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Monster Jam: Urban Assault Cheats for PS2
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Monster Jam: Urban Assault PS2 Cheats

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Monster Jam: Urban Assault

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Cheat 50%
R1 ,L1 , R2 , L2, up (2) down , left , right
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Endo 49%
Drive forward with boost & then go straight into reverse with boost.
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4-wheel steering 44%
When using a wheel and pedals for driving and you want 4-wheel steering, the left paddle under the wheel is the 4-wheel steering control.
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Sam Boyd Stadium high score hint. 44%
If you want a high score at Sam Boyd Stadium in freestyle, then just do donuts, weelies, endos, and when you go out there at first, all you have to do is hit that yellow semi trailer and you'll get big points. I hope this can help you guys.
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Cool Glitch-Mall Madness 38%
At Mall Madness, go crazy and go very fast. When you are about at the finish line,you will see a trailer. Run up really fast and hit it. You should blast through the overhang above you.
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Unlock all monster trucks 37%
This is a cheat left right up down L1 L2 R1 R2 up down left right
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Getting a good monster truck from the beginning that will beat the not unlockable ones 37%
Go to london rails and do donuts and when your spectacle point stars reach 1 away from a spectacle point stop for a couple seconds than do more donuts until you get a spectacle point. repeat this 6 times.(when waiting a couple seconds make sure your stars don't go down or else you have 2 start that spectacle point over)(how to do a donut is hold L,left on the arrows and, x)(L gives you backward tire steering)(L is different than left on the arrow keys)
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Fast monster truck at sam boyd stadium 37%
If you are sick of having slow trucks use bulldozer that the answer
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Farting truck 36%
If you want youre truck to fart you have to frontflip 4 times then do 2 backflips then do 1 Endo.
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Assult 35%
L1 L2 R1 R2 left up down right
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Unlock everything 34%
At the menu screen press LI,L2,R1,R2,L1,R1,L2,R2,you will unlock everything
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All monster truck 32%
L1 L2 R1 R2 left up down right
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Nowen 32%
Go to London rails and do donuts until you get four stars on the spectacle stars and to get the last star stop doing donuts and than keep doing them. Repeat this six times and than finish the race. You will unlock monster mutt Dalmatian
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All trucks 31%
Simply pause the game and press up 3 right2 down up right left
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Unlocked Everything 21%
You Unlocked Everything...
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Unlock all trucks 20%
I rock
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Unlock trucks 20%
Unluck staduims
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Unlock Backwards Bob Monster Truck 18%
Backwards Bob
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Monster Jam: Urban Assault 719259How do you get iron outlaw Answers: 1
Monster Jam: Urban Assault 648752My son gets 1st place 95% of the time but rarely gets new points 2 unlock trucks, he has six trucks to unlock and the last one he unlocked was avenger. he allways get event total points but not new points. what gives? what do we need 2 concentrate on 2 get New Points? any help would b greatly appreciated from Brayden 5yrs old:) Answers: 5
Monster Jam: Urban Assault 669120How can I unlock all tracks? Answers: 2
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Monster Jam: Urban Assault 924189I saw a muddy track in the intro video so how do you make a track muddy plz help Answers: 0
Monster Jam: Urban Assault 930542How can I get the truck where you need 4500000 monster points? Answers: 0
Monster Jam: Urban Assault 492934How do you get the sam boyd srint. Answers: 3
Monster Jam: Urban Assault 453709For the ones that beat the what monster truck did you use on championship mall madness Answers: 3
Monster Jam: Urban Assault 562491How do I duke it out in multiplayer with full grid? Answers: 4
Monster Jam: Urban Assault 710232To make your truck fart do you have to do all the flips in one jump or not Answers: 2
Monster Jam: Urban Assault 568258Can you get spiked tires if so how? Answers: 2
Monster Jam: Urban Assault 604674Is there a way to unlock the truck An Escalade? Answers: 3
Monster Jam: Urban Assault 350276How do I get monster points, and are there special spots I can get to with some trucks, my friends say I can, do you? Answers: 3
Monster Jam: Urban Assault 360396How do you knock a tire off in a race? Answers: 10
Monster Jam: Urban Assault 575995How do you get mud and dirt on your truck Answers: 3
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Monster Jam: Urban Assault 824922Where do you enter the letters for a cheat code Answers: 1
Monster Jam: Urban Assault 352234Where do I enter the cheat codes? Answers: 2
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