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NBA Live 09 Cheats for PS2
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NBA Live 09 PS2 Cheats

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NBA Live 09

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Unlock aba ball 69%
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How to use the VC team? 66%
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Eeasy 3 pointers, dunks, lay ups etc 63%
If you want to get easy 3 pointers, dunks, lay ups etc go 2 gameplay settings then go 2 user slides and boost yours up to 100 nd your opponents 2 0
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How to use 2k team!!! 56%
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Slam dunck 50%
Hold L1 then go to the net then square
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The Great 90s Bulls 29%
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The legend 23 28%
Micheal jordan in
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NBA Live 09 386228I can't make a free throw to save my life. What's the secret to making it during a real game Answers: 4
NBA Live 09 404145How to get perfect released shot Answers: 3
NBA Live 09 464960How do you get blacktop mode Answers: 1
NBA Live 09 471461Yo people I have created a layer he is a great player and is rated over ninety but will only score about 7 to 10 points per game how do I get him to score more when I simulate. Answers: 2
NBA Live 09 384934How do you intersept the ball when the offense passes down court?(PS2) Answers: 2
NBA Live 09 386497How do you save a season on NBA 2K9? Answers: 3
NBA Live 09 413879When your done with the game for Nba 2k9 for the Ps2 what else can you do? 1. Can you unlock new shoes, hair styles, Etc. 2.can you have a slam-dunk contest? all I do is create a new team and go to game modes and go to street if you got any new and cool stuff please let me know Answers: 1
NBA Live 09 404951How to retreive game data on nba 2k9 for ps2 Answers: 1
NBA Live 09 425036How to create you're own team and play with it? Answers: 1
NBA Live 09 414419Hi, I've just bought the game and playing season mode. When I save my season, turn ps2 off and next wanna play it. I cant load it. I just have to play a new season mode. And, how do you buy/trade players? Answers: 5
NBA Live 09 415723How to setup dynasty mode Answers: 1
NBA Live 09 438493Can you hav a 3 point shoot out or slam dunk contest for nba2k9 cuz dats one of my favorite things to do and I cant find them Answers: 2
NBA Live 09 438902Ask a question about PS2 2K9's player trade Every time I made a trade(ex:Kobe for Roy) then I played with that team(POR) i found that Kobe just played for 3~4 mins and he would be substitute with bench player(like Webster) then didn't back to lineup again by coach's decision A starter just played for 3~4 mins per game? i check of other traded team, but the condition is the same! Please tell me how to prohibit CPU's coach from these ridiculous substitutions or prevent this conditons? Thanks a lot. Answers: 6
NBA Live 09 441170I know this question is stupid, but I can't get any of my players to dunk the ball. How do you dunk the ball on the PS2 Answers: 3
NBA Live 09 445650Can you create a team on NBA 2K9 for PS2? Please answer me! Answers: 1
NBA Live 09 447893How do I get good dunks? Answers: 1
NBA Live 09 468972Are the Cleveland Cavaliers in this game? Answers: 3
NBA Live 09 457704How do you make a spin move in nba 2k9 for ps2? Answers: 1
NBA Live 09 469582Hey when I play Sometimes I'll make a player he's rated like 99 and will score like 10 points a game how do I increase the players potential Answers: 1
NBA Live 09 473133In association mode under coaching there is a development feature. I used this once and used all of my hours then played a game. How do I get more hours so I can develop my players more? Answers: 1
NBA Live 09 586942When I play one game in season and save it in {vip1} how do I go back to tje season and play more games Answers: 0
NBA Live 09 614627How do you save the last played game Answers: 0
NBA Live 09 649315Where do you go to play a season in the association Answers: 0
NBA Live 09 681973Can a players hot-spots change in season mode Answers: 0
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