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Fallout 3 Cheats for XBOX 360
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Fallout 3 XBOX 360 Cheats

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Fallout 3

Rating: 4.7/5 VOTE

Getting Free Items 100%
Description: How to get free items from people in Megaton

How to: If you live or often visit Megaton, you MUST gain a Very Good Karma. Walking around or even stepping outside your house will sometimes have a settler come up and give you free stuff like food or medical supplies. If you don't want good karma or it might take a while to get it that high, then this will not work out that good.
By: DaveyNorton1(150)
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Unique Weapons 98%
The Vengeance: In the Deathclaw Sanctuary (northwest corner of the world map), follow the caves down and be prepared for many a Deathclaw encounter. In the southeastern corner of the caves is a pool of blood under a column of rock. In this pool there is a heap of gore with the Vengeance, an overpowered Laser Gatling Gun.

Waser Wifle: After getting access to Little Lamplight, you will find a child named "Biwwy" who will sell you the Waser Wifle, an augmented Laser Rifle, for 500 caps. If you have the Child at Heart Perk, you can get it for free (choose "You said you didnít need it, why not just give it to me for free?").

Abe Lincolnís Repeater Rifle: Enter the Museum of Natural History and go to the lower levels. In the Museum Offices, there is a central room with a gun case. Lincolnís Repeater Rifle is here, a strong Hunting Rifle that uses .44 rounds.

The Kneecapper: In Girdershade, in the southwest corner of the world map, the town letch, Ronald, has a Sawed-Off Shotgun named the Kneecapper. Youíll have to kill him to get it, passively (via a pissed off radscorpion) or actively (a shot to the head).

Terrible Shotgun: In Evergreen Mills, in the southwest corner of the world map, you will find a heavily protected raider hideout, including a Super Mutant Behemoth. Inside the center building is a series of caves where the raiders have set up a brothel and a bar. One of these raiders wonít attack you, and his name is Smiling Jack. Heís a trader, but you should trade him a bullet to the head for his Terrible Shotgun, a better Combat Shotgun.

The Firelance: One random event while exploring the capitol wastes is an inexplicable explosion. Head to this area to find the Firelance, a souped-up Alien Blaster and some scattered ammo (which glows and is easier to find at night).

Jack the Ripper: This upgraded Ripper can be found at the lower-middle of the S-shaped map of the Deathclaw Sanctuary. Itís on a dead Enclave Officer in a pile of bodies, next to a giant ant.

Sydney's 10mm "Ultra" SMG:Inside or just the outside Museum of History in Downtown DC you will find a Super Mutant-fighting Ghoul named Sydney. She asks for help defending the area from Super Mutants. You can help her and if she dies, take her "Ultra" SMG -- or just kill her and steal it.

A3-21's Plasma Rifle: In the "Replicated Man" sidequest, do not to turn Harkness in to Dr. Zimmer. Instead speak with Harkness and chose to unlock his repressed memories. Once you do this, speak with him again and tell him that he should not kill Dr. Zimmer, but instead tell him to run away. He will thank you and give you his old (albeit more-powerful) Plasma Rifle! You may be able to kill him for it too.

Smugglers End: Once you gain access to the Brotherhood Citadel you can take, search or lockpick anything that you want. When you are in the Solar room you can lockpick the Elder Lyons safe (if your lockpick skill is high enough) and find 300 caps, other misc. items and Smugglers End, a powerful laser pistol.

O1' Painless rifle: In the Republic of Dave, in the northeast corner of the world map, kill Dave to get his key and access to his safe. Inside is the Ol' Painless Rifle.

Xuanlong Assault Rifle: This powerful Chinese Assault Rifle is located on the body of Jiggs in the diner ner the Jury Street Metro Station. This location can be discovered via the Museum of Technology mini quest, Jiggs' Loot.

Reservist's Rifle: This is dropped by the Drifter in Dickerson Tabernacle Chapel (upper west of world map). It is an augmented sniper rifle.

Victory Rifle: This augmented Sniper Rifle is in a Very Hard locker in the Sniper Shack to the west of Rockbreaker's Last Gas (Middle west of worldmap).

Protectron's Gaze: The Mechanist has this augmented laser pistol. Get it by giving him the Antagonizer's costume. *** this results in negative Karma.

Miss Launcher: This powerful missile launcher also is 5 WG less in weight than its normal counterpart. Find it in the storage room in the lower level of Fort Independence.

Zhu-Rong v418 Chinese Pistol: Found in the east wing of L.O.B. Enterprises in a Very Hard Locked case on a desk upstairs, the Zhu-Rong is a pistol that will ignite flammable substances.

Blackhawk: The augmented Scoped .44 Magnum can be obtained from Agatha after completing both Agatha's song and an additional Sheet Music fetch quest (in the Springvale school). You must request a reward from here in the dialog tree for this.

The Burnmaster: In the very bottom of Falls Church/Mason St. Metro you will find a radiated ghoul camp; here you will find the Burnmaster, an improved Flamer.

Stabhappy: Stabhappy is an upgraded Combat Knife in the "Raid Shack", a house of Raiders. Just head directly East from the Bethesda Ruins and you will see a fenced in house called the Raid Shack. Kill the Raiders inside and one of them carries Stabhappy!

Fisto!: In the MDPL-13 power station, enter the door on the right. You will be in an office and on the table in the center of the room is Fisto! the upgrade to the Power Glove. Beware of Ghouls.
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Unique Weapons Part II 98%
Fawkes Super Sledge: When you 1st meet Fawkes after freeing him from the locked door, chat to him and trade equipment with him. He will already have an item called the Fawkes Super Sledge in his inventory which you can take from him.

The Break: The Break is a unique pool cue which can be found laying on top of the pool table outside of "Eulogy's Crib" in the middle of Paradise Falls.

Board Of Education: The Board Of Education is a unique nail board located in one of the abandoned shacks in the "Clifftop Shacks" area just outside of the Oasis. It is laying next to a skeleton lying on one of the beds.

Junders' Valid Points: Junders' Valid Points are a set of unique spiked knuckles. They can be obtained from the body of Junders Plunkett after you kill him. his hideout is located inside Arlington Cemetery and is on the top of a hill. (*** if you have enough good karma and have the note stating he is a wanted man, his dead body will also contain his finger which can be redeemed for a nice 1000 cap reward. If you do not have the note is can be found on the body of a dead Regulator on the steps of the nearby metro station).

Butch's Toothpick : Slightly more powerful switchblade, can be gotten from Butch after the Trouble at the Home Front quest. Kill him or ask him to follow you.

Vampire's Edge : This sword is locked in a hard locked cabinet named "sword cabinet" in Vance's room upstairs in Meresti Station.

The Shocker: Found in the flooded metro, the Shocker is a more powerful power fist(24 damage if 100% repaired).

Occam's Razor: Occam's Razor is an augmented combat knife found on the CO in the very bottom of Ft. Bannister.

Eugene: Eugene is an improved Minigun which can be given to you by your choice after completing the side quest Reilly's Rangers. Reilly rewards you for helping them you have a choice between Eugene and armor.(tip: choose Eugene)

The Strike: In the slaver camp of paradise falls (you may have to go there in the main quest), on a pool table outside in the main are (outside the shops Eulogy Jones' pad and the slave cages)there will be an augmented version of the pool cue. Beware of slavers, people with good karma.

Highwayman's Friend: In Canterbury Commons, located in the far middle east part of the world map, you will find a Tire Iron called the Highwayman's Friend. The weapon is on a shelf in the back room of Dominic and Machete's house.

Terrible Shotgun: In Evergreen Mills (NE of Girdershade) There you will discover a raider hangout including full bar and brothel. A fellow named Smiling Jack resides here and will not shoot you. Kill him for the Terrible Shotgun, a souped up Combat Shotgun.

Experimental MIRV: This gun is a unique variation of The Fat Man that shoots 8 mini nukes at once. It is the most powerful weapon in the game and can be found on a table in a secret room in the armory of the National Guard Depot. There is a computer that asks for a 4 digit passcode. The passcode can only be found by piecing together the Keller Family Holotapes. It comes with 5 mini nukes.

The Infiltrator: This high powered Sniper Rifle can only be found in The Pitt add-on. In the Arena, beat the final challenger and search his body for the Infiltrator.
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Prototype Medic Power Armor 98%
The Prototype Medic Power Armor is in Old Olney in the far northeast corner of the world map. Since you will encounter many Death Claws, you may want to set the difficulty to "Very Easy" before exploring this area. On the southern-most street Old Orney is a manhole. Use it to access the sewers. As you make your way through the sewers, you will come across a ladder on your left. Keep moving past it and a downed Brotherhood of Steel Initiate will be on the ground. You can take the armor from the corpse. Here's the kicker: it talks! Oh, and it auto-administers Med-X when your limbs are damaged.
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Hidden Hacking Help 98%
When you are hacking, the excess symbols between viable passwords selected and used to your advantage. You will need to find clusters of symbols bracketed by parentheses, such as (%$*!^*&&), which can be highlighted as a whole. Submitting this should result in a removal of a bad cheat-password or fully replenish your attempts. Remember: you can always back out and restart to avoid lockout. Happy hacking!
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Save Your AP 98%
Description: technique to save Action Points (AP) used in VATS.

How to: If you are feeling confident when fighting an enemy or group of enemies, simply aim at an enemy in VATS, but don not fire. You will retain your AP but still be aiming at the part of the enemy's body in question that you were in VATS. If you shoot quickly enough, you should still strike the desired area without having to expend any AP whatsoever.
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The Alien Blaster 98%
Head due north from the MDPL-13 Power Station and you will soon find a small mountain. On the east side of this mountain you will pick up a Recon Craft Theta radio signal. This will occur when you are just a bit north of an imaginary horizontal line through Greener Pastures Disposal Site to the far east. Search the east side of the slope for a destroyed house and you will soon come across the source of the signal just west of that: a downed flying saucer. Its pilot can be found below the open cockpit (beware the radiation!). Near the pilot is the Alien Blaster and a bunch of ammo rods. This powerful weapon gets critical hits frequently and is the bane of Behemoths. You will find ammo for it randomly throughout the wasteland if you are lucky, so use the ammo you'v got sparingly!
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Extra Weapons (in Operation Anchorage) 98%
*** this cheat only applies to the Operation Anchorage downloadable content pack. As soon as you are able to control your own strike team, you will be able to get specific weapon loadouts from a terminal. If you give these to the Quartermaster, you can go get another loadout. Drop all the new stuff and chat to the Quartermaster. He will give you your stuff sans ammo. That is no problem though, since you can head to the ammo dispenser for more. Pick up the weapons on the ground when you are ready to go, or repeat for all the weapons you can handle.
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Tips and tricks character creation part3 98%
Part 3 of a tips and tricks character creation video
Fallout 3 cheat video Cheat Video
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Unlimited Items 97%
Description: If you have a sneak rating of at least 60, you can attempt this infinite goods trick, which takes place at Fort Independence.

How to: Head to Fort Independence with a bunch of Scrap Metal . Speak with Protector Casdin and tell him you have got junk you would like to give him. In return, he will offer up 5.56mm Rounds, Frag Grenades, RadAways, and Stimpaks, and you can choose which you want. Now, save your game (in case you fail the following) and steal your Scrap Metal back from the Protector. Sell the Scrap Metal back to him over and over again, thereby netting you infinite amounts of 5.56mm ammunition, Frag Grenades, RadAways and Stimpaks.
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Boosting Your Experience 97%
Description: great way to gain lots of experience. Before you do anything that is going to net you some experience (such as picking locks, hacking, et cetera), change the gameís difficulty setting to Very Hard. Now, hack the computer or pick the lock (or whatever). Successfully doing so on a harder difficulty level will get you more experience. You can also utilize this technique on mortally-wounded enemies to gain more experience from them as well. Be sure to change the difficulty back to a more manageable level when you are done!
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Infinite Good Karma Tip 97%
Description: another technique for infinite good karma.

Location: Megaton

How to: Find the church for the Children of the Atom, religious people who worship the undetonated nuclear bomb which Megaton is built around. There is a priest who will be near the bomb or in their building. Chat to the priest and he will ask for donations. Give him donations, and you will get a positive karma boost. Do this as much as you want for as much karma as you desire.
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Carrying Goods 97%
Description: Avoid becoming encumbered by holding too much gear and too many items.

How to: Say you pick up a heavy piece of gear, like 40 pound Power Armor, but when itís added to your inventory, it makes you encumbered. Drop the item and then press the right analog stick (or specified button for PC gamers) to pick the item up and hold it in front of you. Since itís being held and is therefore not part of your inventory, you wonít be charged for its weight and can get to where you need to go from there without being too encumbered.
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Infinite Caps 96%
This video will show how to get Infinite Caps
Fallout 3 cheat video Cheat Video
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Infinite Experience 96%
Location: Andale
How to: You will need to have the Mister Sandman perk activated, which will mean you have to be at least at level ten. Youíll also need a sneak skill of at least 60. If that fits your character, then travel to Andale. Andale is full of kids that can not be killed (killing kids in Fallout 3 is an impossibility). During nighttime, when everyone in Andale is sleeping, break into various houses and kill the kids while sleeping using the Mister Sandman perk. They wonít die, but you will still be rewarded experience for having killed them. You can then repeat the process over and over again for infinite experience points.
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Own both residences (houses) 96%
Talk to mister burke in megaton and agree to rig the bomb. dont do it yet though. head to tenpenny tower. roy phillips is talking on the intercom. sneak up behind him and pickpocket him except dont take anything. instead plant a grenade in his inventory. after he explodes you can take his stuff. use the intercom to talk to chief gustovo. get him to let you in either by speech challenge or bribe. go inside the gate and talk to gustovo. accept his quest to kill roy phillips and his ghouls. during some point you need to pickpocket gustovo to get the key to the generator room and the key to tenpenny's suite. if for some reason you cant pickpocket gustovo, go upstairs to herbert dashwoods room play his game and suggest that he give you his key to the basement. go inside the tower and look around if you wish after this it wont be the same. after you have looked around, go outside behind the tower. the door to the basment is here. go down and hack the computer to unlock the contaiment doors or just shoot the generators to open them. leave the basment and get ready for some massive killing. if you dont have supplies, fast travel to megaton and back. when you go inside the tower a massacre is in process. kill everybody and make sure to search all the residents bodies for their keys to there shops and safes. after everybody is dead on every floor and in every room, leave for at least 24 hours and when you come back all the mess is clean but the place is empty. go to tenpennys suite, go out onto his balcony and turn left walk around the balcony to the entrance to your new suite. if for some reason it says you cannot enter right now just come back in a while.(you never get the key to the front entrance). you can then disarm the megaton bomb and get your shack in megaton. YOU NOW HAVE 2 HOUSES! Found by Dan Styszko
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Tips and Tricks Character Creation 96%
This video focuses on tips for character creation
Fallout 3 cheat video Cheat Video
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Free Evil Items at Paradise Falls 96%
Description: Have bad karma (or donít mind having even worse karma),

Head over to Paradise Falls, a place a group of evil slavers call home. To gain entrance without having to open fire, you have to be friendly with the slavers, which will give you an evil slant. But if you can do this, you will find a guy endlessly walking around the settlement. Chech by the bar. When you get near him, he will stop you automatically and tell you he found some cool stuff on a recent raid, and give you some of what he got (it will be either some ammunition, Bottle Caps, or various aid items). After your 1st encounter, all you have to do is keep speaking to him to earn more and more free stuff.
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Super Mutant Behemoth Locations 96%
Description: The gameís 5 Super Mutant Behemoths can be found at the following five locations:

Location: Evergreen Mills, Galaxy News Radio, Jury Station, Takoma Industrial, The Capitol Building
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Avoid Game Crashes 96%
There are 2 major crashing issues that we've encountered. Here's how you can avoid them:

Consistent crashes after discovering Jefferson Memorial. This is a bug in the original retail version of the game. A patch was recently released that fixes this issue -- but if you discovered Jefferson Memorial on your own (not as part of the main quest) before installing the patch, you will continue to experience game-ending crashes. To fix this, go back to an older save point before you discovered the location and restart your game from there. If you do not have older saves, you have to restart the game from the beginning -- there is no other way around it. Note that the patch is automatically installed when you start Fallout 3 while connected to Xbox Live, but it cannot retroactively fix your corrupted save files.

Random crashes throughout the game may be caused by the game's cache. On Xbox 360, to purge the cache, hold left-bumper, right-bumper, and X when booting the game (until START) appears. This clears Fallout 3's cache and often fixes these issues.
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Infinite Experience in Big Town 96%
Description: Here is a glitch that will allow you to get infinite amounts of experience (as long as your Speech skill is high enough).

How to:
1) Go to Big Town and find the NPC named Pappy.

2) Select the dialogue choice "You came here with Bittercup, right?" If this dialogue choice doesnít show up, find Bittercup, exhaust all of her conversation chains, and then try speaking with Pappy again. ([Speech 100%] should appear next to the dialogue choice if your Speech skill is at its highest. If itís not there yet, donít risk trying to convince him. Speech failure will result in this glitch permanently disappearing.)

3) Selecting that dialogue option successfully will net you 6 experience points. Speak to him again and you can get the experience again. Repeat as much as you want for as much experience as you want.
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Tips and tricks character creation part2 96%
This is part 2 of the tips and tricks video for character creation
Fallout 3 cheat video Cheat Video
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Hacking Indefinitely 95%
When you hack a computer in the game, you have 4 tries to be successfully. If you do not hack it successfully on the 4th attempt (as in, you donít guess the proper password), the station you are trying to hack will permanently shut down. But if you only try 3 times and bail out of the process before trying for a fourth time, the cheat-password will reset, giving you 3 more options. You can do this indefinitely without risking shutting the terminal down.
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Never Break A Bobby Pin 95%
Description: Avoid breaking precious Bobby Pins when picking locks

How to: Exercise patience. If you have failed opening the lock on the 1st couple tries, chances are a 3rd try will break the Bobby Pin. If you back out of trying to pick the lock and then immediately reattempt it, however, your Bobby Pinís strength will reestablish itself, giving you several more tries. Repeat this technique to never break a Bobby Pin.
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Two Followers 95%
How to: Hire Charon. Fire him before freeing Fawkes from Vault 87. Hire Fawkes once you meet him outside. After a while it should appear, "Charon gas returned to the ninth circle". Go back to Underworld where you first hired Charon. Hire him. Now you have two Followers. I do not know if this works with any other follower.
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V.A.T.S. Spotting 95%
If you are heading into new territory or simply want to survey the area around you for enemies you might not yet see, try hitting the VATS button over and over again as you make your character turn around, searching all angles. Doing so will alert you to any enemies you may not yet see by zooming in on them in VATS mode. You will realistically be unable to do damage to your foes from such a distance, but itís a good way to spot foes before they spot you so you know what you are getting yourself into before the crap hits the fan.
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Stowing Goods on Dead Bodies 95%
Description: Carrying too much stuff and find yourself encumbered? Try this trick.

How to: You know how you can search downed enemiesí corpses for the goods they carry? Well, you can also place your own goods onto the corpse. Since corpses tend to stay around after they die seemingly indefinitely (or, at least, for a good long time), you can drop presently unneeded items onto the corpse of a foe you have killed, and then go back at a later date to get your stuff back. This is a great way to never become encumbered.
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2 Companions! + Dogmeat - SPOILERS 94%

* Earlier in the game do not complete the "Stealing Independence" side quest.

* Gain Fawkes as a companion from Vault 87.

* Go to the National archives and meet Sydney. Engage the dialogue for her to accompany you to retrieve the Deceleration of Independence.

* Go to the Scrap yard and get Dog meat.

Now you are an unstoppable force!

Fawkes, Sydney and Dog meat.


You will need to keep Sydney's health up from time to time as I do not think she re-generates health independently.

It MIGHT even be possible to gain Charon as a companion as well (Underworld).
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Tips and tricks looting 94%
This video will help you see whats worth looting in Fallout 3
Fallout 3 cheat video Cheat Video
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Extra Inventory Space 93%
Running out of room in your inventory and do not want to ditch any of your gear?

Try to find a companion character. These companions can be found at various places throughout the world and will agree to join you on your journey (temporarily). You can trade equipment with these characters, which will allow you to dump your equipment on them, making you virtually unencumbered. Consider this option when you not only need help with bad guys, but help carrying your crap as well!
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Reign of Grelok [Easter Egg] 93%
In the Publishing wing of Hubris Comics, some terminals will allow you to play a text-based adventure (ala Zork: The Great Underground Empire) called Reign of Grelok (beta). The objective of this game is to kill Grelok, for which there is no physical reward. Study up on your text-based adventures before venturing out on your quest: Use the commands N S E W for directions, and use basic terms to speak to people. Don't forget to swear!
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Fallout 3 (X360) - Infinite XP 93%
You can gain infinite XP if your speech skill is high enough.
Here's How:

Go to town called "Big Town" located north of Vault 101. Speak with a girl named Bittercup she will tell you about her dating experience. After speaking with her, go into the house marked "Common House" and speak to a man named Pappy. There should be a speech skill dialogue option that says "You came here with Bittercup, right?"
You will get XP every time you click it.
Continue to click it and you can rack up XP pretty fast.
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The 55 Gallon Drum Carryall 93%
If you are having trouble carrying with over-encumbrance, this cool trick could help you tote around some extra gear. First go through and clear an area of enemies, then grab (Click the right analog stick) a 55 gallon drum. They are ubiquitous in most areas. Fill up the drum by physically picking up items and dropping them in and you will have an instant "shopping cart" for all your stuff. You can even fast travel with it -- but when you appear at your destination the drum falls to the ground and you have to pick it all back up again. *** Updates / DLC may disable this! Try using body parts instead (but Fast Travel still will not work).
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Followers 93%
There are 8 followers in Fallout 3. You must have a certain Karma level for most of them. Below is a list of the followers and how / where to get them:
Butch - In Rivet City, after completing Trouble on the Homefront [Neutral Karma]

Sergeant Rl-3 - A robot who can be bought of a wasteland-wandering salesman named Tinker [Neutral Karma]
Fawkes - Must be saved in Vault 87 [Good Karma]

Star Paladin Cross - Found in the Citadel [Good Karma]

Jericho - Found in Megaton [Evil Karma]

Clover - A slave bought in Paradise Falls [Evil Karma]
Charon - A ghoul whose contract must be purchased Ahzrukhal in The Underworld [Karma does not matter]

Dogmeat - A dog found in the Scrap Yard [Karma does not matter]
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Infinite Good Karma Tip 3 93%
Location: Big Town.

How to: Go there at night, the town will come under attack from a Super Mutant raiding party. For each Super Mutant you help the few residents of Big Town slay, a small amount of good karma can be earned. Repeat this process as much as you want.
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Infinite Good Karma Tip 2 93%
Location: Outside of towns like Rivet City and Megaton

How to: You can find thirsty Wastelanders who ask you for Purified Water. Each time you give these guys a bottle, you will get a slight boost to your karma. Do it more and more, and you will gain more and more karma.
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Finding Dogmeat 93%
If you want your character to have a pet dog in the game, then get your self over to the Scrapyard ( Northeast from Megaton), just over the river. The dog is automatically named Dogmeat, and you can get him at any time, whether itís early in the game or otherwise. The dog can attack enemies endlessly and cannot die.

Dogmeat can die. Keep him healed using Stimpaks! If Dogmeat dies, you can not get him back.
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Infinite Caps (and more) -Glitch 92%
Description: Earn infinite amounts of caps, items, repairs and ammunition.

Location: The supply shop woman in Megaton or any shop-based trader.

How to: The shop woman in Megaton has some high value items that you would otherwise spend a fortune on, including all the stuff for your house and a schematic for the Rock-It Launcher.
1. Sell her any stuff in your inventory that you do not need and complete the transaction. This will boost the amount of money she has.
2. Find something in your inventory that you have 2 of, or that you have one of as well as her. Sell this found item to her.
3. Check that the 2 like items are of different values once they are in her inventory. The bigger the difference in value, the better and the lower the cheapest item is the better.
4. Now buy back the cheaper of the 2 like items and complete the transaction, but do not leave the trade session. Look for the item in your inventory. The game should have glitched and the item should have gone up in value dramatically and should be 100% repaired, even though when you sold the item initially it wasn't.
5. If it is not 100% repaired for whatever reason, sell the item back to her anyway and repeat step 3-4, trying a different item if necessary.
6. From here, the game will remain glitched and you will be able to sell the same item high and buy it back low until you have drained her money completely. If you want, you can hold onto the item as it will be fully repaired - simply keep it on the final round which will leave her with a small amount of money.
7. Either sell the item back to her again once she is out of money, or if you are keeping it, sell her something else of high value and she will owe you that amount. The transaction price will go dim and remain at whatever amount of money she has left.
8. Search through her inventory and find stuff you need. Stimpaks, ammo, miscellaneous item, weapons and armor are all fair game. Eventually, the transaction price will light up again and you may owe her a few caps depending on how much of her stuff you added to the deal. Complete the transaction.
9. If you wait 3 days, she will have new stock and around 350 caps. The longer you wait, the more robust her inventory will become and the more caps she will have to do this tip over again.
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Good why to get xp 100%
Ok all you really got to do is get alot of ammo for any gun and go to evergreen mills and kill everyone wait a while go back and repet the process over and over. also somthing I did for storage was I went and set up shop at jockos,pop-n-gas stop:)
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Skipping The Wasteland Survival Guide 100%
Ever got stuck with Moira Brown and her survival guide? Well, you're in luck! If your speech skill is about 75% and higher, with some charisma, this might work. WARNING: You will lose a little bit of karma. Not much to damage, but still to warn you. If you hate the idea of all this work, have your speech up to 75% and tell her it's a stupid idea and you could kill the Lone Wanderer. She'll be upset, but will get over it.

Chap 1. Radiation - No cheats needed. Go and drink the water need the Atom Bomb in the centre of Megaton.

Food - She says you have to go to the super duper mart. No you don't. Wait about 2 - 3 days then tell her you saw nothing there. Or if you feel bad lying, go there, kill the 5 raiders, look around the store, and leave.

Mine Field - If you have a mine already, great. Give that to her. Or just buy it from her. Again, wait 2 - 3 days, then tell her it was a death trap or you just hop on it until it goes boom.

Chap. 2 Mole Rats - If you really want to find a mole rat, go to Vault 108 (where Gary can be found), or just about any underground metro station. Retrieve the item from her, wait about 2 - 3 days, and tell her another lie. She'll believe you because she doesn't look at the meter.

Injuries - Easy. Go to the highest place in Megaton, and jump off of it. Careful though. Too far, and your character will die.

Mirelurk King Eggs - You've got only one chance to tell her she insane. The success rate is low though, so be careful.

Chap. 3 - Rivet City Review - Rivet City can be easily traveled to by water. Bring rad always though. Either swim or get attacked by mutanats. Watch out for enemies swimming in the water though. It's at the lower right of the map and right under Vault 108.

RoBo Quest - Okay so if you know the fight between Antaginist and the Mechinist, the mech guy is your key. Go to the old robot shop, and to skip this hard quest, you must have a science skill at 50.

Library - You must wait for about 2 - 3 days. Talk to her and tell her the you went, but the place was destroyed.

Hope this helps. It did for me. And you get extra XP for the successes in your speeches.
By: DaveyNorton1(150)
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Giant Enemy Crab 89%
What else do you need to know Its a giant Freakin Crab!
Fallout 3 cheat video Cheat Video
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Bobblehead locations 88%
Follow this easy guide to finding all the bobbleheads.


Strength - Megaton - Lucas Simms House
Perception - Republic of Dave - Museum of Dave
Endurance - Deathclaw Sanctuary - Initial Chamber
Charisma - Vault 108 - Cloning Lab
Intelligence - Rivet city - Science Lab
Agility - Greener Pastures Disposal - Office
Luck - Arlington Cemetery North


Barter - Evergreen Mills - Evergreen Mills Bazaar
Big Guns - Fort Constantine - CO Quarters
Energy Weapons - Raven Rock - Colonel Autumn's Office
Explosives - WKML Broadcast Station - Sealed Cistern
Lockpick - Bethesda - Bethesda Offices East
Medicine - Vault 101 - Clinic - Dad's Clinic Table
Melee Weapons - Dunwich Building - Virulent Underchambers
Repair - Arefu - Evan Kings House
Science - Vault 106 - Living Quarters
Small Guns - National Guard Depot - National Guard Armory
Sneak - Yao Guai Tunnels - Yao Guai Den
Speech - Paradise Falls - Euology's pad
Unarmed - Rockopolis - Rockopolis
By: slayerkills(70)
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Secret Sniper Stash! 82%
Go to megaton, and go to the big front door where the robot is. then go round to the right, following the out side wall of megaton. as you go, keep an eye out for a round rock which looks like it is resting between 3 small bare tree, near the back. in here there is a sniper rifle, a few rounds, and I think there's a few stimpaks too. on the way watch out for mole rats.
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How to find lincoins repeater 82%
Youll need to find the history musem in the DC ruins youll no youre there when you see a ghoul out in the front go in side once in side find the door next to the mamouth ( warning there will be A LOT OF FERELS in there go to the top floor look in that room left of picture of lincion then find a case to the left of the room open it and then youll have the repeater
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Stealing items (hint) 80%
Instead of stealing the item pick it up and walk somewhere dark. Turn off your light and steal the item if you did this right no one will try to attack you or try to take the item back.
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Super Mutant Behemoth Locations 75%
The first one is at Evergreen Mills. Go there. You will find a huge cage outside. There will be a generator right beside it. SHoot it. The cage will open and the Behemoth will go free. Let it kill the Raiders for you, and then kill it. The second one is at Jury Street Metro Station. Go there. You will find some crashed railroad cars. Go there wait a few seconds and the Behemoth will show up out of no where. The third one will be outside of Galaxy News Radio. Luckily some Brotherhood of Steel members will be there to help. The fourth one is inside The Capital. Search the place and then you'll find it. The last one is at Takoma Industrial. Don't go inside the big factory building. Walk around outside and you will see it from a distance.
By: zombiekid(1184)
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Rockopolis 75%
Rockopolis is very hard to find but I found an easy way. Go west of Smith Caseys Garage and soon you will find a fridge. west of that fridge is a rock slightly sticking out with a dirty banner above it. that is the entrance to rockopolis.
By: trouble97(194)
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Hint: Prototype Medic Power Armor 74%
The Prototype Medic Power Armor is in Old Olney in the far northeast corner of the world map. Since you'll encounter many Death Claws, you may want to set the difficulty to "Very Easy" before exploring this area. On the southern-most street Old Orney is a manhole. Use it to access the sewers. As you make your way through the sewers, you'll come across a ladder on your left. Keep moving past it and a downed Brotherhood of Steel Initiate will be on the ground. You can take the armor from the corpse. Here's the kicker: it talks! Oh, and it auto-administers Med-X when your limbs are damaged.
By: articfox13(39)
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Alien Blaster 74%
If you walk around close to the bottom right hand corner of your map, you will pickup a radio signal of a strange language. Track the radio signal and you will find a crashed UFO with a rare alien blaster and some ammo for it. There is also a body of a dead alien that you can drag around for fun
By: conor4100(832)
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Get caps right after escaping the Vault 71%
Once you escape Vault 101, follow the destroyed road until the first left by a water tower. Look to your left, and you will see a small house. Walk up to the front door (have your weapon readied), and it will say "Open door to Small Ranch". Go in and a woman named Silver will start walking towards you. If you are quick enough, go into V.A.T.S., and aim for her head two (2) or three (3) times. Once you shoot her search her, search her, and she will have usually 300 or 400 caps. This usually loses Karma. If you aren't quick enough, and the speech dialogue opens up, she will say who are you, did Moriarty send you? Say who's Moriarty? Then she will say he wants her dead, †and just say something usually saying that you aren't going to kill her. Then she will say thanks or something, and go sit down in her chair at the table. Once she has sat down, take out your gun, and aim for her head a couple times in V.A.T.S. Once she has died, search her and take her caps, and whatever else if you like. You might gain Karma after the "I'm not going to kill you part", depending on if you've me Moriarty (in Megaton), or not.
By: CIAops(187)
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Paradise falls-evil karma 71%
When you find this city, the guard will stop you from entering.But if your EVIL (bad karma) there is a speech option that will scare him, he will let you through right away
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Skipping half the game 71%
Early in the game go to smith caseys garage which is northeast of girdershade (or for more basic help, far west of Vault 101). inside you should find the entrance to Vault 116. by entering one of the pods inside, you should begin the memory lane mission therefore skipping half the game.
By: trouble97(194)
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Location of the alien blaster 71%
Go to MDPL power station in the northeast part of the map and head north until you pickup a radio signal (the radio signal the sound of aliens talking). Pretty soon you'll run into some radiation. The source of the radiation is the alien the front is the alien blaster, some ammo, and the aliens body. if you can't find the power station it is directly Northeast of Minefield.
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Shortcus are always the way 69%
Looking forward to getting on top of really tall structures but not looking forward to the trip back down. thanks to this glitch it's always fun. simply just take a leap of faith, and exactly right before you hit the ground, pause, save your game then load your game if you don't want toy see your character as a ragdoll, and as simple as it sounds you are safely on the ground. warning side affects may occur as: broken or damaged limbs received from hitting the ground may carry unto your load, if s,o simply load the save again and you will be all better.
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Bobble heads 68%
Here are 9 bobble head locations vault 101 in the medical room-medicine lucas simms house in megaton-strength vault 106 not exactly sure where-science evergreen mills inside in the back area near the work bench near the good raider-barter fort constantines CO's office in the basement in a safe-big guns
6.rivet city in the science room-intellect
7.paradise falls in eulogys pad-speech
8.arefu in old dude's house-repair
9.bethesda ruinseast building I think-charisma
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Overencumbered 67%
One bad thing about fallout that you can only carry a certain amount of equipment when exploring the wastes of DC. One way of being able to carry alot more is using Fawkes. This is a charecter that you encounter after escape from the Enclave base. When you start a conversation with him, you have the choice of asking him to follow you around(good karma). If you have good karma he follows you around. You can ask him to trade equipment and give him all your heavy or unused equipment. The down side is that he can only carry a certain amount of things. But one way of getting alot of equipment is walking around the wastes with him beside you. You wont be able to die with him by your side because he is extremely powerfull thanks to his gatilling laser. One way also to keep you amused while walking is to listen to GNR a radio station that apears on your pipboy 3000 as soon as you leave the vault
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Discount at moritys 67%
To get a discount of gob be nice to him
he is in megaton don't blow it up (yet)
By: jacko867(160)
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Easy money- Mothership Zeta 67%
Once you have unlocked Mothership Zeta once you retrive your weapons go around killing every alien take there weapons and just keep building up and after you get off the ship go around the wasteland and selling the Alien weapons you WILL get lots of money
By: slayerkills(70)
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Easier way to find areas on the map 67%
Right below your health bar there is a radar that shows the major directions, North, East, South, and West. just below this line arrows will sometimes show up, solid arrows are places you've dicovered, and hollow ones are places you have have not. so what I do is I look for these arrows and follow them. hope it helped!
By: trouble97(194)
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Easy Way of Hacking Computers 62%
If you get a wrong code to read files on a computer, keep pressing the B button every time you get it wrong, and you will keep getting extra chances.
By: zombiekid(1184)
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Operation anchorage cheat 60%
When you download Operation Anchorage, you know the infinite ammo cheat right?

With the ammo dispenser, get full ammo, drop it then refill, then continue, but, what happens if you bring all those ammo and weapons to the capitol wasteland?

Well you can! Before you get in the simulator pod in the outcast base, kill someone, and everyone else if you want to.
Then drag his/her body to the pod and put it in the pod seat, so if you sit down in it, you can search him/her.

Save before going into the simulator, then play through until you get to the part after you blow up the artillery cannons.

Make sure you did the lots of ammo! or infinite if you call it that cheat!

When you get to choose your loadout, ( picked the close combat loadout first) preferably your favorite weapons like the 10mm pistol, combat shotgun, power fist, assault rifle, sniper, 10mmsub., missile launcher. Those are, I think, all the weapons you get from the loadouts.

Then do infinite ammo cheat lots! Then drop your loadout in the armory, change your loadout (only can do once so pick wisely)!

Go back to the armory, pickup your new loadout from the man, grab your previous loadout you dropped, then do the infinite ammo glitch with all your weapons.

Play through until you pass the electro minefield, and save before entering where the Chinese general dude is.

Then go inside with the t51b dudes, and kill or persuade the Chinese general.

General chase appears, talk, then the simulators over, but on the loading screen keep pushing A and pointing down if you put the body earlier down like me.

You may have to try a few times, but, if succeeds, you search the dead body.

Then put all your weapons, ammo and awesome winterized combat armor in the body, then you get out of the pod, which then you search the body for the invincible weapons, and armor.

You heard me - invincible!

Now loot the armory, and go outside, make sure you have a follower, so you can store heavy weapons and armor that he/she will carry!
By: sklizard(117)
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You never want bad karma for one reason with good karma people actally give you stuff with good karma no joke I know cause one day I was playing on mine with very good karma I went to megaton and sombody came up to me and gave me 3 stimpacks
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How to get Butch as an Allie 60%
Complete the Trouble on The Homefront quest. Go to Rivet City. Then go to The Muddy Rudder. You'll find him there. You need Bad Karma to get hm. But don't get Very bad Karma.
By: zombiekid(1184)
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Misson sniper by headhunterj14 58%
Go to megiton accept minefield job from moria brown theree a old man that has amo,stimpacks, weapons and you have to kill him before he snipes you out then you can get his super sniper that has 100%cnd.,80%dam.and it has infinent amo for the .308 super sniper
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Money And Experience-Fallout 3 57%
In Megaton that old guy in the purifier building you ask him "Is there anything I can do to help around here"?,he will ask you to fix all 3 pipes once you do he will give you 200 caps and 200xp,then he will ask you if you can get scrap metal.if you do help him,every scrap metal you give him he will pay 10 caps for each metal,and you will gain 10xp every time you turn in a piece of scrap metal, and buying scrap metal is only 2 caps so you can buy it and then give it to the old guy for 10 caps and 10xp each.
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Landing a fall without loosing health 57%
When you are falling from a high place like a bridge ,save just before you hit the will die but when it starts up again you wont lose any health!
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A few bobblehead locations 57%
The Strength bobblehead is in lucas simms house in megaton. the Medicine bobblehead is in vault 101 in the office where your dad see's if you are sick right before you take the G.O.A.T. test but do not get the bobblehead until you have to escape the vault you can only get at that time. the Science bobblehead is in the science lab in Rivet city.
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How to find fawks dogmeat jericho and star paladin cross 57%
To find fawks go to vault 87 warning do not go in from the entrance go true lamp light caverns ask mayor mcgreedy to go true murder pass thire will be supermutants once in vault 87 fight youre way true it some were near the end youll find fawks in a containment room in the test labs hell tell you to set of the fire alarm and hell help you get the geck ( you will need good karma) to find jericho (you will need bad karma) you will need to look around megaton a little first to find dogmeat you will have to find the scrapyard look around it a little when you start seeing dead bodies thats were hell be ( the karma doesint matter on dog meat) to find star paladin cross ( you will need good karma) first you will have to get in to the citidel youll be able to get in at the end of the game youll have to look for her to shell probably be in the sience lab
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Hacking 57%
Easy hacking
To always hack successfully, go to the terminal, and save the game. Then, start the sequence. If you fail, just reload your saved game, and try again until you do it successfully.
Only use three attempts during a hack, so you leave yourself with one to back out. Then, go back to the attempts screen, and you will have four more chances. Repeat this as many times as desired. -From: Brett Grimes
If you move your cursor throughout the symbols, sometimes you will highlight a group of symbols. Selecting these "duds" will remove one of the words that is wrong from your choices. Also, it may grant you an additional attempt if you have already gotten a selection wrong. -From: Brett Grimes
Search around both fields, and you will find a string of symbols that you can enter as the password. It starts with "(", "
By: aking113(214)
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I found this glitch which is better than the Buttercup glitch every one is doing and managed to level up 4 times in minutes.....

Head towards BIG TOWN , find Red's clinic which should be directly opposite the Common House in Big Town. Set your game play mode to Very Hard, to earn extra XP once inside the clinic there will be a sick man named Timebomb lying on a bed ..what you need to do then is BLOW HIS HEAD will gain 39XP...!
If you came in through the front door of clinic, leave using the back door, Then turn around and go back into the clinic, Shoot one bullet at the corpes . You will gain another 39 XP, then leave using front door and REPEAT . REPEAT. REPEAT. ! And bingo..INFINITE XP...ENJOY.... cheat posted by V.lee
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Free Items from caravans sellers 55%
All you have to do is kill the caravan sellers BUT if they d not have there brahamins next to them wait approx. 24 hrs. If you do this with the caravan having rare Items it is much better.
By: chrisd2678(14)
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Unlimited bullets/healts 53%
When your in paradise falls walk around till you find a slave that has metal on his soulders and look at him... he'll give you a comploment and say here for my kick ass buddy... you get an item do it again and again. Note get enough stimpacks and go to the lock and load place. still in paradise falls, and kill the man fast. then get all the stuff. look closly at his counter hes got frags and more money and caps then that of what he was going to offer. Note to get in his cabnet you need to strip serch him and get his key. After killing him {SAVE YOUR PROGRESS} kill everyone in paradise falls. hop this is helpful :D
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How to find the person to talk to about dad. 53%
Once you escape from Vault 101, follow the destroyed road until you see a sign that says Megaton with an arrow pointing to the right. Follow the arrow, and you will see usually a trader, and a robot named Deputy Weld outside a huge heap of metal. Go inside Megaton, and the guy that starts walking towards you (Lucas Simms), talk to him and ask about dad. He will say he doesn't remember him. Discuss the bomb issue, and say that you will disarm it (25 Explosives skill required). Then ask him again about dad, and he will say to talk to Moriarty up at Moritarty's Saloon.
By: CIAops(187)
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Easy ammo of your choice-Fallout 3 The Pitt 50%
If you have the expansion Fallout 3 The Pitt,do the main quest line for the pitt and once you beat the Story for it that slaver guy (i forgot his name) will allow to get your stuff back and to use a machine that makes ammo for you out of scrap metal of your choice.So you can do that over and over you just have to get scrap metal and you'll be on your way.
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Robing caravans 50%
For this cheat to work you need the Mesmer and some ammo for it. to get the best out of the cheat you should also have a slve collar and a good amount of weight you can still carry. When you find a trade caravan mes the caravan owner they wont be turned into slave material but they will attack the caravan guard. the guard then kills them. If you want to mez the guard they can be turned to slaves. once the owner is dead search thier corpse you will find a key and then go to their Brahman and you can take all their merchandise. you don't even get done for murder. and it does not usually gett you damaged.
killing the Brahman is unnecessary. and the merchants dont hold it agianst you ulike if you kill them.
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How to get inf bad karma 50%
All you do is go in to the brass lanturn and keep going off and on the computer ther you have inf bad karma
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Still using shortcuts? 50%
On the tenpenny mission if you side with the ghouls and have to open the door to the underground part of the tower take a grenade and throw it at the corner of the wall where the generators are in the room with the console and the explosion will go throught the wall and blow up the generators opening the door. or you could use the switch glitch to activate the console. or find another way. WARNING! this glitch is dangerous and could cause your game to freeze so save always save it is a tool as much as it is a simple little save. also as another little glitch there are many ways to get over the tenpenny wall, just look for dents in the top of the wall or things to give you a boost. if you find such thing do not use the intercom to re enter tenpenny tower always use the way you jumped he wall, it could freeze your game, so as before save.
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Misson snipe 50%
In megiton talk to moria brown crater side supply and do jobs for until the mine filed misson comes into play do the job for getting mines there will be a old man by himself with amo, guns,and stimpacks but you need to kill the old man and he will be north of your location and he has a .308 super sniper 100% cnd 80% damage
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Getting in to mega ton armory without killing the shariff 47%
This is simple go int the bar in mega ton and find a guy in a suit he will want you to put a bomb on the atom bomb say yes now go tell the sheriff what he said and he will take you to the bar and take the suit guy into jail but the suit guy will kill him quikly kill the suit guy and check both there bodys the sheriff should have the key now go to the armory but the second door inside is guarded by a robot so how you do that is none of my buisness
By: vaan911(216)
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All you need to know is........ 47%
The cheat with the woman in megaton can be used in all the places you find someone who wonts to sell stuff just remeber wot to do. 1 more thing carying to much and cant run or get away with this tip you can all you need to do is find a locker, mailbox,foot locker ect ect and dump your stuff there and it will always be there wating for you to return to pick it up much better then puting it on a dead body then cuming back to it just to fine it all gone .

thanks for reading have fun with my tips .

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Really easy money with no items!!!!! 46%
If you don't have 2 items for the shop glitch (read other hints) you can do it with no items:
Step 1: find a travelling trader either lucky harith(weapons trader) or crow(armor trader).
Step 2: Open up his inventory make sure he has to are more items that a are diffrent prices e.g 1 combat armor worth 35 caps and 1 combat armor worth 50 caps buy one of the armors then go off the inventory screen back to the dialouge box.
Step 3: Open up the traders inventory again.
Step 4: Sell the armor are weapon you bought back to the trader.
Step 5: buy the cheapest out of the 2 armors then sell it back then buy it back it should be 100% condition sell it to the the trader it should go back to its normal condish befor you bought it then buy it back and sell it back keep doing this intul the trader has no more caps left then buy it back but dont sell it back because you can use it and it in 100% condish.
P.S I don't know if it works on diffrent consoles because I only have it for xbox 360.
P.S You will have to wait 3 days on the game for the traders money to come back.
If you have found canteberry commons you should pay all the investments because the traders get better stuff.
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Sniper Scope Vision 44%
This is more of a glitch than a cheat but its fun. Get any type of sniper rifle and use the zoom in mode. Go to the start menu and save. Now load the saved game and it will look like your looking through the scope when your not! (don't zoom in while doing this or it will disappear)
By: Tiki 88(90)
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Skip alot of storyline 44%
When you leave vault 101 go outside Megaton. Then head west till you reach Smith Casey's Garage...enter then do "tranquility lane"
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Unlimited Raider Killen-Fallout 3 43%
Hi,across from the Spring Valle Elementary School you can see a broken highway in the distance,got there and you will find raiders with assortment of weapons,and two of the raiders of useful guns with them,one has a sniper rifle the other at the very end of the highway has a flame thrower,once you have killed all the raiders wait a day or more and they will be there again,especially the raider with the sniper rifle and raider with the flame thrower.
By:GamerAlien51 oh srry with those 2 last ones I posted forgot to add my name to it to know who I am.
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Funny but weird dialouge 42%
In the start of the game you need to have gone to the reactor room as a kid and gotten yur bb gun. after that wen you go to shhot targets and kill roach.

shoot yur dad in the head with yur bb gun he says:

"i brought you into this world ill take you out"

tryd it myself so try it yurself!


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Carrying Goods 40%
Hereís an interesting way to avoid becoming encumbered by holding too much gear and too many items. Say you pick up a heavy piece of gear, like forty pound Power Armor, but when itís added to your inventory, it makes you encumbered. Drop the item and then press the right analog stick (or corresponding button for PC gamers) to pick the item up and hold it in front of you. Since itís being held and is therefore not part of your inventory, you wonít be charged for its weight and can get to where you need to go from there without being too encumbered
By: conor4100(832)
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The real way to get the Firelance Alien Blaster 40%
Go whelms whartf then save it then go to the anchorage memorial then there should be an exploshion if not load it again until there is one in the sky look around for ammo and near a tree

p.s the firelance is rubbish
By: sklizard(117)
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Reverse pick pocketing 40%
The following method is used to put something into the target's pockets, rather than removing things. You can be caught doing this, and it will still result in Karma loss, but it does have some interesting uses. Any mine or grenade placed in someone's pocket will become live, exploding after a few seconds. This is why there is a Pants Exploded statistic in your Pip-Boy 3000 records. Also, all NPC AIs, not only those of your companions, will cause them to wear any armor with a higher DR than their own. If you put, for example, a Power Helmet in Three Dog's inventory, he will be wearing it on the next load, and you will be able to pickpocket his unique head wrap (Charisma +1, Luck +1). Many items can be obtained through reverse pick pocketing that could not be obtained otherwise without needless death. This works with weapons as well, but the AI instructions for weapon use are much more complicated, involving range, damage per round, and damage per second as well as the usual DMG rating. Consequently, using this trick to obtain weapons may not always work.
By: aking113(214)
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Sandman glitch 40%
This a glitch for getting infinite exp Steps: 1.) Reach level 10 with a sneak skill of 60 and get the Mr. Sandman perk. 2.) Go to Andale (south central part of the map) 3.) Wait until around 1am and go into the Smith house while they are sleeping. 4.) Go upstairs into the kid's bedroom 5.) Use sandman on him (crouch and select him and and use the first option) 6.) Repeat step 5 7.) Increase difficulty for more XP
By: aking113(214)
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Achievements 40%
Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Vault 101 Citizenship Award (10) Got the Pip-Boy 3000
The G.O.A.T. Whisperer (10) Took the G.O.A.T.
Escape! (20) Completed "Escape!"
Following in His Footsteps (20) Completed "Following in His Footsteps"
Galaxy News Radio (20) Completed "Galaxy News Radio"
Scientific Pursuits (20) Completed "Scientific Pursuits"
Tranquility Lane (20) Completed "Tranquility Lane"
The Waters of Life (20) Completed "The Waters of Life"
Picking up the Trail (20) Completed "Picking up the Trail"
Rescue from Paradise (20) Completed "Rescue from Paradise"
Finding the Garden of Eden (20) Completed "Finding the Garden of Eden"
The American Dream (20) Completed "The American Dream"
Take it Back! (40) Completed "Take it Back!"
Big Trouble in Big Town (20) Completed "Big Trouble in Big Town"
The Superhuman Gambit (20) Completed "The Superhuman Gambit"
The Wasteland Survival Guide (20) Completed "The Wasteland Survival Guide"
Those! (20) Completed "Those!"
The Nuka-Cola Challenge (20) Completed "The Nuka-Cola Challenge"
Head of State (20) Completed "Head of State"
The Replicated Man (20) Completed "The Replicated Man"
Blood Ties (20) Completed "Blood Ties"
Oasis (20) Completed "Oasis"
The Power of the Atom (20) Completed "The Power of the Atom"
Tenpenny Tower (20) Completed "Tenpenny Tower"
Strictly Business (20) Completed "Strictly Business"
You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head (20) Completed "You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head"
Stealing Independence (20) Completed "Stealing Independence"
Trouble on the Homefront (20) Completed "Trouble on the Homefront"
Agatha's Song (20) Completed "Agatha's Song"
Reilly's Rangers (20) Completed "Reilly's Rangers"
Reaver (10) Reached Level 8 with Bad Karma
Mercenary (10) Reached Level 8 with Neutral Karma
Protector (10) Reached Level 8 with Good Karma
Harbinger of War (20) Reached Level 14 with Bad Karma
Pinnacle of Survival (20) Reached Level 14 with Neutral Karma
Ambassador of Peace (20) Reached Level 14 with Good Karma
Scourge of Humanity (30) Reached Level 20 with Bad Karma
Paradigm of Humanity (30) Reached Level 20 with Neutral Karma
Last, Best Hope of Humanity (30) Reached Level 20 with Good Karma
Weaponsmith (30) Made one of every custom weapon
Doesn't Play Well with Others (20) Killed 300 people
Slayer of Beasts (20) Killed 300 creatures
Silver-Tongued Devil (20) Won 50 Speech Challenges
Data Miner (20) Hacked 50 terminals
Keys are for Cowards (20) Picked 50 locks
One-Man Scouting Party (20) Discovered 100 locations
Psychotic Prankster (10) Placed a grenade or mine while pickpocketing
The Bigger They AreÖ (20) Kill all the Super Mutant Behemoths
Yes, I Play with Dolls (10) Collected 10 Vault-Tec Bobbleheads
Vault-Tec C.E.O. (30) Collected 20 Vault-Tec Bobbleheads
By: aking113(214)
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How to get charon 40%
Go to the underworld in the museum of history go in in nine circles in underworld talk to a guy named azurakhal then talk to him about charon then after talking about charon talk to him about his contract then dont pick the money sentence instead pick the sentence that talks about a deal then it says you will kill greta the girl in carols place you must kill her without attracting them to become hostile to you before killing greta save your game incase something goes wrong, so what you do is wait until you see carol and greta sleeping then equip your stealth boy then pick pocket greta and put a mine or grenade in her pocket then go away and wait for the explosion incase you can see at the compass red lines or hostile enemies at the compass go at the back of the counter go behind the pillar and wait until they become unhostile or the red lines become blue at the compass then go out side carols place and wait until your stealth boy has worn off go to azurakhal and say that gretas dead he will give you the charons contract talk to charon that your his master and watch as he kill azurakhal as his revenge to him for being azurakhals slave then search azurakhals body and get what you want you can also kill greta in another way wait until 9pm then go outside underworld you can see her smoking and you kill her there (note: if your done getting charons contract azurakhal must be at the counter before talking to charon that your his master if azurakhal is in bed and you talk to charon and he says that he will kill azurakhal first he wont get to kill him since charon is gonna go to the counter to kill azurakhal but azurakhal is in bed) See the video: Cheat Video
Fallout 3 cheat video Cheat Video
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A free bed from the beginning 39%
In "ditch_something" town (sorry I forgot the name )

the kid that gives you a request/mission with the name "Those!"(where you fight the FireAnts)
when he tells you to find his father inside one of the Houses in the town,
use that same house where the dead father is to sleep and get a health refill,

just go upstairs and you will find a "queen size bed" use it.
By: maxen1416(68)
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Indestructable Power Armor 38%
Want a Power Armor that can't be damaged?
Want to wear it before you even get the trainning for Power Armor?

Complete the operation: Anchorage expansion pack before you get to go to the Citadel with Dr Li. There is a Winterize T51 armor you can pick up in the locked vault the outcast couldn't open and you get to wear it without having any Power armor training and it will never be damage no matter what.

Did this with xbox 360 version
By: GrumpyYogi(136)
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How to get a bear the two headed cow and giant radscorpian and the sentry bot 35%
These ones are very hard to get you find the giant rad scorpion near the enclave hide out it is near a eletric plant as for the 2 headed cow you find him somewhere near the megaton side I think it was near a lake when I found him the bear you find him near the building at the very top of the map of fallout 3 its a big white building on the map you can,t miss it you find the sentry bot in this secret place he did not say where my freind tolled me all this he has them on his fallout 3 so do I
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The wepons 1 35%
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Great tips for money or etc. in fallout 3!!!!! 35%
1) F.irst of all you need a house in Megaton. If you don't have one yet just go to the priest telling you to drink the water. Next, you go to the bomb and deactivate it by clicking A. After that talk to Lucas Simms and he will give you the home. Once you get inside talk to the robot butler. Ask him for water. Keep doing this for a long time until you can't fit anymore. Finally, go to the craterside supply and sell the water. Keep doing this until you get rich!

2) Overencumered? When you get over encumbered that means you have too much objects in your pip boy. So just empty out things you don't need!

3) Need medicine? Just kill the doctor in Megaton. He's easy to kill. Steal all the things he has.

4) Radiation? Only drink purified water. Your robot butler will supply you with that!

5) Getting a dog! Go to Scrapyard you'll him. (go north of Megaton)

6) Pray to get good karma. (at the church in Megaton)

7) Rare guns- kill Lucas Simms you get a Chinese assault rifle.


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Kill cheat and Unlock cheat 33%
1.Click `key just above the Tab key
2.Click on the desired person or thing you would like to kill
3.Type kill
4.Tap Enter key
Unlock doors or cabinets even computers without your bobby bin!
1.Click `key just above the Tab key
2.Click on the computer/door/cabinet that you would like to unlock
3.Type unlock
4.Tap Enter key
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This is a better choice 33%
When you can upgrade your skills don't upgrade your weapon skills yet,instead upgrade your lock picking skills and even though you won't be very good with weapons,you can unlock locks that leads to secret rooms and you will find more powerful weapons that you can upgrade later.
By: KingLeo(762)
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Doesn't Play Well with Others 33%
Killed 300 people
By: conor4100(832)
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Quest followin his footsteps (^o^) 33%
Hint for (following his footsteps quest) when you go to do this quest you had better have alot of ammo. and some big guns because there is a creature in thes quest called super mutant behomoth take cover in the radio station front because he cant walk up there because he cant fit (teehe)=] then most of your soliders that you were supposed to follow will die get the fatboys mini nuke gun and aim all of your fire power on the behomoth super mutant the soliders will respect you then this is my little tip go to the supper mutant and he has been carrying some realy good weapons go in side the radio station if you try to open the door you will die. so on the left of the door activate the speaker (they will say ''it semms ok in here its safe now you can come in'' go through the door find three dog) he will ask you to put a satalite back on a tower do that quest but before you go anywhere you had better have about 20 stimpaks on you if you dont you will die! X[ there are alot of ferral gouhls out ans raiders and supper mutants in this quest.......... I on the other hand have died millons of times for yor information follow the path to the museum to get the satalite and it is all easy on from there GOOD LUCK!
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70 Achievements
Fallout 3 - Vault 101 Citizenship Award Vault 101 Citizenship Award
Got the Pip-Boy 3000
Fallout 3 - The G.O.A.T. Whisperer The G.O.A.T. Whisperer
Took the G.O.A.T.
Fallout 3 - Escape! Escape!
Completed "Escape!"
Fallout 3 - Following in His Footsteps Following in His Footsteps
Completed "Following in His Footsteps"
Fallout 3 - Galaxy News Radio Galaxy News Radio
Completed "Galaxy News Radio"
Fallout 3 - Scientific Pursuits Scientific Pursuits
Completed "Scientific Pursuits"
Fallout 3 - Tranquility Lane Tranquility Lane
Completed "Tranquility Lane"
Fallout 3 - The Waters of Life The Waters of Life
Completed "The Waters of Life"
Fallout 3 - Picking up the Trail Picking up the Trail
Completed "Picking up the Trail"
Fallout 3 - Rescue from Paradise Rescue from Paradise
Completed "Rescue from Paradise"
Fallout 3 - Finding the Garden of Eden Finding the Garden of Eden
Completed "Finding the Garden of Eden"
Fallout 3 - The American Dream The American Dream
Completed "The American Dream"
Fallout 3 - Take it Back! Take it Back!
Completed "Take it Back!"
Fallout 3 - Big Trouble in Big Town Big Trouble in Big Town
Completed "Big Trouble in Big Town"
Fallout 3 - The Superhuman Gambit The Superhuman Gambit
Completed "The Superhuman Gambit"
Fallout 3 - The Wasteland Survival Guide The Wasteland Survival Guide
Completed "The Wasteland Survival Guide"
Fallout 3 - Those! Those!
Completed "Those!"
Fallout 3 - The Nuka-Cola Challenge The Nuka-Cola Challenge
Completed "The Nuka-Cola Challenge"
Fallout 3 - Head of State Head of State
Completed "Head of State"
Fallout 3 - The Replicated Man The Replicated Man
Completed "The Replicated Man"
Fallout 3 - Blood Ties Blood Ties
Completed "Blood Ties"
Fallout 3 - Oasis Oasis
Completed "Oasis"
Fallout 3 - The Power of the Atom The Power of the Atom
Completed "The Power of the Atom"
Fallout 3 - Tenpenny Tower Tenpenny Tower
Completed "Tenpenny Tower"
Fallout 3 - Strictly Business Strictly Business
Completed "Strictly Business"
Fallout 3 - You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head
Completed "You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head"
Fallout 3 - Stealing Independence Stealing Independence
Completed "Stealing Independence"
Fallout 3 - Trouble on the Homefront Trouble on the Homefront
Completed "Trouble on the Homefront"
Fallout 3 - Agatha's Song Agatha's Song
Completed "Agatha's Song"
Fallout 3 - Reilly's Rangers Reilly's Rangers
Completed "Reilly's Rangers"
Fallout 3 - Reaver Reaver
Reached Level 8 with Bad Karma
Fallout 3 - Mercenary Mercenary
Reached Level 8 with Neutral Karma
Fallout 3 - Protector Protector
Reached Level 8 with Good Karma
Fallout 3 - Harbinger of War Harbinger of War
Reached Level 14 with Bad Karma
Fallout 3 - Pinnacle of Survival Pinnacle of Survival
Reached Level 14 with Neutral Karma
Fallout 3 - Ambassador of Peace Ambassador of Peace
Reached Level 14 with Good Karma
Fallout 3 - Scourge of Humanity Scourge of Humanity
Reached Level 20 with Bad Karma
Fallout 3 - Paradigm of Humanity Paradigm of Humanity
Reached Level 20 with Neutral Karma
Fallout 3 - Last, Best Hope of Humanity Last, Best Hope of Humanity
Reached Level 20 with Good Karma
Fallout 3 - Weaponsmith Weaponsmith
Made one of every custom weapon
Fallout 3 - Doesn't Play Well with Others Doesn't Play Well with Others
Killed 300 people
Fallout 3 - Slayer of Beasts Slayer of Beasts
Killed 300 creatures
Fallout 3 - Silver-Tongued Devil Silver-Tongued Devil
Won 50 Speech Challenges
Fallout 3 - Data Miner Data Miner
Hacked 50 terminals
Fallout 3 - Keys are for Cowards Keys are for Cowards
Picked 50 locks
Fallout 3 - One-Man Scouting Party One-Man Scouting Party
Discovered 100 locations
Fallout 3 - Psychotic Prankster Psychotic Prankster
Placed a grenade or mine while pickpocketing
Fallout 3 - Yes, I Play with Dolls Yes, I Play with Dolls
Collected 10 Vault-Tec Bobbleheads
Fallout 3 - Vault-Tec C.E.O. Vault-Tec C.E.O.
Collected 20 Vault-Tec Bobbleheads
Fallout 3 - Aiding the Outcasts Aiding the Outcasts
Completed "Aiding the Outcasts"
Fallout 3 - The Guns of Anchorage The Guns of Anchorage
Completed "The Guns of Anchorage"
Fallout 3 - Paving the Way Paving the Way
Completed "Paving the Way"
Fallout 3 - Operation: Anchorage Operation: Anchorage
Completed "Operation: Anchorage"
Fallout 3 - Into The Pitt Into The Pitt
Completed "Into The Pitt"
Fallout 3 - Unsafe Working Conditions Unsafe Working Conditions
Completed "Unsafe Working Conditions"
Fallout 3 - Free Labor Free Labor
Completed "Free Labor"
Fallout 3 - Mill Worker Mill Worker
Found All 100 Steel Ingots
Fallout 3 - Death From Above Death From Above
Completed "Death From Above"
Fallout 3 - Shock Value Shock Value
Completed "Shock Value"
Fallout 3 - Who Dares Wins Who Dares Wins
Completed "Who Dares Wins"
Fallout 3 - Devil Devil
Reached Level 30 with Bad Karma
Fallout 3 - True Mortal True Mortal
Reached Level 30 with Neutral Karma
Fallout 3 - Messiah Messiah
Reached Level 30 with Good Karma
Fallout 3 - The Local Flavor The Local Flavor
Completed "The Local Flavor"
Fallout 3 - Walking With Spirits Walking With Spirits
Completed "Walking With Spirits"
Fallout 3 - A Meeting of the Minds A Meeting of the Minds
Completed "A Meeting of the Minds"
Fallout 3 - Bog Walker Bog Walker
Discovered all locations within Point Lookout
Fallout 3 - Not of This World Not of This World
Completed "Not of This World"
Fallout 3 - Among the Stars Among the Stars
Completed "Among the Stars"
Fallout 3 - Alien Archivist Alien Archivist
Collected all Alien Captive Recordings

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Fallout 3 585148I can get into vault 101 again im wandering around ps I didnt kill the overseer at first I threatened him instead Answers: 4
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