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Call of Duty: World at War Cheats for WII
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Call of Duty: World at War WII Cheats

Rating: 3.9/5 VOTE
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Call of Duty: World at War

Rating: 3.9/5 VOTE

Hints for blow toorch 100%
In blowtorch crocksere blow up the buildings with a statcher charge
NEW Cheat Please Vote !!
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Screw the dogs. 88%
On any level that has water, such as makin, just go into the water and the dogs will not follow. there is a spot on the castle under the bridge, and on the hill. go to the water fall. the dogs will not find you. otherwise I just granade myself so that who ever sent the dogs dosn't get the kill or the points.
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Weapon Upgrades 88%
Description: Get a certain number of kills with the weapons listed below for the desired upgrade(s):

Aperture Sight for Gewehr 4375 kills (Gewehr 43)
Aperture Sight for M1A1 Carbine75 kills (M1A1 Carbine)
Aperture Sight for MP4075 kills (MP40)
Aperture Sight for PPSh-4125 kills (PPSh-41)
Aperture Sight for STG-4475 kills (STG-44)
Aperture Sight for SVT-4075 kills (SVT-40)
Aperture Sight for Thompson75 kills (Thompson)
Aperture Sight for Type 10025 kills (Type 100)
Bayonet for Arisaka75 kills (Arisaka)
Bayonet for Kar98K75 kills (Kar98K)
Bayonet for M1 Garand75 kills (M1 Garand)
ayonet for M1897 Trench Gun75 kills (M1897 Trench Gun)
Bayonet for M1A1 Carbine100 kills (M1A1 Carbine)
Bayonet for Mosin-Nagant75 kills (Mosin-Nagant)
Bayonet for Springfield25 kills (Springfield)
Bayonet for Type 9975 kills (Type 99)
Bipod for BAR25 kills (BAR)
Bipod for Browning M191925 kills (Browning M1919)
Bipod for DP-2825 kills (DP-28)
Bipod for FG4225 kills (FG42)
Bipod for MG4225 kills (MG42)
Bipod for Type 9925 kills (Type 99)
Box Magazine for M1A1 Carbine150 kills (M1A1 Carbine)
Dual Magazines for MP40150 kills (MP40)
Extended Clip for Type 10025 kills (Type 100)
Flash Hider for M1 Garand25 kills (M1 Garand)
Flash Hider for M1A1 Carbine25 kills (M1A1 Carbine)
Flash Hider for STG-4425 kills (STG-44)
Flash Hider for SVT-4025 kills (SVT-40)
Grip for Double Barreled Shotgun25 kills (Double Barreled Shotgun)
Grip for M1897 Trench Gun25 kills (M1897 Trench Gun)
Rifle Grenade for Arisaka150 kills (Arisaka)
Rifle Grenade for Gewehr 43150 kills (Gewehr 43)
Rifle Grenade for Kar98K150 kills (Kar98K)
Rifle Grenade for M1 Garand100 kills (M1 Garand)
Rifle Grenade for Mosin-Nagant150 kills (Mosin-Nagant)
Rifle Grenade for Springfield75 kills (Springfield)
Round Drum for PPSh-4175 kills (PPSh-41)
Round Drum for Thompson150 kills (Thompson)
Sawed-Off Shotgun75 kills (Double Barreled Shotgun)
Sniper Scope for Arisaka25 kills (Arisaka)
Sniper Scope for Kar98K25 kills (Kar98K)
Sniper Scope for M1 Garand150 kills (M1 Garand)
Sniper Scope for Mosin-Nagant25 kills (Mosin-Nagant)
Suppressor for Gewehr 4325 kills (Gewehr 43)
Suppressor for MP4025 kills (MP40)
Suppressor for Thompson25 kills (Thompson)
Suppressor for Type 10025 kills (Type 100)
Telescopic Sight for FG4275 kills (FG42)
Telescopic Sight for STG-44100 kills (STG-44)
Telescopic Sight for SVT-40150 kills (SVT-40)
Telesopic Sight for Gewehr 43100 kills (Gewehr 43)
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Tips for Online Play 88%
-If dogs are coming at you, run at them and when they jump, knife them and they will die automatically.

-If you are sniping, do not automatically go into scope. Look for a enemy with normal sight and when you see one, then scope. Tip: Don't scope too long on an enemy that is standing still. Chances are that he may be sniping you! If this happens, RUN!)

-If you are fighting another player who has a machine gun, throw a gernade and then run backwards. Either the other guy will get killed by the gernade or hunch back as far into a corner as they can, take this opportunity to either run or shoot.

-Most people like to make themselves look cool and hide in unnecasary places, the best place you could look is in a tree. This is a favorable hiding spot online.

-During a recon plane, run as much as you can. This will juke up the opponent and they will get messed up on your location. If you have the camaflouge perk on, do not worry about it.

-During an artillery strike, try to find either an underground passage or a place that you would if someone were there shooting bullets. This will protect you from most of the damage but if the artillery lands right on you, you are f***ed.

-If you do not like gernades repeling back at you, here is a nice trick. Hold the gernade button. That is called cooking a gernade. When you hold it and then release it, the opponent will not be able to through it back. But do not hold on too long or it will blow up in your hand!

-When in a messy battle, duck and fight. Try to find a bunch of dead bodies and duck among them. Most likely, your opponent will go right past you. Tip: Doing this when you are sniping is an excellent strategy to get kills without being noticed. You can also knife on the ground so if someone runs in front of you or is passing you, give them a nice one in the leg with your knife. It is a one hit kill.

-Some attachments: Bayonets-suck. Aperture sight-very good. Silencer or flash hider- do not use it. Anything that is a scope-good.

-The best combination for a perk is: fast reloding, Extra ammo, and martydom. This is the key to getting easy kills. If you do not have these perks than, steady aim, juggernaut, bazuka. Use bazuka only if you want to get multiple kills on people that are hiding in a room. Don't be a rocket noob and use it all the time.

-Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for reading!
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Fast xp in world at war for the wii 87%
On the map called makin, there is an excellent spot to sit and kill people. it is under the stairs that go into the big round hut. I got more than 50 kills with a silenced mp40 there in one match. thats 500 xp! plus I got recon plane artillery and dogs. when I combined them all, I got more than 3000 xp with achievments included. there is a similar spot in dome. you climb up on this little wooden platform on the bottom right hand corner with any kind of gun and headshots are easy. plus no one can find you if you lie down. it is best to use a silenced or suppressed weapon though. there are many spots like this all over all the maps. find em and start killing! once you get to 65, you unlock a flamethrower so you will not need this strategy anymore. just run around and use a browning and flamethrower with a magnum, tabun gas, and frag grenade. the flamethrower is in perk 1. martyrdom is also usefull as well as tossback. and achievments are the key to leveling up. keep switching weapons once you've completed all the achievments you can for it. this is the fastest way of leveling up.
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COD WaW cheats 87%
On the Cliff-side map if you go to the side that the Marines on, there is a giant rock right in front of them ... Now you may of had others gamers shoot and kill you from underground, well, this rock hold the portal to the glitch that the have taken advantage of.
Now what you do is walk up to this rock and look for a light colored line that travels up the width of the rock, this may be hard noting that there is another line similar to the one that I'm referring to, the one you want is the lighter of the two. The only dangers really are falling of the edge to your death and enemy artillery. If you need farther help find me [1stRECON]LD... and knife me 2 times (as long as your on my team) and I'd be happy to show you.

P.S. Don't be afraid to join my clan[1stRECON]
I'm currently creating a clan site.
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Window glich in upheavel 86%
If you are in upheavel if you are in red army then the building on the side of you the other side has two red things there is a window on the right run towards the right egde but while you are in air press c on nunchuck go towards the window if you don`t understand then I will give you my friend code which is 034591185469 I will also show you how to go uderground in Makin and Cliffside and a lot more cheats in different places I saw this one guy go underground in Castle I will try to look for it please rate and vote
By: The Shadow(273)
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Multiplayer Rewards 86%
Description: Achieve the rank [listed below in table] for the respective reward(s).

Level 2Trench Gun(shotgun), Walther
Level 31911 Colt, Springfield(sniper)
Level 4Arisaka, BAR
Level 6Gewehr 47
Level 10Molotov Cocktail, MP40
Level 11Clan Tag
Level 13DP-28
Level 17M1 Garand
Level 21Mosin-Nagant
Level 25Type 100
Level 29Double-Barreled Shotgun
Level 33MG42
Level 37STG-44
Level 41Kar98k
Level 45FG42
Level 49.357 Magnum
Level 53PPSh-41
Level 57PTRS-41
Level 61Browning M1919
Level 65M1A1 Carbine
Prestige Level 1 Custom Class Slot 6
Prestige Level 2 Custom Class Slot 7
Prestige Level 4 Custom Class Slot 8
Prestige Level 7 Custom Class Slot 9
Prestige Level 10 Custom Class Slot 10
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Call of Duty: World at War (Wii) - Hints and Tips 86%
The following gameplay tips will help enjoy Call of Duty: World at War a little more.
These tips can be used for any version of the game and have been provided by Activision.

Weapon Management
You can only carry two guns at a time so make sure you maximize your arsenal. Always switch weapons and pay attention to what you are carrying before you pick up a new one. You do not want to lose that Flamethrower!

Countering Banzai Attacks
If you fail to shoot down a charging enemy, you can counter the Banzai attack with a melee move. This must be performed quickly before the on-screen prompt disappears or it is game over!

Cooking Grenades
In order to prevent enemies from throwing back your grenades, you should 'cook' them before tossing them. This is done by holding down the Grenade button for a few seconds (just a few!) before tossing it. Don't hold onto a live grenade too long or it'll blow up in your hand! Cooking is obviously not recommended when you are throwing back an enemy grenade.

Death Cards
Secret Death Cards can be found on certain levels in the game. Death Cards can be used in co-op mode to create special 'cheat' effects that add different twists to the game. Look for Death Cards on helmets propped up by rifles stuck in the ground (like makeshift graves).

Listen to Your Commander
Not sure what to do next? When you hear the name "Miller" or "Demitri" that is you, soldier! Roebuck or Sullivan will sometimes instruct you to cover fire, throw a smoke grenade, etc. - so pay attention!

Zombie Mode - Natch der Untoten!
For a little fun Call of Duty: World at War includes a mini-game as an unlockable bonus if you complete the Solo Campaign. Start with a pistol and work your way up, as you scramble to defend your cabin from a post-war zombie invasion!

Zombie Mode - Fight to Survive
Earn points to purchase weapons, upgrades, cabin space and more. With each round the zombies become faster and more aggressive, increasing the sense of panic as you try to survive as the last human standing!

Zombie Mode - Co-op Play
The fun factor multiplies in co-op mode when you team up with others and tackle the never ending frenzy. Work together or horde points in competitive play. Tip: You will not get far alone.

Zombie Mode - Arcade-style Fun
Featuring arcade-style pickups, bonuses, and scoring system, "Natch der Untoten" is actually a game within a game that involves plenty of strategy and skill. It's an addictive challenge that rounds out the most feature packed COD game to date.
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How to get on to the roof on Upheaval for Wii 86%
In the middle of the stage there is a completely blown up house.Depending on what side your on to left or right you will see a building with a bookcase.Go towards the end of the bookcase closest to the house and mount your gun for about 5 seconds then unmount your gun.You will start to float and wait till you stop floating.Start walking to the house beside you or jump to it.You are now on top of the roof.If you want you can jump to the building beside it.P.S. you have to have a gun with a bipod.
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On top of upheaval house 86%
Start as red army, go to the popular sniping spot to the right, up the stairs, go to the window then jump on the ledge. move along really carefull and jump to the black bars. then go to the edge of the bars and move forward. then you go up the black bars on the other side of where you got on. then you are on the roof!
By: cod5wiimaster(60)
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Roof spot on castle 82%
So there is this building I usually throw a grenade or somthing in it but that building you get on the window go to your right dont sprint just slowly move to it after that your on a sighn kinda thing you move to the building and then you will be on the roof and when you play with people that like to camp on the that tower it will make everthing a lot easier coolkid
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How to get into boot camp at any level! 79%
First go to any type of match, then wait until is says match beginning in 3,2 etc. then press b, then in the last 3 seconds press a+b at the same time. you will appear on wi-fi screen. go back on to wi-fi connection. your level will not appear. then go to find match and boot camp will be eligible! I once got 67 kills in boot camp against a level 40. I killed the guy 39 times!
By: cod5wiimaster(60)
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Places to hide from dogs on hangar 78%
Firstly houses if you know how to get onto them with a satchel or bazooka and if you go into that little place right next to the hangar place some betties by the stairs it will get 2-4 dogs or if you have the skill to just knife the dogs there and if you need help with how to get onto some buildings here's my fc my name is urself 150630326646
By: codwawrox(144)
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Places to hide from dogs on upheavel 77%
Hey guys I am back with yet another not really cheat but hint so the first thing you can do is place betties going up the stairs of any house and you should be fine (until both are used) 2 if you don't know hot ill try and help you get onto some buildings idk how to really satchel/bazooka jump and on the burning house there is that window to the side with the barrels you can jump and crouch through there dogs will not follow 4 is you can just spawn in that cheap spot the hidden house
By: codwawrox(144)
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Sucker In The Trap 73%
For you guys that have betties in any in doors place you r in leave betties sorounding a partner and get out of there.If there r alot of guys in there help you're partner A.S.P.
By: kool guy(92)
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Get ANY Perk YOU WANT 72%
If you want to get any perk you want you must have two accounts in the game one thats has the perk you want and one thats doesn't.First go to the perk you want(works for all perks 1,2 and 3)highlight the perk you want then change to your other account go to the perk and it will apear on the screen.I USED MY LEVEL 4 ACCOUNT AND KILLED 32 PEOPLE WITH M2 FLAME THROWER
Call of Duty: World at War cheat video Cheat Video
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Courtyard easy kill(s) 71%
I'm back with another hint or whatever you want to call it but this time at the beginning of courtyard you can throw you grenade on the opposite side of the stage from where you are starting a little to the right or left or even satchels if they like to camp on those thingys you should try to get as close to that wall thingy and throw it hope it helps
By: codwawrox(144)
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Places to hide from dogs on cliffside 71%
Mostly you can just hide on rocks and stuff but the only place I know is in the sniping place in the middle of the map and if you guys don't get any of places where they were here's my fc I can show you my name is urself 150630326646
By: codwawrox(144)
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Fast XP 71%
Get dogs then grenade yourself.
Release dogs and you'll get them again then keep grenading yourself everytime you get them!
By: cod007(10)
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Weirdest thing ever...(weirder than promoting by dead bodies) :) 70%
When I came into game called 'Boot Camp', I saw that there was 12 players allowed...AND...while we was playing, we started again, when we started new battle all of us had over 10000 xp by killing.I was unlucky because I was on level 65 :(((((
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Menu mod 70%
Call of duty world at war menu mod hack
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How to get into boot camp at any level!!! 69%
So to get into boot camp at any level you first have to enter into a teamdeath match game and in the last 4 seconds when the game is about to begin you click the b button and go to leave game and click a and b buttons at the same time if done right then once you go to pick a type of game you will see boot camp open this glitch works at any level from 1-65 and prestige 1-10!

So get ready to pwn some begginers!
But you have to do this glitch every time you shut off your will consel or quit the game.
By: Manmeet Dev(89)
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Places to hide from dogs on dome 69%
The first place is on the rail across from the ladder place you can go up the dogs wont follow 2 is the ladder place itself but I think it is easy to be spotted so unless you really know the spot up there to be totally covered yeah and 3 is up on the long rail place some betties going up the stairs and then go into the corner by the rail and you can be covered
By: codwawrox(144)
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Get on roof at makin (also a good snipering place) 69%
So you know were that hose is that is up the ladder, turn left going down the track and it should end. go up the ramp in front of you. turn left. go down that lane. you should see a couple of boxes. jump on them and get on the fence. jump on the roof.

(I reccomend you get the springfeild with scope and stay proned)

Please don't steal of me. :)
By: mitchell1123(59)
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Just a little hint 69%
If you guys like sniping and ambushing then just get second chance id say you have it best with betties as your blue first perk second chance as your green second perk and either deep impact or martyrdom as your red last perk and add me my name is urself I have no friends :( but you can change that :)
By: codwawrox(144)
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Makin Glitches 69%
Start off as marine raiders go on the railing of the starting point, put a satchel down on railing and satchel jump.

If you start as the imperial army there is a railing on the 1st house on the map. pull yourself onto the railing then jump into the roof. most people know this glitch.

while you are in the roof you can jump out behind it and fall into water. from there and onwards you can knife people under the map.

hope this helps
By: cod5wiimaster(60)
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Gasy Dogs 67%
When attacked by dogs throw tabun gas or smoke bombs so the dogs can stop and you can shoot them or escape
By: kool guy(92)
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Quick Kill on Story mode 67%
Ambush the enemy(quickly run at them and shoot)since it takes time for them to shoot.
By: kool guy(92)
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Ready On Hanger 67%
Quckly when the game starts go inside the hanger and go on the side where the Marine Raiders, place betties on the stairs, wait for the enemy to come,and shoot with you're gun of choice(my gun of choice is machine guns,submachine guns, or a rifle.
By: kool guy(92)
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Zombies der ries 67%
La guns down fly high and boost
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Zombies der ries 67%
La guns down fly high and boost
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Online Strategy 66%
On COD 5 just after you release the dogs, if you get a kill streak of 7, automaticly kill yourself. Then when youre dogs are killing all the people you will get recon planes again(kill streak of 3), artillery again(kill streak of 5) or sometimes you even get the dogs again.
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Glitches on cliffside 64%
Under the map:) Go to the where the marines start and find the two rocks connected. Then go to the bigger side (where the spikes are). Then find the big line on it. Then go a little to the right. Find the second line. Then Jump and walk right smack dead in the middle of the line. If correct you will be under the map. If you can't move just jump forward.

Over the Box) Go to imperial start. Go to the left fences. See the HUGE rock the box is in? Go to the left side of the fence (all the way to the end). Keep jumping straight up forward until you land on a ledge. Then jump forward again before you fall. If done correctly, move left over the box :)

Out of Map a little:} Two ways:) First, go to where you got onto the box. Then I THINK it is the second largest. It is pointy. Go all the way to the left of the rock. then jump on the fence. You should see the pointy part and in the middle a line. Then aim at the tip but a BE A little to the right until your out. Then the bunker. Go to the imperial side and face the bunkers. The right is the correct one. Jump then crouch into the right bars.
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Kill dogs easily 63%
To kill dogs without getting hurt go towards the dog(dont run)then when you think your near enough move backwards and knife/bayonet it

NOTE:if you use a boyonet you will have a less chance that you will kill it
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How to float in air at dome 63%
You know that wheard statue that you can get on but not all the way you need machinegun with a biopad and dont get on it go on one of the edges and put your biopad thear a Boom an elavator dog cant get you ps.if any body sees your dead if needing this or any cheat from me just put this number on wii ond give me your wii number. mine is 3990 5670 0539 2713
By: theloudmouth(49)
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Tip by chase 62%
If you need flamethrower on a low level then go to any level 65 and hylite it an go back (clike b three times) and chose any other low person (that has to be level 4 or higher) go online and to any class and go to the perk that you wanted and its ther p.s.-works with any perk.
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Hidden in the grass 61%
In online multiplayer mode, hide in the grass and wait for enemies to come towards you.
they will think that you are just a dead body and when they come towards you, you can slash them or shoot them, this is also good for snipering. (but if you see someone aim at you then just RUN!
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Sunbeam Survivor's Words 61%
Here is a best hint for CODWAW 5 wi-fi tips: If you are armed with perk 1 flamethrower, use them to burn people that are hiding in grassy ares in Upheaval, hiding in shady areas in through walls like Dome and Makin, and hiding in tighty areas. Flamethrowers are unlimited- so you can use them as much as you like for your back-up weapon.
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Get recon plane, artillery, dogs over and over 59%
When you get the dogs dont use them until you die and you might get another recon plane or artillery or dogs.
By: kirby520(106)
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Makin 59%
Go to the Imperial Army base jump the fence two times and jump to the roof-Make shure you have a sniper(springfield, moising, kar98...) and camouflage.

srry about the english i'm brazilian
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Oh my a new way to...FLOAT? in upheavel 58%
Do you know where the ladder place is of course you do so go over some and you will see a broken bookshelf soo you have to have a bipod to do this so go to the boook shelf and you will see a box right beside it so stand on the box then take your bipod and open it to lay on the book shelf and look all the way up not -> , not
By: rainyday1157(252)
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Weirdest glitch ever! 57%
I was in my mid level 40s before prestige 1. connection went laggy. I shot a bunch of guys with lagging and it kept promoting me! I unlocked everything!
By: cod5wiimaster(60)
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Online wii cheats 56%
On the cliffside if your on the marine raders the first rock you see you can jump on a specific corn and fall under ground where you cant b e shoot but can shoot
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Hidden in the dead 56%
In multiplayer mode hide in a dead guys body and wait for a while till an enemy comes towrd u. If you die then you die but if you survive then find another body to hide in because someone might have seen u.
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Upheavel easy kill(s) 56%
When your starting a match on upheavel you can throw a grenade or use you bazooka to get players on the opposing team some like to ambush or some like to stay in that burning house and snipe the f*** out of your head or anywhere else but I like to throw a grenade fall back and wait a little I hope this help and add me my name is urself im lonely somebody help meeee lol byee guys 150630326646
By: codwawrox(144)
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My best class 56%
STG-44 (Telscopic Sight
Perk 1: M2 Flamethrower
Perk 2: Overkill
Perk 3: Martyrdom
Primary Grenade: Sticky
Special Grenade: Tabun Gas
By: cod5wiimaster(60)
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Cod 5 waw cheats wii 55%
How to get on top of upheveal First have a bipot then go near the small house where the ladder is then there will be a book shelf there then mount your weapon the look down then Press - so your weapon is not mounted then you will float up on this roof
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Underground 55%
On the level Makin there is a roof you can go on... there is actually alot but this one is at the right side of the map. it is a rectangular building. you jump on the railing and then on to the roof. when you get on the roof keep going to the rite until you are off the map. when you fall off the building you will hear a splash. go towards the trees and you will be underground. only prob is you can only nife
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Killing 55%
When you have killed someone never straight away run to the body there could of used martydom!
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Their land their blood 55%
In the mission their land their blood, you hear some weird things. When you have to blow up the German truck , you see some Nazis near a tent. Kill them and you will hear a strange argument in the tent. Listen closely.Two soldiers are fighting about who is a better football player, Vidic or Deco. Try it.
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Window glitch in upheave read its a reallyb good onel 55%
Ok when your going to the top of the burned down house when you come up the stairs on the right theres a window jump on the window and walk out sid but be sure not to fall off you stand outside people will come in it will show there nam jump out and shout them or knife them
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A tip for upheavel 55%
If you like to spawn or don't like to spawn you should place betties where you think the opponent(s) will go I personally think the house where dogs cant follow the burning house and the house across it with one window so thats just me hope it help and add me my name is urself 15063036646
By: codwawrox(144)
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The Killing Circle 55%
Have you had 1 of those times that you and some1 else go around in a circle and I of you die well hers the answer.Quicly get on the enemys side and nife them.Second just get out of the circle and shoot the idiot.
By: kool guy(92)
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Go anywhere on any map 55%
When you start click the C A B Buttons at the same time then move.

you can go anywhere you want now.
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Something weird... 55%
Ok on the online map asylum may be linked to zombie verruckt
if you played you know with the fountain and showers and toilets
By: dragoge(1159)
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Sunbeam Survivor's Words 54%
When playing COD WAW wi-fi, when people are using 2nd chance perk, when they are down incapped and there is no enemies around. Hurry go and revive your squad before they get spotted and killed. So the enemies don't get points. Because, I got incapped and people are so lazy and don't EVEN care to revive me. I get killed easily while being incapaped.
By: TainyMontanna(168)
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Call of Duty: World at War (Wii) - Game Play Modes 53%
Veteran Mode
Reach level 32 to unlock Veteran mode.
Veteran mode has much tougher enemies for your co-op pleasure.

Zombie Mode
Succefully complete the campaign to unlock Zombie mode.
Once you complete the game (on any difficulty) the credits will roll and the mini-game will begin, its called Natch der Untoten, which means Night of the Undead. Endless waves of Zombies attack.
By: Toebin(12758)
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Unlimited Ammo (hacked) 53%
In CoD World at War, when you're online in any mode sometimes when you start a match you will notice you will have unlimited ammo. THIS MEANS YOUR BEING HACKED (our your hacking yourself). When this occurs my best stratigie is to have rifle grenades, bazooka or the ppsh-41. When using the rifle grenade I point my zapper or remote in the air and SHOOT then it's raining rifle grenades, I get 3-11 kills this way. Then When using the bazooka, I fire a multiple targets (with bazooka you will NOT have to reload, you will just keep shooting) before you know it you will have at least 4-11 kills and with a very cool explosion! Last with the PPSH-41, I FIRE SHOOT THEM TILL THEY DROP! (one other tip, if you are hacked this way and have unlimited ammo I would put DOUBLE TAP on my ppsh-41). I hope these tips helped and I hope you use these stratigies if hacked!
By: Xbox360Master(39)
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Dome Hint 51%
The best place to be in ,in Dome is the place where the stairs and latter is in you have to have thompson and second chance and bounceing bettys place one of them near the latter and the stairs go to the place that is wide open where enemies can come threw trust me I killed almost 90
By: The Shadow(273)
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A good Sniping spot on Castle 50%
Ok, on Castle, when you start out as the Marine Raiders, look to your right, and see a hole, stay there and plant your Betties. Now, when your there, kill about....2 people then switch to the Dojo. If you kill 2 people and stay there, chances are they will go to where your sniping and counter snipe you if you don't get the hell out of there.

Recommended weapons for this sniping place-

Spring Field...with scope and the PTRS-47.

Submitted by MomsFoxOk
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A cliffside secret "shh! top secret" 50%
You know where that you is in the back where you can go under well when you start go to the large rock and you will see a corner in the rock and beside it is a blurry part get right there and bounce and if you see the bottom of the map go ahead jumping until you fall under the map and if you get suck in the rock back up a bit and try again

thank you by:Raniy Day I will have another cheat out soon
By: rainyday1157(252)
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Cliffside ride 50%
If you stand in the back back there is a crumble up bunker and if you go down some there is a rock if you go down more you see spikes so stand a little farther back from the rock but stay a little ways from the bunker basically in the middle then run and when you get to the spikes jump so you can get on the big rock in front then slide to the right then if you stick there and you can run around on top you did it right if you slide off try again.
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! Man Guard 50%
During battle online if you see someone with a blimp or whatever on there head protect them because it just might help.
By: kool guy(92)
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Bettie blow up 50%
Online if you see a key location that you like to shoot from blocked by a bouncing bettie just take out your pistol look down the sights and shoot it and it should blow up in a huge firey explosion so keep your distance when using this
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Great sniping place 48%
On Makin the long building on the left end of the map the railing crouch on it try to jump on to the roof go all the way to the right go prone this is only for snipers.
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Level up faster 48%
The is a fun way to level up faster. to do this you want to play hardcore team deathmatch because it is pretty much one shot, one kill.
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Beat the game 48%
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Hint from (justin ko again) 46%
When your not in a fight make sure to reload the enemies most likely to charge you when you reload so becareful out there. I will look for more helpful information
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Good custom classes for high levels by davis 46%
Machine gun (any type that works for u), over kill (if you have it) another good gun only if you have overkill if not the magnum then flamethrower then choose perk 2 and perk 3 and perk 1 if you do not have flamethrower
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How to get 2 guns no pistol 46%
If you want two guns well you have to kill alot of enemies or you might not get it. I got mine like at level 35 but yuor supposed to get it around level 50-59.
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Flamethrower at L.v.4 46%
1st you need a character that is a L.v.65 and another character that is atleast a Lv4 or higher.Highlight the flamethrower(click on the flamethrower) on the Lv 65 character go to you're other character and highlight tthe flamethrower and thats it.You can do the same with other perks and if it does'nt work make both characters be friends.
By: kool guy(92)
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The Cat Attack 46%
There r characters who have cat in ther name, well dont beleave this is a regular battle.The cats makes bullets into missils and grenade,but if you're againts the cats just shoot there partners because nothing can kill them unless the battle starts of normal.
By: kool guy(92)
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Quick Kill on UPHEAVEL 46%
For you people that like using missils and bolt action rifles and r good with gernades just aim strait ahead and some poor unlukcy sucker is going to get killed
By: kool guy(92)
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Knife fights 45%
I don't know if this works for you but for me it works.When a guy comes up and your starting to knife each other if you have bouncing Betty's place one on the ground while your running around you hopefully have the guy run into it and he will die even if you die from it you will still get the points P.S-hope he does not shoot the Betty that's a problem.
By: warman1001(17)
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Good cheat 45%
Ok if you play call of duty world at war online. wat I did was I got really mad when I was playing and I through my controller at the ground and I picked it back up I got calm for a bit and in 1 minute I got up to 23 kill streaks. and I got up to level 34 and if you go to makin and go under some stairs where you wont get spoted you will level up quick I got 1,000 XP there.thats all I have I will have some cheats for black ops soon hope it works because it works for me.
By: callofduty12312(11)
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Do You Know How To Float In Dome? huh huh do you lol! 45%

first of all I would like to say HI OK now if you go down on the ground where that statues is well you can jump in and walk around not the boarded up one DUH! by the way you need the bi pod so you line you your self up in the corner and open your bi pod then look up and release the bi pod and you'll float up but when you stop jump up high and you'll land on the bar so jump again and hopefully you'll land

ha that funny I made a rhythm by:Rainy Day adios amigos
By: rainyday1157(252)
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Castle stuff 2 45%
U know my last castle stuff that had some incorrect things ok here is what are bad guns for the red castle sniper rifle and shot gun
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The Cat Attack 45%
There r characters who have cat in ther name, well dont beleave this is a regular battle.The cats makes bullets into missils and grenade,but if you're againts the cats just shoot there partners because nothing can kill them unless the battle starts of normal.
By: kool guy(92)
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Bestest Class Ever 45%
PrimaryW: any wepon but not bolt action
SecondaryW:Bolt Action Rifle
PGernade:Frag or the sticky gernade
SGernade: any would do
Perk1:M2 Flamethrower or Betties
Perk3:any perk its youre game
By: kool guy(92)
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Call of duty world at war hint(justin ko) 44%
When you are in forest burn or shoot the grass there might be soldiers with camoflauge with leaves.
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Get rocket launcher 44%
A left up down b b z c
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Standing on a wall 43%
When your on upheavel go to the bulding right next to half burning building and climb out the window a little bit and face to your left and there will be a ledge about 3 feet from the window and its a awsome spot to snipe people

by 88slayer88 FIND ME
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From Wall To Wall 43%
If you r in a place that has been taken away and you want back just shoot through the wall or floor, but be careful they might find out.
By: kool guy(92)
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Sneaky at Upheavel 43%
For this 1 you r going to have a strong perk 1 (satchel charges,betties,flamethrower,or bazooka),but you need to b red army or else its gonna get hard.There is a very popular house next to were the red army starts, but if you r being sorounded go to the window in the back 2nd floor were you can have an easy escape or sneak attacks.
By: kool guy(92)
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The Real Deal 43%
If you r 1 of the players that play alot just imagine its real(find any way to win)and by the time you finish you wont beleave how many kills you made
By: kool guy(92)
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Sucker In The Trap 43%
For you guys that have betties in any in doors place you r in leave betties sorounding a partner and get out of there.If there r alot of guys in there help you're partner A.S.P.
By: kool guy(92)
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Flamethrower at L.v.4 43%
1st you need a character that is a L.v.65 and another character that is atleast a Lv4 or higher.Highlight the flamethrower(click on the flamethrower) on the Lv 65 character go to you're other character and highlight tthe flamethrower and thats it.You can do the same with other perks and if it does'nt work make both characters be friends.
By: kool guy(92)
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Ready On Hanger 43%
Quckly when the game starts go inside the hanger and go on the side where the Marine Raiders, place betties on the stairs, wait for the enemy to come,and shoot with you're gun of choice(my gun of choice is machine guns,submachine guns, or a rifle.
By: kool guy(92)
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Hiding Places! 40%
I was thinking that it would be cool to post HIDING PLACES to snipe from in here. I like to jump onto the mountain from the big rock at the end of the map for cliffside. I also like hiding in the roof of the end building in Makin. Please add your own.
By: CrA5H(24)
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Asylum glitch out of map (private match only) 40%
Start as Wehrmacht, go to the left until you reach a gate. Then simply satchel jump over the gate you will be out of the asylum!

My next glitch will be satchel jumping tutorial!
By: cod5wiimaster(60)
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Satchel jumping tutorial + glitch! 40%
Note: you may wanna do this on cliffside.

To satchel jump just simply put a satchel down, walk on top of it, then detonate the satchel. just an inche before your hand gets back then you jump then move forward.

if you go to the side of the cliff there is a tunnel with some barrels. jump on the barrels and satchel jump up and forward. you will be right next to a popular sniping spot!
By: cod5wiimaster(60)
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Cheat guide for cod waw PC zombie 40%
First go to game options and enable console.Press ~[tidle] and a green box will appear.

type 'sf_use_ignoreammo 1' for ammo cheat
'g_speed' to change player's speed 300 is good
'g_gravity' to change gravity
'god' you are invictible
'noclip' you fly though walls
'ufo' you fly through walls but you cant change altitude so use noclip
'give [weapon name or all]' gives you the weapon you want or all
'take' takes your gun [if you type all it takes even your knife!] be careful you wont have a second gun.You will realise you have 2 colts because if you dont buy a gun and do pack a punch you will have a normal and an upgraded colt!
'kill' you suicide
for commands from:god to kill.You need to type the following command:
'devmap [map name]'
to find map's name type 'mapname'
WARNING:works only on solo otherwise the game will crash.
for points cheat you need to type 3 commands
'arcademode 1'
'zombiemode 0'
'arcademode_score_revive 99999999'[max is 8 numbers]
after that when you revive you are a millionare!
WARNING:if you want ammo cheat too put points cheat first because ammo cheat will be deactivated
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Rapin Fire 39%
To rapid fire go to perk 2 press double tap and there you go.Note this will make your weapon hard to control so aim properly before you shoot

THIS perk only works on sub-machine gun and machine guns
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Glitch sort of 39%
Will when your on last stand/on ground with pistol but when your around a weapon/my pick [mp40] 2 secs to hold minus. if get lucky you'll be holding the gun you were trying to pick up!
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Online Play Tip 38%
If you have played online (Wi-Fi Connection) you probably know how annoying it is when your opponents send dogs to kill you.There are two easy ways to kill the dogs before they kill you. The First: Slash them with you knife when they jump at you. The Second:Set your Primary Grenade as a Molotive Cocktail and when they are coming throw it at them.You may end up killing your self if you're unlucky but once you practice youll get it!
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Preview to online 38%
Whats up.
its drogoge with yet another stratgy (this time for online)
so online is where you battle full on against others tough or new
at lvl4 you can make your own classes with primary weapons and side arms (pistols)
you run around killing others for POINTS
you get bounus XP at the end of each match depending on if you or your team win or lose
XP (experiance) lets you level up to unlock new weapons.
there are 2 maine online modes team deathmatch or free for all
free for all goal kill as much players as you can in limited time
team deathmach. co-operate with others to kill as much people as possible in set time having HEADSETS helps you ORGANIZE strategies against opposing teams
hope this helps! look out for me online my name is OH ME?
p.s watch your back :))
By: dragoge(1159)
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The best costum slot 37%
Browning m1919,357 magnum,frag,m2 flamethrower,and you chouse the perks
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Combat tip 37%
Wherever you are,in online combat or on Campaign mode,I believe it easier to Crouch when fighting or even lay on your stomach.Better chance the enemies wont see you!
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How to beat an ambush 37%
On the first level in the story mode, when you come up to the ambush with a whole lot of dead soldiers. You can kill a majority of the soldiers by tossing a grenade as your Sargent is asking if another squad came through. once the grenade blows the Sargent should still be talking. As the soldiers start to rise, once up they many will start to spin at the same time, and then fall dead. None of them could be shot at once they get up so its all in the boom.
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