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Six Flags Fun Park Cheats for NDS
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Six Flags Fun Park NDS Cheats

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Six Flags Fun Park

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

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How to open the funville 33%
You must find Dark Darby in freight fest, she is in the maze craze, just above her there is a speedweed to enter the maze craze. Find all the things that Dark Darby, Gary the ghost and Sunny needed. Darby wants music found in Hurricane Harbor and candy found in Hometown square and a pet bunny in the pet store in Hometown square. Gary the ghost wants you to wear gothic clothes found all in freight fest (trash cans, digging X and shaking the bird bath or statues) plain purple shirt and plain purple pants, black sunglasses and gothic hair, and shoe. Then Gary the ghost will open another (speeweed) path to Alex the ghost. This maze craze to Alex is very complicated. If you were given more than two speedweed READ the tombstone. It will say up down up, memorize it then follow the instructions. If you can't find your way to Alex. Go to search here on top of your computer and type how to find Alex sixflags nintendo wii and find that says You will need paper and pencil to write the steps to finding Alex.This is where I found the way to Alex. Once you met Alex he will need you to get him a pet toad. Found in the pet store for 50 coins (a frog). Take the frog to Frankenhisname the scientist in freight fest, to change him to a Toad. Take the Toad to Alex and he will give you another path (speedweed) a secret path to Funville. Hope you have a pitcher of water, and food and used the bathroom before you took this quest. It will be hours to find Funville. Have fun!
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Six Flags Fun Park 381160Where is jake pidgeons hat in hurrican harbor Answers: 6
Six Flags Fun Park 457804What Gothic clothing do I need to find and wear to get into the maze? Answers: 3
Six Flags Fun Park 475116What does Mr. Mayor want at the end of the game? Answers: 3
Six Flags Fun Park 747941Where is jake pidgeon? Answers: 2
Six Flags Fun Park 849853How do I find redcoat randy? thanks :) Answers: 0
Six Flags Fun Park 466727In what area is the game " Back in Your Grave"? Answers: 3
Six Flags Fun Park 828827Where do I find Kevin the kid? Answers: 1
Six Flags Fun Park 558668What to wear to get in the maze in six flags Answers: 1
Six Flags Fun Park 580150Where is the key to the black hole? Answers: 1
Six Flags Fun Park 623539Where is the no.5 card in fright fest Answers: 1
Six Flags Fun Park 671268I have 9999 coins and tickets. I've done all tasks, won all prizes, and had golden statue built for me. I found out about the original owner. Now what? All I can do is pick up trash, play games, and collecting coins and tickets. I know there's more, including rides and such. Does anyone know how to advance? Thanks! Answers: 1
Six Flags Fun Park 686328Where is the mini black hole in astro city?!?! Answers: 1
Six Flags Fun Park 689488How many fruit plants get planted Answers: 0
Six Flags Fun Park 727596Where's Hurricane Harbour Collectible Cards 2 and 3? Answers: 1
Six Flags Fun Park 747710Where is hurricane harbor card #1 Answers: 0
Six Flags Fun Park 786463what is coin-oculars Answers: 1
Six Flags Fun Park 837709Where do you find goth clothes Answers: 0
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Six Flags Fun Park 914122Where is conspiracy reese ? Answers: 0
Six Flags Fun Park 949718Where is conspairacy reese in six flags fun park? Answers: 0
Six Flags Fun Park 968223Where is back in the grave Answers: 0
Six Flags Fun Park 631905Where is the black hole you put the green liquid in?> Answers: 1
Six Flags Fun Park 636636Where is the mini blackhole you need to find for the janitor? Answers: 1
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