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MySims Kingdom Cheats for NDS
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MySims Kingdom NDS Cheats

Rating: 3.6/5 VOTE
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MySims Kingdom

Rating: 3.6/5 VOTE

Essences 91%
Description: The locations of all 12 Essences are as follows:

LeafCarpenter's house, south of the river
Flamefurniture store
HeartHouse by the tennis court
Water dropletMost trees around your house
DiamondKayak reception
StarClothing store
Brown thingMayor's house
MoonDr. F's Lab
Circular Orb-y thingAppliance store south of the river and Curio store at the top of the mountain
MoonDr F's Lab
Question markGondola!! Amy's side
Gold satelliteThe ski jump/lodge where you 1st find Dean (The most North-Westerly point on the mountain!)
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How to find the villian! XD Muahahah 87%
First get the last piece for the mechadog. To get it you need to kayak using two stylus. Put them upside down and they will look look like paddles that way you will get used to it. Once you get the piece go to Dr. F. He will take you outside to see how the mechadog works. When Dr. F says to follow the mecha dog go to the Zoo.
When you go to the Zoo you will see the mechadog with the alligator. Then once the alligator breaks the cage you will see a ladder inside the cage go in there and if your volume is up it will sound all spooky::: MUAHAHAHAH lol. Go to the 3rd section on the left of the labratory then you see the villian.
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Finding the viilan and mechadog 83%
To find mechadog or to find the viilan you go to the zoo and were the crocodile is
and the croc will fall in love with the mechadog and bashes its way out leaving a hole
in the cage. go in the cage and fing some stairs leading down,
thats were the villlan hides and to get the peice back from the mechadog.
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How to get a lot of money 83%
I played the card game with Richard I used a notebook to make a chart according to the way the cards were set up and wrote the number of the card in the box in my chart, the highest amount of money I received was 8,100 coins
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Make major money 74%
When you play snowball fight play easy mode. then let the dude trip. that takes hits for him. tr not to get hit till the end. if you do not get hit and you win, you will get the platinum medle and you et 5,660 dollars. hope this helps
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Most money millonaire/// hints for snowball fighting 71%
Run around the field and dodge the blue rocks and snow balls. don't throw any snow balls just make the opponent fall over blue rocks and if you don't get hurt you will get a platinum badge and 5,680 dollars or more.
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Tim's headgear 70%
Once you have gathered all the animals for tim, he will give you a second version of his very own headgear and when you wear it, you can see all the animals you have collected in certain places!
By: superkid212(244)
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How to win 69%
Find the 5 things that dr F needs for Mecha dog. when he creates mecha dog he will run away and you will have to find him. Go to the zoo. There will be a clip of the alligator falling in love with mecha dog. Then the aliigator will slam the gate and break out chasing after mecha dog. Go into the alligator cage in in the top right corner there will be a secret passage. The ufo and criminal are in there. Stay in the tunnels on the right and you will find him. then its all over.
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Clothing and Accesories 67%
How to: Pause game and put in cheat code:

Y,X,RIGHT,LEFT,L,R,DOWN,UP Samurai armor in your closet
X,Y,R,L,X,Y,R,L Samuri helmet in your closet
Left, R,L,RIGHT,Y,Y,X,X Punk Bottom in your closet
UP,X,DOWN,Y,LEFT,L,RIGHT,R Punk top in your closet
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Perplexing paw 66%
This is absolutley the right answer you get it from playing the kyak game and beating the time it can be done it took me a while but once you have done it you get the paw ......woooo
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Kayaking with Mary 66%
Hey guys, if you are struggling with kayaking and want to get a piece to build mechadog, you should kayak with 2 nintendo ds styluses, it really woks it gives you more control than using 1 stylus and it makes you much quicker in the water, so you can get a bronze medal and get a part to build mechadog!
By: superkid212(244)
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Cheat List 66%
Description: Press START and enter these cheats for the desired effect.

R, X, L, Y, UP, RIGHT, LEFT, DOWNCow Costume
L, R, Y, X, LEFT, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHTCow Headgear
RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT, UP, L, R, L, RPatchwork Clothes
DOWN, L, LEFT, R, UP, Y, RIGHT, XPatchwork pants
LEFT, R, L, RIGHT, Y, Y, X, XPunk Bottom
X,Y,R,L,X,Y,R,LSamurai Helmet
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Samurai Helmet and Suit 65%
To unlock the samurai helmet and suit, pause the game by pressing start. Then for the Samurai Suit, press Y, X, right, left, L, R, down, up. For the helmet, press X, Y, R, L, X, Y, R, L. The L stands for the big button on the back of the DS on the left side and R is the other button. It won't look like they did anything, but you'll find the suit and helmet in your wardrobe if you entered the codes right.
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Short clip of alligator and mecha-dog 64%
Once you have gave dr. f the 5 things needed to make mecha dog, mecha-dog runs away. Go to the zoo. When you get there , it will either show you a short clip of the alligator and mecha-dog or you have to go to the cage. The alligator bursts out of it's cage and runs away with mecha-dog.
By: wreath4
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King needs to be happy 64%
In the last part you need to find mecha-dog again so I have some possible choices for that... 1.Morning: Boat dock, Kayaks 2.Noon: Up in snow near the lake or your house 3.Evening: Trees, Dr.F's house 4.Nightime: I havent found Mecha-dog anywhere at night
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Get The piece to the mechadog 59%
Beat your old kayak time and you will get the piece
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Tim stomache ache 58%
Go get the the medicine from ellen and then give it to tim.
By: triplehfan80(200)
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Helicopter markr 58%
Go too dr.f's lab and talk too martin he will give you a helicopter marker for 5,000 dollers
then you have to get a helicopter blueprint by helping people or if you already have it
then you talk to torajiro and here is the way to his house first you go across the bridge turn left and keep walking left and torajio will be near the river then go give torajio the blueprints for the helicopter marker then you click then wrench button and find the thing that looks like the helicopter marker click on that thenhelicopter markers will show buy 2of them then place them in 2 different places then you can go from one helicopter marker too the other.

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Really Easy Cash $$$$$$ 56%
To get really easy money you need to get to star level 2, help the man with the broken compass,(take the broken compass to Dr. F and find the 3 things and take them to Dr. F to fix then go back to the man!) get on his boat and go to Hugh (not at night) then go round the area for a bit (EXPLORE!) then go back to Hugh at night and play ghost busters kill loads of ghosts. I got 36,000 in my score and got about 1500 dollars if you go back to him every niight and get highscores you could get even more money than that at night. Its a really easy game you just have to tap the ghosts. BELIEVE ME IT WORKS! Have funn! :) )
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How to find Emily's Star Prince 55%
First talk to Emily (the gondola kiosk) then tlak to every boy in the city but make sure you talk to Gino last (the chef) then presto you will see Emily's star prince.
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After you beat the game 55%
Once you beat the game, go to dr. nefario. he will ask you to get one of
every essence. get the essences then talk to him. dr.f will come and
ask you to find mecha dog. to find the dog, go to the tennis court and
then head down towards the river. go left along the river until you
come to three bushes, 1 pink and 2 yellow. then, keep heading left
until you get to a tree. mecha dog is around there. more later!
By: julia33333(73)
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How to do diffrent things 54%
Some people say that kayaking is hard to the perplexing paw but if you do that first {use 2 styleses up side down} you can do easier stuff diffrently later. Hope it works!
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How to beat kayaking 53%
Use to stylus. Use them upside down so you can get use to playing like that and to make it like actual paddles for a boat.
By: AwesumGirl01(210)
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General Info (Hints) 53%
-Not everyone gets the same outcome from doing the same thing. For example, I got the heliport plans from tennis, but some people got it from balloon game.

-Nothing In Your Inventory Can Be Used, potentially, inventory items are to be given away

-Gifts in your inventory are items that are required by a someone ( Need to be given to someone)
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Go to talk to the carpenter (in the furthest house to the left under the river) and build a house from the section with a picture of a guy in front of a house. Then put the house somewhere and wait for time to change. Then go in to the house and talk to the person inside (if there is no one inside wait for time to change again and restart from begging of sentence). The person should want something, if you bring them that something you'll be rewarded.
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Spiders 50%
U can trap spiders on cute island by caging them in picnic area and letting prince in. (careful, first build fence around picnic area and delete it when you r done) cage each spider seperatly ! HOPE IT HELPED!
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Skiing cheat that will save your breath! 49%
Ok once the game starts you know you have to blow threw the mic. but this is wat I did. once the game starts id place my thumb on my mic on my new and awesome nintendo Ds I and I didnt need to blow at all. And if you have a nintendo ds I with the camera right next to the mic, your camera lens is gonna be dirty. that's why I polist mine. XD lol * burps * sorry I drank to much coke lol.
By: AwesumGirl01(210)
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Martin's Loan 49%
In order to help Martin pay back his loan, you have to pay him like 30 to 70 thousand dollars in order for him to pay back the loan. I BET YOU IT WILL WORK.
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More Room 48%
If you buy a house like a L2 or L3 you will have more room to put your items
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Who looks like Gino the Chef? 47%
If you talk to all of the guys in the island then talk to gino last and Gino will say his brothers name .
By: AwesumGirl01(210)
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Get really easy money MONEY MONEY MONEY!!!! 46%
Go to Ellen and she will give you your vegetable set. Go out the door and then go back in. Talk to her again and she will give you another set. Keep doing this and then go to any store that you can sell stuff. Sell them all for 125 dollars each and you make an easy profit!
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Animals 45%
To see where the animals are, go to the zoo and look at the signs outside of the cages. It tells you where they are, at what time and what they like. Use their likes to encourage them to that spot
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Ways to win kayaking 45%
To win the kayaking, just follow the instructions, but move your stylus really fast! it might glitch your giy out, but that is a sign that my theory is working!
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Money money yeah yeah 44%
Unlock the ballon game and play it and never lose . I can play it and make $10,000 by winning.
By: triplehfan80(200)
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Money from gino 44%
To make some money go to gino and at some point he well buy vegetable sets.also if you save up your money you can buy new things ,but it depends on how you have so it limits your buying.just to tell i have $1,000,000.amazing isn't it.
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Easy Cheats 43%
Find The Cheats Menu Below The Game In The Game Menu. It Will Show (Y) Cheats, Just Press Y Then You Are In The Cheats Menu. (Some Games Doesn't Have It).
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Skiing with dean 42%
When you go skiing keep on blowing into the microphone really fast, so that you can get a top speed!
By: superkid212(244)
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How to Design 38%
Ok you have to buy A BUNCH of clothes from Sharon then she'll ask you if you have any idea's for another outfit then you get to do it. I had to spend 8,000 sim coins what a waste.
By: AwesumGirl01(210)
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Tennis 34%
Right then to do tennis press the a button and then press the arrow keys to aim ok! Note: this is only for ds ok so dont try this on wii ok........
By: spyro5(20)
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Money 33%
An easy way to get money is keep on playing the snowball practice game
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Not like my sims 33%
Unlike my sims. in my sims kindom elien helps you unlike helen you canlearn new things and start something inportant so always go to elien if you have nothing to do
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Helmet 32%
X,y,R,L,x,y,R,L. That is a cheat code for a Helmet.I think like armor.
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Moving 28%
The game tutorial at the beginning says you have to use the controls to move but you can acually use your stylus to move (just hold it down).
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MySims Kingdom (NDS) : 26%
The perplexing paw is Whith Tim
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Detective suit cheat code 21%
LEFT,RIGHT,LEFT,RIGHT,LEFT,RIGHT is the code for the detective suit
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Detective Outfit 18%
Pause the game and press left, right, left, right, left, right and tada you can dress up as a detective YAY!
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The Broken Compass 16%
Ok so there is a guy and he wants you to fix a compass right? well you need three things to fix it a broken compass and two other things. I forgot the names of the two others but can you please tell me where the two other things are?
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Cheats and hints 14%
Go to the goo lagoon and ave a girl named rosie meet you dere . she will tell you wat 2 do
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