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All Star Cheer Squad Cheats for WII
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All Star Cheer Squad WII Cheats

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All Star Cheer Squad

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

All star cheer squad 43%
To get to a harder level press + on the remote and you will get double points
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All Star Cheer Squad (WII) Stragerty 23%
All Star Cheer Squad is a really good game.

All you have to do is practice. I would suggest that you do all of the practice sessions, and listen to the head Cheerleader.
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All Star Cheer Squad 388479Why is this game so0o0o0o0o0o0 horrible Answers: 2
All Star Cheer Squad 406297How do you perform the last move on practice 14 Answers: 1
All Star Cheer Squad 440490Well I beat the WHOLE GAME and it says I am only 98% full. And since I finished the game how come on the menu it says code: czzzczzzc I even tried pressing it but I don't know? By: Guest PLEASE COMMENT! Answers: 1
All Star Cheer Squad 440492How come I beat the game and it says F for finals when you are on your screen when you click the competion you want to play when it says T123456F0 I know it means tryouts, week one, week two , week three, week four, week five, week six, finale and then it says "O" what does the "O" stand for? Answers: 2
All Star Cheer Squad 630513How do you defeat the caption Answers: 2
All Star Cheer Squad 789554I beat the groove masters competition and I have the whole mascot outfit but I didnt unlock three outfits on the awards board and it wont let me get past the groove masters competition what do I do? Answers: 0
All Star Cheer Squad 814194How do you an block the groove masters finales? Answers: 0
All Star Cheer Squad 986233How do you unlock more practices? Answers: 0
All Star Cheer Squad 378162On all star cheer squd how do I get to the football feild when backa challenges me at midnight Answers: 1
All Star Cheer Squad 428953How do you win the challenge Caprice and become captain? Answers: 3
All Star Cheer Squad 573753How do I defeat becka when I challenge her? Answers: 2
All Star Cheer Squad 528367I beat the game in all three levels but I cannot get to play off season and I am missing the mascot award even though when you go customize your character I have the mascot head. Answers: 1
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