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Hello Pocoyo! Cheats for NDS
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Hello Pocoyo! NDS Cheats

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Hello Pocoyo!

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Play the xylophone 100%
Play the xylophone with the same notes and same colours that you hear and see.
By: fdlimit(3)
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Hello Pocoyo! 557830Hiya im having trouble on the second level,where pocoyo recieves a phone call from octopus..sleepy bird gives hint of colouring pencil...i dont know what it is that your meant to do...please help! Answers: 2
Hello Pocoyo! 637538Stuck on getting passed colouring in the fish to get a key - to find the 'bird' level 4? Answers: 1
Hello Pocoyo! 810905Do you know where to find the green key for the octopus to make his helicopter work? Answers: 0
Hello Pocoyo! 814503We cant get passed the octopus level where you use pato to blow the pipes to get octopus out of whale, we cant seem to do it! please help! Answers: 0
Hello Pocoyo! 835597Is there a demo Answers: 0
Hello Pocoyo! 968946How do you get past the first screen on chapter 2 Answers: 0
Hello Pocoyo! 977194My Daughter is stuck on the bit where it keeps saying "touch the buttons" but when you use the blocks to make a shape the alien just takes the shape apart. Cannot work out what to do next. Thanks, Cindy Answers: 0
Hello Pocoyo! 980215Chapter 2 blowing to get bubbles for big fish not working Answers: 0
Hello Pocoyo! 496627How to get octopus Answers: 0
Hello Pocoyo! 526404Hello. I am having trouble with the bit on Hello Pocoyo in the second level where Pato has to play the xylophone so they can find the octopus! I tap the xylophone over and over and nothing happens and now I can't help my little girl onto the next level. Please help. Thanks, Sophy Answers: 2
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