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Littlest Pet Shop Cheats for WII
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Littlest Pet Shop WII Cheats

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Littlest Pet Shop

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

Girrafe code 90%
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Giraffe!!! 83%
The code to get the giraffe is LPSGIR.
Hope this helps!
By: destructor1537(144)
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Secret tree 53%
Find any pet. then bring it 2 the garden then theres this huge tree that looks like a tree house, wait until the paw print glows then go in it. wait in there for a while theres a sercret room try 2 find it b4 time runs out if you do go up the stairs when you do you can get whatever you want up there theres all different cute, cool, pets that you cant get by buying them a train ticket. and other acceries. GOOD LUCK!
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Feed your pets! 50%
Even though they can't ask for food, your pets depend on you to feed them.
When you're looking at your pet in close view, select the bowl of food and press the A
button to urge your pet to eat. It's energy meter will go up!
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Make your pet happy 45%
Click on the pink head on the bottom right hand of your screen. To make your pets mood go up put your hand cursor on your pet then a scratcher will appear. Move your hand cursor around and it will scratch your pet. That makes your pet happy but it makes its energy go down. So click on the food bowl and your pets energy will go up because it eats the food.
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Secret tree 43%
In the pets plaza, there are diffrent kinds of trees.only one tree has a goldish green color. if you go inside, you can buy exclusive tells what game to play,what ribbon and how much kibble.the prizes you can"t offored is shaded gray. the prizes can offord is colored in. it was cool I got a shiney white pearl necklace.
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Hope 38%
To unlock a new pet code15934
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When you whant to unlock a new pet just do what it seess in the mail box. sipals!
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How to get a your pofil without clicking on your pet! 32%
Click you pet bar click the pets face on the thing then you got it!
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A OW lots of gems 30%
First go to log in or get a account next you click get gems if you see one click on it after the video is done refresh it never comes back XD
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Littlest pet shop humming bird code 27%
I can't seem to find where this humming bird code goes in at happy so i'm giving it to you. Simply type... ehjx-x64f-3t7r there you go enjoy everyone! From isabella
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Litte pet shoppy 27%
Code number-   36004616
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The liminited time 24%
Ok so first you go on club penguin and then you play aqua grabber and lose a sub till you lose the game do it for 2 times. and then go in your stamp book and look on the game page and click on aqua grabber its ok if you didnt earn a stamp but its ok but if you did great ok then it will say how long do you want to be mayor of the world or it will say would you like to do whatever you want in the world or you could do both and then you could say foreveror anything else like 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14, years and I wont keep going on and you know what I mean and you will keep the ad what you do to keep the ad is just minise it ok then you can share it or keep it to your self post commets on whatever website and I hope you guys think it works cuz it duz work its no scammmmmmmmmmmmmm!

-thanks :D :D :D- oh and my name its my code name its cheat the beat post comments
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Unlock everythig 22%
Holed b then a up down the 2
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Cheat to get a tigger teddy 13%
Hi I know a cheat to get a tigger teddy you go to lee mills big tesco and go upstairs on the lift you can get eeor pooh bear and piglet to
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Littlest Pet Shop 410574I've got a question.Is there any more pets besides the ones on the list? Answers: 6
Littlest Pet Shop 495782I cant find the train tickets for new pets in the store. Anyone know how I can find them? Answers: 4
Littlest Pet Shop 462335My daughter is stuck on the part of the game that says to bring the reindeer and 2 friends on the ice at the same time. We have done this and task will not complete. What do I do to get past this so we can get more pets? Answers: 3
Littlest Pet Shop 549305I have got all 20 pets bought all playsets and unlocked all the games and got all the toys, but all I have to do is buy 3 more things, but they won't come into meow market. What do I have to do? Answers: 2
Littlest Pet Shop 510915We unlocked the Garden, but can't figure out how to get there? How do you move between worlds? Answers: 8
Littlest Pet Shop 560935How do you bring more than one animal to the ice? Answers: 2
Littlest Pet Shop 663469How to get the last 4 pets Answers: 1
Littlest Pet Shop 921410How do I get a blue ribbon with my hamster on littlest pet shop wii? Answers: 0
Littlest Pet Shop 679161Where is the treadmill in winterland ? Answers: 1
Littlest Pet Shop 700554How do you get your corgi to the treadmill, I can't get him in it?!?! Answers: 1
Littlest Pet Shop 717806It is asking for a password to go into the giraffe on the other pictures and we don't know wot it is? Answers: 4
Littlest Pet Shop 730516How do I get it on 2 players? The box says you can play 2 player but we can't figure out how! HELP! Answers: 1
Littlest Pet Shop 747784All the cheats of the giraffe and other pets... where do I write the codes? Answers: 1
Littlest Pet Shop 751350How do you bring all of the pets back into the same world? My daughter has her dog stuck in the garden world and wants to bring her to another world. Answers: 2
Littlest Pet Shop 881174I need help getting apples on Littlest Pet Shop Friends for the wii? Where do you get apples? Please Help Answers: 1
Littlest Pet Shop 910175How do you get 2 or 3 of the same pet? Answers: 1
Littlest Pet Shop 919794What happend to LPSO? Answers: 0
Littlest Pet Shop 923087My 5 year old has been playing for days, we've gotten a ton of kibble coins, but no emails of tasks to do so we can buy playsets and more animals. Are we doing something wrong...we are getting tired of the same world, animals an no playsets...please help! Answers: 0
Littlest Pet Shop 926538Where do you put the codes in? Answers: 1
Littlest Pet Shop 926428If you get the giraffe before the you get the rest of your animals, will the treehouse still become golden. And will you still be able to the extra animals? Is there anyway to get them after you have all your pets, but the giraffe wasn't last? Answers: 0
Littlest Pet Shop 927717So my cousin is stuck on the part where its telling her to go to the "red shelf" to make a new color for her accesories but when she presses a to "make color" it says everything is sold out? HELP we are confused! Answers: 0
Littlest Pet Shop 939780We lost our registration code for our lps pc game. Was wondering if any one had one we can try? my little girl has been waiting forever to play this game. Thank you. :D Answers: 0
Littlest Pet Shop 944082How do you git the reaindeer Answers: 0
Littlest Pet Shop 945711How do you change characters? Answers: 1
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