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Ghostbusters The Video Game Cheats for WII
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Ghostbusters The Video Game WII Cheats

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Ghostbusters The Video Game

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Cheats 94%
Description: The following cheats can be unlocked by performing the actions below. They can be toggled on and off in the Options menu.

Equipment Strength UpgradeCollect 100% of the Art
Faster Health RecoveryCollect 50% of the Art
Gozerian Rookie Outfit (Slime Immunity)Beat the game on Gozerian difficulty
Increased Scanning SpeedScan 50% of ghosts and scan-able objects in the game
InvulerabilityCollect 100% of both the Art and scan data / Beat the game
No Equipment OverheatCollect all scan data
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Dancing Skeletons [Easter Egg] 91%
Description: In "The Coming Storm," if you slime the gravestones in the beginning of the level then pull them down, a skeleton will pop out and start dancing. There is a different dance for each gravestone.
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Vigo's Return 71%
If you find the staircase behind Jenines desk, go down it and you will find (As well as the Tobin's Spirit Guide) the painting of Vigo the Carpathian from the 2nd movie. If you go up to it an press the "A" button, he will talk to you...
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Ghostbusters The Video Game 763360How do you beat marshmellow man ! Answers: 1
Ghostbusters The Video Game 823902Ok so im at the part( dont know the levels name ) where your trying to open the gate for the ghostbusters. where the heck am I suppose to go and what am I suppose to do then? please help. Answers: 1
Ghostbusters The Video Game 833544Where is the art page for the other version of the gray lady? Answers: 0
Ghostbusters The Video Game 488604In the first level with the Library, where are the 2 art pages? Answers: 1
Ghostbusters The Video Game 833085Ok how do you get the art page that's in the river of balck slime( level's name is rivers of slime) I can't fiqure it out. any idea will help. Answers: 0
Ghostbusters The Video Game 945168I NEED help I forgot what level but theres like a big tube with slime in and place were I have to put circules were are they ive been stuck forever please help Answers: 0
Ghostbusters The Video Game 981170In the level called Rivers Of Slime..... at the middle of the level where you hafto pull those things hanging down from the roof, how do you pull those 4 balls fast enough to be able to raise the bridges that raise up from the slime fast enough to be able to walk to the next bridge before you sink into the river and die... no matter how fast I try I cannot get past it. Answers: 0
Ghostbusters The Video Game 859640When you are in level hot pursuit where is the 4th ball I cant find it and I all ready put all the other balls in the hoops Answers: 0
Ghostbusters The Video Game 517895How do you find the exit in Rivers Of Slime? Answers: 1
Ghostbusters The Video Game 836843How to trap Collector? (Big Bookworm end of library) I cannot get the plasma book things high enough to throw back at him and have gotten the 4 arrows when firing into mouth when spiting out book things but can't seem to do any damage to him and arrows are too fast to fire the A blast thing and just run out of fire power. I can't seem to do any damage to it at all. Answers: 1
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