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Bionic Commando Cheats for XBOX 360
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Bionic Commando XBOX 360 Cheats

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Bionic Commando

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Rearmed Code Unlockables 100%
In the downloadable game, Bionic Commando: Rearmed (2008), you can obtain codes that, when entered at the Bionic Commando (2009) title screen, unlock certain things. Below is a list of the cross-title unlockables. Note that for the Xbox 360, you need to input these codes (for the Playstation 3, you just need to have the saved games from both games on the same hard drive).

Retro Outfit - In Bionic Commando: Rearmed, a unique code for this is automatically unlocked in the Database. Enter this code in Bionic Commando to unlock the Retro Outfit.

Prototype Weapon - In Bionic Comando: Rearmed, go to Area A and you will find a floating FSA icon (behind an electrical barrier you must backtrack to after removing) that unlocks a unique code in the Database. Enter this code in Bionic Commando to unlock the Prototype Weapon.

Purple Matrix - In Bionic Commando: Rearmed, go to Area 0, look for the open Yashichi door after collecting all 12 Yashichis. Inside is the "Purple Matrix," which unlocks a unique code in the Database. Enter this code in Bionic Commando to unlock the Purple Matrix.
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Decoding the Final Message [Easter Egg] 100%
After the credits roll, the final message you see is in Morse Code. Turns out, this translates to German:
Bestaetige Ausfuehrung von Phase Zwei Vorbereitet Aktiviere Projeckt Albatross

Our very limited German gives us this:
Confirm the Implementation of Phase Two / Activate Project Albatross
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Easter Egg: The Purple Matrix 100%
The Purple Matrix, found in Bionic Commando: Rearmed, is a key that opens a door in the Fissure I area of Bionic Commando. Look for the Purple Matrix Door (it glows purple) as you swing through the cave. It's on the left. Inside you will find some old school Bionic Commando music blaring out of a radio and a comfy chair. There's also some sort of museum exhibit of what appear to be spider robots. Whatever!
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IGN Challenge Room 100%
How to access the room: You need to enter the following code at the splash screen (where you see the game logo and the words "Press Start"):


The room will become available in the challenge room menu. Note that you will need to re-enter the code each time you boot up the game.
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God mode 100%
God mode
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Crude Audio Switchup [Easter Egg] 98%
Description: At the fight with the MOHOLE, the tunneling worm boss, lose the fight once and retry to hear a strangely lewd (and fourth-wall-busting) exchange between Spencer and his superior:

Spencer: Woah is that a long health bar or are you just happy to see me?

Radio: There's no way out, you will just have to [THE MOTHER OF ALL EXPLETIVES] it!

Spencer: Umů
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God mode 67%
Never die
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48 Achievements
Bionic Commando - Blood Trial Blood Trial
Complete "Blood Trial" challenge
Bionic Commando - Close Up Close Up
Complete "Close Up" challenge
Bionic Commando - Leap Up! Leap Up!
Complete "Leap Up!" challenge
Bionic Commando - Kaboom Kaboom
Complete "Kaboom" challenge
Bionic Commando - Train Wreck Train Wreck
Complete "Train Wreck" challenge
Bionic Commando - Swinger Swinger
Complete "Swinger" challenge
Bionic Commando - Man Locked Up Man Locked Up
Complete "Man Locked Up" challenge
Bionic Commando - Stroke of Luck Stroke of Luck
Complete "Stroke of Luck" challenge
Bionic Commando - Kick In The Back Kick In The Back
Complete "Kick In The Back" challenge
Bionic Commando - Receiving End Receiving End
Complete "Receiving End" challenge
Bionic Commando - Jabber Man Jabber Man
Complete "Jabber Man" challenge
Bionic Commando - Incoming! Incoming!
Complete "Incoming!" challenge
Bionic Commando - Slayer Slayer
Complete "Slayer" challenge
Bionic Commando - Torn Into Pieces Torn Into Pieces
Complete "Torn Into Pieces" challenge
Bionic Commando - Fair Fight! Fair Fight!
Complete "Fair Fight!" challenge
Bionic Commando - Cracker Cracker
Complete "Cracker" challenge
Bionic Commando - Whoo-paah! Whoo-paah!
Complete "Whoo-paah!" challenge
Bionic Commando - Down To Earth Down To Earth
Complete "Down To Earth" challenge
Bionic Commando - Rocket Man Rocket Man
Complete "Rocket Man" challenge
Bionic Commando - Two Hit Wonder Two Hit Wonder
Complete "Two Hit Wonder" challenge
Bionic Commando - Explosive Delivery Explosive Delivery
Complete "Explosive Delivery" challenge
Bionic Commando - The Pinball Effect The Pinball Effect
Complete "The Pinball Effect" challenge
Bionic Commando - Worthy Foe Worthy Foe
Complete "Worthy Foe" challenge
Bionic Commando - Spence is in the Air Spence is in the Air
Complete "Spence is in the Air" challenge
Bionic Commando - The River The River
Complete "The River" challenge
Bionic Commando - Let the Dog Out Let the Dog Out
Complete "Let the Dog Out" challenge
Bionic Commando - Barrage Barrage
Complete "Barrage" challenge
Bionic Commando - Air to Surface Air to Surface
Complete "Air to Surface" challenge
Bionic Commando - Drive-by Drive-by
Complete "Drive-by" challenge
Bionic Commando - Pull! Pull!
Complete "Pull!" challenge
Bionic Commando - Come Out and Play Come Out and Play
Complete "Come Out and Play" challenge
Bionic Commando - Crowd Control Crowd Control
Complete "Crowd Control" challenge
Bionic Commando - Shoot 'Em Up! Shoot 'Em Up!
Complete "Shoot 'Em Up!" challenge
Bionic Commando - The Pitcher The Pitcher
Complete "The Pitcher" challenge
Bionic Commando - Feel the Beat, Y'all! Feel the Beat, Y'all!
Complete "Feel the Beat, Y'all!" challenge
Bionic Commando - Shellshock Shellshock
Complete "Shellshock" challenge
Bionic Commando - Headshot Bonanza Headshot Bonanza
Complete "Headshot Bonanza" challenge
Bionic Commando - Poly Cruncher Poly Cruncher
Complete "Poly Cruncher" challenge
Bionic Commando - Nemesis Nemesis
Complete "Nemesis" challenge
Bionic Commando - Biomech Sweeper Biomech Sweeper
Complete "Biomech Sweeper" challenge
Bionic Commando - Whip 'Em Good Whip 'Em Good
Complete "Whip 'Em Good" challenge
Bionic Commando - Out of the Bush Out of the Bush
Complete "Out of the Bush" challenge
Bionic Commando - Can you dig it? Can you dig it?
Complete "Can you dig it?" challenge
Bionic Commando - The Collector The Collector
Find all collectibles in the game.
Bionic Commando - Bionically Challenged Bionically Challenged
Complete all challenges in the game.
Bionic Commando - End Game End Game
Complete the final mission
Bionic Commando - I got Hard I got Hard
Finish the game in Hard mode.
Bionic Commando - I went Commando I went Commando
Finish the game in Commando mode.
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