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FIFA Soccer 09 Cheats for PS2
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FIFA Soccer 09 PS2 Cheats

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FIFA Soccer 09

Rating: 4.7/5 VOTE

Fifa 09 Chest Flick to Bicycle Kick 90%
To do the chest flick then double kick let the back of the player face the goalkeeper then juggle and press down with the left analog stick(the ball goes up ) directly keep on holding L3 and press R3 as many times and as quick as you can and then when the ball just goes up press O(shoot).
FIFA Soccer 09 cheat video Cheat Video
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Good cheap young players FOR MANAGER MODE 85%





sergio assenjo-gk-80-92


bale-tottenham-lb-up to 90

vela-arsenal-st-up to 92

ramsey-arsenal-cm-up to 87

pique-barcalona-cb-up to 88

drenthe-real madrid-lwb-72-90


jo-manchester city-st-81-91

hart-manchester city-gk-up to 87+

abongalhor-aston villa-st-81-89

bentender-arsenal-st- high 80's

lucas-liverpool-cm-up to 85

insua-liverpool-up to 85+



rafael-manchester united-lwb-69-high 80's

jon obi mikel-chelsea-cm-81-91

daivd silva-valencia-lwm-87-91



giovanni dos santos-tottenham-st-79-94+

lucas modric-tottenham-cm-82-87+

micah richards-manchester city-cb-84-93

breno-byern munich-cb-up to 93

sergio ramos-real madrid-rb-86-93

pato-ac milan-st-79-90+


FIFA Soccer 09 Cheats
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Easy penalty 76%
Run to the opponents goal with the ball andwhen you are one onone with the keaper
he will make a dive for the ball and you just have to turn around therefore the keaper will
hit you and the referee will give you a penalty and the keaper a yellow or a red card.
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Cesar Villaluz 76%
A good player is cesar villaluz he can get 90+ after I think 4 years. he is 19 years old. he is in Cruz Azul from the mexican league
By: memo ochoa(52)
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How to pressure and anticipate 75%
Keep x+0 pressed to recover ball _you can also press r1 just as the two players meet ,or also square this will cause the other player to fall or stay motionless for a moment , you can also use l2 keep pressed and the players are more agressive ,and when in attack the players follow upening up spaces . if you want up to four players to attack the opponent with the ball keep pressed l1, l2, x,0
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Top unmentioned buy in manager mode 71%
In manager mode buy Bojan Krkic. His rating goes to 93 (ST) or 96 (CAM).
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Best time u can have on manager mode(chelsea) 70%
Gk:p.cech 93,reina 85
defense:sergio ramos 93,pique 90, j.terry 90, p.lahm 94,alex 89,j.cole 88
mid:cristiano ronaldo 98,m.essien 91,j.mascherano 91,l.messi 98,di maria 88,lampard 89,m.ozill 88,john obi mikel 92, persie 94,w.rooney 96,bojan 94,z.ibrahimovic 92

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How to make money ? in manager mode 68%
Some tips :

1. Create players of overall 99 before starting the manager mode & put it on the team your playing for. Then after 2,3 games sell them !.

2. Buy Free agents and sell them
3. Loan out young players
4. Those who are above 25 and 80 - sell them.
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Score easily in a match!!!! 67%
To score a easy goal in fifa 09 all you need to do is when you are close the the goalie, chip the ball so it can go over him (L2 and a bit of circle)

if it is a long shot before you shoot hold L1 and about full power of circle to score with anyone with stong power

plz comment on the result and I will reply
By: hamzah(351)
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Free agents 67%
In like a couple of seasons (2-6) theese players will go on free transfer

queresma(second season)
c.ronaldo(my mate saw it)
snidjer(2 seasons)
By: hamzah(351)
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Put your defenders through the legs 67%
When running towards defenders, hold R2 while tapping L1, this will put your player in walk mode, as soon as you come to the defender push the right analog up then down. the defender will step to tackle but you will glide the ball through his legs and go past. this takes a lot of practice and its done better with strong players like drobga. I prefer doing it with Gerrard and Adriano as they are very strong.

Good luck
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Walter 1 season in and I got for 3.5mil 78 next season worth 10 mil and 82 and im 10 seasons through and hes 99 attak!

bojan first season 78 quite big price buy then put in attack midfield and he will go up to 84 im now 10 seasons through and he plays 99 attak midfield!
By: mancity fan(72)
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Irish league 67%
To make a team in ireland the best add all the people you like to 1 team dont havemuch money
By: chelseafc mad(122)
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My Arsenal Squad 67%
GK- Akinfeev - 85 ( up to 89 )*
CB- Alex - 82 ( up to 86-87)*
CB- Carragher - 85 ( up to 89 )*
LB- Abidal - 84 ( up to 88 )*
RB- Bosgwina - 82 ( up to 85 )*
CM- Nasri - 84 ( up to 88 )*
CM- Fabregas - 88 ( up to 91 )*
LM- David Silva - 86 ( up to 89 )*
RM- Zhrkov - 80 ( starts off bad goes up to 85-86)*
CF- Arshavin - 84 ( up to 88-89 )*
ST- Pavlyuchenko - 83 ( up to 87 )*

Bench: Jo, (ST) - Rosicky, (RM/LM) - Daniel Alves, (RB) - My other 3 bench players are created players with about 85 overalls.

*= in one season ( with some one and a half/two )

note: with Akinfeev, Zhrkov and Arshavin you have to transfer them by going on to club transfers and searching there name. Because they only play for Russia. ( because Zenit is not on the game )
After this transfer them to your club.
Once you have transfered them to your club you will have to internationly select them again.
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Player to be in the 8 years 11, 13 14 years in manager mode 67%
When you have completed the manager mode that is the fifteen season export your team and go to club transfer you will see two players the one would be from the export team and the other from the normal team take the one from the export team and create a new manager you will see that the players ages
By: scrapspak(12)
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Best RWM for cheap money in manager mode 67%
Wallcot of arsenal is good .he will cost you 7 mn.but in 2nd or 3rd year his value will be 18mn to 25mn.
By: man1utd(38)
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How to score a free kick 67%
Two ways [press l3 to block the camera and aim for a corner once you reach the post the control will bibrate then keephold left joy stick up shoot with 0 all or half power and it will be a goal.or you can do it withouth blocking the camera the same way .you can also try pressing l1 just after shootingit gives some efect to the ball
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Some hints!! 65%
Best team ever!

g.k--neuer, s.assenjo
def--dani alves, barraghan, clichy, sergiio ramos, dani agger, pique
mid--c.fabregas, lulinha, s. nasri, l. messi, pjanic,
st--pato, s.aguero, c.vela, a.ramsey, hatem ben arfa, k.benzema valbuena, baxter, dos santos, bojan


after aguero reaches ovr.all 96, put his name in the transfer list .some clubs will offer 75 mill. while he's just 40-4 mill.sell him [remember not with rival clubs],after that again offer 49 mill for him and he's yours!{this cheat works and only for once}
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Get the opposition tired 65%
If you just jog up and down the pitch with the ball soon the opposition will get tired and you will have a clear goalscoring oppertunity
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A few players and tips for manager mode 64%
Ok, this is the team I assembled with Newcastle United after 8 seasons. I also had all my staff at level 10 and a 99 rating in chemistry.

GK: V Fiorillo 94
CB: Breno, Richards and Sergio Ramos all 93 (Ramos reaches higher levels when played as a CB but you won't see till the pre-match manager screen)

RWM: Ronaldo 98
CM: John Obi Mikel 92
CM: Fabregas 95
LWM: L Messi 98 (listed as a RWM, but left footed, aha!)
CAM: Anderson 97

CF: Dos Santos 97
CF: Baxter 96- Staggered these guys with Dos Santos slightly to the left and behind

Subs included Vela (st, 95- This guy rockets to the top and will hold his own for a good while), Modric (cm, 90- cheap and peaks early, an ideal addition in your first window), Bale (LB, 90- will work at 90 in CB and lasts a long time!).

As everybody has said the key to quick success is signing free agents. Pump money into your negotiator and scout. A level 10 negotiator will allow you to bring players in at as low as 50% their asking price and salary, you can then hold out for a very realistic 200% profit. A level 10 scout will find you players who will peak in the mid-90s or better:
After 11 seasons Christiano Ronaldo is retiring when his two year contract ends at a 97 rating. But I have a 21 year old English RWM who will hit 99 by then. In addition to him I've picked up a ST who'll peak around 95 when he's 23, a keeper at 90 (age 22), and a CAM who's going to hit 92 or so.

The formation always takes tweaking but the main thing to ask yourself is if you want to go for one you're comfortable playing with in-game or one that brings out the best in the players in a generated result. Best of both? Just switch between your tweaked formation when you play and one of the pre-set formations if you quick-sim. The simple fact is that these formations work better with the comuter playing for you.
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Pjanic 64%
Which ever teem you are in manager mode buy Miralem Pjanic from Lyon he is 17 years of age but starts of 75 and grows to 95 in 3 seasons time. His position is CAM but can also play Striker
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Easy money maker! 63%
While you are in manager mode in the transfer window go to transfer market and put in free agent to the search engine.Alist of all types of players will come up on screen and all you do is choose a player and offer a contract with no transfer fee.Once you have who you want then put them straight on the transfer list and sell.pure profit
By: aaron neale(84)
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Before You Wanna Play in manager mode, make players that are very young and overall 99. and set them in the team where you want to play in. and sell them

attackers from overall 99 and 18 years old is 74 milyon.

you can make 10 of them so sell them. you have 10 x 74 = 740 milyon
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Good Young Players To Buy 63%
Young players to buy

Carlos Vela [Age 19] Arsenal
Miralem Pjanic [Age 18] Lyon
Franco di Santo [Age 19] Chelsea
Rafael da Silva [Age 18] Man. Utd
Steven Defour [Age 20] Standard liege
Daniel Sturridge [Age 19] Man. City
David Nugent [Age 23 But good to play up front] Portsmouth
Fernando Torres [Age 23] Liverpool
Theo Walcott [Age 92] Arsenal
Alexandre Pato [Age 19] Ac Milan
Bojan Krkic [Age 18] Barcalona
Samir Nasri [Age 21] Arsenal
David Silva [Age 22] Valanica
Wayne Rooney [Age 23] Man.Utd
Cesc Fabregas [Age 21] Arsenal
Lionel messi [Age 21] Barcalona
C.Ronaldo [Age 21 ] Man.Utd
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SICK manger team! 63%
GK- Sergio Asenjo-99
RB- Sergio Ramos- 97
CB- Breno- 96
LB- Clichy- 94(actually a 98 if played at normal position, LWB)
RM- C.Ronaldo- 98
CM- Fabregas- 96
CM- Anderson- 96(actually a 97 if played at normal position, CAM)
LM- Jesus Navas- 96
RF- Carlos Vela- 98
LF- Sergio Aguero- 98
ST- Lionel Messi- 98(actually a RWM but still a 98)

CAM- Pjanic-95
CB- M. Richards-93
CAM- Hamsik-97
ST- A. Pato-98
CF- Dos Santos-97
LWM- Nani-94
CM- J. Obi Mikel-92

ST- Baxter-93
LB- Bale- 90
GK- Adler- 93
ST- Benzema- 93
* All the rest are a bunch fake guys I found while scouting or in the youth academy (Rest of Europe has lots of great attackers)
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Get Marquinhos 63%
Dont forget buy Marquinhos in brazilian ligue he is a great player is in Vitoria Club
By: rodrigorgm(6)
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Loan masters for manager mode 63%
If you have signed players from the youth team or young and not that good from the first team then send them out on loan to small clubs and they should come back at the beggining of next season way better than before. I did this with vela and he was an 83 from a 75 on my 2nd season
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My Squad 63%
Gk: Sergio Asenjo (91) , Fiorillo (82)

Lb: G Bale (90) , R Drenthe (88)

Cb: M Richards (93) , P Mertesacker (92) , Breno (91)

Rb: Sergio Ramos , (91)

Lm: Nani (92) , David Silva (91)

Cm: Anderson (98) , Kaka (94) , Fabregas (95) , J Obi Mikel (91) , Y Gourcuff (85) , Rodrigo Possebon (83)

Rm: L Messi (98) , C Ronaldo (98) , Jesus Navas (94)

St: W Rooney (97) , C Tevez (95) , A Pato (96) , S Aguero (92)

This 23 man squad makes up my Man Utd team playing 4-4-2.
I am in my currently in December of my 4th season with 169 million in the bank.

All the players are growing and have age on there side with the oldest being Kaka @29.
I am thinking of adding Rafael @ Rb and G Dos Santos @ St.

Are there any other players you would suggest I buy to strengthen my squad further?
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Rooney 63%
To get rooney for free on manager mode but you arn't playing as man united, just before you start send rooney to tottenham. I was playing as bournemouth and got him on a free transfer. before the game don't just put him on your team for you will have to pay a high salary. If you just want money, get him on your team. then sell him. I got 39 000 000 for him.
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The REAL good young players to sign! 62%
Gk: sergio asenjo (real valladolid) (90)
rb: dan gosling (everton fc) (90)
cb: breno (bayern munich) (91)
cb: richards (manchester city) (93)
lb: royston drenthe (real madrid) (91)
cm: skjelbred (rosenborg) (90)
rm: rafael (manchester united) (96) Really a defender but is CLASS when played wing mid
cam: kroos (bayern munich) (92)
cam: pjanic (lyon) (95)
cf: jose baxter (everton) (96)
cf: dos santos (tottenham hotspur) (96)

fiorillo (gk) (sampdoria), thiago heleno (cb) (cruzeiro), hamsik (cam) (napoli), carlos vela (st) (arsenal fc) are also all really good.
any1 with any questions just give me a shout!
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Great free kicks 62%
When you get a free kick around the 18 yard box, prefrebly near the middle, turn away from thewall to the nearest post, hold down L1, and hold down circle all the way, while pullin the left analouge stick to the post, this will show a fast ground shot, and if positioned and struck correctly, it will fly into the bottom corner of the net, and the keeper, will have no chance
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Easy money for low level clubs 62%
When you start a manager mode with a low level club b sure you put all your created players on that team before you start then sell them on your 1st maybe even your second season and all the big clubs will buy them for a lot of money then when you get that money you can spend it on all the good players
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Omar Arellano 62%
A googd forward is omar arellano. he is 21. he grows up to 88+. he plays in Guadalajara in the mexican league
By: memo ochoa(52)
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Dani parejo a big star 62%
Start manager mode with any team but remember to buy DANI PAREJO of QPR CLUB IN 3rd OR 4th season at any cost because he is going to be a BIG STAR in future and will give you 90 points
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How to score from half court 61%
Ater passing the half court realease the sprinting button and hold the L2 button and O if it dosent work the first time keep trying because that is the easiest way to score goals.
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Free kick score's 75% 60%
If you 20-30 metres of the goal and you get a freekick

R2 and with the left analoge stick going left or right (if you on the left side then left, if you on the right side then right) and then R2 + O (short not to long) 75% of the freekicks are going in )

maybe practise and it growings

sorry mine english is not very well hope you understand it,
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Easy money 60%
Create a player with a 92 OVL with a young age then when u'r in manager mode put for sale by zulen
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Young super stars 60%
Her are sum good youthful players
rodwell Everton
baxter Everton
villaluz deportivo
wallcot arsenal
serjio ascenjo(might be wrong spelling) don't know
baloteli barwuh inter milan
Pjanic lyon

Hope it's useful
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Pato 60%
He starts of at 70 something and in my 7 th season hes 95 drogba retired and I put him on wit aguero
By: chelseafc mad(122)
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Tips to get low rank players that are really good 60%
I did a challenge on fifa09 and had to play as a 2 star team n beat a 4 star team in pro difficulty. I had chose not forest and played against newcastle. I couldnt believe score at the end I won 6-0! Also some1 that stood out in the game who is a low rank in the 60s was Earnshaw. He was the best player playing and he scored 4 out of 6 goals and set up 1. I think if you put him in your team after 5 years I bet he would go grom the low 60s to the hight 80s low 90s. Player to reccomend.
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Jack rodwell 60%
He is a great player get him before his rating gose up he starts off with 72 and gose up to 90+ and he plays great in matches he can shot tackle pass cross and header
he plays for everton and is 17
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Zapata n richards 60%
Zapata plays 4 udienise n richards plays 4 man city they ar both centre backs and they work well to gether I only coceded 10 goals I 1 season they are also young
By: kizza(152)
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Around the world 60%
Down down down up up up left lrft right up down
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Manger mode player 60%
Kun aguero-20 years old overall-88-93
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Best team in Fifa 4seasons passed unbeaten try it!!!!!!!REAL MADRID!!!!! 60%

GK:V FIORILLO-86bad at the start
Please try it with REAL MADRID
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Pjanic 60%
I bought him for 17 million rating 85 and his rating went up by 10 and he was worth 35 million
By: kizza(152)
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Juan Pablo Angel 60%
Angel is an ace player to buy for smaller clubs
He can finish
He can take free kicks really well
On my wolves season he is 85 overall after one season
He may be quite old but hes cheap
And he scored 50 goals in a seaon
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Victor moses 60%
He plays for christal palace and I bought him for 8 million rated 82 after I bought him his value went up to 27million and his rating whent to 91 by the way I was on my third season so I dont no if it happens on the 1st or second season but he is top scorer in league and I am half way threw the 5th season and he has already scored 23 goals
By: kizza(152)
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Bargain buys [manager mode] 59%
Messi,grows in price and ovr rapidly.if you were to buy then sell you world make double. try this with dos santos,richards,fabragas,tevez.segio ramos and theo!
By: aaron neale(84)
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Easy penalty (always score) 59%
On your left analog move it left,right,left,right then press o(circle) shoot then it wil confuse the keeper then he go the wrong way and you will score easy....................

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Young players that grow 85+ 58%
Vela - arsenal - 79 - 90
Sturridge - man city - 72 - 86
dos santos - spurs - 79 - 96
alexandra pato - ac milan - 79 - 93
anderson - man united - 84 - 98
C.Ronaldo - man united - 91 - 99
L.messi - barcalonea - 91 - 99

(also check free agents on manger mode I got david 91 on 1 of my manger modes and ronney 91 and c . Ronaldo 91)

ask question about good young players if you like ill naswer them ....
lil bean989
By: lilbean989(13)
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Place shot 57%
If you are outside the box and you want to shot hold in L1
then shot you will have a chance of 90%

by adam lawrence
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Young Players 57%
These are the best young players for manager mode, they play together and make an awesome team:






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Free kick shots from your own half 57%
When you get a free kick from your half power up the kick and when your guy starts to run in press start and go to select side and go to the other team or in the middle go back into the game and the kick will go all the way to the other goal ( you might have to use the cross)
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Created players really cheap + making millions every game 57%
Create your players as good as you want e.g 99 before manager mode and add them to a CREATED team make them a young as possible and and put them on as ....early bloomers. dnt put them on your team yet only on a created team then put all the real gud players on your team eg kaka . then create a manager mode with a rich team ( they sell better with a rich team eg chelsea man you real madrid ...put them all up for sale( the real really gud players eg kaka) and then use the money to buy your created players . it says the market value is $60 million+ and on $120,000 wages but because theyr young and created they can be sold for less than $30 million and on MINIMUM wage around $50k ( put the minimum prices on minimum price and minimum wage) and but if your even lucky the created team reply saying so n so team think your trying to take all the young talent dnt give up put anuther bid in for even less cost (minimum) and again go to minimum wage.! this worked for me to buy an 18 yr old 94 overall created player on wages of $30,000 costing $17 mill
WHEN BUYING CREATED PLAYERS OFF CREATED TEAMS put the COST AND WAGES AT THE MINIMUM EVEN WHEN THEY DNT SELL FIRST TIME DNT PUT THEM ON UR TEAM AT FIRST BECAUSE THEIR WAGES ARE AT $120,000 but if your wna b cheeky give them a 4 yr deal and wen you sign them Redo their wages on players contracts to minimum again it worked for me 100% of the time and I have a team of all 99s and $800million

another cheat that makes you money that goes well with the cheat above is to sign a contract with a company that gives you a % increase when you win I make around $3 million every away and at home $4million with tickets because every one is on minimum wage and the company give me a win increase make sure you work what contract gave you the most money annual then sign make sure you work out how many games you play torne winnings sign the contact that make you the most money!
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Ronaldo 57%
I am Playin As Barcelona And In the First Season I bought Cristiano Ronaldo and put him in as a striker and his overall went up I am how in my 3rd season with them and his new overall is 98 and so is messi
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Good buys for manager mode! 57%
I found somebody called jovetic who I think plays for sapmdoria after 1 season he got to a 92 from a 85.

pjanic I bought from lyon for like 12mill hes young too!

vela could be good as a sub because he grows fast

always look on free agent sometimes there are people who are 80+ and are young.

if you buy fabregas early he could become a good player

torres is somebody to but is expensive so is no good if your a a small club.

if your a small club then it would be best to sign players off free agent so your not wasting any of your money.

If your a small club and have around 10mill then Jo for is a good but
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Created players 57%
When you make a player put them 1990 as there birth year and put them on a 79-85 maybe a 90 and let them grow like the other players bkuz if you put them on a 99 they will retire early or wont b worth as much as when they grow
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Sponsor 57%
Never change your sponsor in manager mode because that sponsor gives you loyalty bonus because of staying with him and he also gives you more money per game so you can clear all player wages and still save money for your nxt big transfer.
By: nasirdashingdu(184)
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Rwb and lwb 57%
With rwb and lwb if you play them on rm or lm there rating goes up e.g rafael 71 - 79
bale -81 - 83
jansen - 81 - 83
and they play better and there cheap
to buy all of theese on the first season they probaly cost 10 million 4 three great players
By: kizza(152)
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Best partners midfielder 57%
Diego and frank lampard is class in cm with lampard
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Greatest squad ever 57%
GK: S.Assenjo, J.Hart, L.Pollini"

DEF:G.Bale, P.Mertesacker, S.Ramos, M.Richards, K.Kaladze, P.Lahm

MID:J.Navas, F.Fabregas, A.Aquilani, Kaka, A.Pirlo, T.Kroos, Stelvio", M.Hamsik, T.Vludez", A.Robert", R.Kwanke", R.Happe"

STR: A.Pato, L.Messi, R.Aquafresca, A.Torres", L.Peco"

"=scouted/youth acad

First team: ATT:97, MID:95, DEF:94
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My Fifa 09 Team with Real Madrid 57%
Gk : Casillas,Fiorill
Def : Ramos , Richerds , Rodwell, Gosling
Mid : Ribery,Febregas,Kaka,C.Ronaldo
Fw : K.Benzema,Baxter

This is really great team. For Madrid fan's
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How 2 get best foward line 57%
Whatever team you r get messi and agbonlahor.
put messi rite fwd.den put agbonlahor on loan 1 or 2 tims.
once done have messi RF and agbonlahor LF.
the result is amazing and FWDS r unstopable!
By: jasonbree(16)
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Nice young team all in 90's 57%
I'm playin with barca.
GK: Adler
RB: Sergio Ramos
CB: Micah Richards
CB: Pique
LB: Gareth Bale
LWM: Lionel Messi
CM:Cesc Fabregas
CM:John Obi Mikel
CM: Anderson
RWM: Cristiano Ronaldo
ST: Bojan

Bench:CB: Hordvellet plays on Barca goes to 89
LWB: Drenthe
LM: Nani
RM: Jesus Navas
ST: David Villa
ST: Wanye Rooney
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Keirrison 57%
19 year old brazilian that plays at corobita at begining of 1st season,
he is 78 overall.
he gets to 83 at beginning of first season and gets to around 90 by 5th season at only 24
(still getting better)
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Score 8 or more goals on world class settings 57%
Have torries, eto and ronaldo or agbonlahor and messi as your strikers.
formation 4-3-3.
every 24min sub a striker you used the most.
rotate your strikers
use your speed button frequently down the wing and pass it in field to another striker or run and score down the wing
works really well .

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Vela +rakatic 2nd season 57%
On your second season in m mode you will see vela is 83 age 20 from a 78 age 19 and rakatic is 84 age 21 from a 79 age20 so by them on ya first season and loan them out
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Fifa 09 free kicks-curl 56%
Hold the left analog stick right or left right after you tap circle and there you go!
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Tackle with no Foul 56%
R2 and X
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Get easy points 56%
If you want to get more points to unlock items in fanshop read this carefully :

1- go to challenge mode and choose any challenge,for example: you choose seria a cup then choose strong team like inter milan.
2- at the main menu go to game option and make the level of game and goalkepeer amatuer.
3- then go to quick simulation that you dont need to play the match and win the game.
4- never mind if you lose, you can save and rematch.
5- at the end you will be on the top and get the points.
By: kingofmilan(17)
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Free Agents = Good Money 56%
When you are in trensfer season go to fgree agents and look for the players with 80 overall and above. Buy the players with not wasting any money and sell themright away. If the players are under 79 overall dont even bother unless there players like Pato, Lucas, or blazszcowoski blah I whatever his name is.
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Easy goal 56%
If down by a goal or two, enter the box at a angle, then turn and run along the 6 yard box line. When the keeper is charging towards you, press L1 and O in the direction of the goal, and score/ go out for a corner.
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The best unmentioned goalscorer 56%
Walter he may start of quite low but buy him if your in need for goals I bought him in the second season 78 cost 3.5 million now 10 seasons in hes 99(OMG)and is the top goal scorer in all competetions so buy him!NOW!
By: mancity fan(72)
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How to get all the players you want in manager mode 56%
Before you start your career transfer all the players you want to the team your going to start you career then when you start you career the players will be their!
By: memo ochoa(52)
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Definate goal 56%
When taking freekicks press down when the player is running towards the ball and it will always be a goal
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Money Maker!!! 56%
Get some young players from youth team or buy bad players (65-70) and put them on loan. when they come back 1 year l8r, theyll be 5+ better in overall giving you a higher market cost getting you more money! ITS GENIUS!
By: Thegoldenboy(66)
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Young team 56%
-----------Sergio asenjo-----------goalkeeper
bojan-------------------david silva--mids
--------------messi----------------atack mid
----pato-----------dos santos-----attackers
i play 3-5-2
By: memo ochoa(52)
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How to create the best young team 56%
Here's my best young team(start of season.)

GK Sergio Asenjo 76/90
Vincenzo Fiorillo 69/94

LB Gareth Bale 77/90
LWB Gael Clichy 83/90
Royston Drenthe 75/91
CB Per Mertesacker 85/92
Micah Richards 82/93
Daniel Agger 82/88
RB Sergio Ramos 85/92
Gonzalo Castro 78/91
Dan Gosling 69/90
RWB Rafina 80/90

LM David Silva 85/92
Arda Turan 79/87
LWM Hatem Ben Arfa 79/91
CDM Miguel Veloso 80/89
CM Francesc Fabregas 88/94
Denilson 76/89
CAM Marek Hamsik 81/93
Carlos Eduardo 74/92
Miralem Pjanic 74/90
RM Jesus Navas 83/96
Sotiris Ninis 74/90
RWM Lionel Messi 90/98

LF Lukas Podolski 83/91
CF Sergio Aguero 84/92
Giovani Dos Santos 78/97
Jose Baxter 68/96
ST Zlatan Ibrahimovic 88/93
Wayne Rooney 87/94
Karim Benzema 85/93
Alexandre Pato 79/96
By: Edward
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Manchester United 56%
My manchester united team after 2 seasons

Gk - Adler
Rb - Serigo Ramos
Cb - Micah Richards
Cb - Per Mertersacker
Lb - Gareth Bale
Rm - Cristiano Ronaldo
Cdm - Torsten Frings
CAm - Kaka'
Lm - Aaron Lennon
St - Wayne Rooney
St - Kevin Kuranyi

Kevin Kuranyi is only 86 but he is such a good finisher
his pace is fairly good too
he along with torsten frings are players that are quite exceptional, yet they're ratings dont show it.
id avoid players like sergio aguero, david silva and some of those pacey, fragile attacking players.
they're rating is high but on field they aren't much chop
and they're stamina speaks for itself
rooney is all class
he is quick but a great finisher
you can't just buy players who have a high rating
cause quite often those players do not perform
i bought karim benzema and sold him after 1 season
he just doesn't cut it.
pato is another, high rating but he isn't all his rating says he is.
don't just go out and buy all young players too
i still have giggs and hargreaves in my team, they're quality players who always get the job done in the centre of the park.
the best combination for strikers is simple.
look at your two front men's stats
you always need strikers with speed
but make sure that one is exceptionally quick
he will create the chances, latch onto the through balls and create havoc for the defences.
you also need a striker who has exceptional finishing touches and has a nack for pouching a goal
pipo inzaghi is a prime example, yet he is too old now.
berbatov was good until he began to lose touch with his pace.
the wide players, obviously need to be quick, but they need stamina, you dont wanna rock up for an important match with your wide players out due to fatigue
torsten frings is a great defensive midfielder
he controls the centre of the park and releases my wide players for a quick counter attack
he is strong and makes solid challenges
in the defence you need players who are quick and able to join the attack
your defenders need to be experienced
there's no use having inexperienced 21 year old defenders from brazil in your line up for manchester when your playing chelsea.
you need players like terry, ferdinand, vidic, mertersacker and puyol to hold tight at the back.
the goalkeeper is a position which is often filled by the wrong player
petr chech is useless
the best goalkeepers in the game:
Vincenzo Fiorillo (sampdoria)

you dont want a goalkeeper who likes childish between the sticks
you need an imposing, solid goalkeeper who is quick to come out and thwart the strikers

P.S. if your struggling financially, but you dont wanna sell your players
its best to loan out a few
that way, you dont have to pay they're salary but they will return at the end of the season

by the way
another great player to buy from real betis
he is super quick
and a good finisher
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BIG PLAYERS small salerys 55%
If you want to buy a really ood player but the salary looks to big? To buy a really good player with low salery. Before starting manager mode go onto team management and send all the big players to small clubs like Accrington Stanley!
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Good Shot 55%
From Half Way In There Half Hold L1 And Power The Circle Button
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Lower your wages 55%
I am huge fan of the underdog teams....I'm always getting some sorry ass team rebuilding it buying new players, earning the team stars etc.... its not easy try it.
if you are like me and play with teams with small budgets try this..., buy a good decent player, ofcourse your negotiator sucks so you have to pay alot for his transfer fee and his salary will be high.....but hang in there with him make him (or them you can get many at a time) a starter score goals give them playing time...just get their morale will probably lose some money in the process but once their morale is high go to player contracts in the team management section and regotiate his salary per game, since his morale is high most of the time he accepts saving you more money per game on salary and allowing you to expand and maybe buy another quality player....
By: salvatrucho1885(22)
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JO in manchester city 55%
In manager mode in the first season jo is about a 81 or 82 but in the second season JO WILL TURN TO A 88 IT HAPPENED TO ME
By: hamzah(351)
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Jose Baxter 55%
English player, overall of only 71 at begining of game but he is only 16.
by the start on the second season I got him up to 78, and by the 5th or 6th season,
he is supposed to get to over 91 overall, and he is still only 20 years old.
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Best Young Team 54%
Goalie:Doesnt really matter any gk is good

Defence: Marcelo, Kompany, Huth, Melchoit

Midfield: Guardado, Lucas, Sahin, Blaszczykwoski

Forward: Pato, Almeida

Eventhought most of these players are in there 75 overall and around they are really talented (YOUNG) players and if you want to buy them in maneger mode most of them are not worth so much if you have a team like AC Milan, Inter, Chelsea, Manchester Unt, Real MAdrid, Barcelona, Arsenal, Bayern, and Liverpool. (Note these players are in a formation of 4-4-2 and are from left to rigth, Marcelo is in the left ending the defence with Melchoit at the right. Same with Mid and Forwards.

Good luck! Hope you liked my other tip "Free agents = good money"

By: GabrielKaka8
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NO goalie on oposite team 53%
When you have the ball in your half pass it to the goalie on your team then press x o box triangle and then pass to the defender pass to striker press o box and shoot

by: matias
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Dribble 52%
Press O And X to make a very beautiful dribble

I made the tackle with no foul cheat...R2 and x
By: slilsquik(26)
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Keeper off!!! 51%
When ruin through on goal press r1 and you will dive on your knees and the keeper will be given a red!
By: jakattax(571)
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Great Players for reasonable prices 50%
I was Plymouth Argyle of coca cola championship and these were best players I had over that time over 4 seasons winning Champs league twice amonst many trophies:

Gk- Sergio Assenjo(goes up in level n nearly triples in price on purchase) Penneteau

Def- Leo (LB/CB), Rever, Schwaab, Shawcross

Mid- McGinn Puncheon Larsson Marc Crosas Folly Makelele(brazil)

St- Paul Gallagher(good for 3 seasons scores about 75 a season on semi pro) LENNY(buy him he is best striker on game despite on being late 70s early 80s in ratings, and plays in other strikers, midfielders into attacks) D Williams, D Haynes, also Karadeniz from besiktas born 1991,he is class.

Also Gosling Ramsey Driver Baxter are great prospects.
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Solid back four! 50%
RB,Sergio Ramos,CB,Richards,CB,Chilline[juventus]LB,Garath Bale.TIP.get this back four as quick as possible.the OVR will go through the roof,plus work rate is brilliant.TRY IT.
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Free kicks 50%
Put your aim towards the post and tap the button 4 like 2 seconds and you will score buh it works 75% of the time N.B it works with C.Ronaldo most of the time
By: Jstar09(6)
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Raising Very Good Cash in Manager Mode 50%
Make a Created Player with 99(OVR) assign them to your team, play 4 games with them in Manager Mode then sell them in the window for about 5 million more than they are worth.

I started with 67 million as Chelsea and by creating 16 players and selling them for 5million more than the asking price. I ended the season with 500million.
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Free Kicks 50%
When taking a free kick close to the keeper's box, aim the ball away from him and give it between half and full power and leave your hand on up.
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Money maker for manager mode L@@K 50%
When in transfer season and struggling for money go into transfer market and search for free transfers and find good young players I once looked and saw diego, ronaldinho and messi I signed them for freeOMG
By: mancity fan(72)
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Unmention Goalkepper 50%
GK Vincenzo Fiorillo 69 age 19 goes up to 91+
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How to save a penalty 50%
This is how to save a penalty against any team first you go to the left with the keeper, then you go to the centre but go a little bit right, then tell the keeper to dive to the left and then you will save it.
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Gud playas in da premiership 50%
This is only a few:

van persie-arsenal
c davies-villa
jon obi mikel-chelsea
di santo-chelsea

all these playas go up to 90 in manager mode

by SLIKtom
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Easy money 50%
When it comes to transfer season, go to the transfer market and search for 'free agents' with a skill level above 85. If you happen to find one, make a very large offer on their wages, so they will accept. After your next game they should have accepted, then put them up for sale straight away. After your next game, someone should have made an offer on them, and voila, you've made big bucks.

Anderson came up as free agent from man united, I got him and sold him for 40 million to arsenal, sweet!

by: Corey the Bear
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Best team in manager mode! 50%
1. V. Fiorillo
2. Sergio Ramos
3. M. Richards
4. G. Bale
5. fabregas
6. anderson
7. jesus navas
8. bojan , hamsik or ribery
9. c.ronaldo
10. messi
11. g. dos santos or baxter

bench .. vela, john o. m. , jovetic , pato , rafael, hamsik, nani etc.
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Make A Lower Team Amazing 50%
On Fifa 09 I Went With Dagenham & Redbridge, They Were The Worst Team On The Game & Are Now The Best. All I Did Was, Look On Free Agents Offer About 3 Times For The Good Ones & Eventually They Come, Put Them Up For Sale, Use The Money On Your Negotiator, Once Hes On Full You Can Get Anyone, Keep Getting Free Agents & Selling Them, Use The Money To Buy Young, Quality Talent, Eventually You Will Be Unstoppable.
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Decent players 50%
Buy ashley young and he won't let you down. costs a bit but his assits were 30 by end of season for me. buy kid called ighalo amazing season 3 overall 87-89 still only 20.
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Good Long range goal 50%
If you are coming up against a top defense and can't get a good shot, get a good and skilled long range shooter, like Nasri, Skejibred (got him on free agent, 87 OVR and 23 years old) or Toulalan. If the person is a right footer, shoot just outside the box on the left hand side, and vice versa. Meanwhile, Toulalan is good at long shots either side.

Or, get a defender to do the job- like Agger or Gallas.
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Shot from middle line 50%
L1 and o at the same time to shot to the goal from far away
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Easy manager mode!! 50%
When You Are About to take on manager mode, firstgo to create a club, then choose manager mode budget to the highest, then choose the stadium, I prefer wembley, cosit has loads of seats. If you have lots of created players, add them to your team, I normally make 5 or 6. then go to manager mode and find your team, when you go to upgrades all of them will be 4 - 6, exept for the stadium upgrade, play 4 freindly pre season matches, wiht all your created players on there, make sure thay score loads of goals, then put them on sale for the transfer window, the teams that want them should offer lots of money cant remeber how much but it is a blooming fair amount, sell them all then upgrade evrything!
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Rafael goes up to 97 50%
Rafael from Man U goes up to 97 when placed as RWM or LWM...thats alot more valueble than having as a WB..., not only that his Long shots are incredible., so buy him while he is young and train him or loan him til he is fit
By: salvatrucho1885(22)
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Easy money 50%
BEFORE starting maneger mode make round about 10 players put them on any team start up maneger mode and sell them all but make them young an make them strikes you should get 50 mil for each.
By: kizza(152)
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Super NANI! 50%
In manager mode (Manchester United) sell Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid. Nani's overall will be 99
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Buy walter 50%
Buy walter he is cheap and overall goes to 80+ when only 19-21 plays up front
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Young players 50%
Before starting a manager mode go on edit player and make all your players born in 1990
By: ps2man67(68)
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My Liverpool Team-amazing 50%
GK-Sergio Assenjo
RCB-Sergio Ramos
LWB-Insua (gets better with training)
LM-David Silva
CF-Kun Aguero
ST-Fernando Torres

Also walcott,skrtel,and lucas are good subs
also buy pato from ac milan, and the barwuh from inter.
bojan gets better as well from barcelona.
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My team (no joke) 50%
GK V. Flollrio-94 P. Cech-91 A. Jackson-91

Defense G. Chiellini-94 M. Richards-93 S. Ramos-94 G. Bale-90 J. Rodwell-90 R. Drenthe- 91 Breno-91

Midfield C. Ronaldo-97 J. Navas-96 L. Messi-98 Anderson-97 M. Pjanic-95 M. Barnard-93 A. McIggines-99 C. Livesey-94 Nani-93 R. Tourenour-96 M. Hamsik- 93

Forwards A. Pato-96 J. Baxter-96 G. Dos Santos-97 W. Rooney-95 M. Lubelski-96 S. Jovetic-93 R. Laigle-95
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Best team on : be a pro 50%
Go to serie A Itallia then pick Udinese, it is a 4 team. also F. Quaglarella is a good long shot, he has 94 accuracy!

thanks, have fun!
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Best young players 50%
Danilinho 21 yrs 76 ovrl

fletcher 21yrs 77 ovrl

leo 22 yrs 79 ovrl

skjlebred 20 yrs 81 ovrl
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Master your crosses here 50%
When you want to cross the ball, firstly go near the corner flag.Secondly always use your players weaker foot.when your at the corner flag come back a bit then cross the ball with the power just over half way.It will cross the ball really good.I all-ways do it. Hoped I helped. Good luck!
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Yohann pele 50%
Play in frech league(can't remember who for).
good player for 2.5 - 4 star team, 78 overall at begining,
only costs £1,300,000, if trained he can get up to about 84.
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Ninis from panathinkakos 50%
Ninis from Panathinkakos from rest of world league grow to like 89 or more. buy him young and cheap I loan him out til he fit . great on the wing excellent long shots
By: salvatrucho1885(22)
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The best team ever in manager mode.. 50%
LS:F. Quaglarella



I USE FORMATION 4-1-2-1-2...
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Easy money with rooney 50%
I bought rooney for $55million. got him to 94 and Arsenal bought him for $115million. Arsenal and juventus will pay anything for a good player
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Gud muney 50%
Make created players 99 assign them to your team make them all strikers and they are worth about 63 mil I sold all of mine for 7f mil and got 800 mil with man utd
By: kizza(152)
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Best young team 50%
This is one of te best young teams,(under 23)
played in a 4-4-2 formation.

GK: H. Lloris Subs:
LB: G.Bale F. Vincenzo
CB: Breno G. Pique
CB: M. Richards C. Gonzalo
RB: S. Ramos H. Ben Arfa
LM: David Silva Anderson
CM: F. Fabregas B. Mario
CM: S. Nasri G. Agbonlahor
RM: L. Messi
ST: Aguero
ST: A. Pato
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Some very good players 50%
Jose baxter everton up to 96
carlos vela arsenal up to 96
pjanic lyon up to low 90s
rakitic not sure up to low 90s
anderson man united up to mid 90s
dos santos tottenham up to mid 90s
fabregas arsenal up to mid 90s you will have 2 splash da cash but worth it
wilshire arsenal up to 91
balotelli barwuah inter up to 90
agbonlahor aston villla up to low 90s
den ders da expensive lads like messi benzema huntellar and aguero
ders loads of uders just look 4 teenagers or early 20s 70 to 80+
By: goldlegend17(52)
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How to save penaltys 50%
When wanting to save penalty look at shooters head it will move to the the ball is going to go
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Anderson man utd 50%
I bought him for 30million and his rating went up to 97 from 90 and his value went to 57million the next time the tranfer window opend arsanl put in a offer for 80 million it mite happen to you and he is just a great player
By: kizza(152)
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Aaron Lennon 50%
Buy Aaron Lennon Hes Really Quick And In A Few Years Hel Be Worth Tons
By: DjMiniCustard(6)
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Ratic fc shalke 04 50%
He starts at 79 and goes up to 91 I got him off free agent and he was worth 27 million if you play him on the wing he is great
By: kizza(152)
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Gk- cech (90) Mandanda (86)
rb- corluka (85) gosling (81)
cb- agger (88) terry (91) foran (71)
lb- a.cole (81) moroni (71) insua (81)
rm- j.cole (87)
cm- mikel (90) anderson (94) essien (89) gourcuff (83) banega (84) witsel (77)
lm- a.young (88) sinclair (79) villaluz (81)
fw- ighalo (88) drogba (88) kalou (86) moses (81) baxter (82) walter (82)

all facts are from season 3. I started as chelsea
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Luka modric +gareth bale+xavi 50%
Play modric cm=82
cam=86 when hes 22

play bale in 1st season on left mid =76-81

xavi on da wing he gos 2 89 when hes87
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Ultiament Team 50%
Ultiament team 4.3.3 G.k buffon L.b clichy ferdinand,mertesacker R.b sergio ramos L.w ronaldo R.w messi C.m fabregas L.f ronaldihnio R.f ibahamavic C.f rooney
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Best team ever 50%
defence: Richards,breno,mertesacker,sergio ramos,clichy
this is me arsenal team and have been top 4 5 years
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Have opponent's formation 50%
First create a team on your own.then customize a formation on your keep the formation to the created team.then press R2. this will lead to another formation.then press the opponents formation will be present. try it,it works!
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Good players for leeds united in manager mode on legendary 50%
If you use leeds in manager mode, Paul Huntington starts off with 66 overall I have now just started my fifth season and he is now 94 overall and is still only 24 years old if sold now he will be worth 44million and rating will still go up im sure.

Also michalik is 29 years old and has played for 4 seasons, and is on 93overall and is worth 39million

I bought leroy lita from reading he was 73 and has gone upto 93 and still rising, will score some sort of goals for you.

Jermaine beckford and lita up from will score you lots of goals with there pace and if you sell them you will get 44mil for lita and 18 mil for beckford who has a 88overall at the mo.

Posted by yemmer
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My team in manager mode its classssssss 50%
Gk florina
cb richards
cb breno
cb rodwell he mite be a mid but cb he is class
rm pjanic
cm modric
cm fabregas
lm rafael
st pato
st podolski
st baxter

i scouted gill gk 5 season
sagio ramos and more
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Huntelaar 50%
On manager mode buy Huntelaar I saw him go up to 90 and he may go further
By: Black624(5)
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My team 50%
For real madrid I have s.ramos(93) Breno(92) richards(93) sissoko(92)
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L.gonzarlez 50%
He plays for porto n he is rated 85 n he is 27 his player growth dose not go up or down and he scores tones of goals GET HIM
By: kizza(152)
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Scannel 50%
He plays 4 crystal palace and is only 18 n I think he goes up to 82 but is a great player
By: kizza(152)
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Agbonlahor 50%
If you think he is not that good on your 1st 2nd or 3rd season dont sell him loan him out I did and he was only supost to go up to 91 but I got him up to 94
By: kizza(152)
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Jo man city 50%
I am aston villa and I sinded jo for 13 million and on the second season I sold him to arsnal for 40 milion and bought him bak for 20milion good buy I think
By: kizza(152)
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Swing ball 50%
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Ace front team 50%
If you want an ace front team try dos santos and kyrani (not sure if its spelt right) they booth score loads of goals, in my first seeason both had scored over 30-40 goals EACH
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Robin 50%
If you play robin left back he goes up to 94
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O martins n agbonlahor 50%
His rating may niot go high but if you put him n agbonlahor up front they will rip defences apart with there pace and I am on my 3rd season nagbonlahor has already scored 17 goals an o martins has scored 22 and I am only in january
By: kizza(152)
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Deadly through ball 50%
To play a 25 yard great through ball you need wesley sneidjer. get him on the ball and half way in to your opponents half play a through ball in and you'll score easily.
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Brilliant CDM:) 50%
If you dont have such a good defence Mark van Bommel is your man. He's great for holding the ball up, playing a good and long pass and tackling. you really need him in your team.
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Ruud van Nistlerooy 50%
If you go Real Madrid stick van nistlerooy upfront with Raul. There a great pair and in your first game nistlerooy goes up from 86 to 92!
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If you have the time make created players full 99 on everything or make real players (like Rooney or Messi or young players if your playing in manager mode.  

also get rly good and rly young players and sell them for money
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Lleshan Peco 50%
Just got this guy from my arsenal academy played 1 game already and scored 6 goals against reading in the Carling cup he is born in 25/ 06/1993 from Albania 179 cm 76 kg right footed starts of at 57 this is playing world class keeper world class skill level in the premiership for arsenal
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