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MySims Kingdom Cheats for WII
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MySims Kingdom WII Cheats

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MySims Kingdom

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

Rare flowers 88%
1) Orchid At Reenee's nature preserve, behind the trees by Ms. prissykins tower.
2) Pitchers: I do not know the name At cowboy junction, on a cliff at the edge of Gino's restaurant.
3) Christal Flower By the trees by Tobors place on the edge
4) Blue Rose Cutopia, It's right by the fountain near the bunny pen
5) Mandrake Root Spookane, inside the gate to the castle to the right
6) I forget name Candypaluza, behind the DJ booth to the left
7) Bird of Paradise Forest of the Elves, camouflaged behind the pond
8) Venus Fly Trap Uncharted Island, Behind the gate where Babooboo was trapped to the left
9) Black Dhala Trevors island, On top of the big pillar by the haunted castle to the left.
10) Black Tulip In a patch of regular roses by a fountain
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Your own diner! 83%
First: Trap T.O.B.O.R outside (he goes in back of his diner every morning.)
Then: Go inside of the diner and decorate it how you want it.
Last: Every time Dr F, Vic and alexa go the diner you can make food for them!
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How you find the Mandrake Root 76%
In Spookane, the gate that you open at Morcubus' castle can lead you to the Mandrake root. There is a door but you can not open it so do not worry about that.

Go in to the right. You can't see anything but you can still move. keep on moving on the right. You'll see something saying inspect so you have to inspect, than theres you Mandrake Root.

There is also a treusure chest on the opposite way of the Mandrake Root, (the left side of the castle.)
By: chocolover(35)
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How to trap king Roland and Barney FOREVER!!! 76%
King Roland likes to stay in his castle but wate till night make a bed in one of the small rooms then make one for you sleep till night then construct a jail cel door on the door of the room and paint the walls light gray. Put a reguler bed in the room paint it ash gray and paint the pillow gray. And finally laugh at them like this: MWWOOOAAAHHHAHAHAHA! Then trap Barney he stays in his house all day. Erase the door wal he's in and get rid of all the windows and now you trapped Barney in his house or now his cube!
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Outfits 75%
Pause the game and press Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, and Right and you will unlock a Detective outfit
Pause the game and press C, Z, C, Z, B, A, B, A and you will unlock a Tattoo Vest outfit.
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Armor pieces 75%
You get the breastplate of resistance on capital island by treasure finding (digging), the girdle of ogre strength at spookane by treasure finding, there gauntlet of D at trevor island by TF, the gauntlet of R at cutopia by TF again, the helmet of brilliance at uncharted isle by fishing, the S boot at the forest of the elves by fishing back were that robot is, the R boot at rocket reef by fishing, and last the shield is at renees NP by fishing
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Swordsman outfit 73%
Press minus then press Down up Down up Down up Down up
By: jericho456(57)
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How to make your very own consort! 73%
First you need to be done with every island.
Second go to the royal Academy then go to the dance area and use your cubes and select cubes use the long plank.
Third in the same category of blocks use the long stick on the back of the stage.
Forth place 3 dance floors on the stage and a solar panel next to it.
Fifth place speakers on both sides of the stage.
Sixth add chairs in front and stairs.
Seventh paint your stage black and enjoy dancing on your stage!
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Save Your Mana! 71%
If some sims get greedy, and want lots of stuff that does not make their home look good, and is like a waste of mana, here is a cheat!

Example: If some sim wants 3 nature items that you don't want, this in it's house, this is what to do. Put them in any random area and wait until a present appears on their head. Talk to them and receive your award. Then take out your wand and remove them. The sim does not notice.
This cheat is what I use all the time to get your mana back, and make a sims house just the way YOU want it!
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Trap Princess Butter FOR ALL ETERINTY! 71%
First sleep until night.
Butter will also go to sleep.
Go into her room. Build fence around her.
Build a fence around the door to.
(If you dont like King Roland either, do this)
Go outside.
Go into construction mode.
Remove the door.
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Trap Violet 71%
When you are at Violet's gate, sleep until night and then Violet will go to her hideout. Leave her hideout and then remove a gear. The gate will close on her and then she cannot escape.

Tip: This cheat is even funnier if you trap Lindsay and Buddy too in Violet's hideout but they will escape if you leave Cutopia.
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Jetpack Trevor Figurine 67%
On trevor island pick four weeds one after the other
By: kwikwi1234(318)
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How to get RARE flower and robot fish and loads more. 66%
In rocket reef you may need some robot fish. Answer to your problem is right here my friend. when you build t.o.b.e.r the bridge. cross over. behind the tree in the far right corner ( if its still there ^^ you might have choppped it) there will be a crystal flower. and to get robot fish there will be 4 dandylion thingys around that area. just pluck them one after the other. first two contaning bananas the third simelons. PLEASE TELL ME IF IT WORKED. TARRR ! ']
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Another floor for your house in your island 66%
Go to room in top right when you walk in. put 2 pillars in any of the corners in there. go to the other room right across from there and make a stair well with a bridge part in the corner on the left. after that, get the metal platform from Dr. F island and make floor starting from on top of the pillar from the other room. Getting the stair case alligneed with the new florr is kind of difficult if you want Lindsay and Buddy to come up there too. to check if they can come up there, just walk up the staircase without jumping. If you can make it up there without jumping, the other guys can as well. To add furniture, get watever you need (a bed for example) and point the furniture and drag it up the stairwell so that the bed is ''riding up'' the stair well. There you go... enjoy your new floor.
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Trap Princess Butter forever! 65%
Think that princess Butter is too spoiled? Well, trap her for a while in a cage.

Step 1: Unlock the gothic fence pieces at Spookane. (Cage looks better with them)

Step 2: Take out your wand and then build a high cage around Butter inside the castle. Make sure there is more than one storey.

Step 3: Laugh as you see Butter trapped in the cage trying to escape.
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Buddy Figurine 65%
Find it inside a clam to the west of the boat docks in Cutopia
By: kwikwi1234(318)
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Rare flower at Coyboy Junction 65%
If you go up by the Pizza Guys camp, there's a ledge. (It ended up being a glitch for me the second time I went to CBJ since the pizza guy got stuck up there, but whatever) On the right side on the ledge, there's a flower. Inspect it and you've got the rare flower for cowboy junction. (You can get there by using the Building Blocks from the BB Scroll. Just stack 2 of the large rectangles, then two large boxes in front of it(towards you), then one large box in front of that and climb up. Once you get to the top of it, just jump onto the ledge.
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Delete people from the game 65%
Do all jobs for the people like the king and butter and elmira. When they go in thier house, go inside with them and delete everything in it first, (to get more mana) then go back outside and delete the house there you go, they are momnentarily gone from the game. if you want them back, just make a little base block with a door on it and they are now back.
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Angry, Happy, Sad... 65%
You get Happy by walking up to a sim and clicking over "nice". They will either laugh together or your sim will put his/her arm around the other sim to chear him/her up.

You get sad by clicking "mean". The other sim will more than likely cry. you get about 5 Sad each time you are mean.

You get Angry by going to the island with the pizza tour. It is called cowboy junction. go to a fire place (not a fire pit) and you have 2 options. "Pizza" and I forgett the other one. click the other one and you get angry points.

Please give this a good rating. I just started this game.
By: katluverz101(896)
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Did you know? 65%
On the wandolier training grounds, on the tower at the very top, there is a chest of mana. including the 20 mana you have, there'll be 70 mana in your wand!
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Trap Someone in their room for a while. 64%
Trap any sim that you dislike inside their room.

Example: I dislike Daniel that creepy lord in Cutopia so I will trap him in his room for a while.
*Please note: This cheat is only temporary but still fun to do.

Step 1: Unlock any fence pieces and agree to use up part of your mana.

Step 2: Wait until it is the night time and then wait for your sim to go to his/her room.

Step 3: Pull out your wand and take out a fence piece and place it in front of the door to the sim's room. Then, put a fence piece on top of the other fence piece. You have your cage.

Funny to do: Remove all of the sim's item's in his/her room and paint the walls and floors black or gray. It looks totally like a dungeon.

If the sim escapes, remember, he still can't get INTO his/her room...

If you want the sim to be locked up very good, add another layer of fence pieces.

Tip: To add some more dungeon look to your dungeon, paint the fence pieces black or gray.
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How to have your own house on any island 64%
If there is a house you like and dont want anyone to go in there but you just put 3 gates up around the entrance in side the house & outside the house.You can decorate the house any way you want to and this works on any island any where.Hope it helped.

peace out from guest#1 =)
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Angry, Happy, Sad... 64%
You get Happy by walking up to a sim and clicking over "nice". They will either laugh together or your sim will put his/her arm around the other sim to chear him/her up.

You get sad by clicking "mean". The other sim will more than likely cry. you get about 5 Sad each time you are mean.

You get Angry by going to the island with the pizza tour. It is called cowboy junction. go to a fire place (not a fire pit) and you have 2 options. "Pizza" and I forgett the other one. click the other one and you get angry points.

Please give this a good rating. I just started this game.
By: katluverz101(896)
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Electricity/gears/water anywhere! 63%
If you have items that need electricity/water/gears, but cant seem to hook up your wires/pipes/gears, follow these instructions
1 complete Forest of the elves and get the solar panel

2 if you need electricity just put the solar panel directly beside the item

3 if you need gears put an electric motor directly in between the item and solar panel
however it fits

4 if water is needed than put the water pump directly next to the item, the electric motor directly next to the water pump, and the solor panel directly next to the electric motor

good luck wandoliers
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Rare orchid flower 63%
Go to Renee`s nature preserve and by Gino`s house there is a ledge jump on top off the pizza stove and walla! you have got the flower by the way this is very rare :D
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Super Jumping 60%
First go to Capital Island and go to the place where the princess stole the gears and go to the Waterfall. Then run against it and press Z+Z+Z+Z and you should get to the top. There will be a badger-like animal going underground and hiding from you. There is also a chest with manas, and other stuff. Hope you enjoyed dis! :P
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Locked outfits 60%
Pause menu then press left right left right left right to unock another outfit pause game and while paused press down up down up down up down up
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Weed be happy to help 58%
Pull up those pesky plants
see those dandelion like plants on the ground? tou probably know that you can pull them up to get items. but you probably dont know is that if you pull up weeds one after the other. tou get rarer and rarer esssensees and items. COOL
By: kwikwi1234(318)
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Adventure vest 58%
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How to unlock your own island ! 57%
Get full king points and finish all places

you have unlimited mana on this island and can put down fish,ledgendary flowers, figures and much more!

you also unlock party material for every single island
By: Conn(124)
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How to go over the gate of bones in unstable isle or sumething like that 56%
1.your climb to the very to of the boxes on the left

2.your jump over

3. To get back you climb the trees on the opposite side as where I came in and keep jumping.

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On capital island,if you dont plan on going past the gate, take one of the gears away and the gate will close and the 2 weird people who claim to be your friends will be trapped.please note,they will still be with you on other islands. you can also do this on other places with gates.(Cutopia,Uncharted isle,Spookane)If on any other island, go to a place where you can build a fence *HEY* be careful when placing fence because if buddy or whatz-her-name is to close theyll dissappear.and depending on where you put the fence, they can still appear in buildings when you go inside. and when on your island, build a fence or a ledge that you can jump over around the front of your house and I can tell you now that they wont get in your house. take it from me cuz ive been trying to trap them since the beginning. p.s. it doesnt matter on candypalooza because the island is to small and the chance of trapping someone else is high. (Unless youre desperate)
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DJ Candy, Ace Attorney Figurine 53%
Give a speech at the royal academy podium
By: kwikwi1234(318)
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This is how I found tuffy the cows statue...
1.-Go to renee's wild life preserve
2.-Then you go to the bridges that you built to get the bears together
3.-Go to were the bears are, and go to the bank of water below the bridge
4.-dig for metal using the metal detector barney gave you in beginning
5.-the statue should be in the water toward the shore

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Date Cheat! 52%
I really like Violet but I hate Daniel. If you don't want them to go out on dates like me, here is a cheat.

Every morning Daniel goes outside to prepare for his daily date with Violet. When he is out, take out some fence pieces and build a cage around him. Don't go to close or he will move spots. Now Daniel can't go to the picnic place. To trap Violet, sleep until the night in a bed and Violet will go into her hideout for the night. Take apart the gears and the gate will close. Violet can't get out. She can only get out if Daniel goes to the picnic place. If you trap Daniel first, they can't be together! If both of them get out and start their date, sleep until it's night and they will leave. Then, put fences around the area and they can go out on a date!
I do this all the time to separate their love :)
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How to trap Buddy! 50%
If you're sick of Buddy, and you are in Cutopia, here is a way of getting rid of him! Go to the gate leading into Violet's Abode, lead him and Lyndsay into there. Then, use fencing to make a fence across the entrance to the gate and jump over it. To get Lyndsay out of there just put an objet on top of where she is standing and she should appear outside of the fence. After following these instructions, you should have successfully trapped Buddy (this isn't permanant)!
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Octopus essense 50%
Get octopus essence by using sink
By: kwikwi1234(318)
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How to date Lord Daniel 50%
Any girls out there who are My sims Fans? to date lord daniel,
1.) Sleep until night so that Violet goes to her hideout.
2.) Close the gate so she cant escape
3.) Sleep until day.
Like it?
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My Sims Kingdom Cheats :D 49%
Firts go to the pause menu then press left right repeadtly then press down up the first cheat will unlock dective costume the second cheat will unlock smauri outfit oh yeah and near the boat at the first crater there's a chest with night vision goggles in it :D
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How to get "Robo Fish" 49%
Go to the robot isand place and head over to where T.O.B.E.R. was stuck without a bridge. Make a bridge, and cross it. On the other side, you will find those puffy flower things that you can pull out. Pull them all out. They will make musical notes going up. You will get items on every flower. On the last one, you will recive 3-4 Robo Fish!
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How to date lyndsay 48%
1.) trap buddy.
2.)add picnic basket
3.) sit on picnic basket
4.) Lyndsay sits.
and step $.) have fun!
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Eavator glitch 46%
Once you unlock a home you put a book shelf next to any corner and look to the sode then walk through the crack in the book shelf and done your floating in mid air with a bunch of new furniture and back pack items
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Walk on walls and TAKE OVER SOMEONES ROOM or HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 45%
Walk on Walls and Take Over Someone's Room:
Step 1: Go in a house.
Step 2: Make Something Block The Way to the enterance of the room.
Step 3: Touching the wall of the outside of the room, Make 3 stacks of bunny Stuffed animals, make the first stack 3 bunnys tall, 2nd stack touching the first stack 2 bunnys tall and the last stack touching the 2nd stack 1 bunny tall.
Step 4: Don't Put away your wand, and jump up them like they are stairs and you can jump on the wall, Go inside the room by walking off the wall into the room.
Step 5: make another stack of bunnys on the inside of the room touching the wall so you can exit the room, no other sim can get in or out of the room and you have tooken over their room. The reason this works is because your the only sim that can jump.

Take over someone's House
Only Step: You know how when you try to put something in front of a door theres this box that comes in front of the door that tells you that you can't put something in that box? Well, make Fences around that box on the inside of a house. If there is a sim that comes in, they'll be traped by the fences unless they go back outside, if there is a sim inside the house, not inside the fences, Put an Item where there standing and they'll suddenly poof right by the door, inside of the fences.
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Wierd Night vision Gogles 44%
At the crater there is a chest open it then change your look(Also how I wear the gogles)try to wear it then there is no efects(
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Hipnotize buddy 42%
1. beat game get hipno-disk

2. wait for buddy

3. build walls

4. laugh
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AMAZING tip: 42%
Lyndsay uses her magic bag to escape. Its amazing. she actually uses it, when trapped, to teleport! =D
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Tatto code 41%
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Trap Everybody on Capital Island! 41%
There are 2 ways you can do this:
1: In the beginning of the game, Princess Butter puts down the gate because she's a snot.
Later, come back and go into construction mode. Remmember to go on the side of the gate where you cant be trapped. First, turn the view so you can see the gears. Then take one out. The gate will close.

2: Make a fence around the entrance.

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Spiders 40%
U can trap spiders on cute island by caging them in picnic area and letting prince in. (careful, first build fence around picnic area and delete it when you r done) cage each spider seperatly ! HOPE IT HELPED!
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Mind your mana 39%
Talk to lyndsay to exchange essenses for magic points-useful when your building a huge casa and you suddenly run out. octopusses are the most valuable-they can be transmuted to 10 mana each
By: kwikwi1234(318)
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Easy Mana 38%
Go to lots of islands. when you are done on them go around with your wand pulled out and sell every thing by picking it up with "A" and selling it with "B". For example you can sell the kings castle and peoples homes. you get lots of money for that.

Please give this a good rating
By: katluverz101(896)
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Little boxes 37%
Tip! if you find little boxes while you are exploring other islands in the little boxes you will sometimes find scrolls or essences to help you complete tasks.

by: ben barber
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How to claim a house 35%
Trap some one in a small gate then take their house it then becomes yours
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Unlockable clothing 34%
Go to pause menu. then press c,z,c,z,c,z,c,z,c,z to unlock clothing
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Easy Mana 34%
Go to lots of islands. when you are done on them go around with your wand pulled out and sell every thing by picking it up with "A" and selling it with "B". For example you can sell the kings castle and peoples homes. you get lots of money for that.

Please give this a good rating
By: katluverz101(896)
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Cheat Talk with Jerbear! This cheat, Mana 33%
Hey guys! This cheat is basically about mana and how to save it and gain more!
At first, a Sim will have a ! mark on top of his or her head. That is the sign a Sim wants your attention and do a task. You talk to him or her and do what the task is. Now to the Mana part. You build what the Sim wants you to build, for example, a new house for the Sim or some stairs. Then a present will appear on top of his or her head. You talk to the Sim. That tells you the task is over. Once it's over, you can erase what ever you built for the Sim. The Sim will never notice. Now, if you want to gain more Mana, transmute with Lyndsay. The more rare essenses, the more Mana you gain. But becareful of what you transmute because if you transmute too much, you can delete the essenses you need for a scroll. I hope this works for all My Sims Kingdom Wii players. Happy New Year!

If you have any questions or want cheats for My Sims Kingdom Wii, just ask on my profile, manny bubby (From Diary of a Wimpy Kid), and I will answer as soon as possible.

January 1, 2012
By: manny bubby(9)
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Don't let Buddy and Lyndsey join in the fun 33%
Go in your house once you have unlocked your island. Make your house then enter it. Put a sofa down by the entrance let them sit down and get back up. (you need to know where they stand) Once they sit back down again get some fencing and put it around the entrance (make sure it goes all the way along and you may need to put one in front or behind) Pick up the sofa once they are off it and problem solved, they can't enjoy your fun. BTW if you want to exit your house just jump over the fence and exit the door.
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Hint 32%
When you finish tne game you will get a island for u
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Jump 28%
Press "Z" to jump over small things.
By: katluverz101(896)
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All islands 27%
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Tip: 27%
You can finish the game in 4-5 hours. I've finished with 4.
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How to beat mysims kingdom fast easy. 26%
Once you help the sim's that need your help scrolls you earn king points fast and once you reach level 5 you get your own island. then king roland asked everyone{you met}to have a crazy dance party. I completed the game but didnt beat two places{spookade and desserted isle} and didnt get all the treasure but I beated the game in two weeks!
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Jump 26%
Press "Z" to jump over small things.
By: katluverz101(896)
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Just do it it works 24%
To make 999 topaz in one shot you do this (b) (b) (a) (b) up left (b) and tadaaaaaaaaaaa you have a lots of tapaze's
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Talk with Jerbear! Comment: 18%
(Read Talk with Jerbear! first.) also, after the sim has the present on top of their head and before you talk, you can remove it. if you don't like this you did it wrong. I don't know how you CAN get this wrong. Good luck! E(-:
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Cheat money 17%
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The true green machine,talk with brie johnson 17%
Did you know on mysims kingdom the king sleeps in a room full of pink!
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Weird Person 13%
On Fairy Island after you beat the game is this nerdy guy who is running around peeing his pants and barfing. The barf is like White.

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MySims Kingdom 413326Where do you find the angler fish and the kailium or however you spell it...(sorry I know that's wrong) Answers: 8
MySims Kingdom 378756Where do you find the tires for the Old West Scroll and Roxie's Domestic stuff? Answers: 9
MySims Kingdom 445247List all armor Answers: 3
MySims Kingdom 386984In elf island how do you make the power work on the guitar? Answers: 8
MySims Kingdom 422363Where do you find the magical box Answers: 1
MySims Kingdom 356145In the place with the elves wat do you do with the robot? Answers: 5
MySims Kingdom 366948Where do you find platinum for the dorms in the acadamy? Answers: 4
MySims Kingdom 375114Where do you find the key for Renee? Answers: 10
MySims Kingdom 393515What is tf Answers: 3
MySims Kingdom 397439Can't get the temple on forrest of the elves help Answers: 2
MySims Kingdom 447105Once you have finnished he game and you're going round the islands again, on cowboy junction when you are doing a favour for the chef he asks you to put 100 things down but it only lets me pet down 59. HELP! Answers: 6
MySims Kingdom 475312Where can you find pears? Answers: 2
MySims Kingdom 531713How do you get eletrical wires on my sims kingdom Answers: 4
MySims Kingdom 605509Where are the gold arowana in my sims kingdom Answers: 5
MySims Kingdom 714000On Rocket Reef I have put the billboards up for T.O.B.O.R but he is stuck in the forest area next to his restaurant so I cannot complete the task.  Is there any way to free him, he just stands with the "can't move" symbol above his head. Thanks for any help. Answers: 5
MySims Kingdom 373009Where do uget the coil Answers: 6
MySims Kingdom 381084I have my sims kingdom for the wii and I love it but I dont get how you connect the boomboxes to the genorator in candypalooz on that hill. ive made candy a house fyi. Answers: 10
MySims Kingdom 379410How to get metal detector Answers: 7
MySims Kingdom 380015I can't figure out how to unlock the gate in the uncharted isle. anyone know how to? Answers: 7
MySims Kingdom 381206How do I coral the bunnies on trevor island Answers: 7
MySims Kingdom 383707I have played several times now trying to get everything and always seem to come up 4 fish short. I THINK I have fished at all the places. Anyone have any ideas. THANKS! Answers: 10
MySims Kingdom 386193Do You Get Rewards For Findin Armour And Figurines And Fishys? Answers: 4
MySims Kingdom 386544Where do you get the dark pearl from, to give to Violet. Answers: 9
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