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Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa Cheats for PS2
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Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa PS2 Cheats

Rating: 3/5 VOTE

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Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

Rating: 3/5 VOTE

Infinito 70%
Marty,marty,green leaf, green leaf, red leaf, green leaf,red leaf, green leaf
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Infinite carrot juice 67%
Enter marty marty green leaf green leaf red leaf green leaf red leaf green leaf
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Go to cheats in the main menu and enter this cheat.
zebra-zebra-green leaf-green leaf-red lotus leaf-green leaf-red lotus leaf-green leaf
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Infinite carrot juice 58%
Marty,marty,green leaf,red leaf,green leaf,red leaf,green leaf
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Under water monkeys 56%
If you find any monkeys in the water you can smash bananas whith him and buy new itams
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Madagascar escape 2 africa cheats for pc 47%
To make minigolf easyer put in Melman leaf melman melman footprint monkey doll doll to stop the ball any time by pressing c f q spacebar backspace or e

Yours truly Computer wiz
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Unlimited life 46%
By: Mystericheat(139)
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Invisivility 45%
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All Levels 43%
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All monkys 43%
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How to go to water cave 41%
You must be gloria with the machine and dive down until you get behind the black rock out the sea get pepper and break
the rock then again be alex and go with the zipvine to moto moto and follow him until you get to water cave
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Hit 39%
Alex:square marty:square melman:square gloria:square : x x
By: amr mohamed(374)
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Jump 37%
Alex:double jump gloria:jump butt melman:heli marty:one jump
By: amr mohamed(374)
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Madagascar 35%
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Note:Only for Alex;Infinity Mangoes 34%
Alex,Alex Malemen,Flower,Footprint,Flower,Alex
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All stages 33%
Marty melmen skipper mokey melmen skipper marty melmen
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Get past level 1 32%
To get to level 2 kick the gate open
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Questions & Answers
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Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa 372991My lil cuz just got the game madigascar escape to africa and he cant figure out where the Wire cuttors are clos to th beginning of the game any help? Answers: 6
Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa 453006Where are the torches to enter the volcano? Answers: 3
Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa 536564My son is trying to find 10 peppers in water caves ?Can anyone help please? Answers: 1
Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa 599837Where are the monkeys at the watering hole Answers: 3
Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa 373861Hi my nephew is trying to find the wire cutters WHERE ARE THEY PLEASE HELP Answers: 6
Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa 400453How do I change the language to english Answers: 3
Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa 515598In the watering hole at the ocean bit with the elephant how do you go down the zipline Answers: 1
Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa 587681How do you get to buster? Answers: 4
Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa 506888In the part were the penguins have to "steal MORE stuff" I cannot find all of them I am missing one can someone tell me where they all are?  (: Answers: 2
Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa 601020How do you change the language Answers: 2
Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa 610508In watering hole I have only 21 monkeys and I dont't know where to find the other monkeys.Where I can find the monkeys? Answers: 1
Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa 621288I found the Tiki Torches leadign to the Volcano but there is a big rock in the way.I switched to Gloria to bust it but the pepper doesn't last long enough.How do I get rid of the rock? Answers: 3
Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa 683870How in madagascar 2 pc game I impress gloria? what is the controlls on the key bord that I need to do? please  answer this. Answers: 1
Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa 787712Were are all the monkeys in the watering hole Answers: 1
Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa 871852How does Gloria break the boulder? Answers: 1
Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa 925087Hi. What do we do at 40%? After the Volcano Rave, Gloria ends up at the place where all the lions are and then..............What? What do we do? WHICH CHARACTER DP WE TAKE AND WHERE DO WE GO? Oh and by the way, where are the wire cutters? Please Answer ASAP. Thanx Answers: 0
Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa 426603How do you unlock the 3 remaining songs in volcano Rave? My daughter and I have been trying but can't unlock the 3 remaining songs. We are trying to collect our last 3 monkeys to get our 100 monkeys collected achievement. HELP PLEASE. Answers: 4
Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa 517196I cant figure out were are the wire cutters Answers: 4
Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa 522309How do you pass the monkey chasing part on madagascar 2 Answers: 2
Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa 565497My son is totally stuck on how to land the helicopter on the targets - he seems to get it right but it just crashes - is their a knack to it? Thanks Answers: 10
Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa 582011How do you get past dam busters Answers: 1
Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa 648183How i can stop the moles? Answers: 1
Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa 660626How to go to the level volcano rave from the watering hole? I have found the 4 torches but there is hudge rock which cannot be broken by Gloria even with the hot pepper as it runs out. Answers: 1
Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa 690613How do I get Melman on to the rock in the first scene in welcome to africa stage? Answers: 1
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