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Boogie SuperStar Cheats for WII
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Boogie SuperStar WII Cheats

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Boogie SuperStar Cheats

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Boogie SuperStar

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Unlock "Dance Dance" Song - Best Buy Cheat 98%
In order to unlock the song "Dance Dance", go to the "Select an Icon" screen on any character, and select these icons in order: Diamond, Heart, Broken Heart, Cherries. And then the song will be unlocked!
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Songs 97%
Description: Input the codes below at the password screen to unlock the additional songs:

"Dance, Dance" by Fall Out BoyDiamond, Heart, Broken Heart, Cherries
"Pieces of Me" by Britney SpearsFlying Star, Spade, Lollipop, Peace Sign
"Won't Go Home Without You" by Maroon 5Strawberry, Butterfly, Duck, Fire
"Ching-a-Ling" by Missy ElliottMonkey, Cat, Koala, Rabbit
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Songs 95%
Description: Input the codes below at the password screen to unlock the additional songs:

"Dance, Dance"Diamond, Heart, Broken Heart, Cherries
"Pieces of Me"Flying Star, Spade, Lollipop, Peace Sign
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Cheat for Boogie Superstar 93%
Create a new character and click to customize - choose the icon for that character and type these characters (in order):

Flying Star - Spade - Lolipop - Peace Sign - to unlock "Piece of Me"
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First Place? 93%
Description: While the host, Ayden Frost, climbs up to the stage and the camera pans the four contestants, remember the places you and the other three characters are standing from left to right.
If your character's standing to the far right on the fourth row, then you are in fourth place. If you are on the first row, your character's in third. If you are on the 2nd row on the left after the third-placer, you are in second; and the 3rd row gives you the much-coveted first place.
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Cheat Song 68%
Strawberry, Butterfly, Duck, Flame
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Secret Songs 67%
Won't Go Home Without You: Strawberry, Butterfly, Duck, Flame
Piece of Me: Flying Star, Spade, Lollipop, Peace Sign
Dance Dance: Diamond, Heart, Broken Heart, Cherries
Ching-a-Ling: Monkey, Cat, Koala, Rabbit
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Ching A Ling 61%
Monkey, Cat, Koala, Rabbit
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Unlock allm songs 33%
Diamond heart brokenheaert cherries
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Makes me wonder 15%
To get more money
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Hint 8%
Keep focused
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Boogie SuperStar 564491How do you get the song "piece of me''? Answers: 1
Boogie SuperStar 774386How do we get the cheats password screen up from the icon screen? Answers: 0
Boogie SuperStar 829022How do you change your icon? Answers: 1
Boogie SuperStar 898570How can I cheat on the superstar level when you have to dance the avril lavinge song Answers: 0
Boogie SuperStar 933155How to get to the screen to type a cheat code? Answers: 0
Boogie SuperStar 994494How do I jump on boogie superstar it doesnt show on how to play? Answers: 0
Boogie SuperStar 475574Whare do you find the cheat option? Answers: 1
Boogie SuperStar 608268How do I get the cheat password screen up? Answers: 1
Boogie SuperStar 482776I get all goods and perfects when I do the dance Trial but cant get a score high enuff to get to the next level... why? Driving me crazy... Answers: 5
Boogie SuperStar 724633How do you get the song 'girl friend' on boogie super star? I cannot do the trial dance thingy. is there a cheat for this? Answers: 1
Boogie SuperStar 612147Hi! I have a question about Boogie superstar wii look, I can do the trial part now but I can get higher then 2 and I need to get an 8, but the Combo, I cant do that its to hard I think everything I tried doesnt work its just ... Y#*^T&*%Q^*&TVH pls give me some advice cuz.. I really need it xD x ps. Im dutch, so my english isnt best. Answers: 1
Boogie SuperStar 837685Hi! quick question- on the trial A, -the bouncy rythmn ball is always on greem, I only get perfects, and I got all the combos perfect... and my score was 2.7! what am I doing wrong? Answers: 1
Boogie SuperStar 384334Unlock all clothes Answers: 5
Boogie SuperStar 399782Unlock all songs Answers: 1
Boogie SuperStar 626574How do you unlock all songs+cheats? Answers: 3
Boogie SuperStar 707565How do I pass the trial on boogie super star Answers: 1
Boogie SuperStar 577915How do I unlock all the songs Answers: 1
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