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Sonic Unleashed

Rating: 2.8/5 VOTE

Beat dark gaia easly 76%
If you what to beat dark gaia easyly when the count down starts tap triangle super fast and at the last 2nd it will show the instuctions and after instuctions and then you can start tapping triangle again super fast and you will do a lot of damage and get the first shot and if you keep press the triangle button (at the right time) you might be able to beat him without getting hurt hope I helped

ps when you think his hands are about to stop glowing you press the triangle button otherwise you will hit a invisible sheild and you might be hit by dark gaia and be hurt a lot
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Begining Dash 70%
A split second after sonic says GO!.... press the circle button. It will boost you AND give you a bar of boost. If you press o before sonic says GO!.... you WILL TRIP.... so make a perfect timing.
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Spin roll! and extra boost 68%
If you press circle at the ending of 1 you will have intinse speed and and extra fill on the gauge
By: silver tian(58)
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Dash at start 66%
At the start when you are normal sonic between 1 and go! press circle
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Get a boost on the start in day stage 66%
When sonic lands a countdown appears between 3 wait till is 1 and press the circle button sonic will do a spindash.
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Extra boost 65%
When you are sonic and it's counting down, when it's between '1' and 'go' if you press the boost button, sonic will start of with a spindash and depending on the timing of pressing the boost button, you will get an extra boost.
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Easy boost 65%
A split second after the number 1 in the countdown, press O to get an extra boost when you start
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How to kill the flameing bird hint 65%
To kill him jump on the platform he's closest to and then pick up the barrel and throw it at him after 2 or 3 times of doing that he will go to the middle of the platform and not on fire so you go up and attack him.
By: tony223(149)
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Playing the fool :D 62%
X=jump r1+r2=super the gaia gate you can unlock all by pressing this -_- :D
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Power up 58%
All you have to do is play the all night levels and you will get more red orbs you will get level ups this will help ab-it if you are stuck on a level
By: assassins(176)
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Main menu 56%
Invincibility L1 R1 up right circle square down
By: tony407(404)
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Talking to the villagers 56%
Many villagers will be on your side.If sonic gets to be close friends with someone.They may suprise you with something nice.Try dropping in on old acquaintanes too.
By: maks001(56)
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Beat Dark Gaia Easily(Gaia Colossus) 55%
Whenever you're dodging Dark Gaia's Scratches,punch him while dodging
By: SuperSonic64(61)
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How to get dark force points 54%
While your in sonic the werehog mode kill as many enimies as you can and also do combo move and smash boxes. that will get you alot of gia points.
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Easy way of defeating eggman first time 54%
When he looks at you with his machine opens its mouth spin dash where the target is showing.
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Easy Red Orbs 54%
Go to the stage where you fight the dark moray eel.When you first start the battle you can't
get to the eel but red enemies will try to hurt you. so just keep killing all the dudes(they never end because they come out of cloning devices)and then when your happy with the amount of orbs you have beat the boss.
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How to defeat dark guardian easily 53%
When dark guardian uses his strach punch use R1 to block his attack when you did that give him some of your attacks then he will teleport himself and he will do some thunders at you avoid them. Get to him then quickly do your right arm attack if you find this easy then dont read this.
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By: tony407(404)
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Fire step 48%
While drifting try running into a robot or box , it will look like the fire step.
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Spawn kill 47%
On shamar or somewhere, im not sure, in night stages, there will be enemies which spit out those red dog gia warriors. don't atttack them when theyre spitting out the dogs and if you find your not doing enough damage to them kill enough dogs then use unleashed mode. use this strategy to make these fights easier
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To play as amy rose 46%
Press r1 r2 o o x when you are in a village

do a mission and sonic will change into amy rose like how he would change into the werehog

her attacks are the same but if you press l1 and r1 at the same time she will use her magical hammer
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Slow time 45%
By: tony407(404)
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How to make a faster kill on boss 3 [hint] 45%
Run and jump on the third boss to kill him.
By: tony223(149)
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Unlimited rings 44%
L! left right R1 up down circle
By: tony407(404)
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Apotos night stage: 40%
If you are in apotos night stage and are sonic the werehog try and ignore everything and kill the bad guys and get to the goal ring very quickly to get 3 sun medals
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Infinty life 36%
Jump 10 times non stop single action
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Dark Win 31%
By: MileyCyrusX(71)
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Spongbob the moive 23%
How to get leval select in lveal1 prass x r1 r2 l1 5 times
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Cheat coad 13%
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Bjhbv 12%
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Cheat code 9%
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