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FIFA Soccer 09 Cheats for PS3
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FIFA Soccer 09 PS3 Cheats

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FIFA Soccer 09

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

How To Sign(manger-mode) Messi,Kaka,C.Ronaldo.etc: while Playing for Derby COunty or any LOSER team!!!!!!!!! 94%
Once you start at manger mode( follow the step's)

1) Sign 4 Cheslesa
2) Sell Every Player that is more then 5 M
3) U will Have Enogh Money to buy all three players
4) Sign Them WARNING: MAKE THERE YEAR JUST ((((((( 1 ))))))) YEAR
5)At The End Of The Season U will Have Contarct Expire It will say who has his contract expired so DONT tick Messi nd Kaka nd C.Ronaldo. DONT DONT DONT tick
6)then dont stay at Chelsea, Go To Derby Conty Or Whatever team you want.
7) then the tranfer window will open
8) go to palyer search, DETAILED: and make it Free Agents
9) U will find Messi Kaka And C.Ronaldo and they r all ~0M~=0 Million
10) Sign Them
WARNING: you must sign Them when the tranfer window open After THAT U CANT THY WILL BE SIGNED IN OTHER CLUBS!
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Manchester united after 7 seasons 75%
Gk:serigo asenjo(99)
rcb:serigo ramos(100)
lcb:john terry(104)
if you play amnchester united , you are a champions
don't copy
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Danny boi to give hints and advice 65%
Take team auto growth off so you can raise your own players this way the comp dosn't improve strikers defence and you can put all experience on crucial matters like top speed and finishing
By: danny boi(661)
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Passing is the key to success 65%
Pass the ball around and your match rating will be 9-10 and that means you get lots of experience which means your players grow more
By: danny boi(661)
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Easy free kicks 63%
Just aim for far post and drive it (L1) with 2 - 3 bars full
:) easy peasy
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Make players better in exibition games 62%
Play "be a pro" before the season starts, make that player you want to improve captain, play a few games and improve his stats. then when your happy with his skill level go to "squad" and save it. exit "be a pro" mode and his stats will be improved for exibition mode. works only on outfield players, cause I cant figure out how to make a keeper an outfield player. If you can help me wit that it would be much appreciated....
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Team pro after 5 season 60%
lcb:serigo ramos(97)
cb:john terry(98)
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Around The World 59%
In the arena start juggling (L2+ tap R1 repeatedly) then while you are juggling rotate the right analogue stick in a 360 degree motion then you will do an around the world
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Danny boi back to help fifa fans 58%
If you wanna win simulated matches then on players contracts give players 15% goal bonus then when you simulate matches you score more goals
By: danny boi(661)
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This cheat is for ps3 and called skill hint kick ups 57%
Go to the training arena and get ready
then hold the left 1 trigger and left 2 trigger and also hold the the right 1 trigger

and then your player will automaticly start doing kick ups

and you can also use this trick in game
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Score Easy FreeKicks 50%
Hold L1 and Press Circle About 3/4 Of The Power And WALLA OR You Can Hold The Left ThumbStick When You Shoot To Curve AND SCOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEee
By: GameFreak00(17)
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Easy League Mode 50%
Before you start your season mode, transfer all the best players into your team, such as ronaldo, ronaldhino, messi. Then depending on what you want to do(I normally sell on and get young players.) Get the money and sort out your coaches and stadium manager, and scouts until they are all up to ten. Then by the end of even two seasons with that one team most of your players will be around 95. Then if you want to go to a different team all you need to do is not renew their contract and they will be in free agents. Although this depends on how long they contract is normally some are 2 years, some 3 and some 4. So its good to stay for 4 years.
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How to raise your overalls. 48%
First enter manager mode and select a good team e.g chelsea, manchester united, Madrid or Milan e.t.c. In the thransfer period buy a couple of good players in the making like mica richards or alexsandro pato, place a week team in your first team whom you wish overalls to improve, simulate a season and at the end of your season view your players overalls, they shauld be quite high, if they are not as high as you wanted them to be then do it again, this only takes about 30 minuets - 1 hour. Trust me it works, I tried it with chelsea and this was my line up.

petr cech
mica richards

Drogba is now level 97 and cech is 98. Also put some young players on the bench and use scouted players, weirdly enough there overall goes up aswell, I scouted a player from spain and he came as a level 82 and is now level 90 and he started on the bench. Also upgrading your staff helps.

By Azza boii
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Danny boi's guide to fifa success 48%
Sign players of the free agent list that way next season you can sell them
(its free to sign players of free agent list so theres no way down
By: danny boi(661)
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Player contracts 48%
When you sign someone offer them lots of salary then when they come to club half there salary and they still accept every time so it makes you money
By: danny boi(661)
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Easy halfway line goals 47%
When you take kickoff jus turn towards your opponents net and hold r1 and shoot until the bar is nearly full but not completely full. this should work about 20% of the time !
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6 out of 10 chance of scoring a half way line goal 46%
To score a half way line goal, obviously you take a touch to the other person then with the other player take 3 touches forward then fully press the SQUARE button then hopefully you score a fantastic goal.
By: LUPI14(11)
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Improve goalkeeper overall 44%
The best way to improve the gk overall is to use most of your experience points on goalkeeper positioning this works well. also to get a good young gk go to greate a player and make a gk so he is 16 or so. then you can pick what experience points go where. put every1 of them all the way down from attacking skill ect and add them all up on the gk xp I did this and my gk was 16yrs old and started on lv94 and you get him 4 free wen you make a new manager mode
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If you wanna do a round the world 44%
R1 + triangle + o + L1 + L2
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Get international players onto club teams 43%
Go 2 club transfers search a name eg.arshavin and you can transfer him 2 arsenal if you havent got ALS
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Easy money - no cost 42%
Pick any team and at the transfer season, go to free agents and get players (they should be free cause its in free agent). sell them and you will get money for them. it might take a while to raise lots of money but at least you dont pay anything! get players - sell - get money! hope it helped! and man you r da best!
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Scouting works by danny boi 41%
Scout plyerss as they are young so in 2 years there ovrall sky rockets by about 15 so its worth doing plus there cheap
By: danny boi(661)
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Best over all players for your team 41%
Sign steven gerrard and fernando torres to improve your attack
gerrard is also good at defending so he is a good buy

then sign theo walcott and arshavin because they are good at getting forward and setting up goals and scoring them.

for your defense you will want either skrtel or carragher or vidic or terry for your CB
and for your full back you will want either arbeloa or cole or johnson or evra

for your keeper its obvo between reina and cech but for a good cheap keeper you will want either kirkland or given

if your looking for young talent look at insua (liverpool)or maniche (chelsea) for defense or for forwards daniel pacheco (liverpool) or daniel sturridge (man city)
or for talented midfeilders look at jack wilshere (arsenal) or steven irwin (liverpool)
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International players for free 40%
Here is all the players you can get 4 free ronhaar(holland), zeeburg(holland), vagner love(brazil) valeron(argentina),nilmar(brazil),maatje(holland),note de boom(holland),zhirkof(russia)arshavin(russia),van der poel(holland)tymoschuk(ukraine),akinfeef(russia).u cant get arshavin if you updated it . you have 2 transfer all this players 2 free agent or 2 the team your going 2 sighn with in manager mode
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A special way to pace ppl 38%
To sprint past ppl you need acceleration and topspeeed to be high but if you increase your players balance and strength they can outrun most players that r faster than them
By: danny boi(661)
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Easy fitness/ money 38%
Manage a lower league team and wait till january and you should have about 10 million pounds upgrade fitness coach and scout to 10. then you will win most game so will get lots of money. also do this with a prem team and upgrade it the same and you will finish in top 5.
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In the long rrun by danny boi 38%
Upgrade your stadium manager even though it costs alot you get it back cuz you make about 60,000 pounds more a week
also put tocket price on high if you have lots of fan appreciation
By: danny boi(661)
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Free players to add from internationals who don't play for a club, 38%
I think there are four main players who only play for interantionals,

Vagnar Love (80) striker
Andrie Arshavin (87) centre attack midfield, (russian)
Danny (80) centre attack midfield, (portugal)
Zyrianov (83) right midfield (russia)

1) go to the main menu
2) go to club transfer
3) go to team free agents
4) go player search and type in the names,
5) transfer to free agents
6) save it and then start a Manger Mode,
7) go to transfers, go to free agents and sign them,

(Arshavin won't work if updated)
By: fishandbacon(5)
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Penalty hint 36%
When taking penalties aim for the top or bottom corners of the goal mostly the top ones.
By: redrob5(18)
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Freekicks and penelts 33%
When you turn on fifa 09 you go to a training ground where you can perform tricks, flicks, shots, freekicks and the old penalties, if you struggle with penos or freekicks then practise them, you do this by pressing an arrow key, if you press it in the box you take a penalty anywhere outside will be a freekick, Try to curl the ball on a freekick by holding the right analog stick where you want the curl.
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Daniel sturridge 33%
First put your fitness level up to 10
and he mite not be rated very high but sign daniel sturridge
honestly he`ll score mounts fo goals!
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Easy way to make money! 33%
At the beging of the season by a player, any player will do that is quite good will do, then simulate your season, all of your players overalls will raise, you will also see that players price has gone up, I suggest you choose a good team, put some exspensive players on the market and once they have gone you will have loads of money to buy great players like lional messi or kaka, your also left with some money to upgrade your staff, upgrading your staff, this also helps to upgrade your overalls.

By: AzzaG030(4)
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From the kick-off 33%
From the kick-0ff when you press X turn face your opponents goals hol down square and you could score a cracker goal from half way but this won't work all the time you do it
By: MLOOOP14(18)
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How to get money quik 33%
First start with any team then put all the the players you want on like messi,kaka n them lot the start a new manager mode with the team that uve put all da players for then just sell em n then ull hv loads of money quikly
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My Arsenal Team 3rd Season 33%
3-4-3. [i know it's an unusual formation but it works]

GK - Adler 90
DC- Toure 97
DC- Gallas 95
DC- Sagna 92
MR- Fabregas 99
MC- Nasri 92
MC- Montolivo 95
MR- Arshavin 94
LW- Van Persie 94
RW- Messi 96
ST- Adebayor 95

Subs Include:
Rossi 88
De Rossi 92
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Dream Team 33%
Fowards:Van Persie(LF),Created Player(RF),Torres(CF)
By: Lance80008(16)
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Practise mode Free kick 33%
Hold LB&RT.Pull the left analog stick back and hold B in 4 till halfway of the power bar.
By: Lance80008(16)
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Halfway Goals!!!! 32%
This only works about one out of every ten tries but it is worth it.
If you have possession at kickoff (start of the game or after halftime) just face your player towards goal and hold down lob till the bar is full (it wont work if you hold shoot) you have to be quick as the opposition will come at you fast. You should launch a long, high shot at goal that will sometimes catch the keeper off guard.
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Power boost 32%
Press o,x,r3,l2 to put there skill level to 1000 !
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The Real Best Team 31%
Pepe Riena

Gael Clichy or Phillip Lahm(LB)
Micah Richards
Carlos Puyol
Sergio Ramos(RB)

Cristiano Ronaldo(LM)
Steven Gerrard
Micheal Essian
Leonel Messi(RM)

Fernando Torres
Zlatan Ibrahimovic
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Cool Celebrations after scoring a goal 31%
For a cool celebretion press L1 and control it with the right and left analogue
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Better playing for non 5 star teams(online) 28%
When playing online if you go a 4 or less star team and find some glory hunter wants to go a 5 star dont change your team change your formation and custom tactics. try playing a 4-4-3 this helps with your 2 wing attackers they will allways go back to help and come up front this is good it means you have attack aswell as strike force. on custom tactics change it so your crossing lots and passing lots and shooting lots, so when you got the ball your passing all the time so no matter what team your playing if you got the ball they struggle to keep up with you. crossing lots means you will more than likely get a goal or 2 at some point in the match so as long as your doing well in defence you should win. Now change your defence to offside trap this way when they try to lob your defence to play someone like ronaldo, rooney or drogba etc into the goal line, your players step forward hence the offide rule. I rarely ever go a 5 star team and these tips help me alot iv won around 80% of matchs doing this...but you also must be quite a good player, no point trying to match a 5 star team with a less stars unless you know how to handle the game.
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How to make a player rated 97 27%
Make a created goalkeeper and make all of his goalkeeping skills 99 and everything else 1, you'll hav enough exp to make 1 more thing of your choice 99
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Easy winning on manager mode and pro mode 27%
When you have a good team .eg man you , only play matches against harder opponents like chelce or liverpool. other matches againts smaller teams like in the coca cola leagues just simulate. do this for all matches if your getting bored of just playng dem.
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The best team in the game 25%
Go to rest of the world. Go down to the team selection. press the left arrow twice you will see the Classic XI and the world XI. Hope this helped
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Free 550 coins in under 1 minuit fifa 09 Ultimate Team 25%
Hi this cheat im about to tell you will get you 550 coins in under 1 minuit. when you use this you can continue to put 550 coins on the player of your choice until you think its enough to secure him.

1.Go into online tournament

2.Then back out of the table screen back to main menu.

3.Go to team management....then again into team management at bottom.

4.Go into Squad....(notice only half your squad there? :S)

5.Then back out again to team management then into Lineup at top.

6.Your game will think you do not have enough players.(dont worry your players are safe)

7.Press ok then buy a bronze pack of poor players.

8.Discard all these players and when you go back to home page you will have approx 550 coins to spend as you wish.

Notice: Dont do this if you have alot of coins it will clear them all to 550.

GooD LucK.
By: misszoeg1990(2)
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Score on every free kick 23%
On a freekick before the ball misses quickly tap R2 R2 R2 R1 R2L1 triangle O X
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Boots 23%
R1 r2 r1 r2 l1 l2
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Secret trick no joke 21%
Hold L2 down and press R3 OR L3
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Easy goals/fkickis/pens 18%
When you need that late easy goal just wait a play'er will push you and rappidly push r2 then bobs ure uncle hope I help.
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How to get everyones overall 100 18%
Go to the start when your ronaldinho (doesent matter who it is) and hold on l2 and keep tapping r1 for about 10 secs, then go to manager mode and create a new one, go a 5 star team, simulate the match, then go back to the player bit again and hold l2 and tap r 1 but this time for 15 secs, then go to pro season and make a new one, but get a player on the same team as the 5 star team on manager mode then simulate that match, then go to the start bit again hold l2 and tap r1 for 10 secs and then everyone on that team and league have an overall of 100!

My friend showed me this, its great!

By Brendo
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How 2 make quick money on manager mode 18%
Buy loads of players who you dont really want whoare quite young but hav high ratings and sell all of them. An example of some1 you could do would be cristiano ronaldo if you dont want him
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100,000 exp 16%
On the main menu type in 00 square 00
By: reecel97(171)
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Free xp 16%
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

FIFA 09 15%
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The best young team/ best possible team 14%
Gk- Alder




best possible team

4-3-3 formation




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Sick cheat 13%
Go on kick of select jamie carragher up front when match starts stand by the ps3 the turn back on then put carra defence again the end game go back on livapool and you will have 2 carraghers
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The BEST fifa 09 Team,Player. 11%
Best Player: Karim Benzema,Ronladinho and Samir Nasri
The Best Teams: Arsenal,Ac Milan, Inter Milan,Chelsea,Real Madried and Man City

In arena mode Karim Benzema is the best And Nasri

See ya later...
By: Nasri4eva(40)
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How 2 save every penalty 10%
Aim 1 way then dive the other way
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Create your own football 10%
Go to the creation zone and type in: up, up, up, up, down, down, down, down, triangle, square, triangle, square
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Easyest halfwayline goals 5%
Bring opersets keeper out!
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

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57 Trophies
FIFA Soccer 09 - Sparkly clean Sparkly clean
Keep a clean sheet
FIFA Soccer 09 - Director in the making Director in the making
Upload a video to EA Sports™ football world
FIFA Soccer 09 - On the spot On the spot
Score from a penalty in a match
FIFA Soccer 09 - Bend it like a pro Bend it like a pro
Score from a free kick in a match
FIFA Soccer 09 - Screamer! Screamer!
Score from over 30 yards out in a match
FIFA Soccer 09 - Good head on your shoulders Good head on your shoulders
Score with a header in a match
FIFA Soccer 09 - One goal a season One goal a season
Score with a defender in a match
FIFA Soccer 09 - Eat my chip Eat my chip
Score by chipping the keeper in a match
FIFA Soccer 09 - On yer bike! On yer bike!
Score with a bicycle kick
FIFA Soccer 09 - In off In off
Score off the woodwork in a match
FIFA Soccer 09 - Fling yourself at it Fling yourself at it
Score with a diving header in a match
FIFA Soccer 09 - Like on the training field Like on the training field
Score from a corner
FIFA Soccer 09 - Wing play Wing play
Score from a cross
FIFA Soccer 09 - What a Beauty! What a Beauty!
Score on the volley in a match
FIFA Soccer 09 - Hero Hero
Save a penalty
FIFA Soccer 09 - Last Gasp Goal Last Gasp Goal
Score in the 89th minute
FIFA Soccer 09 - Giant Killer Giant Killer
Beat a five star team with a half star team
FIFA Soccer 09 - A Man Down A Man Down
Win a game when down one man
FIFA Soccer 09 - Custom sixty four winner Custom sixty four winner
Win a Created Tournament that starts with sixty four teams
FIFA Soccer 09 - One star winners One star winners
Win a Tournament that starts with sixteen teams, with a one star rated team.
FIFA Soccer 09 - Huge investment Huge investment
Buy a player in Manager Mode for 50 million of your chosen currency
FIFA Soccer 09 - Huge return Huge return
Sell a player in Manager Mode for 50 million of your chosen currency
FIFA Soccer 09 - Spending spree Spending spree
Buy 50 players in your career in Manager Mode
FIFA Soccer 09 - The purist The purist
Complete a Manager Mode season without simming any games
FIFA Soccer 09 - Provider Provider
Perform a cross for a friend who scores from it (co-operative achievement)
FIFA Soccer 09 - Frequent flyer Frequent flyer
Win in every stadium
FIFA Soccer 09 - Real world winner Real world winner
Win 5 Interactive League matches
FIFA Soccer 09 - Ranked winner Ranked winner
Win a Ranked Xbox LIVE Match
FIFA Soccer 09 - Manual labour Manual labour
Win a match with fully manual settings (no assistance can be switched on)
FIFA Soccer 09 - 1st time out 1st time out
Win an Online League match
FIFA Soccer 09 - Living legend Living legend
Reach legendary status for your country
FIFA Soccer 09 - Club god Club god
Reach legendary status for your club
FIFA Soccer 09 - A.Bell Fever A.Bell Fever
Catch the A.Bell Fever by beating the creator or someone who has already has the fever
FIFA Soccer 09 - Gimme five Gimme five
Score five goals in the arena
FIFA Soccer 09 - Time you played a match? Time you played a match?
Score twenty goals in the arena
FIFA Soccer 09 - The ol' switcheroo The ol' switcheroo
Successfully perfom a pass that switches the play from one flank to the other
FIFA Soccer 09 - The Peterson The Peterson
Play for over fifty hours
FIFA Soccer 09 - The Parolin Manoeuvre The Parolin Manoeuvre
Win a game whilst not signed in to Xbox LIVE
FIFA Soccer 09 - The Poon Sang The Poon Sang
Win with a team of 11 created players in an unranked Xbox LIVE match
FIFA Soccer 09 - The Venhola Ice The Venhola Ice
Win a FIFA 09 Clubs match with your club
FIFA Soccer 09 - The Kwong The Kwong
Score a headed goal with the shortest created player
FIFA Soccer 09 - Judas Judas
Beat your favourite team with their rival
FIFA Soccer 09 - The Gipson Curse The Gipson Curse
Go into an online match after choosing your own arena player
FIFA Soccer 09 - FIFA Fair Play FIFA Fair Play
Play 5 consecutive matches without getting any cards (bookings must be enabled in the settings)
FIFA Soccer 09 - Duo-Hedgeidecimal Duo-Hedgeidecimal
Enter a match with 20 people in a FIFA 09 Clubs Match
FIFA Soccer 09 - Jonzo's lounge Jonzo's lounge
Score 2500 points and win 5 badges in a single Lounge Mode match
FIFA Soccer 09 - Optimus Chung Optimus Chung
Win a game with adidas Live Season enabled
FIFA Soccer 09 - Club Tournament Mastery Club Tournament Mastery
Ultimate Team:Win all gold Club Tournaments
FIFA Soccer 09 - World Champion World Champion
Ultimate Team:Win the Gold World Trophy
FIFA Soccer 09 - Online Tournament Mastery Online Tournament Mastery
Ultimate Team:Win All gold Online Tournaments
FIFA Soccer 09 - Online Champion Online Champion
Ultimate Team:Win Gold Ultimate Team Trophy
FIFA Soccer 09 - Silver Packs Silver Packs
Ultimate Team:Open first Silver Pack
FIFA Soccer 09 - Gold Packs Gold Packs
Ultimate Team:Open First Gold Pack
FIFA Soccer 09 - Bigger Venue Bigger Venue
Ultimate Team:Upgrade to a Silver Rated Stadium
FIFA Soccer 09 - The Collector The Collector
Ultimate Team:Complete an 11 player team page in the collection
FIFA Soccer 09 - Solid Gold Solid Gold
Ultimate Team:Obtain 11 gold players
FIFA Soccer 09 - Best of the Best Best of the Best
Ultimate Team:Obtain your first Gold Rated Manager

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FIFA Soccer 09 385803Who are the best players in the game Answers: 1
FIFA Soccer 09 392985How can I create the portuguese Danny Alves overall stats on Fifa09 Answers: 3
FIFA Soccer 09 398125How do you make your created player in be a pro on exibiton match and get loads of experince points Answers: 2
FIFA Soccer 09 407689Can u bring your kepper up in the game if not why not u can in ps2 Answers: 1
FIFA Soccer 09 430125Sometimes when I play online my players get slow and cant control the ball it seems like are dumb what can I do Answers: 1
FIFA Soccer 09 449730Can You cheat online in fifa o9 on th ps3? Answers: 2
FIFA Soccer 09 455114How comes on fifa 09 you can never sign silva or ribery Answers: 1
FIFA Soccer 09 468045Can you train in fifa 09 not just the arena Answers: 1
FIFA Soccer 09 372024There is never any change of weather in any games I play. Why is that? Answers: 1
FIFA Soccer 09 377997Wen I want to play my friend online it dosnt let me select a team or the away team to move what do I do Answers: 1
FIFA Soccer 09 390722How do you get your manager mode team to play online? Answers: 1
FIFA Soccer 09 392947What are the manager prestige in fifa 09 Answers: 3
FIFA Soccer 09 398967When I was in transfers in my fifa 09 I typed in tores in the search bar and dis player came up bt it was a strange name nd he had an overall of 299849889233 nd da team badge was my team_15 nd I got another one da same bt what I wanna know is how do I get dem in my team Answers: 1
FIFA Soccer 09 399212Why doesn't my record change after the game is over whether I win or lose? it just keeps showing 107 wins 51 loses Answers: 1
FIFA Soccer 09 401525Where can I get exp point from on fifa 09? Answers: 2
FIFA Soccer 09 402131How do you do a backflip I dont know and dont say you cant do it because my m8 done it ? some1 help plz thnks Answers: 1
FIFA Soccer 09 406630How do I get my avatar in fifa 09 Answers: 2
FIFA Soccer 09 407331How do you play as a guest on fifa 09? Answers: 1
FIFA Soccer 09 408170How do I change teams Answers: 2
FIFA Soccer 09 409102On manager mode on the 4th season and the second match I sim it and it gets stuck on 26% its has done twice now wot do I do? Answers: 1
FIFA Soccer 09 411485How do you turn the offsides off? Answers: 2
FIFA Soccer 09 413636I have a anoying problem on carreer mode: Every time I get to the load after selecting sponsors it stops at 57%, where it says something about transfers. What have I done wrong, and is it possible to do anything about it? Answers: 1
FIFA Soccer 09 418025How do I do overhead volleys ? Answers: 2
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