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Ghostbusters The Video Game Cheats for PS2
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Ghostbusters The Video Game PS2 Cheats

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Ghostbusters The Video Game

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Transmogrified Gray Lady 100%
In "Dark and Damp" how to defeat Transmogrified Gray Lady you must destroy all the Codex Shield . After you destroy it , use the blast stream to defeat her and use the capture stream to capture her and defeat The Gray Lady .
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Dancing Skeletons [Easter Egg] 95%
In "The Coming Storm," if you slime the gravestones in the beginning of the level then pull them down, a skeleton will pop out and start dancing. There is a different dance for each gravestone.
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Cheats 93%
Description: The following cheats can be unlocked by performing the actions below. They can be toggled on and off in the Options menu.

Equipment Strength UpgradeCollect 100% of the Art
Faster Health RecoveryCollect 50% of the Art
Gozerian Rookie Outfit (Slime Immunity)Beat the game on Gozerian difficulty
Increased Scanning SpeedScan 50% of ghosts and scan-able objects in the game
InvulerabilityCollect 100% of both the Art and scan data / Beat the game
No Equipment OverheatCollect all scan data
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Gozerian outfit 75%
Beat game, change diff. 2 hard, beat last level.
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To beat the game in a second 48%
You press r1,triangle,square,circle.
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Unlimited ammo 28%
Get 20% scan data defeat the brain
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Ghostbusters The Video Game 517217Where is the 2nd art page for the gray lady? Answers: 1
Ghostbusters The Video Game 555595Once I have the bridge down there is purple railing in front of me, preventing me from passing can anyone help? Answers: 1
Ghostbusters The Video Game 571510How do you get past the kitchen in new managment II Answers: 0
Ghostbusters The Video Game 625241How do you do a cheat to unlock all levels Answers: 0
Ghostbusters The Video Game 635770What do we do with the cake? Answers: 2
Ghostbusters The Video Game 645932How do I plug the holes that let the roaches and skeleton out in chapter 6, or do we need to out run them to the next portal We use goggles but could not find anything to seal the monsters in the wall. Answers: 0
Ghostbusters The Video Game 647416How do I find the exit in the rivers of slime Answers: 1
Ghostbusters The Video Game 670406How do you defeat the blue worm with red tentacles Answers: 1
Ghostbusters The Video Game 693820How do I get past the part were these minions keep coming back Answers: 1
Ghostbusters The Video Game 740095How do you beat the last guy on the game? chandaler assistant or what ever. Answers: 0
Ghostbusters The Video Game 814133How to past part managent part two Answers: 0
Ghostbusters The Video Game 953744How do you beat the graveyard boss Answers: 0
Ghostbusters The Video Game 492415How do I get past Under New Management mission? Answers: 1
Ghostbusters The Video Game 512392Anyone having trouble wrangling the two generators in the building where Stay Puff is outside? They won't go in for me. Answers: 2
Ghostbusters The Video Game 539048Where can I find all the art pages? Answers: 0
Ghostbusters The Video Game 610408How do you get past the doors in rivers of slime? Answers: 0
Ghostbusters The Video Game 490515How Do I get Past the Bridge in the Rivers Of Slime Where there are Levers you pull and the Bridge keeps going back down Answers: 2
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