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Six Flags Fun Park Cheats for WII
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Six Flags Fun Park

Rating: 3.7/5 VOTE

How to open the funville 88%
You must find Dark Darby in freight fest, she is in the maze craze, just above her there is a speedweed to enter the maze craze. Find all the things that Dark Darby, Gary the ghost and Sunny needed. Darby wants music found in Hurricane Harbor and candy found in Hometown square and a pet bunny in the pet store in Hometown square. Gary the ghost wants you to wear gothic clothes found all in freight fest (trash cans, digging X and shaking the bird bath or statues) plain purple shirt and plain purple pants, black sunglasses and gothic hair, and shoe. Then Gary the ghost will open another (speeweed) path to Alex the ghost. This maze craze to Alex is very complicated. If you were given more than two speedweed READ the tombstone. It will say up down up, memorize it then follow the instructions. If you can't find your way to Alex. Go to search here on top of your computer and type how to find Alex sixflags nintendo wii and find that says You will need paper and pencil to write the steps to finding Alex.This is where I found the way to Alex. Once you met Alex he will need you to get him a pet toad. Found in the pet store for 50 coins (a frog). Take the frog to Frankenhisname the scientist in freight fest, to change him to a Toad. Take the Toad to Alex and he will give you another path (speedweed) a secret path to Funville. Hope you have a pitcher of water, and food and used the bathroom before you took this quest. It will be hours to find Funville. Have fun!
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Fright fest cards 85%
Fright fest cards
1) from Frankshisname for finding the Mini Black Hole
2) help to find castaway carl (from Dark Debby)
3) from Alexander the Great for planting in the speedweeds
4) from Dark Debby
5) from Goth gary for finding Alexander
6) Digging across from the Skull Sliders
7) Shack the statue behind Back in Your Grave!
8) Digging spot in fence nect to the Eyescream ice cream place
9) Shack the statue across from Skull Sliders
10) Digging spot near the labratory
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Way through the speed weeds to alexander the ghost 70%
1. into the first speedweed. EASY
2. into the second speedweed. EASY
3. go into the speedweed to the top left.
4. go into the bottom right speedweed
5. go into the top speedweed.
6. go into the bottom speedweed
7. then go back into the same speedweed you came out of.
8. go into the top speedweed.
9. go into the left bottom speedweed.
10. into the top speedweed
11. then go back into the same one you came out of and then you are at alexander the ghost
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Easy 3-Point Prizes To Trade In! 62%
When you get into Funville, fix the Bottle Bash first. Once it's operational it's a super-easy way to get 3-point prizes to trade in at the Witch's Cauldron, Funville Super Prize Booth, and Black Hole.

Bottle Bash has no time limit, just a certain number of throws. Each time you knock down a pile of bottles, you get 100 points. 1000 points will get you the stuffed dog, which is worth 3-points to trade in. When the game begins, highlight the stack of bottles on the left. ONLY WATCH THE BOTTLES ON THE LEFT. When the barriers are away, throw the ball. (You can throw without hitting "A", even though the game instructions tell you to.) 10 throws, 1000 points, and the dog is yours. Whatever throws you have left can be wasted.

If you want to speed things up a little, switch between the right and left bottle stacks. Do NOT try to play the middle stack of bottles.
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Swing King Strong Man 58%
On this game it tells you to only shake the wii remote but if you shake the nunchuck too the meter goes up even faster. It is so much easier!
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I know how to get the shovel 48%
You need to see Parkside Pete and he has you plant some seeds and eventually after follwoing all of his missions, he gives you the shovel. Parkside Pete is in Hometown Square. Go to the map page and follow the directions in missions.
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Extra Coins, Tickets and Clothing 40%
To get extra coins, tickets, clothing, and others just press on the trash cans and wells. You may not always get a prize and may come out with a piece of trash. Also you can pick up the trash on the street or pull up weeds to get extra things
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Six Flags Fun Park 681415In what order do you put the 4 things in astro city its the things that you have to look for to put them in order Answers: 5
Six Flags Fun Park 834584Planting Pete keep asking me to pick weeds,does it ever stop? Answers: 3
Six Flags Fun Park 931684Where is Hurricane Harbor card #9? How do I get it, it's my last card. Answers: 1
Six Flags Fun Park 685937How do I get the bunny of the night to dark debby Answers: 4
Six Flags Fun Park 799411How do I do good on the waterguns game Answers: 1
Six Flags Fun Park 980826What Does Alice The Astrologic Mean When She Says , " there a big fish somewhere...? " Please Help .! Answers: 1
Six Flags Fun Park 694586Who is a secretive girl character that photo phyllis asks for Answers: 1
Six Flags Fun Park 706313In Six Flags Fun Park for Wii, how is it exactly you beat that skull slider game? I've been trying for two days now and all it does is slide the skulls really slow. One time my brother accidentally sent to skull flying but he doesn't know how he did it. Please someone tell us how to actually play that part of the game correctly! Answers: 3
Six Flags Fun Park 728647Where is the shovel at me and my son have looked forever Answers: 8
Six Flags Fun Park 747125How do I get evil gramps the red poisonous mega fish that he wants? Answers: 2
Six Flags Fun Park 750113How do you get thought the speed weeds? Answers: 3
Six Flags Fun Park 806646How to get to Norbert the Nerd? Answers: 1
Six Flags Fun Park 809998Where is herman at? Answers: 3
Six Flags Fun Park 813473Where is planting pete Answers: 1
Six Flags Fun Park 836977Where can I find funville card 8? Answers: 1
Six Flags Fun Park 889039Marty the modern pirate isn't behind croc's kitchen in hurricane harbor anymore! I have no clue where he is! where is he! Answers: 3
Six Flags Fun Park 889070Locked funville how do I get in Answers: 1
Six Flags Fun Park 905875How many trees do you have to plant for Planting Pete? Im at 92. Answers: 2
Six Flags Fun Park 911177Where are Harbor's Card #s 1 & 8 located? Answers: 1
Six Flags Fun Park 913294Where is Mr.Mayor/ his house or whatever I looked every where and cant find him. Answers: 3
Six Flags Fun Park 919456Where is kevin the kid? Answers: 2
Six Flags Fun Park 921088Who is the former superhero photogenic phyllis asks for? Answers: 3
Six Flags Fun Park 951096How do I figure out the martian mysteries Answers: 1
Six Flags Fun Park 965978Where are the 7th and 9th collectible cards in fright fest? Answers: 0
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