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Sally's Salon Cheats for NDS
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Sally's Salon NDS Cheats

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Sally's Salon

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Customer Types 100%
Description: There are 12 types of customers, each with different levels of tipping and patience.

Average Tips & ImpatientFemale student
Average Tips & PatientWoman with brown skirt, man with grey pants, prom queen (little pink dress), male student
Bad Tips & ImpatientPunk boy and Goth girl
Bad Tips & Very patientGrandma and grandpa
Good Tippers & ImpatientBusinesswoman, businessman, bride (pink dress with tiara)
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Purchases 100%
Description: At the beginning of the game, save money to hire a hair washer and hair dryer. The coffee and a barista is somewhat useful to have when you are having difficulty. Get as many extras as possible as soon as you can (for example, an extra hair washing chair, extra waxing station, etc.), and as soon as you can, buy the candles. They are very helpful with impatient customers.
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Money 100%
Description: To get money easily, replay levels. After you have newer equipment you can gain more money.
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