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Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World Cheats for PS2
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Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World PS2 Cheats

Rating: 4.1/5 VOTE

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Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World

Rating: 4.1/5 VOTE

Guaranted Easy Money!! 84%
Ok first you have to beat the 1st part of the Dragonball Mission and then once your on the 2nd part of the Dragonball Mission Play untill you get to the Buu saga again and follow these easy steps (also it helps to beat the game inorder to get more of the money)

1) go to the Warriors Room and Max out WE GOTTA POWER!

2) and Also buy the next 2 difficulty levels they are very hard a Z Get them both!

3) then go back to the Dragonball Mission

4) then go to the fight where you are Android 18 and you have to let Hercule Win

5) Let Hercule win by knocking you out of the ring (if he kills you you dont get the money)

6) dont forget to set the difficulty to either Very Hard or Z (Z is better) with Z you get 90,000 Zeni

7) you can only hold 999,900 zeni so once you are full go buy stuff to make you the greatest fighter so that nobody can defeat you Good luck and hope this was useful
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When you complete the Dragon adventure buy the 2 difficult modes.1 of them is named Z difficulty.Go in Majin Saga I think where you fight as android 18 versus hercule and you must let him win.Make it Difficult mode Z and enter it , go near the edge of the ring and then he beats you up out of the ring , thats the idea then he will say CLEAR! etc...Then you earned yourself 60.00 money XD.Try it out.
By: Kemxu(45)
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Easy way to beat recoome 83%
How to: When recoome uses a special move, block and after a while just from blocking recoome while be fatiguded thats when you use spirit bomb (40,000 zeni for first mode) use this carefully because you can only use it one time
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Alot of Zeni easy 81%
In the majin buu saga go to the mission where you fight hercule with android #18.
do this on the hardest setting.(you can buy it from the shop after you beat the game the first time)you get 60,000 zeni for letting him knock you out of the ring. you get 66,000 if you have WE GOTTA POWER!lv.1 and you get 72,000 from having WE GOTTA POWER!lv.2
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Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World (PS2) 80%
Ok first you need WE GOTTA POWER! ability fully upgraded and to be done story mode and Fighters Body.Ok go on the mission where you let Hurcle win put on WE GOTTA POWER! and Fighters Body and let him knock you out of the ring you will get 90,000 zeni each time and you can do this as many times you want.
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How 2 get money fast nd easy up 2 60,000 zenie 79%
1)go 2 majin buu saga

2) go 2 da fight where your android #18 vs hercule

3) set difficulty level 2 hard or if possible very hard or Z da harder da better

4) let hercule win by kicking you out of da ring (if he kills u, you wont get da money)

5) if difficulty level is on hard you will earn 39,000 zenie
on very hard you will earn 48,000 zenie
on Z you will earn 60,000 (u can get Z or very hard difficulty level on worriors room in da shop its on da very end

u can only hold up 2 999,900 zenie
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Easy way to beat Broly 76%
When you use goku(gt) use r1 then right after that r2 then right after that use your ultimate move RIGHT AWAY do this about 5-7 times!
By: tjdog348(178)
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How to beat cell 75%
Just keep on powering up and fire the normal kamehameha and his power will instantly drain
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DBZ Supa Hints! - Detailed 73%
I can imagine someone may have already mentioned these but here's my DBZ Supa Hints.

1. Always upgrade these two important capsules "Fighter's Body" (more health) and "Heavy Blow" (knock 'em out dizzy quicker to release your strongest combos). With the addition of buying fried rice til you get mmm.... "roast pig" capsule. I wonder if it's Oolong... the pervert pig

2. Cheap low-blow move for anyone, turn chicken and fly away from your enemy (using L2+directional button/control) charge up at a safe distance til you have max. Transform first then go into Burning Aura (L2 button). When you go into Burning Aura the rock-n-roll fun part happens, unload all supers like crazy, it's like unlimited but it drains out for a period of time. Funny thing is while they're unloading their sissy combos you can interrupt it with unlimited COUNTERS or worse interrupt them with an ULTIMATE (FYI you need the required amount eg. some supers needs to see atleast 3 bars of ki). The only sad thing is normal fire balls (just pressing O) take normal amount of ki. Don't bother using them just go nuts on supers.

3. Easy money (yeah that's right) There's two ways to go about it:
(i) everyone has said this one, Hercule level on Majin Buu saga - what everyone doesn't tell ya and the deceiving bit is that you gotta finish Shenron then start from the beginning and work your way up to the Majin Buu saga again (SPOILER: one of those extra mission type things on each saga.) FYI you get sweet money rapper style! We're talking about UPTO exactly 90,000 zen! Just simply taking the fall or letting him hit you out of the ring! Yup, this is worth the wait!
(ii) ok this one is how I got rich quick in the very beginning we're talking about $35,100 zen (most i've got *sigh*, anyone can easily do more than that). I know, I know not much as Hercule. But still that's like generous in the beginning of your missions. All you do is get up to the part where you chase Bubbles. Set it to "Hard" difficulty. Collect all the coins and items. FYI you'll know if you collected all the items when an Urn type thing pops up outta no where beside the house and in front of the well? Then catch bubbles. My method to catch that slippery monkey was to change the camera angle to zoom out abit and move it to birds eye view. Chase it, wait till it runs around like it's doing a donut and jump about to where you'd predict where he/she (bubbles... sounds like the powerpuff girls) would run. Bang there you have it, a junk load of money! Tip: If you're about to lose just restart the mission it's better than getting lunch money. Another Tip: cheap move but hey gets the monkey. Corner the monkey onto the house, it tries to run it can't it's stuck there temporarily for easy catching. Bang! Monkey magic!

4. Want all 7 dragonballs - I don't wanna steal the lime light but vegerot (among bazillion others) have already said (this but this is the DBZ Supa Hints). In Cell Saga there's a level that has a picture of a Dragon ball radar on it. Each time you finish this level you get a dragon ball at the end of that mission. No matter what difficulty you choose - Best time to get rare capsules (can even get SS4 Fusion Gogeta in the beginning!). SPOILER: Apparently after you get every single capsule (a frustrating let down). You collect another bunch of 7 dragonballs all the options will be "I want to be rich" - that's soo uncool I sorta calculated it but it's probably like $50,000 zen *sigh*

5. Buying tips, you gotta buy nearly all "tray 3" to get "tray 4". Also certain levels unlock certain moves. Kill Pikkon (cucumber guy at the end) and you got access to everything. Even the last upgrade for "We Gotta Power" - 50% more money!

6. Best level to play is Omega Shenron at the end when you fuse. Ruthlessly rip up the place with unlimited super moves and counter haha. It's a pity you don't get much money from him.

7. Last one, try not to repeat the same moves over and over the CPU will pick it up and punish you for it. Like an angry dad.

Other than that this game is awesome hope these stuff help.
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Incredibly easy way to get 10,800 Zeni 72%
O.K first go to the saga that you train with teen gohan, the one where you have to press the buttons it shows, next put it on normal difficulty. If you get 100% or 97% you will get 10,800 Zeni. keep doing that as many times as you like and you should be able to buy anything if you save up.

Yeah so good look with the treasure hunt maties, arghhh!
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How to get an easy 128,000 zeni 72%
You go to the Buu saga and fight kid buu with goku (u have to have we gotta power) and it has to be on Z! Hope it worked for u!
By: Devinmanmedders(19)
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Get all 7 dragonballs on one mission!!!!! 71%
In Dragon Mission go to the Cell saga and there will be a mission where you use Bulmas dragon radar to find the dragonball. do that mission as many times as you want and you will always find a dragonball
By: Vegerot(93)
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Easy 76,000 Zeni 71%
On your second play-through, in the Majin Buu saga, you'll unlock a level that has you fighting Hercule as #18. The goal is to allow Hercule to knock you out of the ring. Equip the highest level WE GOTTA POWER! capsule you can get, and set the difficulty to Z (you can unlock the Very Hard and the Z difficulty capsules in the shop.) This level is ridiculously easy, even at Z difficulty. Just back yourself up against the side of the ring or in a corner and let him wail on you. On Z level, with the level 2 WE GOTTA POWER! capsule equipped, the prize is a whopping 76,000 zeni! This is a super fast and easy way to get cash. You'll probably spend more time on loading screens than actual fighting.
By: OpusAtrum(25)
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Easy Way for money!!! 69%
Ok, Hi, If you want an easy way for Money then simply follow these instructions: First, Buy and Max out the "WE GOTTA POWER" Capsule..Then do The Mission where you are Android #18 and have to let Hercule make you ring out. Then if you get a Z Rank you'll get 90.000 Zenni!
By: frandell(94)
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The ACTUAL FASTEST WAY to make money 68%
1) have WE GOTTA POWER at the max level
2) have Z difficulty unlocked
3) have fighter's road at the final map
4) choose your best character and put on WE GOTTA POWER
5) verse anyone @ that map

I managed to get over $250,000 by getting a Z-rank by fighting Goku this way...
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Easy Dragon Ball 66%
In Cell Saga there is a mini-game where goku finds the dragon balls.Do this mini-game 7 times and the Shenron will appear
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Get the ????? Room Unlocked!! 65%
First beat Every single DragonMission..Then go to the Gray Capsule store in the Warrior Room and Go down to the Bottom of the List and it should be there for 50,000 Zenni: Dragon Road! Enjoy! :D
By: frandell(94)
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Easy money baby 65%
When you fight vegeta (the first one) (after you've unlocked being able to fight majin vegeta) win 5 times in a row on regular easy level you'll get 50,000 zeni and then if you go straight to majin vegeta and fight him on hard the n normal then easy then very esay and you,ll usually get somewhere around 150,000 and 200,000 but if you do every thing right most of the time you'll get an extra whopping 75,000 zeni.
By: tjdog348(178)
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Drgon ball in Saiyan saga! 63%
An easy way to get an Drgonball in Saiyan saga is playing the Snake Way Mission.I found 1 Dragonball on the Snake's Tongue! Restart the Mission until you see 1.
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My best stragedy on the game 62%
Get fighters body as much as possible then kick some but easy
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Stradegize 62%
Their are no real cheat codes but the best thing to do is have a stradegy against enemys, for me the buu saga was the hardest so instead of fighting him straight forward I kept my distance and just shot at him untill I won. so maybe you should try the same.
By: ExpCheat(351)
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Easy Way to Beat Enemys 61%
The easyest way to beat enemys is to be teen Gohan and buy all of has movies speicaley get the super kamehameha and max it out also get the "WE GOTTA POWER" Capsule and equip it inwith teen Gohan so when you do fighters road if you get a S or a A you can get up to 101,900 zeni's.
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Fast Money & Very2 Easy 61%
Just replay Hercule Vs #18 in Majin Buu Saga..You will get 60,000 Zeni..Its simple you must let Hercule win with "Ringout"..But you have to play in Z difficulty..Just buy 'Add Difficulty Level' & 'Add Most Difficult Level' at Warrior's Room.Enjoy it ok.
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Easy way to beat all enemies 60%
All you have to do is buy your ultimate move and when your in a mission just press R1 then L1 then use your ultimate move right away and repeat this about 3-10 times depending the enemy.
By: tjdog348(178)
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Easy way for some money 60%
In the majin buu saga the second time you go around redo the level where your #18 and you get hurcule to knock you out of bounds do this on hard (it's still very easy so don't worry) and you'll get 39,000 zeni (WITHOUT WE GOTTA POWER)!
By: tjdog348(178)
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Easy money 59%
When you pass dragon mission for the first time you will unlock more mission do all the missions untill you reach the buu saga.there will be 2 missions that have hurcules face on the top of the map if they aren't there it's beacus you haven't unlocked them yet so do every mission untill you do and when you do play the lower one and run to the corner that does not have a wall tant lots of time so that he can get mad and let him nock you out of bounce do this in the hard,very hard, or z.I recamend you to use z if unlocked if not then buy it when you have enough money becauze with z you can get 60,000 zeni and when you equip (WE GATTA POWER on max) you get 90,000 good luck :)
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How to do krilins training 08 59%
Well hit krilin to make him go in the air press r2 and then press L2 for blue magic and press square 3 times and quickly kip pressing L1 do the same thing 3 times I hope I helpt
By: dcg(803)
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Easy kills 59%
MAX kid gohan full ki consevuctive,teen gohan SUPER KAMEHAMEHA
or Raditz SATURDAY CRUSH the damage will over 2000-2500
and the fatigue will full use senzu bean (on MAX attribute) and use it again enemy you fight will die (or not because I use to cell, cell not die)
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Easy 120.000 zeni 58%
Do the mission when you have to battle hercule with 18 put the level on level z eqip the item we gotta power on its highest level then you will get 120,000 zeni
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How to unlock fighters road 58%
Complete all missions of dragon mission then buy it in the shop its in the gray capsules and go right down then when you buy it go to main menu or if you cont do all the dragon missions just keep collect dragon balls instead 100s and 100s of times in cell saga is where the rader is to do it in that same mission 100s and 100s of times I hope I helpt
By: dcg(803)
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Easy dragonballs 58%
If you want easy dragonballs
do the same mini games over & over agen
i swear it works
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Recomended skils 58%
This is a recomended skils

ultimate MAX
2 super MAX
fighter body MAX
veteran warrior MAX
senzu bean MAX/viral heart disease with vaccine MAX
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Kill everything in site 58%
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Dragon ball in the saiyen saga 56%
In the first mission of the saiyen saga in dragon mission,you'll be runing around trying to reach all the checkpoints before time runs out.If you use the dragon radar and see an orange icon,it's a Dragonball.One dragonball is in a small cave,and another is behind one of the houses.You can use the dragon radar to try to find more but those are the only ones that I have found right now.
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Dodge attacks 55%
When they try to him you make shure you have some ki and keep taping x and you will dodge and for enery attacks just moove out of the way or click o on small blasts
By: chapo121(1519)
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Fastest way to kill enemies 55%
Its luck or patience
1. first go to cell saga then go to the level where you get the dragon ball do this seven times
2. then get the "i want to have more special powers"
3. repeat this as much as it takes to get fusion SSJ4 Gogeta this at the shop for about 40,000-70,000 at the red capsule levels that they don't give ultimate techniques use the fusion SSJ4 Gogeta
6. use that ultimate technique then just go crazy on BB Kamehameha (-one bar of health) they don't usually dodge BB Kamehameha unlike ordinary Kamehameha they just get hit usually
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Fast money and easy 53%
First you have to buy the fighters road and buy all the god thing for your character so you can beat every one in fighters road I would get every thing for goku cause he can go super SSJ4 and you will be faster then the opponent but the opponent might tellaport so you have to know how to tellaport and the fast way to get money is to beat fighters road nut wen you get to goku at the end but the level mod on Z and you could also use teen gohon but you have to do the same thing you do with goku and also get senzu bean and to use it you have to press x and down at the same time to activte it
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Dragon ball z infinite world ps2 52%
# Unlocking characters

To unlock the characters, you must successfully complete the Saga they are in. Then, go to the Warrior's Room. Go to the shop, and purchase them. When you have completed Dragon missions, you can buy the new option labeled "?" for 50,000 Zeni.
# Misspelling

Offense is misspelled as "offence".

pour plus d'info et de cheats cherchez cedano371 ou dedecelui sur google et ecouter bien le freestyle les soluces sont dedans news delivery message 2008 style in progress
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All items cheat 51%
Do all the dragon missions and fighters read and get all items in the shop then go to dragon mission again but go new story mode and all items will be there but you will do all the missions again you dont have to do fighters read thats only one cheat there is
By: dcg(803)
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The FASTEST WAY to make money! 50%
Go to the fighters road and battle on level Z with teen gohan
(moves: Super Kamehameha, Kamehameha, Masenko) (item: Roast Pig)
Then go Super Saiyan 2 and do the super kamehameha until you win!

(THE MONEY DEPENDS ON THE BATTLE, the amount of money is between 24.000-120.000)
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Easy money 50%
Ok when ever the pillar comes up to load something press random buttons really fast and when son goku gets to the top karin will appear and knock goku down but if you keep pressing buttons you won't get knocked down far do this three times in a row and you'llget 50,000 zeni (do it 5 times in a row and you get 100,000 zeni this is nearly immpossible and you can only do this one time per game start so to do this cheat a second time turn off the game and turn it back on
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Easy 100,000 zenny 49%
Beat broly 5 times in another story.
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Fusion 49%
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Get an extra ultimate move 47%
When your battling Freeza and your a super sayian use spirit bomb but you can't use it instead you'll use a stronger attack called dragon fist so make sure you win the offense defense battle.
By: tjdog348(178)
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Secret goku 46%
Beat twice synn senron an wish on shenron to goku super sayan 5
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Fast money and easy 46%
Just replay goku vs teen gohan in cell saga in hard here you go ,play it 1 time and you gonna had 12,200 zenis
By: johnaudi(40)
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Finish all the game 46%
{put in manu} down/up/up/up/down/left/right
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How to get Dragon Fist 46%
Get super saying 2 or higher and use spirit bomb it will say Dragon Fist
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Easy zenny 45%
Max out We Gotta power go to fighters road go against vegeta on normal and depends on how you fight you will get 90-110 zenny
hope it helps
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Easy Money! (FIGHTERS ROAD) 44%
Ok this is how to get ZENI really really fast:

Notice: Can only be done if FIGHTERS ROAD is unlocked!

1. Play all missions in fighters road Normal/Hard/Very Hard

You will surely get between 30,000-90,000 ZENI every single match!


I got 990,900 ZEN (max amount) using this!

By: UltimateSaiyan(14)
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To turn super sayian with anyone PRESS CIRCLE AND DOWN NOT WITH THE JOY STICK but you have to unlock a super sayian first then I swear this will work.
By: dragonslicker(836)
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Free zenie 43%
Go to warriors room and press l1 and l2 together
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Dballs 42%
Go to the zgate play saiyan saga go to :yancha vs krilen distroy the temple and get it qiet
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How to use full power ki blast from pressing x and o 42%
Well use analog sicks to make it power full so it takes of 1 full health of the enemy
By: dcg(803)
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Unlock everything 40%
Press x,o,x,o,square,triangle
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Easy way to end fighter's road and easy 170,000 per match 39%
After finishing dragon mission,fighter's road is available.start it , with your money buy special beam cannon(piccolo's ultimate attack) until its empty.then buy WE GOTTA POWER fully. start playing fighters road with piccolo in Z level every match. use your own stradegy and use special beam cannon. it decreases 1and a half bar of health every hit.and you will finish the matches easily and will earn upto 150,000 zeni per match.
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How to beat majin buu with majin vegeta 38%
First you press l1 when you get to max hit l2 once in aura burning state try to use final explosion do this until you win.
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How to unlock Uub? 38%
First you need to beat Kid Buu then if you beat Kid Buu go to Warriors Room then 1P then Skill Shop then pick the Gray Capsule then find Uub its very easy unlocking Uub...
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How to beat majin buu with goko 37%
If you can use ss4 gogeta and use bb kamehame ha until you win but max out ss4 gogeta's stats.
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Finished and unlocked all in game 35%
Clear all tranings in saiyan saga
By: kongkol(25)
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Easy way to beat radits 35%
Teleport and doge a lot
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Super Saiyan 100 Gogeto { Gogeta + Vegeto } Up Down Left Right Square Triangle Circle While Fighting 31%
Press Up Down Left Right Square Triangle Circle While Fighting
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Dragon Ball Z Infinite World 30%
At main menu type in x00 R1 L1L2 to unlock all sagas
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Unlocking all characters 28%
Go to the dragon misson and press 0 immidietly and you will unlock all the characters
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O to view if the capsules is rare 27%
Just press square then you see if rare or not
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Invincible ^_^ 26%
U can be invincible with oly 2 peopls broly legedary and gogeta ssj4 to do it with broly max out all his caps then buy fighters body max that out then go aura burning you will be invincible and do the same for gogeta exept you need to max out all goku and vegetas caps
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Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

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Fushion 20%
By: goodand09(35)
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