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FIFA Soccer 09 Cheats for PC
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FIFA Soccer 09 PC Cheats

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What is a trainer? A trainer is a program written to intercept and alter the memory addresses of games that are running in the background. Usually trainers contain such features as GOD MODE, UNLIMITED LIVES and others. Since trainers address specific memory locations, they are usually written to only support a specific version of a game.

Trainer 1.2 by: Caliber Jan 6,2009
Trainer 1.1 by: Caliber Nov 25,2008
Trainer by: Caliber Nov 18,2008

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FIFA Soccer 09

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FIFA 09: BE A PRO cheat engine 100%
1.First you need cheat engine ..(download it from google).

2.Then open FIFA 09. Go to Be a pro menu and see your EXP (let it is 890)
3.Now Press Crtl+TAB . Open your cheat engine click on a small computer and click on FIFA09..
4.Now write your EXP value (890) click on scan..(wait)
5.Now again open FIFA 09 and play a match.
6.Now your EXP will change.(let it is 920) Now Again press CRTL+TAB and open cheat engine.
7.Scan your present EXP value(920) Then click on the value and click on a red button.
8.The value will go in the white box(bottom of cheat engine) double click on value(920) and change it as you want.. and press space..
9.Now Go to team management.. and come back..your EXP will change...

It will work 100%
NEW Cheat Please Vote !!
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I PURCHASED FIFA09 for pc second hand. I need a serial number or product key.
anyone can gelp me please..

thanks alot..
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Team pro after 5 season 55%
lcb:serigo ramos(97)
cb:john terry(98)
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Manchester united after 7 seasons 36%
Gk:serigo asenjo(99)
rcb:serigo ramos(100)
lcb:john terry(104)
if you play amnchester united , you are a champions
don't copy
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Ms c.s>CB
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Be cool 29%
Money= moneyboney
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FIFA Soccer 09 719817How to make a cycle kick in FIFA 09 Answers: 1
FIFA Soccer 09 721603When I play the game how can I save game/legue Answers: 1
FIFA Soccer 09 555440How to buy a rival team player during transfer season in manager mode ? ( I am in the 4th season for Manchester Utd and I want to buy Fabregas from Arsenal but when I submit bid it says arsenal is too cautious to respond to the offer. how to buy) Answers: 7
FIFA Soccer 09 582316I have created a club, how do I play in manager mode with this club? Answers: 7
FIFA Soccer 09 964376Please help me someone. I installed FIFA 09 on like four of my computers, when I got new systems I forgot to authorize my copy of FIFA 09. Now when I install it again and enter the CD key that is in the package it says "For security reasons, only a limited number of machines can ever be licensed by a single purchase. This limit has been reached. Please purchase another registration code, re-install, and then try again." I don't know what to do. So I just wasted my money on nothing. please help Answers: 0
FIFA Soccer 09 344737I cannot shoot the finesse shot even when I press the triger run button ? Answers: 2
FIFA Soccer 09 516205Can you create a club Answers: 2
FIFA Soccer 09 703496Can a fifa 09 game go on a 1 gigabyte chip for psp Answers: 0
FIFA Soccer 09 722019The players in my game are dummies.what can I do to solve the problem Answers: 1
FIFA Soccer 09 735552How can I use my transferred players in tournament mode? Answers: 1
FIFA Soccer 09 738684I play the game but it works slowly or hangs a little Answers: 2
FIFA Soccer 09 761754How do I make my premiere team practice Answers: 0
FIFA Soccer 09 766462How to replace club in fifa 09 Answers: 0
FIFA Soccer 09 767805Efa tournament is in which country Answers: 1
FIFA Soccer 09 827013Hi I have FIFA 09 I can play it but some times an error comes in the screen so I dont know what to do ? plz help me Answers: 0
FIFA Soccer 09 890423My players dont show action.they are dummies.what do I do? Answers: 0
FIFA Soccer 09 898283EFA tournament belongs to which country Answers: 0
FIFA Soccer 09 898178How to substitute players in fifa 9? Answers: 1
FIFA Soccer 09 924819How can I open fifa 09 pc game & play in different legues Answers: 0
FIFA Soccer 09 933522In my windows7 FIFA09 works in slow motion while playing Answers: 1
FIFA Soccer 09 933695How to create a club with the players we have created in EA Sports FIFA 09 PC ? Answers: 0
FIFA Soccer 09 944656I have created my team but I don't know what league is my team in? Pls help me! Answers: 1
FIFA Soccer 09 946112Which is fifa09 real settings? I on my 3D grass.but this crashed my fifa Answers: 0
FIFA Soccer 09 953472How can a player run faster in fifa 09 Answers: 0
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