
Dendama Spiko (Adult Spectrobe, Aurora) 4213LFP
Evolve B (Mineral, reduces battles needed for Spectrobes to evolve to 0) 2341CFS
Evolve L (Mineral, get levels to evolve) 1432FGO
Extra Rooms (Lab System, 4 extra incubator rooms) 3142MHG
Hammer Geo (requires game completion) 1243AHD
HP Seed (Mineral, raises a Spectrobe's Max HP) 4213AFJ
Ice Geo (requires game completion) 3412DAG
Isadora Slizo (Secret Spectrobe) 3124APE
Kibetekaa Empra (Secret Spectrobe) 1432DLA
Lab system upgrade (4 extra incubator rooms) 3124MHG
Leozar Dragos (Evolved Spectrobe, Corona, Custom Part) 2341AIH
Marine Wing (Cruiser Parts, Full Set) 1432FQJ
Mugon (Child Spectrobe, Flash) 4213RGN
Orange ship color 3124CRG
Pagoni Talos (Adult Adult, Flash, Pagosnap, Attack) 3124MPC
Pinska (Dark Adult Spectrobe, Aurora, requires game progression) 4213FMS
Plasma Geo (requires game completion) 2134GHA
Shimainu (Child Spectrobe, Corona) 2341AJG
Tamzoa (Child Spectrobe, Flash, Custom Color 2) 3124KFN
Thunder Geo (requires game completion) 4123IAH
Wing Geo (requires game completion) 4123IGL
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Even Stats 52%
When you are about to evolve an adult spectrobe, put it into the incubinator with its property. When it evolves, give a an attack or defense custom part. Battle and level it up. It will gain enough to be 1 point lower or higher or even than it's defense or attack. Put it back into the incubinator with its property type. Switch it from attack/defense to normal. Then switch it back. When it get's to Level: 99, It's stats will be even!
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Defeat majas barrier 47%
Get 2 dark spectrobes and go to maja on planet darkos
By: thundersnake(67)
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Through the portal 45%
When you go in the portal click warp to get out of it
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Easy evolutions 44%
Go to planet Genshi
beat the tornados
then go exavatin
after dat press x go room accses then feed your spectrobes
By: thundersnake(67)
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Strong spectrobes for krux palace 41%
If you hav action replay go on google and typ action replay every spectrobe ever code for spectrobes beyond the portals and then get the code and kick kruxs freakin butt
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Avoiding krawl dust 38%
When the krawl dust is about to attack dash
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Spectrobe cheats 36%
3124KFN (Tamazoa, child, flash)
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Infinite money 34%
023DB840 0098967F
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How to beat crux's trobes 27%
To beat crux's trobes youll have to use a lvl 48 windora and lvl 50 zyrdrake ok?
By: zach186(64)
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Infinite minerals press L+R 16%
You would recieve all minerals after pressing L+R.
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Invincibility for your spectrobe 16%
Go to the line up mode and press b,b,x,y
By: jp11(125)
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