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FIFA Soccer 09 Cheats for WII
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FIFA Soccer 09 WII Cheats

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How not to get red cards 64%
When you do a bad slide tackle with a booked player press + and go to subs
press the player who is about to be sent off and sub him.The player will then
come off and the ref will have no choice but to just give a free kick.
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Good way of making money 61%
On manager mode when you need some cash, when it is transfer seasen go on the transfer market, then go on search and put looking for players in any league and then at the bottom put in free transfer then get good overall people for a small wage and then sell for millions
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Get money on fifa 09 57%
Go to manager mode and buy a free agent from 75-100 put the salary as high as you can and as many bids as you can.If you get him make sure you dont let him play.If you do you will lose money.After the game just put him up for sale.Then you will get your money !
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How to get top players on your team on manager mode and kick off 53%
Hello this is the ultimate cheat for fifa 09 on nintendo wii
the cheat is that you can get the best players in the world on kick off mode and also on manager mode with-out spending any money at all
1.go to my fifa 09 on the main menu
2.go on to team management
3.go to transfers
4.then get all the best players in the world...i got c.ronaldo..messi..kaka..buffon..fabregas..drogba..and many more star players
5.when you have got all of the players that you want on your team press done
6.then go to starting 11..choose your starting 11 that you want
7.then go to save squads your starting 11 and your new players
this is the ultimate cheat..but to make it work on manager mode you must create a new career!
9.then load your new career..with this cheat you will never have to buy players again in the transfer window
just a shame you can not use this cheat on online mode
By: heath jnr(51)
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Youth Players 53%
I signed a youth player and his overall rating rose by 50 he was 48 but now is 98. I signed him the  day before the season started. I have score 40 goal and got 20 assist and that is how his rating goes up
just keep play him week in week out  score goals with him and he should get better every match
By: Robo2k9(120)
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Manager mode 52%
In manager mode , when it's a transfers season so to search and tipe in the first thing any and in the last thing free agent .

you might see some good players like me .. I saw Deco and Yaya Toure. good luck!
By: atat96(640)
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Hint to score 42%
When your at the box move up untill you get to the little semi circle and shoot from there. you
sould always score from there or eles you wont win!
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Team pro after 5 season 42%
lcb:serigo ramos(97)
cb:john terry(98)
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Golie pass 35%
Every time you pass it to a goalie then shoot then you will notice that the other team are not running to get you. So you get to take a  shot
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Shooting 34%
Shoot from the centre to the goal (you must aim good)and goalkeeper let's the ball go in the goal (for both all-play and advanced mode)
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Perfect goal! 29%
Choose the camera "Player" from menu in the game (button +), go to the game settings,next go to the display options, then go to the camera and put it the "Player" camera(NOTE:choose the camera "Player" you will be one player to play)
Next, from the goalkeeper, target with the wii remote (Advanced Control) to the other goalkeeper and press the button A
Thats the way! But you must be well marked!
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Glitch 29%
Shoot from halfway line and keeper flooks it and lets it go in
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10 goalies 28%
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Manchester united after 7 seasons 15%
Gk:serigo asenjo(99)
rcb:serigo ramos(100)
lcb:john terry(104)
if you play amnchester united , you are a champions
don't copy
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My best tip is when pick team, choose Classic eleven - they real good, and pick enemy team as useless like team in league two or somethings. You must being five stars, and they must be one stars or lesser. Then you cannot lose because they so bad.
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Fifa 13%
On fifa go to your goalie and run in the goal it will give you a point insted
BY ramsay.o
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FIFA Soccer 09 898309Can you switch players on this game. Like if I want to get rid of cech and bring in casillas. Just like on Fifa 10 on DS. Answers: 1
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