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NBA Live 09 Cheats for PS2
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FIFA 14 | Defend Corners
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FIFA 13 Tips | Advanced Techniques
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FIFA 13 Tactical Tips | Shooting Techniques
The Boot Room : FIFA 13 Tactical Tips | Celebratory Goal Moves
FIFA 13 Tactical Tips | Defending Against Opponents

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NBA Live 09

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Easy Steals All the time 56%
Press down on square hardly. Don't tap it. It works!
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Almost perfect 3 points 53%
Be ray allen (boston celtics)
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Dream team creation 52%
First, at the main menu go to roster management.Next go to the trade screen..then trade all the players you want to the team you want can use these rosters in a season JUST DONT FORGET TO SAVE THE ROSTERS........................good luck!
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Easy steals with passing 45%
Press R2 then press O
By: dhani(95)
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How to dunk from any where even half court or full court 43%
In the game press start and type in x,o,x,x,x,o,R1,L1,L2,R2,trianle,tiangle,xx
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How to have the best team and win the nba finals 43%
Go to roster management. then go to the trade screen. then put the following players on a team.make sure they're on the same team. here are the players................... Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, KG (Kevin gGarnet),Carmelo aAnthony,Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Dirk Novitzki, AI(Allen Iverson),some guy whos last name is Arenas, Chancy Billups, Dewayne Wade, and Tracy McGrady,Shak(Shaquile O"neal), MIchael Beasley, and super man (Dwight Howard).
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Super alley hoop 38%
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How to get new players 36%
Go on cheats and enter love allen iverson
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Kobe Bryant 35%
Kb#24 can do impossible dunks in the slam dunk championship and can do a 720 windmill dunk
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Way to have a 99 player in a be A PLAYER MODE 35%
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Michael Jordan 34%

you can have him in the games
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To super dunk 31%
Do the arcade
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Nba manager 30%
While in the middle of the game (second quarter) before you past the ball to your team m8t have a timeout.... don't w8 for the time out to finish cause you musta press this button while in time out( r1,r1 triangle,squre,r2 r2,l1,square) and your team8ts can shoot at the 3 points 4 believe use yaoming to see if this cheats work...but it actually works 4 me.... thanks 4 reading my hints
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Run (turbo) 27%
Press and hold R1
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NBA Live 09 420495Hi! Is there any possibility that I can choose Kobe, Brown James, Garnett, Howard, Ming in the same team..? with out buying them bc in density mode or whats it called I can choose teams as "Fantasy" but the other teams are always taking the good guys so can I change that..? xD Ty. Answers: 4
NBA Live 09 468970Are the Cleveland Cavaliers in this game? Answers: 3
NBA Live 09 425843Where is nba academy and the vending machine? Answers: 2
NBA Live 09 425862I have nba live 09 but 4 some reason I dont have nba academy with the vendin machine. y? Answers: 1
NBA Live 09 450214How do you start a season? Answers: 1
NBA Live 09 454213How do you enter a code on a ps2 Answers: 4
NBA Live 09 485118How to unlock nba365 Answers: 1
NBA Live 09 493563How can you make nba live 09 harder Answers: 3
NBA Live 09 510295How do you get mj Answers: 2
NBA Live 09 511248How do you throw the ball at the big tv in the dunk contests and 720 dunks Answers: 2
NBA Live 09 423776What is best boundry force field to use in the game Answers: 1
NBA Live 09 458773How do I make my on player Answers: 2
NBA Live 09 483295How do you avrage 40ppg 1blk 3 spg 10 ast 5 reb Answers: 7
NBA Live 09 520722How do I save players in the roster before going into dynasty mode? Answers: 1
NBA Live 09 546237Can I unlock scotie pipen? Answers: 1
NBA Live 09 546458In live 09 for ps2 How do you get to see Micheal Jackson dance at half time in the finals? Answers: 0
NBA Live 09 546459How do you get Kobe injuryed when hes on the bench and im losing by 67 points? Answers: 2
NBA Live 09 546461Why does Patrick Ewing Have No Clothes on? Answers: 0
NBA Live 09 568389How can I change my language? When it is in another language? Answers: 0
NBA Live 09 596965Need instructions for how to play game for nbalive09 for PS2 Answers: 1
NBA Live 09 606675Is there a way to play dynasty mode without doing all te GM stuff like salary caps and stuff? I just wanna play ball with a dream team in consecutive seasons. Answers: 1
NBA Live 09 606677How do you change the camera angle on be a pro? Answers: 1
NBA Live 09 613569How do I do a good dunk in the slam dunk compition? Answers: 2
NBA Live 09 653362Can you do a behind the back pass for ps2 if you can then tell me how Answers: 1
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