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Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia Cheats for NDS
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Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia NDS Cheats

Rating: 4.9/5 VOTE

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Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia

Rating: 4.9/5 VOTE

Beating dim suns rampardos (including partner) 100%
Pokemon you need.

have kricetot as your partner (poke assist for bug is gooey slingshot and kricetot is bug) and have 2 mawile 1 magnemite 1 mankey and your ready to fight

fighting rampardos.

draw loops round rampardos quickly then stop when he attacks ("!" is headbutt "!" is throwing a rock that splits into 3 "!" is stomping the floor that make rocks fall onto the floor. it also does most damage) when he attacks use partner assist for all 3 magnemite is for styler regeneration mawile is for rock throw and mankey is for extra befriending power.

hope this helps.
By: cheekynorth(53)
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Registeel 76%
When you are im the Chroma cave towards the end ( if you go through like you did in story mode) when you go through the hole where the shadow crystal was, there it a weird statue if you use a lvl 5 cut move on it it will turn into registeel.
By: oreo0614(20)
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Wailord travel 69%
After finishing the game once go to haruba village. you can ride wailord to visit capture arena
By: kwikwi1234(318)
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Final Missions (Spoilers) 64%
The gem guardians are:
Lucario, Blue Gem (Almia Castle)
Heatran, Red Gem (Boyleland Volcano)
Cresselia, Yellow Gem (Hippowdon Temple)
Ice will fight you for the blue gem by the two Riolu statues. (You need a Riolu to enter Lucario's chamber) You fight his Froslass.
Lavana will fight you for the Red Gem on the path to Heatran's chamber. You fight her Infernape.
Heath will lure you to Hippowdon Temple disguised as Keith because Keith failed to beat Cresselia. Heath will capture Keith and will force you to trade the Yellow Gem for him. You fight his Magenzone.
After you return, Chairperson Erma and Prof. Hasting will develop "Operation Brighton" to infiltrate the Altru Building. You and Keith will be assigned to rescue Melody and Isaac, recover the Yellow Crystal, and join Wendy and Sven.
After you get to the roof of the main building you will go up one floor and fight each member of the Sinis Trio.
In order:
Heath, Rhyperior, Yellow generator
Lavana, Magmortar, Red (Pink) generator
Ice, Gallade, Blue generator
then All Three in Ice's room
You then go to the top of the Tower. Blake then sends a Dusknoir at you.
You eventually fight Darkrai, who closes his mind to you. More events unfold, then you'll have to fight him one more time.
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Partner Pokemon: Shieldon 64%
Shieldon has an extremely useful Pokeassist. To use it, don't just make a line, draw circles off to the side while the pokemon is attacking. The energy orb will get big, and once the pokemon goes back to walking around regularly, slide it in it's direction. Once it hit it, it cannot use and kind of attack until the bubble above it's head is gone! This worked great to help me beat Cresselia.
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More understandable then the other mispelled ones. 63%
These are the gem guardians later in the game.
Blue Gem:Lucario
Red Gem:Heatren
Yellow Gem:Cressila
Once you get the yellow gem, you have to trade it for Keith because he failed to capture the Cressila and Heath captured him and you battle a Magenzone.
After that, you go on a mission to rescue Issac and Melody because Issac went back to Team Dim Sun to save his sister.
The password for the elevator is "Melody."
You battle these three in order:Heath,Ice then Lavana.
Heath has Electrive
Ice has Garchomp
Lavana is for you to figure out on your own without me telling you.
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Whare to recapture boss pokemon and the 3regis! 59%
Electevire-oil field hidout
Magmartar-volcano cave
Magnezone-cargo ship
Regice-almia castle
Registeel-chroma ruins
Regirock-vine forest
Frostlass-almia castle
Darkrai-special mission-liberate the tower
Dusknoir-hippowdon temple
Palkia-extra missions-Palkia in harbua desert
Dialga-extra missions-Dialga in hia valley
By: brogan(84)
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Styler cheat 58%
Sometimes if you keep spinning the styler when the pokemon attcking if you spin at the right speed you can avoied the attck sometimes but one mistake and the styler gets damged
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A nifty little secret 57%
There is a hidden alter where Erma Hasting and the schools principal had started ther dreams of ther occupation its under the pledge stone just get a rampardos to tackle it and talk to the pricipal and he'll give you a key to do the quest. Then unlock the journal
By: show913(68)
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Facing Heatran Tip 57%
When you face Heatran in Boyleland you can easily win by taking the Raichu by the save machine near Heatran's cave.When you face Heatran and your styler energy is about 20 you use Richu's recharge power to get your power up to 50.Then,your ready to finish off Heatran.
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Where To Catch Magnezone, Electrivire, and Infernape 55%
Magnezone: After beating the game you can find it on the cargo ship in the room with the moving boxes and voltorbs.

Electrivire: After beating the game you can find in the abandoned oil factory in kincaid's quauters.

Infernape: obviously after you beat the game -_- you can find it in the right side of th boyle volcano on the bridge on the way to heatran. Hope this helps!
By: show913(68)
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Clue 55%
U noe a pk that your struggleing wiff poison gas attackz well you can blow da poison gas away wiff blowin on your mic
By: pokemon master2(38)
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Starters Info. 55%
The 3 starter are Starly, Pachirusu, and Munchlax.
Munchlax is in quest #41(if not chosen as starter)
Starly is in quest#42(if not chosen as starter)
Pachirusu takes the place of the choosen pokemon in a quest (if not chosen as starter)
By: Turtwig528(82)
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Celebi help + other help 54%
On the last quest in order to catch Celebi and restore the forest you have to catch Celebi on a Doduo.(by the Celebi is weak and easy to capture) your Reward is Supreme Defense. Ok I've beaten the battle arena 20 times and noticed on the last arena battle (Salemence, Charizard, and Flygon.) The best partner Pokemon is Pacharisu, or any Eletric Pokeassist. And to notify a mistake on How to Catch Electrivire, Infernape, And Magnezone I put Charizard's Location insteads of Infernape's.
By: show913(68)
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.... 53%
When a pk use a attack lik poison gas blow on the mic ta get da poison out of da screen
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All pokemon partners that stay 52%
hippopotas,mime jr,misdrevious
By: kademercer(170)
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Partner pokemon 52%
Your first partner pokemon can either be munchlax,starly,or pachirisu.You can get more partner pokemon later in your adventure by doing quest.I`ll name a few partner pokemon that you can get krickeot,cranidos, croagunk,and turtwig.You can only have one partner pokemon with you at a time.Your other partner pokemon go to the partner farm.Located at chicole village if you want to swich your partner pokemon go to the partner farm and click on the pokemon you want as your partner pokemon with your stylus and then click yes and now you have your partner pokemon.
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Easy regigigass capture 48%
You know that when he steps he sends out damage waves that do 18 points damage? Well, just draw 1 loop around him after every wave. Then go crazy when he stops. Walla! Easy capture. Note - he doesn't follow you around.
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Staraptor before regi! 48%
You have to complete the staraptor quest before you get the regi's because you need the regis to get regigigas and you need to complete all the quests to get a pokemon that you should find last!
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Best Poke Assist 48%
I say poison.It stops the friendship meater from going down.
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Shieldion is the best partner pokemon because making loops makes the ball of energy and it can be over the pokemon and keeps them from attacking.
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Pokemon powah 47%
Your pokemon have helpful abbbilities even outside of fights
batteris charged- electricor magnetic pokemon can charge you up on the field so take one with you for emergencies
By: kwikwi1234(318)
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Swablu is not in pokemon ranger shadows of almia 46%
That thing at chroma ruins entrance is actually an Altaria the evolved form of swablu
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Beating the sharpedo mission 45%
Ok someof yall r gonna have problems on thhis one ok but its the easiest mission from here on out trust me. ok ull get voicemailed,hell tell you how to do it ok when you see it have your styler already on the sreen use your key pad to push your self in current,the make sure you dont hit the wall and keep doing it on ull hit three the see one going up DONT HIT IT its one he made to slow you down avoid it and keep trying folks
By: kademercer(170)
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How to defeat Team Dim Sun'sToxicroak 44%
You will need three Elekids to defeat Toxicroak for good!
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Pokeasst 42%
Ok a boss fire type is battling you and you have a water,fire,groundand flying asst's fires weak 2 water and ground so first use ground after the time runs out auickly use water if not ull have the friendsip bar disappear and ull have only1/2 of my directions done
By: kademercer(170)
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266...? 41%
After you capture 266 pokemon You've finnaly won right WRONG the last boss is .. why none other than RegiGiggas of course who can be found at a new section of Hippodown temple
By: Turtwig528(82)
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Waekness watch 40%
Know your pokemon's weak ppoints and the attacks they use
pokemon attacks weaknesses
cresselia phychic ball ghost
gliscor mud puddle grass
kindra soundwake electric
By: kwikwi1234(318)
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Guardians Of Stones Spolier 40%
Btw, They are untamable.

Lucario, Blue Stone
Heatran, Red Stone
Cressiella, Yellow Stone
By: ST30x10D(194)
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Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

2 rampardos 39%
The easiest strategy would be to use mawille and cherrims pokeassist and when he drops rocks do 1 circle in-between him dropping rocks

hope it helps bye
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

How to catch team dim sun's 2 rampardos 37%
What I had was ( not including starter) Blastoise, 2 mawile, and a cherium. You use those pokemon and it is easier to catch the rampardos.
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Croegon 33%
To find croegon go to the school brige
By: turtwig fire(9)
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Celebi 32%
You cannot fill your browser until you beat all the quests.
By: Infernape77(14)
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Tip on catching darkri! 30%
First,you should make your styler level higher. Also you should practice on catching pokemon. And last make sure you have your DS pen with you. Hope it helps! :-)
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Get the blue gem mission 29%
To get lucario watch the scene then this is where it starts! watch ot for his worst attacks...,then he'll give you the gem!
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

How 2 defeat darkrai 29%
To defeat darkrai beat the sinis trio and then destroy the circuit balls and defeat dusknoir and then you can defat darkrai but it will always be +0 and earlier ypu should have gotten the vatonage styler and then the beams of the gems will be put into your styler and then you can capture darkrai
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Where to Catch Tangrowth 24%
To find tangrowth just break the rock near the ranger school and then fight in there that's pretty much all you have to do.
By: show913(68)
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Where you get your partener pokemon 21%
1.On the first day thing at the beach where the pokemon kinda attack. partner farm.
3.Save cranidos from wartortle at beach
By: Munchlax25(164)
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 18%
To get max everything go to the pause menu and press L R A B repeat it 4 times and you have max everything
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Stiler level 18%
Hit x y a b l r in this order to level up stiler level to 99

By richgear5555
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Hint 18%
Get Munchlax as your partner
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Round and round 17%
Master the loopy arts
if pokemon attack the capture line that you draw, your styler will get damaged and the line will be broken. fortunately unlike the first game, you dont have to start over. instead a decreasing friendship meter will give you time to start loopoing again . dont let it run out compleatly.
By: kwikwi1234(318)
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

My way to capture Toxicroak and the Rattatas of Team Dim Sun 14%
You need four Electric Pokemon.One for the Rattatas and three and four for the Toxicroak.
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Capture Arena 11%
To get to the capture arena just complete the game and ride the wailord to the capture arena
By: Yugiohguy1(123)
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of darkness 8%
Have a lv.100 kekleon on your team
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

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