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Monster Lab Cheats for NDS
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Monster Lab NDS Cheats

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Monster Lab

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

To get Professer Fuseless's monster Gorboks ... 29%
Here are Gorboks's parts

head= Phalanx Helmet
torso= Atomic Core
left arm= Boom Crane
right arm= Gunner Mark lV
legs=Trampler Feet

Hope you like him! :)
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Monster Lab 707426I'm stuck on the wildwoods boss. do you have to have certain body parts to beat him? Answers: 1
Monster Lab 762085What recipe for a good equip Answers: 1
Monster Lab 342112What is monster lab Answers: 1
Monster Lab 382593I keep getting a message "you must prove yourself worthy in battle" on island #3. I have battled and battled, but still getting the same message. Can anyone help me out? Thanks Answers: 2
Monster Lab 501134How do you pass level one?I'm still stuck on it. Answers: 2
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Monster Lab 699207How do we gt into stitch-o-matic? Answers: 1
Monster Lab 769908Just getting started and stuck already. When we come to build our first monster in the lightning tower, it says click on the arrows. The only arrows we see are those that point left or right, either side of the monster, but when we 'point' at them and press A, nothing happens? Answers: 2
Monster Lab 850118How do you get the sword arm and not that that crappy bayonet sword the dark nightsword Answers: 1
Monster Lab 893265How do you get past the second mission in the wild woods on monster lab Answers: 0
Monster Lab 915208How do you find the third rune Answers: 0
Monster Lab 921091How 2 make the white furry arm Answers: 0
Monster Lab 964297How do you defeat the 3 monsters of the wild woods without healing Answers: 0
Monster Lab 992400Where do I find the resource locator Answers: 0
Monster Lab 389453What parts do you need to use to beat the end boss? What do you need to do? Answers: 2
Monster Lab 570933How do you find Monsieur leo lumiere's resource locator devices Answers: 1
Monster Lab 746658How do i get the keys to the gate in tombstone rise Answers: 1
Monster Lab 754700How do I crack the code to level 2? Answers: 0
Monster Lab 778422What are the best parts and how do you make them Answers: 2
Monster Lab 818428I found the first and third symbols in Wildwoods, but I can't find the second to move farther into the woods. Can you help? Answers: 0
Monster Lab 835731Does anyone know how to get past the spaceship lights game. I am in the glades part & I do not know how to beat the lights game. it says just use the monster to activate the lights. but then what? I have moved it in all different directions. but I still cannot enter the next phase of the game. Answers: 1
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