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Shaun White Snowboarding Cheats for PS3
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Shaun White Snowboarding PS3 Cheats

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Shaun White Snowboarding

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Shaun White Snowboarding PS3 Unlockable Trophies 69%
Trophy How to unlock

Bronze Trophies

Airmail - You knocked somebody out of the air with a snowball. You jerk

All Aska - All Alaska challenges completed

Baron Von C - You've done so much shredding at Park City that everyone adores you. Good job

Big Run - That was a totally impressive run

Bizzy Bear - All the animals in Alaska now respect your snow shredding prowess

Bonii - Nice. You nailed a bunch of style bonuses in a single jump

Connoisseur - You've ridden a chairlift from bottom to top

Demon Sings - You rock. Start headbanging..... now m/ m/

Dizzy - You make a strange looking helicopter when you spin that much

Dr. Air - You've done an incredibly sick air trick

Dr. Butter - That was one gnarly ground trick

Dr. Jib - That was jibbing at it's finest. What a impressive score

Dropping the Science - That was an awesome sequence of big tricks

Generation 2.0 - Thanks for putting a video online. I bet it will totally be the best one on the internet

Gravity Allergy - That was a lot of hangtime. You must have legs made out of iron

Grouchbedoit - Everyone in Europe thinks you are pretty awesome now. Way to go

High Stakes - You sent those other chumps to the poorhouse, and now you're the richest person I know

It's Only a Game - Wow. You should be dead right now, nice bail

Itto-Ryu - All Japan challenges have been completed

Like a Top - You do longer butter spins than I've ever seen

Living on the Edge - Riding a cliff edge for so long was intense. Maybe not very smart, but very cool

Magnet - You've done so many spins on a single rail, it made me sick just watching

Mathemagician - You had the multiplier maxed out for so long I forgot that it changes

Musashi - Earn a tonne of respect in Japan

New Kid on the Block - You've won an event online. Let's hope this victory is the first of many

Scenester - You've mastered each Style Bonus

Slammy McSlammerton - You've won the Triple Slam

Supa Bounce - You've earned the Big Air focus power

Supa Flash - You've earned the Speed Boost focus power

Supa Powa - You've earned the Power Shove focus power

Terrani - All Europe quests completed

The Gambler - That wasn't much of a gamble. You beat those other riders easy

Touchy Feely - That was so many grabs in a single jump. Are your hands burning?

Trans Flat - That was one loooooooonnnnnggggg butter

Valedictorian - All Park City challenges have been completed

Whitewall - You've earned a cascade of points from a single avalanche

Gold Trophies

Frequent Flyer - All the challenges on each mountain have been completed

Town Bicycle - You've played every challenge multiplayer. Way to go

Y.T.M.N.D. - Incredible. You've beaten Shaun White

Silver Trophies

CAPiTAŽ - Win the CAPiTA SlopeStyle

Ice Worm - Played all challenges online in Alaska

Mardi Gras - Played all challenges online in Park City

Mecha Shredzilla - You have gained a ridiculous amount of respect while playing online

Octoberfest - Played all challenges online in Europe

OMG - You've earned a ridiculous amount of respect

Tanaba - Played all challenges online in Japan

Ultimate Ultimate - You have completed every Ultimate Competition

Platinum Trophy

Platinum Trophy - Unlock all other trophies
By: Toebin(12758)
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Shaun White Snowboarding cheat video Cheat Video
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Wanna be a monkey! 55%
On any hill, go on king of the hill if you disqualify yourself you are wearing a monkey suit.

and I recommend alaska because it has lots of big gaps that you could fall down!

I don't really know but it should work on any platform
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Freebie pack 45%
Get the SW snowboarding freebie pack for free. It comes with some really cool kit!
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46 Trophies
Shaun White Snowboarding - Valedictorian Valedictorian
Prove your mettle at all of the Park City challenges.
Shaun White Snowboarding - Baron Von Connors Baron Von Connors
Earn respect from the riders at Park City.
Shaun White Snowboarding - Grouchbedoit Grouchbedoit
Earn respect from the riders in Europe.
Shaun White Snowboarding - Terrani Terrani
Prove your mettle at all of the European challenges.
Shaun White Snowboarding - Itto-Ryu Itto-Ryu
Prove your mettle at all of the Japan challenges.
Shaun White Snowboarding - Musashi Musashi
Earn respect from the riders in Japan.
Shaun White Snowboarding - All Aska All Aska
Prove your mettle at all of the Alaska challenges.
Shaun White Snowboarding - Bizzy Bear Bizzy Bear
Earn the respect of all the wildlife in Alaska.
Shaun White Snowboarding - Frequent Flyer Frequent Flyer
For this one you will have to prove yourself at every challenge and competition.
Shaun White Snowboarding - Ultimate Ultimate Ultimate Ultimate
How do you become the ultimate of the Ultimate Competitions?
Shaun White Snowboarding - OMG! OMG!
You can never have enough respect!
Shaun White Snowboarding - Slammy McSlammerton Slammy McSlammerton
There is this special event called the Triple Slam. I want you to win it!
Shaun White Snowboarding - Y.T.M.N.D. Y.T.M.N.D.
If you want to be the man (or woman), you've got to beat the man.
Shaun White Snowboarding - Supa Bounce Supa Bounce
If you keep impressing Shaun, he'll teach you how to go really big.
Shaun White Snowboarding - Supa Flash Supa Flash
This is achieved by completing another of Shaun's tasks. Don't worry, it's worth it.
Shaun White Snowboarding - Supa Powa Supa Powa
Get this one by completing Shaun's first task.
Shaun White Snowboarding - Dr. Air Dr. Air
Earn your Ph.D in air tricking.
Shaun White Snowboarding - Dr. Butter Dr. Butter
Snag your snowploma by scoring huge while grounded.
Shaun White Snowboarding - Dr. Jib Dr. Jib
You're going to need a pretty big rail for this one.
Shaun White Snowboarding - High Stakes High Stakes
Bet big and win!
Shaun White Snowboarding - The Gambler The Gambler
You're going to need to put up so dough, and come out victorious.
Shaun White Snowboarding - Generation 2.0 Generation 2.0
Did you know that you can share your edited videos online? Well now you do!
Shaun White Snowboarding - Mardi Gras Mardi Gras
If you want this one, you'll have to get competive with your friends all over Park City.
Shaun White Snowboarding - Octoberfest Octoberfest
Doing challenges with your friends online is the cool thing to do in Europe.
Shaun White Snowboarding - Tanaba Tanaba
Up for a lot of friendly competition in Japan?
Shaun White Snowboarding - Ice Worm Ice Worm
You'll have to try out all the challenges in Alaska online. Come on, it'll be fun!
Shaun White Snowboarding - New Kid on the Block New Kid on the Block
Show you're more than just talk in online competition.
Shaun White Snowboarding - Mecha Shredzilla Mecha Shredzilla
You can never have enough respect from the internet.
Shaun White Snowboarding - Dizzy Dizzy
Try to make yourself puke while airborne.
Shaun White Snowboarding - Scenester Scenester
Not everyone can snowboard with style.
Shaun White Snowboarding - Living on the Edge Living on the Edge
It's a long way down, but you're not afraid of heights are you?
Shaun White Snowboarding - Gravity Allergy Gravity Allergy
Is flying just for the birds?
Shaun White Snowboarding - Trans Flat Trans Flat
It's like doing a really long wheely... but on snow, and without any wheels.
Shaun White Snowboarding - Touchy Feely Touchy Feely
You'll need to get big air and stay busy to pull this off!
Shaun White Snowboarding - Whitewall Whitewall
You'll have to have to risk getting buried for this one.
Shaun White Snowboarding - Mathemagician Mathemagician
Keep that multiplier up for as long as you can!
Shaun White Snowboarding - Big Run Big Run
Don't bail or stop if you want to score high enough.
Shaun White Snowboarding - Magnet Magnet
Time to turn an ordinary box or rail into a merry-go-round.
Shaun White Snowboarding - Like a Top Like a Top
Stay grounded and spin to win!
Shaun White Snowboarding - Connoisseur Connoisseur
Sit down, stay a while. Maybe you'll learn something new?
Shaun White Snowboarding - Dropping the Science Dropping the Science
Big and steady wins the race.
Shaun White Snowboarding - Demon Sings Demon Sings
Do a trick that makes the devil proud.
Shaun White Snowboarding - It's Only a Game It's Only a Game
Throw yourself off something big and resist the urge to land feet down.
Shaun White Snowboarding - Town Bicycle Town Bicycle
You're going to have to travel online a lot for this one. Maybe you'll meet some new friends?
Shaun White Snowboarding - Airmail Airmail
I wonder what happens if you snowball somebody who is airborne?
Shaun White Snowboarding - Bonii Bonii
How many style bonuses can you get from a single jump?

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Shaun White Snowboarding 401210How do you use "focus" to break through the ice? Answers: 1
Shaun White Snowboarding 363891I have found the 3 initial euros in Park City but don't know where to go for the remaining 9? Where are these? Answers: 2
Shaun White Snowboarding 366421How do you get the last 2 euros in park city Answers: 1
Shaun White Snowboarding 424598How do I get across the ice bridges? I've tried going fast, going slow, using my focus, riding the edge, and jumping as much as I can to go over it. Nothing seems to work and it appears I need to get over an ice bridge to get to Shaun's hideout in Alaska. Any help would be much appreciated. Answers: 6
Shaun White Snowboarding 518459How do you get the icon on the sattilite in alaska Answers: 3
Shaun White Snowboarding 613602After beating shaun white how do you get back to him to challenge him again Answers: 2
Shaun White Snowboarding 775688Can't get guy to just take off the first time. ? Son is going crazy (he's 8). Help? Answers: 1
Shaun White Snowboarding 385450How do you get the euros that is furthest left on the europe mtn, with big air focus? Answers: 1
Shaun White Snowboarding 388087How do you get the last YEN. the one you have to stay focused. Riding the ice and go through the 2 red dudes and then jump up and hit that one. Then hit another one and bust through the ice and jump across the ravine. Is there any particular way to do this? Answers: 1
Shaun White Snowboarding 395044How do I get to alaska hideout? Answers: 2
Shaun White Snowboarding 421788I cant get the last 2 icons in Eroupe with the big air focus thing.HELP! Answers: 1
Shaun White Snowboarding 500886How do you beat boarder cross in triple slam but the other riders keep beating me! Im doing the I can and going as fast as I can,but the other riders look like they get a special boost! Am I doing something wrong? PLEASE HELP! Answers: 3
Shaun White Snowboarding 603252What is the best board to use to beat shaun in the half pipe (alaska)? Answers: 1
Shaun White Snowboarding 655590How do I start the triple slam contest Answers: 1
Shaun White Snowboarding 658836How do you get the icon on the roof in  japan Answers: 0
Shaun White Snowboarding 674948How do you avoid snowballs? Answers: 1
Shaun White Snowboarding 711110Where are the dollars coins in europe? I cant find them any where Answers: 0
Shaun White Snowboarding 766359How can I save my money? when I to the end of the course I stand still and lost all mine cash? Answers: 0
Shaun White Snowboarding 786474How do you set a marker you can restart from? Answers: 1
Shaun White Snowboarding 787626I cant find shaun's secret area in europe? Answers: 1
Shaun White Snowboarding 810126I've looked at all the answers to no avail. I have gotten all 12 Euros. now i've found 2 hideout icecaves. but I have no focus bar and square and x do nothing to use any powers to get me into the caves. how do you get focus power if you already have all 12 euros and cannot talk to shaun inside the icecave ? Answers: 1
Shaun White Snowboarding 819212How do I get 19000 in europe slopestyle event... its realy hard Answers: 0
Shaun White Snowboarding 828912I just won the triple slam competition.. ll three of them. Now what do I do? Answers: 1
Shaun White Snowboarding 838992How to get freestyle 2 in alaska Answers: 0
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