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Shenmue Cheats for DC
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Shenmue DC Cheats

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Hint 98%
when you win the game you get a 70 person battle mode.
Sent in by Harry Diplock
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earn some money 98%
Well, want to earn some money in the harbor. well this is the cheat.on day 5 (i think) the one where you have to move crates to warehouse 8 and the reds to warehouse 18.when you stop at 12.00 your suppose to talk around to foind out about the Deal with the mad angels , well do not chat to any one not even a cat, do your job each day with out talkin to any one and get load of money.if you do this for 4 or 5 days will'll have about 90.000 yen -120.000yen trust me
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How to get Loadsa Money 98%
Visit the Fortune telling woman and pay 300Yen for a gamble. She will tell you a lucky number and keep this in mind. Next go to the Slot house and go to that numbered machine. You will win on it about 70% of the time which will get you loads of money and the cherry toy if you win the jackpot.
Sent in by Steven Cron
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