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Men of War Cheats for PC
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Men of War PC Cheats

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What is a trainer? A trainer is a program written to intercept and alter the memory addresses of games that are running in the background. Usually trainers contain such features as GOD MODE, UNLIMITED LIVES and others. Since trainers address specific memory locations, they are usually written to only support a specific version of a game.

Trainer 1.17.5 (STEAM) by: Caliber Aug 3,2010
Trainer 1.17.5 by: Caliber May 11,2010
Trainer 1.11.3 by: Caliber Aug 25,2009
Trainer by: Caliber May 5,2009

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Men of War

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

OK, this is how you get a lot of reinforcements. So far this has worked with any mission that gives you that option. First start your mission and save it ASAP and remember what you name it. You need to find and open that saved game file, this is the path on my PC C:\Users\jim\Documents\my games\men of war\profiles\player\save (MAKE SURE TO BACKUP THE FILE just in case.). Locate the saved game file then open it with notepad. Scroll down until you see this:

{zone "poly"
{position 1037.69 -261.55 57.5955}
{Name "canr"}
{Point 145.897 -236.816}
{Point -78.1227 -154.482}
{Point -282.141 -51.4912}
{Point -312.035 122.002}
{Point -166.454 222.606}
{Point 101.939 173.558}
{Point 188.208 100.3}
{Point 214.242 3.51669}
{Point 188.466 -179.194}
{zone "poly"
{position 3536.51 -157.965 7}
{Name "center1"}
{Point -322.636 -975.706}
{Point -287.654 1008.19}
{Point 199.151 863.294}
{Point 269.562 46.8171}
{Point 141.576 -942.592}
{zone "poly"
{position 1635.07 187.642 42.5403}
{Name "center2"}
{Point -325.729 -1029.05}
{Point -519.998 -674.928}
{Point -273.071 180.659}
{Point 109.272 1022.08}
{Point 371.395 1007.06}
{Point 622.088 697.52}
{Point 16.0436 -1203.34}

This means your getting close! Right after that you'll see something like this:

{scoreTotal 100}
{scoreCurrent 100}
{state "-"}
{text "$/rein_flare01"}
{image illumination_flare}
{hint "$/rein_flare02"}
{count -1}
{score 30}
{delay 27}
{eventStart "rein_flare"}
{waypoint "706"}
{state "-"}
{text "$/rein_ship01"}
{image artillery}
{hint "$/rein_ship02"}
{count -1}
{score 0}
{delay 110}
{eventStart "rein_ship"}
{waypoint "707"}
{state hidden}
{text "$/rein_squad01"}
{image "squad1(ger)"}
{hint "$/rein_squad02"}
{count 14}
{score 10}
{delay 145}
{eventStart "rein_squad"}
{waypoint "12"}

Now this is what you change,

{scoreTotal 100}>>{scoreTotal 9999999}
{scoreCurrent 100}>> {scoreCurrent 9999999}
{state "-"}
{text "$/rein_flare01"}
{image illumination_flare}
{hint "$/rein_flare02"}
{count -1}>>> {count 9999}
{score 30}>>> {score 1}
{delay 27}>>> {delay 0}

After your done just save(MAKE SURE TO BACKUP THE FILE in case you make a mistake)

Depending on when you saved the game some of your reinforcements might not be available, this is what you do.

{scoreTotal 99999}
{scoreCurrent 99999}
{state hidden} >>>{state "-"}
{text "$/reinforcement_avia"}
{image "il-2"}
{hint "$/reinforcement_avia_tip"}
{count 150}
{score 1}
{delay 0}
{eventStart "reinforcements2_avia"}
{waypoint "2095"}
{state hidden} >>>{state "-"}
{text "$/reinforcement_riflesquad"}
{image "riflemans(rus)"}
{hint "$/reinforcement_riflesquad_tip"}
{count 500}
{score 1}
{delay 0}
{eventStart "reinforcements1_riflesquad"}

MAKE SURE TO BACKUP THE FILE. Sometimes when you change things in the game you get weird effects and/or CTD.
Good Luck!
Men of War cheat video Cheat Video
By: shogomad(99)
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Unexpected update and can't play your saved game. 59%
OK, I can't say this will work all the time, in fact I remember trying this once before with little success. I have MoW Steam version 1.17.5 and a retail version 1.02. When my Steam version auto-updated I could no longer play my 1.11.3. saved games which kind of bugged me. Like I stated earlier I can't say this will work all the time but I went into a 1.02v. saved game folder and opened the "status" file and simply changed the {game_version "1.02.0"} into {game_version "1.17.5"} and it worked. I did this with two different 1.02v. saved games and one 1.11.3v. If anybody decides to try this make sure to backup your file.
By: shogomad(99)
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"How To" vid on getting more reinforcements. 56%
OK, I finally made a "How To" vid on getting more reinforcements.
Men of War cheat video Cheat Video
By: shogomad(99)
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Max soldiers 41%
Always regenerate soldiers riflemen,etc....
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Men come 34%
Gives you 5000 tanks with men in
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All tenks 31%
Give all tenks
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Give wepon 27%
Give all wepon
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