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Big Oil Cheats for PC
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Big Oil PC Cheats

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Big Oil Cheats

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Big Oil

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Easy Money 100%
This hint exploits the common stock adage -- buy low, sell high.

Start any scenario, and as soon as the scenario begins, open the stocks page. Locate the oil refinery cities to invest in (such as Marseilles or New Orleans) and you will realize each is at $100 a share, with 49,000 shares available. You’ll always start with $4,000,000 in capital, so buy as many refinery stock shares as possible.

Now, as soon as the stock is purchased, the price will jump to somewhere around $113 or $114 a share. This means you should sell that stock immediately. When you sell, prices will drop back down to $100, so, buy it all back again! Repeat the process as much as you want, but keep in mind that after 10 or fifteen tries, you will be so rich the price won’t fluctuate anymore!
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