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NHL 09 Cheats for PS2
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NHL 09 PS2 Cheats

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FIFA 13 Tactical Tips | Shooting Techniques
The Boot Room : FIFA 13 Tactical Tips | Celebratory Goal Moves
FIFA 13 Tactical Tips | Defending Against Opponents

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NHL 09

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Alternate Jerseys 89%
Description: Unlock alternate jerseys for NHL teams

How to unlock: Enter this code: xe6377uyrwm48frf
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9 out of 10 times you will get a goal 62%
If your on goal fake a slapshot and shoot with a wristshot gets em every time
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Take a slapshot after the face off in the neutral zone 55%
Drive to the net after you win the face off in the defensive sides neutral zone, as soon as you cross the line take the slap shot.Sometimes the goalie gets screened by his defenseman and has no chance.
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Getting over the blueline 50%
As soon as you cross the blue line, use the r3 button to go left then right and then take the slap shot.goalie will go one way and slap shot will go top shelf.
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Coming down on a goaltender..... 47%
When your on a breakaway you should try dekeing him out a bit you know, try R3 try wiggling it a bit NOT TOO MUCH or else youll lose control of the puck it will make him go on his back a little then theres an easy goal! note:(this doesnt work in season shootouts it does in everywhere else though)
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Jersey code 36%
Xe6377uyrwm48frf and you will unlock number 3 ulturnate jerseys
By: hockey man(56)
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How to become on fire 27%
Press x than x again and ull score every time
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NHL 09 400221What controls do oyu use to fight? Answers: 2
NHL 09 635841How do I start a fight Answers: 3
NHL 09 701560How do you get the blue penguins jersey?!? Answers: 1
NHL 09 741728How do you turn on new goal horns Answers: 1
NHL 09 760697Started a 3rd year on my dynasty, offseason was simmed, and now it wont let me play because I am not compliant with the cap. Where do I look to see what the NHL cap is and what I am paying my team? Answers: 1
NHL 09 405634Where is the features at, I dont know where to go to enter the code? Answers: 1
NHL 09 470433How to do tricks with your skill stick in NHL 09 for ps2 Answers: 2
NHL 09 482022How do you do a spin deke Answers: 3
NHL 09 494624In a fight, how do I counter attack with a strong punch like the CPU on the PS2? Answers: 2
NHL 09 560542Why can you only fight 3 times in nhl 09 is there a code to fight more than 3 times in a game Answers: 3
NHL 09 560977I always finish last in monthly financial. how do I increase my income for nhl '09? Answers: 3
NHL 09 567039I think the cheat for the third jersey is all a fake because we ask and they have the cheat but were to you go? They dont tell you that so I think its a fake just save up and get nhl 10 because it does have the third jersey I have NHL 10 till NHL 2005 for ps2 Answers: 1
NHL 09 578927What does transfer season mean Answers: 1
NHL 09 599726How do I turn a created player into a free agent Answers: 4
NHL 09 650193How do I make players attributes better on dynasty mode Answers: 0
NHL 09 663716Has anyone experienced a simulating error? The music isn't frozen, but the simulating stops. It's really annoying trying to get through the off-season with this. Answers: 1
NHL 09 678405For Example I started my dynasty already and want to sign a free agent. I made him after starting the dynasty , how do I get him to be in my dynasty ? Answers: 1
NHL 09 682927How do I get more oppurtuinitys to fight Answers: 1
NHL 09 683005When you make a team how do you play with them Answers: 2
NHL 09 686561Im using the redwings, who will the penguins accept in trade for evgeni malkin Answers: 1
NHL 09 699940How do I change the ticket prices in dynasty?the price is 2 attendance is very low Answers: 0
NHL 09 727156After you get the cheat code what do we do Answers: 0
NHL 09 777587I have already created a player in nhl 08. How do I put him on my roster? I cant find the way to get him to be a free agent or put him on the roster Answers: 0
NHL 09 769550How many created players can you have for nhl 09 for ps2 Answers: 1
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