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Battlefield Hardline: Karma Gameplay

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Finding Essences 92%
Purple Crayons/Blocks (stone)/8 Balls - Prospect in the area next to the station.
Red and Green Apples/Yellow flower - The trees are past the hotel and across the bridge in the garden (Note:  Always keep one tree essence spare in case you chop down all the trees.  You can always plant more.)
Light wood - This is when you cut down/chop the trees, such as Apple, or any other light green leaf tree. (Don't forget to keep an essence from the tree you chop down.)
Dark wood - This is when you cut down/chop the trees, such as the Yellow flower, or any other dark leaf tree.  (Don't forget to keep an essence from the tree you chop down.)
Rainbow Trout/Clown Fish/Tyre - You gets these by fishing near you home.
Video Games/Action Figures - These are located in the cave across the creek (Need Crow Bar Star Level 1 to access this area.  In between the Western and Asian Area Entrances.)
Dead tree - Cut down any dead trees that you see.  (Also, if you fertilise any ghost/eyeball/jack-o-lantern trees, and chop it down you will get this essence.)

ASIAN/FOREST AREA (Need Saw Star level 2 before you can access this area)
Musical notes/Soccer balls/Magic Carpet - These are located in the cave. (Near prospecting area.)
Black Apple/Eyeball/Jack-o-lantern - These trees are located in the upper level cave. (Need to go across the two rope bridges.  Must have pick axe to get through.)
Rook/Pawn Tree - These trees are located in the Tree Cave near the fishing area.  (Must have Blow Torch to get through the key.)
Crabs/Snake/Octopus - You get these by fishing.
Pink Cake/Chocolate Cake/Bacon/Gingerbread Man - Prospect for these across the first tree bridge.
Organic (Leaves)/Terra Cotta - Prospect for these across the second tree bridge.
Knight tree - This is located up past the first prospect area. (Need blow torch to access.)
Plum Blossom tree- Locate after the main house area.  
Rose Tree - Cross first rope bridge.

Lemon/Lime/Orange - Trees are in a raised garden area next to a house lot on its own.
Sunflower - Tree located in garden not far from beach and junkyard entrance.
Puppy/Tiger/Elephant/Hopi Doll - Prospect for these near Sunflower tree garden (Aztec area).
Voodoo Doll/Spider - Prospect for these in the graveyard.
Yellow Crayons/Red Crayons/Tina Doll/Tim Doll - Prospect for these in a cave hear the Aztec area.  (Cave right near Aztec prospect area.)
Dino Fossil (bone)/Skeleton/Mega Lizard/Moai - Prospect in dinosaur area.
Ghost tree - Found in graveyard cave.
Spade/Diamond/Heart/Club - These trees are found in another cave.
Amethyst/Amber/Sapphire/Topaz/Jade/Black Rose - In a raised area, (before you get to the Dino area), you go up and prospect for all of these, in two areas, and there you will also find the black rose tree.

Kissing fish - Fish for these from the pier away from the house lots.  (This fishing area may contain other essences, but my computer is having problems and I cannot access this area properly yet.)
Beach Balls - Fish for these from the pier near the house lots.  (This fishing area may contain other essences, but my computer is having problems and I cannot access this area properly yet.)

Globe/Pencil - Prospect for these in the first area.
Stars/Rocket/Alien - Prospect for these in the second area.
Robot/Gears/Springs - These trees are found in the junkyard cave. (If you get rid of these trees you will get METAL.  Don't forget to keep at least one essence from each tree before you get rid of them so that you can plant them again.)
Metal - This is when you destroy any of the trees that you have to oil.  (Don't forget to keep an essence from the tree you destroy.)

UFO/Penguin - Prospect near station.
Blue Bunny (Frozen bunny)/Dragon - Prospect in other area.
Kitten/Text book/Pinwheel - These trees are found around your garden.
Gobby/Salmon - Fish for these at the pond.
Eel/Puppet - Fish for these at the deep fishing hole.

Smile essence - Be nice to cute/normal people.
Sad essence - Be mean to cute/normal people.  (Also when you first meet some people at the hotel you can get these.)
Scared - Be nice to any of the spooky people.
Angry - Be mean to the spooky people.

If any of the people set up a picnic, join in, and when you leave you can collect some surprise essences.

Well, that's pretty much all that I know.  I hope that it helps.  
MySims Cheats
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MySims "cheat" 70%
Go to dokument\Electronic Arts\MySims\SaveDataX (X= or what place you saved on 1,2 or 3)

Open PlayerRecord with wordpad or similar

Scroll down to or search (ctrl-F) for
greenapple (Or whatever you found so far)

There you have all your items and a number. This is the value. Set it to 99 and you have 99 green appels

Not all items are listed. You have to find them first

Bur if your smart you can just copy an existing line and change the name of greenapple to for exampel WoodLight or other

Simpel but before you play with it to mutch make a copy!
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Finding octopi and mystery essences 55%
First Mystery essences are ones that you collect from group activities:

Activity Essence

Book club.......................Pencil
Rocket launch.................Rocket(if you wait more than 5 seconds rocket will disapate{not into your backpack})
Tea Party.......................Tim or Tina Doll or Crayon

Those are all the Mystery essences that I got

Next, Octopui esscence, There are 2 ways to collect these:


In your garden thre are:

Ufo/penguin-Prospect near station

Blue bunny-dragon-prospect in another area

There is a prospecting area near the big marble statue that has compasses and bats

That is all the esscences for Now


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Blueprint and Outfit cheats 54%
F3nevr0 - Bunk Bed

N10ng5g - Camoflage Pants

Tglg0ca - Diamond Vest

Gvsb3K1 - Genie Outfit

Ghtymba - Hourglass Couch

l3hkdvs - Kimono Dress

T7srhca - Modern Couch

Ahvmrva - Racecar Bed

ltha7da - Rickshaw Bed

R705aan - White Jacket
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Dizzy character. 48%
When you are changing the look or hair of any character, press and hold the q or e keys and keep spinning until the character gets dizzy.
P.S. the character will not fall down.
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Money 9%
Enter the cheat or hints here!7s8
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