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Petz: Horsez Club Cheats for PC
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Petz: Horsez Club PC Cheats

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Petz: Horsez Club

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

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Petz: Horsez Club 507974How do you beat the 2 player game on level two I cant reach the gold check marks? Answers: 3
Petz: Horsez Club 400169Where is the last horse on petz horse club for the pc? Answers: 5
Petz: Horsez Club 406058Does anyone know how to install this game (pc)? I can't get it to work on my computer. Answers: 2
Petz: Horsez Club 485460Where is Adonis in Petz Horse Club? Answers: 2
Petz: Horsez Club 534078How do you make the Petz Horse Club for WII a 2 player game Answers: 0
Petz: Horsez Club 773970How do you approach the Foal in the beginning of the game? Its a PC one. Answers: 1
Petz: Horsez Club 775140I try to wash my horse in the tour trial on pc but I cant spray the mice can you tell me whats going on? Answers: 1
Petz: Horsez Club 812030Any tips on winning gold for the 2 player level 8 bonus game? Answers: 0
Petz: Horsez Club 861519I have bred a lot of horses in Petz Horse club PC and I was wondering if the ones I bred if I could lke set them free and how? so that the reserve starts getting bigger but not my pasture which holds A LOT that I want free ? Please help ... Answers: 0
Petz: Horsez Club 869514How do I get back into town after I get the book for the old man in the shop, so that I can get the cards...? Answers: 0
Petz: Horsez Club 898726Is there a way to breed horses but set them free in the zones ? Becuase there is only one foal in all the zones. Answers: 1
Petz: Horsez Club 957645I can't seem to continue my game. is it a demo or something? Answers: 0
Petz: Horsez Club 960607My petz horses game for the pc used to work, but now it won't even pop up when I put it in the computer! What can I do to fix it? Answers: 0
Petz: Horsez Club 984446What do you do on the chapter where there's a thief in the garden Answers: 0
Petz: Horsez Club 988298Does it crash your computer Answers: 0
Petz: Horsez Club 393382Where in adonis in petz horse club pc. Answers: 3
Petz: Horsez Club 541902When I play Petz:horses club it lets me play for a few seconds then my screen freezes and the outside of my screen goes pink. after a few minutes it unfreezes and lets me play for a few seconds more and freezes all over again Answers: 2
Petz: Horsez Club 820015I installed the PC game on my computer, and I get through the loading the game and everything, but then the screen goes black and the words come up (sometime after the people talk) and then the screen goes into a swirly red yellow color, and I can't see anything! Help! Answers: 1
Petz: Horsez Club 908956How do you set a horse into the professors hands?by the way its pc Answers: 1
Petz: Horsez Club 913761How do you get the man down from the rope Answers: 1
Petz: Horsez Club 655244In Petz:horse club for PC does anything romantic develop between Liam and Lily? Answers: 2
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