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Monster Lab Cheats for PS2
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Monster Lab PS2 Cheats

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Monster Lab

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Wicked strong hornet arm 87%
Go to the arm-agnnon then as your key item use a honeycomb as your 2nd item use a sterile bandage

NOTE:this arm is a super powerful wepon OH YA BABY
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Regenarate arm!!!! 75%
First,explore to get that green liqued in a test tube object.Next,get the astral geode.Last,go to the arcanium room,there go to the astral rift.Put those two pieces together!It will make the wizard arm tthat has good attacks and regenaration!No lies here.
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Uncanny arm 75%
Its more of a recipe but first beat the final boss to get the dragon egg. next you need night shade. finaly mix them in the arm-ogeddon.(warning it's a level 4)
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Tyranasaurus legs 67%
Mix ancient claw and nuetron reactor, the legs should do round 50 damage with round 300 health (ancient claw in tombstone rise, nuetron reactor junkstack)
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Crazed unicorn head 63%
When you un lock the room next to the bio chamber you mix two ingredient's broken heart and love potion do it as well as you can and it will have at least 50 attack level

by.gamer x
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All items 62%
Press up down right left circle
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Bifni power 58%
Up down L1 R2 up down
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How to defeat the final boss 56%
Well, your supposed to use the strongest parts of course but! The key to defeating him is using a strong body but! I know one thing use the super leg! this guy told me he defeated him with it. Hope it helped!

by a boy who does not play monster lab too well.
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Awesome grappler arm 55%
It's not that hard all you have to do is go to the bio chamber and mix a wrestler mask with anything that makes it difficulty level two in the arm-aggedon. its so awesome!
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A look in the future. 53%
If you make it to the wild woods you will notice a drydad[it will call you meat] she had 3 sisters who did but haunt the other half of wild woods the will chanleng you with 3 tests [ The living drydad will open the entrens if you do her quist] first test ultamit fighting arena you fight three opnets without healing in between[ mechanical monsters work best] second test a bobbey traped race [ just do what you did in tombstone rise] the last test a quiz [she will ask you little thing like whats zigs ship look like p.s.i'ts not red.]hope what I saidwill get you prepared.
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How to beat the house!!!! 47%
Destroy the head and then the hand then his body.finally his dead! Okay good luck!
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Super leg recipe! 45%
Not realy a cheat, just a recipe. 1st you must have unlocked the hyper-chopper in the workshop, and you also must have unlocked the never glades. make sure you have a thick pipe first, then make sure you have an electromagnet.if you dont have an electromagnet, keep battling monsters in the neverglades untill you get one. if you dont have a thick pipe, (which is unlikely) keep battling monsters in cobbleshire untill you get one. go to the hyper-chopper. add the thick pipe as the key ingriedient and the electromagnet as the secondary ingredient. do the mini game as best as you can to get (drumroll plz.......) lead pipe legs! they deal 45 on one attack! instead of flee though, it has shovel kick (5 dammage)! hope I helped!

By: a guy who's stuck on a nevergalde mission
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Easy kill enemy 38%
First you'll need a ghost bat arm now use straight punch twice to kill them.
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Enfiniti health 33%
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Monster Lab 983563I Can't Figure Out How To Win IQ Injector. The Brain Just Pops Of The Skull's Head! cAny Anyone Help? Answers: 0
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Monster Lab 795996On the Wii version of Monster Lab, I can't launch the rocket. The wiimote controls are not easy. What can I do to get the rocket to launch? This is like the other question, but on Wii it is not as straightforward as PS2. Answers: 0
Monster Lab 803634Where are the three last power points of the baron that you must destroy with rockets in monsters lab Answers: 0
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