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Animal Crossing: City Folk Cheats for WII
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Animal Crossing: City Folk WII Cheats

Rating: 4.2/5 VOTE
Animal Crossing: City Folk Cheats

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Animal Crossing: City Folk

Rating: 4.2/5 VOTE

Fish Prices 95%
Description: Prices are in Bells.

Goldfish1,300 (Rare)
Pale Chub200
Crucian Carp120
Barbel Steed200
Koi2,000 (Rare)
Popeyed Goldfish1,300 (Rare)
Killifish300 (Rare)
Freshwater Goby300 (Rare)
Giant Snakehead5,500
Yellow Perch240
Black Bass300
Pond Smelt300
Cherry Salmon1,000
Rainbow Trout800
Stringfish15,000 (Rare)
King Salmon1,800
Guppy1,300 (Rare)
Anglefish3,000 (Rare)
Neon Tetra500
Piranha2,500 (Rare)
Arowana10,000 (Rare)
Dorado15,000 (Rare)
Gar6,000 (Rare)
Arapaima10,000 (Rare)
Sea Butterfly1,000
Sea Horse1,100
Zebra Turkeyfish400
Puffer Fish240
Horse Mackerel150
Barred Knifejaw5,000
Sea Bass160
Red Snapper3,000
Olive Flounder800 (Rare)
Moray Eel2,000
Football Fish2,500 (Rare)
Tuna7,000 (Rare)
Blue Marlin10,000 (Rare)
Sea Sunfish4,000 (Rare)
Hammerhead Shark8,000 (Rare)
Shark15,000 (Rare)
Coelacanth15,000 (Rare)
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Foreign Fruit 94%
Send a letter to a town resident with your native fruit (or a coconut) attached and they may send you a letter with a different sort of fruit attached. This fruit is worth more than your native fruit (500 Bells). Here are the many types of fruit: Apples, Oranges, Peaches, Cherries, Pears and Coconuts.
Make sure to plant your new fruit in a clear area and do not trample it! *** Coconuts need to be planted in the green at the edge of the ocean.
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Valentine's Day Specials 94%
Try sending a letter reading "Will you be my Valentine" to a town animal and you will receive a Chocolate Heart Candy Box item on Valentine's Day (February 14). Hot Chocolate is on tap at the Roost as well!
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Lucky Items 93%
Description: Looking to please the picky HRA? Placing lucky items in your house will add an extra 7777 in your total score!

Arwing (from StarFox)Spotlight item at Nook's
DracaenaSpotlight item at Nook's
Ivory PianoSpotlight item at Nook's
Jack in the BoxOn Halloween, get Jack to play 3 tricks on you
Lafty Lucky CatBuy from Redd
Lovely PhoneGift from Katie and Kaitli
Lucky Black CatBuy from Redd
Lucky CatBuy from Nook
Lucky Gold CatSpotlight item at Nook's
Master Sword (from The Legend of Zelda)Spotlight item at Nook's
Music BoxGift from Katie and Kaitli
Piggy BankPut 100,000 Bells in bank
Raccon FigureBuy from Redd
Samurai SuitSpotlight item at Nook's
Treasure chestSpotlight item at Nook's
Triforce (from The Legend of Zelda)Buy from Redd
Washer/DryerBuy from Nook
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KK Slider Music Requests 93%
Every Saturday evening, from 8:00 - 12:00, KK Slider comes to the Museum's coffee shop. You may request the following songs from him and he'll give them to you take home and play on your device of choice. *** Each song name must be spelled out correctly, with the appropriate symbols.

Agent K.K
Aloha K.K.
Cafι K.K.
Comrade K.K.
Forest Life
Go K.K. Rider!
I Love You
Imperial K.K.
K.K. Aria
K.K. Ballad
K.K. Blues
K.K. Bossa
K.K. Calypso
K.K. Casbah
K.K. Chorale
K.K. Condor
K.K. Country
K.K. Cruisin'
K.K. D & B
K.K. Dirge
K.K. Dixie
K.K. Etude*
K.K. Faire
K.K. Folk
K.K. Fusion
K.K. Gumbo
K.K. House
K.K. Jazz
K.K. Lament
K.K. Love Song
K.K. Lullaby
K.K. Mambo
K.K. Marathon
K.K. March
K.K. Metal
K.K. Parade
K.K. Safari
K.K. Salsa
K.K. Samba
K.K. Ska
K.K. Sonata
K.K. Song
K.K. Soul
K.K. Steppe
K.K. Swing
K.K. Tango
K.K. Technopop
K.K. Waltz
K.K. Western
King K.K.
Lucky K.K.
Marine Song
Mountain Song
Mr. K.K.
My Place
Only Me
K.K. Rally
K.K. Reggae
K.K. Rock
K.K. Rockabilly
K.K. Ragtime
Rockin' K.K.
Seρor K.K.
Soulful K.K.
Spring Blossoms
Stale Cupcakes
Steep Hill
Surfin' K.K.
The K. Funk
To the Edge
Two Days Ago
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Silver watering Can 93%
The silver watering Can you can get it by buying lots of flowers of Tom Nooks store.
I bought all the flowers everyday and on the 5th day I got a letter from place called
Posy Farms. There was a present and it was a silver can!
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Wisp's Lamp 93%
On some nights after 8, you may run across Wisp. A voice will chat to you when you arrive -- he's always near water. Follow its directions until you find the source of the voice, which is a ghost named Wisp. He tells you that he lost his lamp and needs you to find it (for a pretty reward, of course!) You should then meet him in the attic of your house once the lamp is found. For doing this for him, he'll grant you one wish. You can ask him to clear your town of weeds, clear your town of cockroaches, or give you a randomized item.You may find the lamp before Wisp appears as you go about your normal wheelings and dealings. If so, you will know he'll appear somewhere that night to claim it.
Corrections by Yetta.
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The Spooky Series 93%
Jack, a pumpkin-headed creature will appear in your town on Halloween (October 31, any year). Unfortunately, all of the animals in your village will be sporting the same orange squash helmet as Jack, so tracking him down for a treat can be tricky. Unlike the animals, Jack will not follow you when your near. Before you search for him, be sure to have some candy ready. Candy can be found in different ways; one place to find it is in eggs on Bunny Day (in March). When you chat to Jack, you may exchange candy for pieces of the Spooky furniture set. You may repeat these steps for more furniture as long as you have candy, so stock up!
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Wendell's Gifts 92%
Description: On weekdays between 6:00 am-Midnight, a merchant named Wendell (look out for the walrus) will roam around your town. He's also very hungry non-stop, and will beg you for something to eat when you go up and talk to him. But do not be hasty! If you do give him something to eat, he'll give you one of his gifts for free!

Here's a list of food and it is gifts:

AngelfishField of flowers
AppleColoring Nook
ArapaimaNothing (It's not edible)
Barbel steedHoriz. street
Barred knifejawCurved track 3
Birthday cake (in the mail on your birthday)Self-portrait
Black BassGrass
Blue candy (From Zipper T. on Bunny Day,or Tom Nook's, circa. Festivale & Halloween)Coloring boy
Blue marlinIron floor
BluegillStreet corner 2
Butterfly (type of fish, not a bug)Horizontal track
CarpVert. street
CatfishMystery circle C
CharStreet corner 2
CherryColoring Resetti
Cherry salmonStreet corner 1
Chocolate heart (randomly from your "mom" or on Valentine's Day)Chocolate
ClownfishCurved track 4
CoconutColoring house
CoelacanthNothing (It's not edible)
CrawfishRhino beetle
Crucian carpGround
DabCurved track 1
DaceStreet corner 1
EelMystery circle D
Elegant mushroom (found near trees in November)Memo
Flat mushroom (found near trees in November)Memo
Football FishStairs
Freshwater GobyMystery circle A
FrogWater puddle
Gaint snakeheadManhole
Green Candy (see Blue candy)Coloring girl
GuppyField of flowers
Hammerhead sharkNothing (It's not edible)
Horse mackerelHorizontal track
JellyfishOuter space
KillifishWater puddle
King salmonTreasure chest
LoachMystery circle B
LobsterRed carpet
MorayPitfall warning
Napolean (LOL, a fish, NOT the French ruler!)Nothing (It's not edible)
Neon tetraField of flowers
Ocean sunfishNothing (It's not edible)
OctopusCurved track 2
Olive FlounderCurved track 1
OrangeColoring Pelly
Pale ChubStreet corner 4
PeachColoring Blanca
PearColoring K.K
PikeStone paving
PiranhaCracked ground
Pond smeltIntersection
Popeyed goldfishMoney
Puffer fishForbidden sign
Rainbow troutStreet corner 3
Rare mushroom (see Elegant mushroom)Picture frame
RayTreasure chest
Red candy (see Blue candy)Coloring girl
Red snapperCurved track 3
Red turnip (from Joan)? block
Round mushroom (see Elegant mushroom)Memo
SalmonRed carpet
Sea bassVertical track
Sea butterflyOuter space
Sea horseCurved track 4
SharkNothing (It's not edible)
Skinny mushroom (see Elegant mushroom)Memo
SquidCurved track 2
StringfishNothing (It's not edible)
SurgeonHorizontal track
SweetfishStreet corner 3
TunaIron floor
White turnip (from Joan)Brick
Yellow candy (see Blue candy)Coloring boy
Yellow perchStreet corner 4
Zebra turkeyfish! Sign
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Money Grows on Trees 92%
You will need a Golden Shovel. To get the Golden Shovel, bury a spare shovel in the ground for a day and dig it up. With the Golden Shovel, you can bury money and it will grow into a tree. Shake this tree and moneybags will fall from it like fruit. You can bury an enormous amount of money by removing it from your wallet (up to 30,000 Bells) and it will triple on the tree. Be sure to take care of the sapling, watering it and placing it away from other objects. In 4 days or so, it will become a full tree.
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Beetle money 92%
In august if you have coconut trees in your town beetles worth alot (8,000 10,000 bells each) will appear (on the trees obviously) between 11 pm and 8 am. since the store isn't open then they can be stored in your house. believe it or not 150,000 bells can be made in 3 or 4 hours !

p.s. the bugs are scared easily so you must sneak up on them
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City Visitors! 92%
Shoe Shiner:
- Kicks, the skunk, comes on sunny days (no rain, no snow, minimal clouds) BEFORE 9 pm. He sits on the steps in front of an abandoned store whose door is boarded up with wood. (If you have trouble finding this, it is in between the Auction House and the salon, Shampoodle.) There are two things you can ask him:
-How changing shoe color works ---> Determined by hair color and what kind of shirt you are wearing. Ex: red hair, mostly white shirt = red shoes with white laces. Oh if your hair is pink and you are wearing a mostly white shirt, then you get black tights with white flats that have little black bows on it. I'm not sure if this is just random. I think it matches either your dominating color or the style you put together w/ your shirt & hair. *Feel free to try different combos!* *This costs 500 bells. You can only go this ONCE every time he visits.*
-If you ask him to change your style, it is free of charge AND after you visit another store & come back out, he'll also change your shoe color. (You cannot change your shoe color and then change your style) He just shines your shoes here. Doesn't really make a difference.

Balloon- Maker:
-He comes at random on any type of day but before 12 am. He stands by the fountain and gives you free prizes ranging from balloons (different shapes!) or bubbles wands or hand windmills.
There is no maximum to how many prizes you recieve.

Gracie DOES come to her store every so often.
It's quite rare. If you talk to her she'll say, "It's going to take you a while before you can obtain my signature design!"

You can only change your hairstyle ONCE a day at Shampoodle.
Your first makeover is free!

Sometimes at the theatre, there is someone filling in for Dr. Shrunk because he is out "running errands" (according to the person at the front desk). Instead, there will be a lizard who is a much better comedian and he teaches you emotions Dr. Shrunk cannot! You're very lucky if you meet this enchanted lizard.

Redd's Furniture Shop --- Yes, his paintings are counterfeit (aka fake). DO NOT BUY THEM! If you try to donate these fake paintings to the museum, Blathers will not accept them. Nook sells real paintings. Furniture @ Redd's, however, are real but just very expensive. I wouldn't recommend buying anything from this black market unless you have paid off all your debts & have got money to spare. (If you just started, talk to a villager to get an invitation. Will come in the mail & you must bring 3000 bells to obtain membership.)

Katrina's Fortune Telling - Katrina will tell your fortune, and drop a pan on your head. This costs 100 bells. You can also get the charm but it is very complicated and you have to have someone visit your town and do certain things. Also, it is THEY who obtains the charm, not you. So, do not pay 100 bells for the charm unless you are willing to let someone else have the glory while you have got the guts.
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Diversify Your Fruit Options 92%
Description: Want to turn your town into a virtual Fruitopia without trading with people over Wi-Fi?

How to: Just take your town's native fruit and send it in a letter to a resident. Make sure to mention "Fruit" in your message. It may take a few tries - this isn't an exact scince. Your fellow residents are rather daft and may send you your same fruit back, or furniture. But keep it up! Soon enough your town will be filled with Apples, Oranges, Pears, Peaches and Cherries. Non-native fruit is worth more too! Oh, and if you want Coconut trees, find a coconut washed up on shore and be sure to plant it in near the ocean, right on the coast.
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Resetti's house and the Silver Shovel 92%
If you go to the city after 8:00 p.m. and go all the way to the right, you may notice that one of the piolons have been moved. Go into the tunnel and you will see Resetti! He will give you the silver shovel! Please note that the piolons aren't moved everyday and they are moved on a completely random day. But what are the benifets of the silver shovel you ask? Well, if you hit the money rock with the silver shovel, you will get more money!
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Tool Upgrades 92%
Description: Unlock the tool upgrades [listed below in table] by the specified method.

Golden AxeThrow an axe into the town fountain to randomly turn it golden
Golden Fishing RodCatch every species of fish
Golden NetCatch every species of insect
Golden ShovelBury a normal shovel, then dig it up a full day later
Golden SlingshotKnock down 8 balloons to have a random chance of obtaining it from a balloon
Golden Watering CanEarn a "Perfect" town rating for fifteen days, then chat to Pelly at Town Hall
Silver AxeThrow an axe into the town fountain
Silver Fishing RodPurchase from Tom Nook's store
Silver NetPurchase from Tom Nook's store
Silver ShovelObtain from Resetti's Surveillance Center in the city
Silver SlingshotPurchase from Tom Nook's store
Silver Watering CanPurchase fifty bags of seeds from Tom Nook's store
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Trick Jingles 92%
On Christmas Eve Jingles comes to town and I have heard on your boards and site that players may only trick him 3 times. I been able to trick him fourteen (14) times.
The trick is to get as many of these things as possible prior to when he gets there:


Face accessories such as Masks, glasses, and eye patches

Head gear such as helmets, wigs, and ats

Make sure never to have the same thing on when you go and find him. The items you use must be all new (never used before) items. Good luck and I hope this helps.
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CATCHING BEES! WORTH 2,500 bells 92%
Equip your net then press *down* on d-pad to put it away. Start shaking trees and if a bee-hive appears quickly run upwards for a while (a screen or two). Press *right* on the D-pad and your character will automatically face downwards, then prees A as the bees fly towards you
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Jingle Bells 92%
Set the date to Christmas Eve. Go find Jingle, the Santa looking Reindeer. Talk to him and and answer some of his questions to get a present. Based the answers you gave you will receive a piece of furniture( or carpet or wall paper). This present can be sold at Nook's for 12,240 bells. But thats not all. You can disguise your self by changing your outfit and go back up to Jingle to receive a new present. Keep changing your look and keep getting presents.
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The Harvest Series 92%
At the end of every November, a Harvest Festival occurs in your town on Thanksgiving Day (November 27, 2008; November 26, 2009 etc.). On this day, Tortimer, the mayor, will appear by the fountain to offer you a fork and knife. Search the town for Franklin the Turkey, who hides behind trees and houses, and give him the fork and knife. He will reward you with a piece of the Harvest furniture set. You may repeat these steps for more furniture, beginning with a visit to Tortimer.
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How To Get Up To 1,000,000 Bells 92%
Plant plenty of palm trees by the beach in your town. Plant them in the ground right above the sand. Let them grow for a few weeks. Empty your pockets and go to the beach anytime between midnight and 8:00 a.m. [4:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. are THE best times.] Catch as many Hercules Beetles and Golden Stags as possible. These beetles are the rarest ones so try and not to scare them away when bug hunting. These are worth more than they seem, but don't worry about which one of them you catch they're equal with what they're worth. Each time you sell pocketfuls of these beetles, Tom Nook will give you at least 112,000 bells.
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Gyroid Storage 91%
Buy coffee from Brewster 7 times.Then go there the day after the seventh time,with a gyroid,and speak to him OVER THE COUNTER and he will offer you a free place to store your gyroids.
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Game: Animal Crossing: City Folk (WII) - Magic Rocks 91%
Every day, there will be a single rock in your town that will have money "in" it, and if you hit this rock money will come out. Hit it repeatedly to get more and more money.

Eventually, the rock will run dry.

The rock that gives money changes every day.
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Garunteed trees! (well 99% of the time) 91%
Okay, so growing trees in your town seems impossible, right? well, I found this cheat somewhere and I want to share it with you guys ) okay. so first, you have to get an axe. Then go to a regular tree that has no fruit on it. hack it about 3 times and it falls over. then, you equip your shovel and dig up the stump of the tree you just cut down. DO NOT COVER UP THE HOLE! okay, so after you dig up the stump, go to your inventory and get what ever fruit or sapling or cederling and click on it, and select bury. The best part is, that you dont even need to water it (you can if you want to tho:i dont always do it, but it still grows)! This works for coconuts too. Coconuts grow best near the ocean. I tried it near the stream and it didnt work. But do the steps above to a tree near the ocean and plant the coconut. Then you get more coconuts and can grow more! YAY! In my town, after I planted a bunch of coconut trees, I got coconuts washing up on the shore, more often. I dont know if this works for everyones town but it worked for mine. I hope this helped! Foriegn fruit (including coconuts) sell for 500 bells. So, it will help you get a bigger house. Have fun!
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Golden Slingshot Tips 91%
The present balloons that you can shoot down with your slingshot come every time the clock reads "5" in the 2nd minute digit during the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. (10:05, 10:15, 10:25 etc.). That means there is a total of 12 chances to hit a balloon every day. The best vantage point is the northern side of you town. You can actually control the balloon with your running movement. You may not be able to spawn balloons if you haunt the northern area, so run up there when you see one. After hitting 8 balloons, one will randomly contain the Golden Slingshot, which fires 3 pellets.
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The Egg Series and Bunny Day Money Making 91%
Every spring, Bunny Day comes to your town (in 2009 it comes on April 12). On this day you will find dig spots around town that you can use your shovel to unearth. Inside you will find either candy or foil. You can take the foil to a large yellow rabbit that appears outside Town Hall and exchange it for Egg Series furniture. This furniture sells for quite a bit of Bells if you are not into its eggy style.
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The Jingle Series 91%
Between 8:00 p.m. and 1:00 a.m. each Christmas Eve (that is December 24th for you Festivus followers) a reindeer named Jingle will appear in your town. You can get the Jingle Series items from him. He will only recognize you by your threads, and if you continue to change your shirt and accessories, you can go back for more -- 3 times total (so choose wisely!).
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The Great Bunny Day! 91%
Credit to iolite

•*''*•.,,.•*''*•.,,.•*''*•., The Great Egg Hunt! ,.•*''*•.,,.•*''*•.,,.•*''*•.,

Date: Bunny Day occurs on the same day as Easter Sunday.

Time: 6am-5:59am the following day


»»» 1.0 - Items to Collect during Bunny Day
During the event, you are able to collect items from the Egg Series by giving Bunny Foil to Zipper T. Bunny.

»»» 1.1 - Egg Series:
• Bed
• Bench
• Chair
• Clock
• Dresser
• Lamp
• Stereo
• Table
• Toy Set
• Wardrobe

• Floor
• Wall

The furniture can be sold to Tom Nook for 9,000 bells but the Floor and Wall will sell for slightly less at 8,888 bells each.

»»» 1.2 - Extra Item:
There is also a European DLC that is an addition to the Egg Series. This is the Egg TV and is available to buy from Nook, once cataloged, for a non-discounted price of 3,600 bells. It sells for 900 bells.


»»» 2.0 - Background to the Event
• At whatever time you begin to play on this day, you will very likely notice something odd. You will easily find digspots - in fact you'll find 30 of them! Per character!
• This will be in addition to your daily or expected digspots for a pitfall seed, fossils and possibly gyroids.
• So get your shovel out and dig away to unbury decorated eggs - this combines the two Easter traditions of hiding eggs to hunt and also decorating hard boiled eggs.
• The main difference with these 'eggs' is that they contain no egg inside the shell. When you open them, you will find either a piece of candy or a special Gold Foil with a picture of a bunny on it. This Bunny Foil is your golden ticket to getting items from the Egg Series.
• You simply take the Gold Bunny Foil to the Zipper T. Bunny who will be outside the Town Hall. Start up a conversation with him/her and eventually your Bunny Foil will be exchanged for items from the Egg Series.


»»» 3.0 - Who is that behind the Mask?
• For the rest of this Guide, Zipper T. Bunny will be referred to as a male but really, nobody is sure.
• If you approach him from behind, you are told off for talking to his tail and the back view of him shows that he is clearly in a Bunny suit that is zipped up the back.
• When you talk to him during the process of obtaining the furniture, he also makes references to being hot inside his suit and mask which is a definite giveaway that the Bunny Suit is a disguise.
• So, who is it? Personally, I found Resetti in his Surveillance Centre, Kicks on his stoop, Gracie in his shop and everyone else in their place in the City. In the town, everyone else is also in place but obviously there was no accounting for special visitors.


»»» 4.0 - Preparation
• Bunny Day requires almost no preparation. The only thing it requires is for you to have a shovel. If you have just started your town and don't have a shovel, don't despair. When you approach Zipper T. Bunny, he will notice your lack of suitable equipment and offer to sell you a shovel for 500 bells.
• The only other preparation that you may find convenient, is to empty your pockets before you begin and to ensure that you are carrying 10 empty letters so that you have maximum storage. However, it won't affect your game in any way if you choose not to have space in your pockets and letters.


»»» 5.0 - Obtaining the Egg Series
This is probably the easiest event for acquiring furniture. There are no townies to hinder you and neither are they there to help. You don't even have to look for Zipper T. Bunny as he is conveniently at the Town Hall - doing his best impersonation of a bunny!

However, before you can approach Zipper T. Bunny, you need to find those special Bunny Foils. So start digging.....

»»» 5.1 - Digspots:
• Looking for Bunny Egg digspots is the same as looking for Gyroids and Fossils. Some are hard to spot and others are really easy.
• If you are having trouble finding the digspots, walk slowly through your town and when you are near a tree, use the 'Up' view so that nearby trees will disappear from the screen, leaving you a great view of hard to see digspots. Buildings will also disappear if you use the 'Up' view when standing behind them.
• Towns with little grass or many trees may find it particularly difficult to track down the Bunny Eggs. However, there is an easy solution to this problem too. Simply save and reload. The remaining Bunny Eggs will have respawned in new places for you.
• If you do save and reload, this doesn't mean that your character will get more furniture. The game will remember how many Bunny Eggs your character has already opened up and also which items of Egg furniture you've already received.

»»» 5.2 - Breaking open the Bunny Eggs:
• You can open the Bunny Eggs as you go along or you can wait until you have a pocketful.
• To open a Bunny Egg, you go into your pocket and click on it. You then choose the option to open it. The Bunny Egg will crack, then break open to reveal either a piece of candy or a golden Bunny Foil.
• The candy has no part to play in this event but is certainly useful to store away for other Special Events.
• Out of the 30 buried Bunny Eggs only 12 contain Bunny Foils. So once you have found those 12 Bunny Foils, there is no need to search for further Bunny Eggs if you don't want to.
• You may continue searching for Bunny Eggs if you want the candy but the next event that you will need candy for is Halloween at the end of October.
• If you decide not to dig up all the Bunny Eggs on Bunny Day, they will conveniently disappear the next day.
• Having located the 12 Bunny Foils, you simply take them to Zipper T. Bunny and exchange each one for a different item from the Egg Series, thereby obtaining the complete set without duplicates.
• It doesn't matter whether you go to Zipper T. Bunny with all 12 Bunny Foils at once or whether you go after finding one or a few Bunny Foils. Any method of exchanging the Bunny Foil for furniture will still get you one complete set of the Egg Series (excluding the TV which is a DLC). The game remembers exactly what you have exchanged and received so the first 12 pieces of foil will yield 12 separate pieces from the Egg Series.


»»» 6.0 - Scrambled Eggs
Although Bunny Day is the easiest of the Special Events for acquiring furniture there are a few things to keep in mind as you play:

• If you can't play long enough to get all the Bunny Eggs, it is safe to save and reload later as your character will continue where they left off. So, if you had 10 Bunny Eggs still to find, when you reload the same character, you will still have those 10 to find although they will have likely all spawned in different places.
• If you leave your Bunny Eggs on the ground and then quit, when you reload, you will find that all the Bunny Eggs have disappeared and been reburied. So you will need to dig them all up again. That Bunny has a lot of explaining to do!
• To guarantee that your progress is saved and you don't have to repeat anything, ensure that Bunny Eggs are left in pockets or ensure that you crack them open. Candy and Bunny Foil are safe to leave on the ground and won't disappear between reloading.
• If you load a new character, you will again have to find another 30 Bunny Eggs or 12 Bunny Foils as there is a complete set of Egg furniture for each character.
• Although characters cannot lay Bunny Eggs on the ground for another character to pick up, you can leave candy and Bunny Foil on the ground for other characters.
• It is also safe to leave Bunny Eggs on the ground while you go to the City. Just remember to return via the bus rather than Quit while still in the City.
• If you do leave Bunny Foil on the ground for another character to use, you will not necessarily get a second or third complete set of the Egg Series. You may have to turn in all the Bunny Foil with that one character in order to get 3 or 4 completed sets.


»»» 7.0 - Hints and Tips
You cannot carry all of the Bunny Eggs candy and Bunny Foil even if you have empty pockets and 10 empty letters. To make room, you can eat some of the candy or sell it for 100 bells each to Tom Nook.

If you don't want to eat or sell your candy, you can save the 18 pieces. If there are 4 characters in your town, that's 72 pieces you can acquire on Bunny Day.

Although Halloween is the next event where you require candy, it is also easily obtained during Halloween. Therefore candy is best saved up for Festivale as acquiring candy can be extremely frustrating during that event.

Placing one piece of candy on the ground will attract ants. This is useful if you still need an ant for your Museum or you can keep it in your house where it turns into an Ant Farm.

Leftover candy can also be fed to Wendell in exchange for a pattern:
Blue or Yellow candy: Colouring Boy pattern
Green or Red candy: Colouring Girl pattern

If you've found the 12 Bunny Foils and still have unopened Bunny Eggs, you may want to use the Eggs as decorative pieces in your house since they will sit on a table.

•*''*•.,,.•*''*•.,,.•*''*•., Enjoy the Bunny Day Egg Hunt ,.•*''*•.,,.•*''*•.,,.•*''*•.,

•*''*•., Awesome Editing, Additional Information and Ideas by: ,.•*''*•.,

•*''*•., katysu ,.•*''*•., TreeSprite ,.•*''*•., VenusKamal ,.•*''*•.,

•*''*•., Special Thanks to: LadyKathryn ,.•*''*•.,

This information has been gained through original research and many hours of gameplay. If you choose to post all or part of this elsewhere, please credit ACC and everyone involved in the creation of this Guide.
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Easter is a marvelous holiday 90%
First go to other things at the begining and go to set date and time. Change it to Easter and it doesn't matter wut time. then play as your person. go look for cracks in the ground and dig them. You will find a easter egg. Open the easter egg. If the easter egg has bunny foil bring it to the bunny. If it is candy then change the day to Halloween and give it to Jack the Pumpkin Creature. Both ways you get furniture.
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Cheats 90%
Connection bonus

Transfer your saved game file from Animal Crossing: Wild World. All your previously unlocked items will now be available for sale in the catalog at Tom Nook's store.

Bank unlockables

Complete one of the following tasks to get the specified bonus:

Box Of Tissues: Deposit 100,000 Bells at the bank.
Gold Card: Reach "VIP" status at the bank.
Shopping Card: Deposit 10,000 Bells at the bank.

Town Fund unlockables

Donate the listed number of Bells to the Town Fund at Town Hall to unlock the specified item or structure. *** These items and structures have no effect other than to show off what you donated.

Bridge is built: 200,000 Bells
Fountain is built: 500,000 Bells
Windmill or lighthouse is built: 1,000,000 Bells
Green Feather: 100,000,000 Bells
Blue Feather: 200,000,000 Bells
Yellow Feather: 300,000,000 Bells
Red Feather: 400,000,000 Bells
Purple Feather: 500,000,000 Bells
White Feather: 600,000,000 Bells
Rainbow Feather: 700,000,000 Bells

Prizes at Tom Nook's store

You can earn 1 point for every 100 Bells spent at Tom Nook's store. They can be used to earn the following prizes:

Bad Bro 'Stache: 2,500 points
Banana: 500 points
Hero's Cap, Majora's Mask, or Samus Mask: 6,000 points
Hero's Clothes, Varia Suit, or Wario Hat: 5,000 points
Kart: 10,000 points
Midna's Mask: 6,500 points
Peach's Parasol: 4,000 points
Toad Hat: 3,000 points
Triple Shells: 800 points
Yoshi's Egg: 1,000 points

House improvement costs

Improvements to your house will cost the listed amount of Bells:

Normal house: 19,800 Bells
First expansion: 120,000 Bells results in larger 1st floor
Second expansion: 248,000 Bells results in largest 1st floor
Third expansion: 368,000 Bells results in 2nd floor
Final expansion: 598,000 Bells results in basement

Better tools

Complete the listed task to unlock the specified tool upgrade:

Golden Axe: Throw an axe into the town fountain to randomly turn it golden.
Golden Fishing Rod: Catch every species of fish.
Golden Net: Catch every species of insect.
Golden Shovel: Bury a normal shovel, then dig it up 4 days later.
Golden Slingshot: Knock down 8 balloons to have a random chance of obtaining it from a balloon.
Golden Watering Can: Earn a "Perfect" town rating for fifteen days, then chat to Pelly at Town Hall.
Silver Axe: Throw an axe into the town fountain.
Silver Fishing Rod: Purchase from Tom Nook's store.
Silver Net: Purchase from Tom Nook's store.
Silver Shovel: Obtain from Resetti's Surveillance Center in the city.
Silver Slingshot: Purchase from Tom Nook's store.
Silver Watering Can: Purchase fifty bags of seeds from Tom Nook's store.

Contest trophies

Complete the listed task to unlock the specified trophy for your house:

Bug Trophy: Catch the largest bug by the end of the Bug Contest.
Fish Trophy: Catch the largest fish by the end of the Fishing Contest.

Easy Bells

One of the rocks in your town will randomly give Bells when it is hit repeatedly.

Buying multiple number of same item

Go to Tom Nook's store, and buy everything desired. Now, go upstairs in your house, lie in the bed, and select "Save and Quit". At the very beginning screen, press A, then instead of begining, go to "Others" at the bottom of the menu, and press A. At the next screen, select "Date and Time" at the top of the menu screen, and press A. Set the day to one day before the current date, then go back to the 1st screen, and start the game. Go to Tom Nook's store to find all the same items that were there before. Repeat this as many times as desired. *** If you did not save the game before you did this, the mole will appear when you start, and this will not work.

Bug net

Chat to Tortimer the mayor during the Bug Catching Contest to get a free bug net.

Fishing rod

Chat to Tortimer the mayor during the Fishing Contest to get a free fishing rod.

Mush Furniture set

Look under the various mushrooms that appear in your town during the fall. They usually appear around 3:00 p.m. daily in front of trees. You may find an item from the Mush Furniture set (which includes furniture, carpet, wallpaper, and appliances). You can sell unwanted pieces at Tom Nook's store.

Tortimer's furnishings

Chat to Tortimer on one of the following holidays to get the specified item:

Cool Globe: Nature Day
Leaf: April Fool's Day
Picnic Basket: Labor Day
Resetti Model: Groundhog Day
Sailboat Model: Explorer's Day
Wheat Bundle: Harvest Moon

Whisp's wish

Go to the southeast corner of town on a Monday night. A voice will chat to you. Follow its directions until you find Whisp the ghost. He will ask you to find his lost lamp. After you find it, go to the your house's attic. Whisp will give you a wish for finding the lamp. You can ask him to get rid of all your town's weeds, remove all the cockroaches, or get a random item.

Alternate shoe color

Find Kicks the skunk, sitting on a set of stairs. Have him shine your shoes, and their color will now match your hair. *** You can change your hair color at The Shampoodle. Select "Change style" to return your shoes to their original color.

Alternate clothing change sound

Equip one of the Zap Suits to change the sound into a heroic fanfare.

New message notice

A canary will perch on top of the Message Board outside of Town Hall if you have an unread message there
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How to get your cocunut trees going and get loads of bells 90%
Description: When you find a cocunut on the ground they say to sell it but you should
plant it! when you plant it make sure it is by the beach so when the waves come in
it will water the tree! also there will be two cocunuts on the tree keep planting them
and get loads of cash just like I said! this WILL help!
good luck trying to earn money!
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No Forgeries 90%
Description: After purchasing a painting from Redd's, do not run straight to your Museum. Take it directly to Tom Nook. Ask to sell it then refuse his offer. After that take it to the Museum and give it Blathers. It will be an original and not fake.
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Flower selling prices 90%
Dandelion Puffs50
Jacob's Ladder90
Four-Leaf Clover80
Red/White/Yellow Tulips40
Pink/Purple Tulips80
Black Tulips240
Red/White/Yellow Pansies40
Orange/Purple Pansies80
Blue Pansies240
Red/White/Yellow Cosmos40
Orange/Pink Cosmos80
Black Cosmos240
Red/White/Yellow Roses40
Orange/Pink Roses80
Purple Roses240
Black Roses450
Blue/Gold Roses2500
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What flowers to mix to get hybrids 90%



















wilted+gold watering can=gold
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Ghosty Lamp fpor City folk 90%
Some nights there is a ghost somewhere. (I found him by town hall) So to find him, walk around and he'll talk to you at first without showing himself, so walk up to him and he'll talk about how he lost his lamp, and he can't look for it by himself, so you have to find his lamp somewhere and go back. (Even if you already found the lamp you still have to find him) I do not really know if he dissaperes or anyway becouse I had already found the lamp. Ok, so when you find the lamp go back and find him. He will say he's afraid and to meet him in your attic. So run to your attic and *rub* the lamp (Go to stuff and click on the lamp and it'll say rub) so he'll pop back and say he'll give you a gift and stuff.
Gifts: Weed (not all but alot that is what I did) kill cocroches (not sure becouse I never tried it) and a gift.

PS. You can find the lamp all day long, but the ghost only comes after eight
PS. The lamp looks like a gennie lamp.
Trust me about this I tried it (not changing times!)
Hope it helps!
By Kristen :)
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Halloween Cash!!! 90%
First go to Other Things on the menu and set your Date/Time to Halloween any year. Make the time as late as possible without Nook's store closing, leaving about ten minutes until the closing time. Now fill your pockets with your town's local fruit and make sure YOU HAVE NOTHING THAT YOU WANT TO KEEP WITH YOU! Also make sure that you are wearing a shirt from your design section. Now go up to one of your neighbors dressed as pumpkin heads. Select no when they ask you for candy and let them play a trick on you. If you do this enough times, your pockets will be filled with jack-in-the-boxes. Go to Nook's store and sell all of them for big money!
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4th of July Present 90%
Description: Visit your town on the 4th of July with a Wii Connect 24 connection for a free Hotdog Hat from Nintendo (via mail).
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Changing Nook's Store 90%
Description: After Nook has upgraded his store to Nookington's, he'll occasionally ask you about it, about once a month. Your answers can cause him to revert the store to a previous model. Give the answers [listed below in table] for the desired store:

"Hours"Nook 'n' Go
"Sorry, no"Nook's Cranny
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Winter Fishing 90%
The fish [listed below in table] are some great catches to go for during the winter months for massive amounts of Bells.
Red Snapper - 3,000 Bells
String Fish - 15,000 Bells
Tuna - 7,000 Bells
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Fossil Prices 90%
Description: Those dig spots around your burg may turn up fossils. You can be a philanthropist and donate them to the museum, or sell them to Tom Nook for cold, hard Bells. Here are the prices you will get from old Nook:

Amber1,200 Bells
Ammonite1,100 Bells
Coprolite1,100 Bells
Dinosaur Track1,000 Bells
Archaeopteryx1,300 Bells
Pecking Man1,100 Bells
Fern Fossil1,000 Bells
Dinosaur Egg1,400 Bells
Shark Tooth1,000 Bells
Trilobite1,300 Bells
T.Rex Tail5,000 Bells
T.Rex Torso5,500 Bells
T.Rex Skull6,000 Bells
Tricera Tail4,500 Bells
Tricera Torso5,000 Bells
Tricera Skull5,500 Bells
Mammoth Torso2,500 Bells
Mammoth Skull3,000 Bells
Ankylo Tail2,500 Bells
Ankylo Torso3,000 Bells
Ankylo Skull3,500 Bells
Apato Tail4,000 Bells
Apato Torso4,500 Bells
Apato Skull5,000 Bells
Dimetrodon Tail4,500 Bells
Dimetrodon Torso5,000 Bells
Dimetrodon Skull5,500 Bells
Iguanodon Tail3,000 Bells
Iguanodon Torso3,500 Bells
Iguanodon Skull4,000 Bells
Sabertooth Torso2,000 Bells
Sabertooth Skull2,500 Bells
Pachy Tail3,000 Bells
Pachy Torso3,500 Bells
Pachy Skull4,000 Bells
Parasaur Tail2,500 Bells
Parasaur Torso3,000 Bells
Parasaur Skull3,500 Bells
Seismo Tail4,500 Bells
Seismo Hip4,000 Bells
Seismo Chest4,500 Bells
Seismo Skull5,000 Bells
Plesio Torso4,500 Bells
Plesio Neck4,500 Bells
Plesio Skull4,500 Bells
Stego Tail4,000 Bells
Stego Torso4,500 Bells
Stego Skull5,000 Bells
Ptera Right Wing4,500 Bells
Ptera Left Wing4,500 Bells
Ptera Skull4,000 Bells
Icthyo Torso2,000 Bells
Icthyo Skull2,500 Bells
Rapter Torso2,500 Bells
Rapter Skull3,000 Bells
Styraco Tail2,500 Bells
Styraco Torso3,000 Bells
Styraco Skull3,500 Bells
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Golden Slingshot 89%
To get the golden slingshot you have to knock down at least 8 balloons, on the 9th balloon you will have a chance to knock down the golden slingshot!
P.S. 3 balloons will be carrieing the Golden Slingshot
By: mariamaid(62)
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Town Fund Rewards 89%
Description: If you donate money to the town fund, you will get the following rewards:

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Item Cloning 89%
Description: Follow the steps below to clone any item in the game.
Anything you can drop on the ground.

*** This requires an online connection & access to a friend's town, not to mention a tolerant friend!

1) Go to a friend's town and bring what you want to clone in your pockets.

2) Drop what you want to clone, and then pick it back up.

3) Have your friend save the session. Drop the same object once again.

4) Go to the gate and ask to go home. When Copper (the dog on the right) says "Well then < your name here>, " reset your Wii or press home and exit the game.

5) When you restart your game, check your pockets -- your cloned item(s) should be there AND on the ground in your friend's town. Head to your friend's town and collect the cloned goods -- or leave them for your patient pal.
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The Reset Surveillance Room and the Silver Shovel 89%
Head to the city after 8 p.m. and you may just come across a surprise. Head to the right to where the cones are and one may be moved aside at random. Enter the tunnel and you will come across Resetti himself in his den of wonders. He will yell at you as usual and give you a Silver Shovel (which will occasionally double your money when you use it on Money Stones).
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Money Rocks 89%
Just like in previous Animal Crossing games, there will be a random rock in your town each day that, when found, will give you increasing amounts of Bells. The more you hit it with your equipped shovel, the more Bells you will get. If you want to hit the rock more and more, try digging holes on either side of the rock, as well as one behind you, leaving you trapped between the rock and a uhh : hole place. This makes it so you do not recoil after hitting the rock, allowing you to button mash the thing until you are swimming in bells.
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How to create all Hybrids 89%
This video shows how to create all hybrids
Animal Crossing: City Folk cheat video Cheat Video
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Redd's Invites 89%
If you are looking for Redd invites, choose "No" when animals randomly ask you, "Have you ever heard of Redd's shop in the city?"
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Catching ANTS!!! 88%
When you have candy...drop the candy on the ground...and leave it there for a while...go to another location and come back...and ants will start crawling on it...take your net out and get the candy crawling with ants with your net! ENJOY~! Catching ANTS~~~

By: MK
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Bunny day 88%
If you go on bunny day and get all the furniture from him and sell it tom nook will give you about 96,500 bells
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Midsummer's Day 88%
Check in with Tortimer on Midsummer's Day, June 21, to get an Espresso Maker.
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How to get golden roses Hack Free 88%
This video shows how to get golden roses without hacking
Animal Crossing: City Folk cheat video Cheat Video
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99,999 Bells in 5 minutes video 88%
Video for how to get 99,999 bells easily in Animal Crossing: City Folk
Animal Crossing: City Folk cheat video Cheat Video
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Quick Tree Search 88%
Shaking trees takes way too much time -- but if you have an axe, you only need to hit the tree once to make its contents fall. Don't give it more than this love tap or you will chop it down!
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No Bee Stings 88%
Description: To keep your self safe from bees, try opening your gate to visitors. You should be able to shake all your trees without any bees coming out to sting you.
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Brewster's Gyroid Storage 88%
If you have a gyroid with you and you go to the museum cafe (downstairs), talk to Brewster. He will offer to store your gyroid and any additional ones you bring him (excluding duplicates).
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Change Your Face For Free 88%
If you want to change the face of your Mii-based character in Animal Crossing, consider changing your face on the dedicated Mii Channel outside of the game. If you do it in-game, you will needlessly waste 3,000 Bells that you could otherwise spend on something else.
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How To Catch A Tarantula Or Scorpion 88%
[WARNING! THIS TRICK WILL ONLY WORK DURING SUMMER!] Go outside anytime between 9:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m. [2:00 a.m. is the best time!] Walk around town until you find a tarantula or scorpion. [Do not have any other tool in your pockets! Only have the net!] If you approach a tarantula or scorpion with a net in your hand, it will come after you. So, to fix that problem, walk about five SLOW steps away from the tarantula or scorpion and pull out your net. Don't waste any time. SLOWLY walk up to the bug, [not to slow, not to fast, either] and press the A or C button as soon as you get the chance! [IMPORTANT! When you approach the bug, stay a few steps away from it. Getting to close, staying to far away, running or walking fast up to it or walking around with a net in your hand are common errors to losing a, or getting killed by, tarantula or scorpion.]
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Getting non native fruits-make more money 87%
When you start you only have one native fruit - each one is worth only 100 bells. If you send letters to all the animals in your village saying - 'this is for you' and attach a native fruit two days later you will receive a piece of fruit back, these are quite often non native fruit. Chop down a tree using the axe purchased from nook's and plant the fruit in the same hole-this guarantees your new fruit tree will grow. When this tree is fully grown use that fruit to do the same and eventually you will have loads of trees with fruit worth 500 bells each. We did this over a few days and now get 250,000 bells a time by selling all the fruit.
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Fossil values 87%
Amber: 1,200 Bells
Ammonite: 1,100 Bells
Ankylo Skull: 3,500 Bells
Ankylo Tail: 2,500 Bells
Ankylo Torso: 3,000 Bells
Apato Skull: 5,000 Bells
Apato Tail: 4,000 Bells
Apato Torso: 4,500 Bells
Archaeopteryx: 1,300 Bells
Coprolite: 1,100 Bells
Dimetrodon Skull: 5,500 Bells
Dimetrodon Tail: 4,500 Bells
Dimetrodon Torso: 5,000 Bells
Dinosaur Egg: 1,400 Bells
Dinosaur Track: 1,000 Bells
Fern Fossil: 1,000 Bells
Icthyo Skull: 2,500 Bells
Icthyo Torso: 2,000 Bells
Iguanodon Skull: 4,000 Bells
Iguanodon Tail: 3,000 Bells
Iguanodon Torso: 3,500 Bells
Mammoth Skull: 3,000 Bells
Mammoth Torso: 2,500 Bells
Pachy Tail: 3,000 Bells
Pachy Torso: 3,500 Bells
Pachy Skull: 4,000 Bells
Parasaur Tail: 2,500 Bells
Parasaur Torso: 3,000 Bells
Parasaur Skull: 3,500 Bells
Pecking Man: 1,100 Bells
Plesio Torso: 4,500 Bells
Plesio Neck: 4,500 Bells
Plesio Skull: 4,500 Bells
Ptera Right Wing: 4,500 Bells
Ptera Left Wing: 4,500 Bells
Ptera Skull: 4,000 Bells
Rapter Torso: 2,500 Bells
Rapter Skull: 3,000 Bells
Sabertooth Skull: 2,500 Bells
Sabertooth Torso: 2,000 Bells
Seismo Chest: 4,500 Bells
Seismo Hip: 4,000 Bells
Seismo Skull: 5,000 Bells
Seismo Tail: 4,500 Bells
Shark Tooth: 1,000 Bells
Stego Skull: 5,000 Bells
Stego Tail: 4,000 Bells
Stego Torso: 4,500 Bells
Styraco Skull: 3,500 Bells
Styraco Tail: 2,500 Bells
Styraco Torso: 3,000 Bells
T. Rex Skull: 6,000 Bells
T. Rex Tail: 5,000 Bells
T. Rex Torso: 5,500 Bells
Tricera Skull: 5,500 Bells
Tricera Tail: 4,500 Bells
Tricera Torso: 5,000 Bells
Trilobite: 1,300 Bells
By: code whale(866)
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Region-Specific Holidays 87%
Description: You must travel to other players' towns via Wi-Fi to get certain items. Different versions of the game in different regions (North America, Japan and Europe) have different holidays and - consequently - different items. Chat to Tortimer for your gift on each holiday. It's time to make some pen pals!

Girl's Day in JapanMarch 3
Boy's Day in JapanMay 5
Midsummer's Day in EuropeJune 21
Starcrossed Day in JapanJuly 7
Tsukimi in JapanSeptember or October
Autumn Moon in EuropeSeptember or October
Naughty-or-Nice Day in EuropeDecember 5
Midwinter's Day in EuropeDecember 21

*** The North American Region holidays have been excluded from this list.
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Fishing Guide 86%
Angelfish: 3,000 Bells river (rare) May to October, morning, evening, night.
Arapaima: 10,000 Bells river (rare) July to September, morning, evening, night.
Arowana: 10,000 Bells river (rare) June to September, morning, evening, night.
Barbel Steed: 200 Bells river all year, all day.
Barred Knifejaw: 5,000 Bells ocean (rare) March to November, all day.
Bitterling: 900 Bells river November to February, all day.
Black Bass: 300 Bells river all year, all day.
Blue Gill: 120 Bells river all year, noon.
Blue Marlin: 10,000 Bells ocean (rare) July to Sept, all day.
Carp: 300 Bells river all year, all day.
Cat Fish: 800 Bells pond May to October, morning, evening, night.
Char: 3,800 Bells waterfall Mar to June and September to November, morning, evening.
Cherry Salmon: 1,000 Bells river March to June and September to November, morning, evening.
Clownfish: 650 Bells ocean April to September, all day and May to August, noon.
Coelacanth: 15,000 Bells ocean during rain or snow (rare) all year, morning , evening, night.
Craw Fish: 250 Bells holding pond April to Sept, all day.
Crucian Carp: 120 Bells river all year, all day.
Dab: 300 Bells ocean October to April, all day.
Dace: 200 Bells river all year, morning, evening, night.
Dorado: 15,000 Bells river (rare) June to September, morning, noon, evening.
Eel: 2,000 Bells river June to Sept, morning, evening, night.
Football Fish: 2,500 Bells ocean (rare) November to March, morning, evening, night.
Freshwater Goby: 300 Bells river (rare) all year, morning, evening, night.
Frog: 120 Bells holding pond May to August, all day.
Gar: 6,000 Bells pond (rare) June to September, morning, evening, night.
Giant Snakehead: 5,500 Bells pond July to August, noon.
Gold Fish: 1,300 Bells river (rare) all year, all day.
Guppy: 1,300 Bells river (rare) April to November, noon.
Hammerhead Shark: 8,000 Bells ocean (rare) June to September, all day.
Horse Mackeral: 150 Bells ocean all year, all day.
Jelly Fish: 100 Bells ocean August, all day.
Killifish: 300 Bells holding pond (rare) April to August, all day.
King Salmon: 1,800 Bells river (rare) September, all day.
Koi: 2,000 Bells river (rare) all year, morning, evening, night.
Loach: 300 Bells river March to May, all day.
Ocean Sunfish: 4,000 Bells ocean (rare) April to September, morning noon, evening.
Octopus: 500 Bells Ocean September to January and March to July, all day.
Olive Flounder: 800 Bells Ocean (rare) all year, all day.
Pale Chub: 200 Bells river all year, noon.
Piranha: 2,500 Bells river (rare) June to September, noon, night.
Pond Smelt: 300 Bells pond December to February, all day.
Popeyed Goldfish: 1,300 Bells river (rare) all year, all day.
Puffer Fish: 240 Bells ocean July to September, all day and August, all day.
Rainbow Trout: 800 Bells river March to June and September to November, morning, evening.
Red Snapper: 3,000 Bells ocean all year, all day.
Salmon: 700 Bells river September, all day.
Sea Bass: 160 Bells ocean all year, all day.
Sea Butterfly: 1,000 Bells ocean December to February, all day.
Seahorse: 1,100 Bells ocean April to November, all day and May to September, noon.
Shark: 15,000 Bells ocean (rare) June to September, morning, evening, night.
Surgeonfish: 1,000 bells ocean (rare) July to September , morning, evening, night
Squid: 400 Bells Ocean December to Aug, all day.
Stringfish: 15,000 Bells river (rare) December to February, morning, evening, night.
Sweetfish: 900 Bells river July to September, all day.
Tuna: 7,000 Bells ocean (rare) November to March, all day.
Yellow Perch: 240 Bells river October to March or November to February, all day.
Zebra Turkey Fish: 400 Bells ocean April to November, all day and May to September, noon
Everything is true except the Giant Snakehaed and Gar are in the river
By: PikaComet(1333)
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How to get fast bells 86%
Ok if you like to stay up late and are good with a net than you can make fast bells.So how you make so many bells is you stay up to about 12_5 A.M.When you play there will be tons of rare bugs store them in your house the next day sell them.I once made over 400,000 bells in just one pocket full! Hint:if you catch a bug off a coconut tree that is the only tree you can catch them off of!
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Flag Pole 86%
Description: Once you pay off your final mortgage, you get a flag pole in front of your house like the one near the gate.
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Birthday Everyday!! 86%
Description: If you want a Birthday Cake everyday, on the main menu say "Other Things" and next say "Set date/Time" Now set the date to your Birthday! Now press"Back" and go on your file. Finally it is your birthday! And do not forget the Birthday Cake!- Fireslash400
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Gold card 85%
At tom nooks store when you get VIP membership you will get a golden card that makes everything 50% off at gracie graces
By: dylan1000(69)
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Dates for holidays 85%
Some holidays like Christmas and Halloween come on the same day every year, and then there's holidays like Thanksgiving and Easter that come on different days every year. On Animal Crossing: City Folk, you can time travel to holidays via the game's main menu (other things-Set date/time-submit the date and time you want). When you want to time travel to a movable holiday, here's the dates (2008-2018):

Festivale (Mardi Gras. FYI, they did it a day early in the game by accident.):
2008: February 4th
2009: February 23rd
2010: February 15th
2011: March 7th
2012: February 20th
2013: February 11th
2014: March 3rd
2015: February 16th
2016: February 8th
2017: February 27th
2018: February 12th

Bunny Day (Easter):
2008: March 23rd
2009: April 12th
2010: April 4th
2011: April 24th
2012: April 8th
2013: March 31st
2014: April 20th
2015: April 5th
2016: March 27th
2017: April 16th
2018: April 1st

Autumn Moon (Harvest Moon):
2009: October 4th
2010: September 23rd
2011: September 12th
2012: September 30th
2013: September 19th
2014: September 9th
2015: September 28th
2016: September 16th
2017: October 5th
2018: September 25th

Harvest Festival (Thanksgiving):
2008: November 27th
2009: November 26th
2010: November 25th
2011: November 24th
2012: November 22nd
2013: November 28th
2014: November 27th
2015: November 26th
2016: November 24th
2017: November 23rd
2018: November 22nd

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Growing trees without watering them 85%
Plant trees in the rain or an storm But the max you can grow is about 15-20 at a time
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Halloween furniture 84%
On Halloween find jack he will ask you for some candy give him a piece of candy and he will give you pieces to the spooky set in return
By: code whale(866)
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Bug Checklist 84%
You can use this to check off the bugs you've caught ^^

[ ] -Common Butterfly
[ ] -Yellow Butterfly
[ ] -Tiger Buterfly
[ ] -Peacock
[ ] -Monarch
[ ] -Emporor
[ ] -Agrias Butterfly
[ ] -Raja Brooke
[ ] -Birdwing
[ ] -Moth
[ ] -Oak Silk Moth
[ ] -Honeybee
[ ] -Bee
[ ] -Long Locust
[ ] -Migratory Locust
[ ] -Mantis
[ ] -Orchid Mantis
[ ] -Brown Cicda
[ ] -Robust Cicda
[ ] -Walker Cicada
[ ] -Evening Cicada
[ ] -Lantern Fly
[ ] -Red Dragonfly
[ ] -Darner Dragonfly
[ ] -Banded Dragonfly
[ ] -Giant Petaltail
[ ] -Ant
[ ] -Pondskater
[ ] -Diving Beetle
[ ] -Snail
[ ] -Cricket
[ ] -Bell Cricket
[ ] -Grasshopper
[ ] -Mole Cricket
[ ] -Walking Leaf
[ ] -Walking Stick
[ ] -Bagworm
[ ] -Ladybug
[ ] -Violin Beetle
[ ] -Longhorn
[ ] -Dung Beetle
[ ] -Firefly
[ ] -Fruit Beetle
[ ] -Scarab Beetle
[ ] -Jewel Beetle
[ ] -Miyama Stag
[ ] -Saw Stag Beetle
[ ] -Giant Beetle
[ ] -Rainbow Stag
[ ] -Cyclommatus
[ ] -Golden Stag
[ ] -Dynastid Beetle
[ ] -Atlas Beetle
[ ] -Elephant Beetle
[ ] -Hercules Beetle
[ ] -Goliath Beetle
[ ] -Flea
[ ] -Pill Bug
[ ] -Mosquito
[ ] -Fly
[ ] -Centipede
[ ] -Spider
[ ] -Tarantula
[ ] -Scorpion
By: PikaComet(1333)
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Town fund unlockables 84%
Donate the indicated number of Bells to the Town Fund at Town Hall to unlock the
corresponding item or structure. Note: These items and structures have no effect
other than to show off what you donated.

Bridge is built: 200,000 Bells

Fountain is built: 400,000 Bells

Windmill or lighthouse is built: 1,000,000 Bells
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Snowman furniture 83%
In the winter you will find snowballs. roll two snowball into perfect snowman size then put them together. then the snowman will mail you snowman furniture if he says he's perfect
By: code whale(866)
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How to obtain Foreign fruit without Wi-Fi 83%
1. Shake a tree that bears your town native fruit, pick it up
2. Go to Tom Nook store to buy some paper (Or use another one if you have one)
3. Pick one of your FEMALE villager, MALE do NOT work
4. Type "How are you?" In perfect grammar
5. Attach your town native fruit to the letter
6. Go to town hall and send your letter
7. Wait.
8. Open your mailbox, you will get the letter. The gift could be a shirt or a fruit (Sometimes it could be your town native fruit) and keep trying until you get all the fruit
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Town Hall model 82%
After one year has elapsed in your town, you will get a letter from Tortimer with a Town Hall model.
By: code whale(866)
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Redds Paintings 82%
Some people say that all of Redd's paintings are all fakes. THIS IS NOT TRUE! Some ARE fake, but others are real! Seriously! And before you have them appraised by Blathers, go to Tom Nooks and look in his catalog. If it's there- at the bottem- then its real! If its not there, it is a fake, so go ahead and sell it. Or you can keep it.
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Fossil Prices 82%
Those dig spots around your burg may turn up fossils. You can be a philanthropist and donate them to the museum, or sell them to Tom Nook for cold, hard Bells. Here are the prices you’ll get from old Nook:

Amber - 1,200 Bells
Ammonite - 1,100 Bells
Coprolite - 1,100 Bells
Dinosaur Track - 1,000 Bells
Archaeopteryx - 1,300 Bells
Pecking Man - 1,100 Bells
Fern Fossil - 1,000 Bells
Dinosaur Egg - 1,400 Bells
Shark Tooth - 1,000 Bells
Trilobite - 1,300 Bells
T.Rex Tail - 5,000 Bells
T.Rex Torso - 5,500 Bells
T.Rex Skull - 6,000 Bells
Tricera Tail - 4,500 Bells
Tricera Torso - 5,000 Bells
Tricera Skull - 5,500 Bells
Mammoth Torso - 2,500 Bells
Mammoth Skull - 3,000 Bells
Ankylo Tail - 2,500 Bells
Ankylo Torso - 3,000 Bells
Ankylo Skull - 3,500 Bells
Apato Tail - 4,000 Bells
Apato Torso - 4,500 Bells
Apato Skull - 5,000 Bells
Dimetrodon Tail - 4,500 Bells
Dimetrodon Torso - 5,000 Bells
Dimetrodon Skull - 5,500 Bells
Iguanodon Tail - 3,000 Bells
Iguanodon Torso - 3,500 Bells
Iguanodon Skull - 4,000 Bells
Sabertooth Torso - 2,000 Bells
Sabertooth Skull - 2,500 Bells
Pachy Tail - 3,000 Bells
Pachy Torso - 3,500 Bells
Pachy Skull - 4,000 Bells
Parasaur Tail - 2,500 Bells
Parasaur Torso - 3,000 Bells
Parasaur Skull - 3,500 Bells
Seismo Tail - 4,500 Bells
Seismo Hip - 4,000 Bells
Seismo Chest - 4,500 Bells
Seismo Skull - 5,000 Bells
Plesio Torso - 4,500 Bells
Plesio Neck - 4,500 Bells
Plesio Skull - 4,500 Bells
Stego Tail - 4,000 Bells
Stego Torso - 4,500 Bells
Stego Skull - 5,000 Bells
Ptera Right Wing - 4,500 Bells
Ptera Left Wing - 4,500 Bells
Ptera Skull - 4,000 Bells
Icthyo Torso - 2,000 Bells
Icthyo Skull - 2,500 Bells
Rapter Torso - 2,500 Bells
Rapter Skull - 3,000 Bells
Styraco Tail - 2,500 Bells
Styraco Torso - 3,000 Bells
Styraco Skull - 3,500 Bells
By: PikaComet(1333)
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Lots of Good chance Cheats! :D 81%
I know quite a lot of cheats so listen up. First of all, if you go to the city at night immediatly turn right and keep going till you see an empty space(or traffic cones if you're too early), walk ahead and you will see Ressetti's office and he will give you a silver shovel so you will go away.But if you go UP instead of right you will see the stairs that the shoe shiner sits on and the planks on the door MIGHT not be there and you can walk inside and see Ressetti's BROTHER! If your sick of ressetti going BLA BLA BLA all the time press B when he is talking and he will talk much faster and I do it ALL the time :3 In animal crossing you can catch tarantula's and scorpion's! If you see them proceed with caution. If they get to you, you will get stung and will faint and end up in front of your house. I know much more but I am going to post it later.

Signing off :3
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Tom Nook's store prizes 81%
You can earn 1 point for every 100 Bells spent at Tom Nook's store. They can be used to
earn the following prizes:

Bad Bro 'Stache: 2,500 points

Banana: 500 points

Hero's Cap, Majora's Mask, or Samus Mask: 6,000 points

Hero's Clothes, Varia Suit, or Wario Hat: 5,000 points

Kart: 10,000 points

Midna's Mask: 6,500 points

Peach's Parasol: 4,000 points

Toad Hat: 3,000 points

Triple Shells: 800 points

Yoshi's Egg: 1,000 points
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Treasure in Trees 80%
This is a list of what falls out of trees:,100 bells at a time.,two a day.
3.Bee's,bee's can be caught with a net or deflected with an umbrella when spun.
4.Spider,unlikely to find.
5.Fruitapple,orange,cherry,peach,pear,coconut.3 fruit per fruit tree,2 per palm tree.
6.Money(grown),depends on how much was burried by golden shovel.
By: Ecoliar(307)
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Festivale Gifts 80%

2008: February 4
2009: February 23
2010: February 15
2011: March 7
2012: February 20
2013: February 11
2014: March 3
2015: February 16
2016: February 8

Pave Furniture. give Pave candy
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Complete Music List 80%
Every Saturday evening, from 8:00 - 12:00, KK Slider comes to the Museum's coffee shop. You may request the following songs from him and he'll give them to you take home and play on your device of choice. Note: Each song name must be spelled out correctly, with the appropriate symbols.

Agent K.K
Aloha K.K.
Cafι K.K.
Comrade K.K.
Forest Life
Go K.K. Rider!
I Love You
Imperial K.K.
K.K. Aria
K.K. Ballad
K.K. Blues
K.K. Bossa
K.K. Calypso
K.K. Casbah
K.K. Chorale
K.K. Condor
K.K. Country
K.K. Cruisin'
K.K. D & B
K.K. Dirge
K.K. Dixie
K.K. Etude*
K.K. Faire
K.K. Folk
K.K. Fusion
K.K. Gumbo
K.K. House
K.K. Jazz
K.K. Lament
K.K. Love Song
K.K. Lullaby
K.K. Mambo
K.K. Marathon
K.K. March
K.K. Metal
K.K. Parade
K.K. Safari
K.K. Salsa
K.K. Samba
K.K. Ska
K.K. Sonata
K.K. Song
K.K. Soul
K.K. Steppe
K.K. Swing
K.K. Tango
K.K. Technopop
K.K. Waltz
K.K. Western
King K.K.
Lucky K.K.
Marine Song
Mountain Song
Mr. K.K.
My Place
Only Me
K.K. Rally
K.K. Reggae
K.K. Rock
K.K. Rockabilly
K.K. Ragtime
Rockin' K.K.
Seρor K.K.
Soulful K.K.
Spring Blossoms
Stale Cupcakes
Steep Hill
Surfin' K.K.
The K. Funk
To the Edge
Two Days Ago
By: PikaComet(1333)
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Quick money on halloween 80%
Go to the 31/10 then collect your town firut then go to some punkin head people
they will give you a jack in the box keep on doing it until your pockets ar full
then go and sell them at nook`s

when you start doing it take evrything out of your pockets so nobody
dosent steel any thing

by ghest

you will get 15.545 bells evry time you do it

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Fish Prices 80%
Bitterling - 900
Goldfish - 1,300 (Rare)
Pale Chub - 200
Crucian Carp - 120
Dace - 200
Barbel Steed - 200
Carp - 300
Koi - 2,000 (Rare)
Popeyed Goldfish - 1,300 (Rare)
Killifish - 300 (Rare)
Crawfish - 250
Frog - 120
Freshwater Goby - 300 (Rare)
Loach - 300
Catfish - 800
Eel - 2,000
Giant Snakehead - 5,500
Bluegill - 120
Yellow Perch - 240
Black Bass - 300
Pike - 1,800
Pond Smelt - 300
Sweetfish - 900
Cherry Salmon - 1,000
Char - 3,800
Rainbow Trout - 800
Stringfish - 15,000 (Rare)
Salmon - 700
King Salmon - 1,800
Guppy - 1,300 (Rare)
Anglefish - 3,000 (Rare)
Neon Tetra - 500
Piranha - 2,500 (Rare)
Arowana - 10,000 (Rare)
Dorado - 15,000 (Rare)
Gar - 6,000 (Rare)
Arapaima - 10,000 (Rare)
Sea Butterfly - 1,000
Jellyfish - 100
Sea Horse - 1,100
Clownfish - 650
Surgeonfish - 1,000
Butterflyfish - 1,000
Napoleonfish - 10,000
Zebra Turkeyfish - 400
Puffer Fish - 240
Horse Mackerel - 150
Barred Knifejaw - 5,000
Sea Bass - 160
Red Snapper - 3,000
Dab - 300
Olive Flounder - 800 (Rare)
Squid - 400
Octopus - 500
Lobster - 2,500
Moray Eel - 2,000
Football Fish - 2,500 (Rare)
Tuna - 7,000 (Rare)
Blue Marlin - 10,000 (Rare)
Ray - 3,000
Sea Sunfish - 4,000 (Rare)
Hammerhead Shark - 8,000 (Rare)
Shark - 15,000 (Rare)
Coelacanth - 15,000 (Rare)
By: PikaComet(1333)
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Crossbreeding flowers 80%
How to crossbreed your flowers:
you will need
1 watering can(any type)
flowers or flower seed bags,
plant your flowers stategically or diaginal and be sure to water them daily,and if you put the same type of flowers togther you will a get a new one.Here are some flower types I know,pink roses,pink cosmos,orange cosmos,black roses,purple pansies,pink pansies,gold roses.That's all I know I hope it helped!
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Get opposite Gender shoes! 80%
Get your shoes shined everyday for a few months, and Kicks will ask if you want a Masculen or Fenenine style shoe shine. If you are a boy, choose Femienine, if you're a girl, choose Masculen.
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We meet again! 80%
One day when you go on the bus you will see rover again and he will ask you about kinect24 and choose switch on and go back to your town and go to the gate and talk to the dog on the right and choose friend code and he will give you your friend code.
By: alab(5)
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Golden slingshot 79%
Have you ever wondered how to get the golden slingshot? well ill tell ya it is no where near easy. first you have to shoot down like 8 ballons. whan you have done that on one random day three ballons tied to one present which are gold will apear shoot them all an there you go!
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Red's Store 79%
All of you who say that Red's store is bad, shut up! red may OCCASIONALLY sell you a fake painting but, most of the time its real. tom nook only sells 2 paintings. you need red for the rest. also, you may say reds is over-priced, but he has some (and mostly) furniture that you cant find in nooks like the triforce (100.000 bells).so thats the deal w/ reds.
PS~ when you want to auction something, first go to nooks and see what the sell price is. then go to the auction house and display and item w/ a price 4x more than nooks price.
Ex.- Seahores=1,100 bells. at the auction house, sell for 4,400 bells.
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Get a Silver Shovel 78%
If you go to the city after eight PM on any night, as soon as you get off the bus, run to the right (it's the right if you're looking at your screen, which you should be). There are normally orange construction cones blocking your entrance into the tunnel. But, sometimes, on a random night, the cones are pushed aside and light flows into the streets. That means that Resetti is in his office there. When you go in, he'll be so flustered and nervous, because no one's supposed to know about his office there. So, to keep you quiet, he gives you a free silver shovel. Awesome!
By: cowwie818(1235)
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How To Get Up To 1,000,000 Bells 78%
Plant plenty of palm trees by the beach in your town. Plant them in the ground right above the sand. Let them grow for a few weeks. Empty your pockets and go to the beach anytime between midnight and 8:00 a.m. [4:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. are THE best times.] Catch as many Hercules Beetles and Golden Stags as possible. These beetles are the rarest ones so try and not to scare them away when bug hunting. These are worth more than they seem, but don't worry about which one of them you catch they're equal with what they're worth. Each time you sell pocketfuls of these beetles, Tom Nook will give you at least 112,000 bells.
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No fakes 78%
When you go to redds to buy a painting, buy a piece of furniture first, then buy the painting. once you get back to your town, go to nooks, hit "i want to sell" select the painting hit sell and then refuse his offer. the painting should be original. PS if it is a fake nook will tell you and offer you 10 bells
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Catching the hard fish 77%
I have found that when you donate items to the museum, then it ups your chances of catching the good fish, also if you apply the right decorating tips of fung shi this works also. for example...put red items on the right wall, yellow items on the left wall and green items on the bottom wall. you can even bring the flowers in your house and they will pop out into pots...u do not even have to water them. always talk to your neighbors or they will move out of town. and if you go to the recycling bin, you can take out gifts, send them with letters to your neighbors and the next day they will send you thank you letters with all kinds of gifts. also, go to the lost and found and you can do the same, or you can sell the items at tom 40 yrs old and im so addicted to this game.....I think its the daughter will not let me make an account because I am her personal landscaper and decorator......haha! smart kid!
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Different fruits 77%
If you are tiered of the same fruit then take this tip. send a letter to everyone in town saying "a gift for you" then attach the fruit that is in your town and send it. you will resive a shirt or a fruit that costs 500 bells.
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Money DOES grow on trees!! 77%
It's a long process but it pays off.

1.first buy 2 shovels.
2. burry one of your shovels
3. 24 hours later come back and dig it up.
4. you shovel should now be gold.
5. now only using your golden shovel do the next step
6. burry 1 bag of money. ranging from 1000-90,000
7. once the tree grows there will be 3 bags of money containing the same amount you burried in each.

(their is a better chance it will work if you burry more money)
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Animal Crossing City Folk Cheat: Get tons of bells in half an hour! 77%
If you change the date on the Animal Crossing: City Folk game to Easter (April 4th for 2010) and go to the town hall, there will be a big yellow bunny. If you talk to him he will say to find eggs. So take your shovel, and go dig and when you find eggs, crack them open. If you find candy, keep it so you can get Spooky furniture on halloween. If you find bunny foil, then give it to the bunny and he will give you egg furniture. This can be sold to Nook for lots of bells. (over 9000 each)
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Jingle furniture 77%
On Christmas Eve, after 8:00 P.M. go find Jingle the reindeer in your town. He will give you a peice of the Jingle furniture set! He recognizes you by your clothes, so keep changing until you get the whole set!
By: Mii2(132)
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Time Traveling For Easy Mass Amounts Of Bells. 76%
Put a minimum 100,000 bells in the bank, go to the year 2000, save, and go to the year 2035, you will have gotten 99,999 bells interest. Keep doing this until you have roughly 1,800,000-2,000,000 bells, then you are able to just go from 2000 to 2001, and so on. Warning, you will get mass amounts of weeds, and have a few neighbors leave, plus you will get a very large red flower grow somewhere in the town that will only leave when the rest of the weeds are gone. You will have a few hundred to pick, unless you get Wisp to rid the weeds, which is recommended. This words really well, I got 4,000,000 bells in just 3 hours of work. You only really need 4,000,000 bells, fully upgrade your house, pay off 1,000,000 to town fund, and buy Gorgeous set is just under this amount. Oh, almost forgot, you must change the Wii clock, it won't work with the in-game clock (or so I've heard). This is only recommended if you don't mind staying up late Monday nights (Wisp), or monotonous tasks (changing the clock), or loosing good neighbors.

By 123aaa789
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How to earn 100,000 bells in half an hour 76%
Skip to april 4, 2010 (make sure you have a shovel) there will be a guy named zipper t. bunny at the town hall, he tells you to collect eggs and open them, if you get bunny foil give it to him and he will give you egg furniture. sell the furniture to tom nook for 9,000 bells each. so dig up lots of bunny foils.
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Wisp the ghost 76%
If you find an empty lamp (looks like a genie lamp) then you know that Wisp is going to visit! first pick up the lamp and put it in your pocket. then either switch the time to after 8:00 or just wait. at that time walk around your town and a voice box Will come up out of nowhere. follow the directions that the voice tell you, then Wisp will appear. Wisp will ask you to find his lamp and if you already found it, talk to him again. once he receives his lamp, Wisp will tell you to go to your attic and he will grant you 1 wish. you can chose from:
1) getting all weeds removed
2) receiving a rare item/clothing
3) nothing at all :)

Now I heard of Wisp asking you to retrieve his 5 spirits and I know nothing about that :D
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Two Rare Fish 75%
Coelanth:sells for 15,000 bells,appears in salt water only when it's raining or snowing.

Stringfish:pretty much the rarest of rare fish,sells for 15,000 bells,appears in fresh water
only in the winter time.
By: Ecoliar(307)
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Taranchulas and Scorpions 75%
If you find a Taranchula or Scorpion don't run from them get out a tool but not a net and chase them off the side of the cliff the take out a net it will start hitting the cliff start walking down the hill until it's close enough to catch. but don't take out a net before you chase it off the cliff or else it will chase you and bite or sting you.
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Extra Storage Space 75%
Aa you may know, you can store items in letters. Try this Put items in letters in the saved letters at the Town Hall. That's another 16 drawers of storage space.
By: warbeast19(47)
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Pave series 75%
On the 4th Monday of February A male peacock named Pave host an event in front of the Town Hall[but only for city folk].He ask you for 3 of the same color candy.You will have to win games with your neighbors to get the candy or use any leftover candy from Halloween or Easter. Waring!Do Not carry any valuables if you lose a game it could be taken from you! After you give him the candy he will give you one of the furniture from the Pave series. Each are worth 12,000 bells!
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November, fourth Thursday - Harvest Festival gifts 75%
Harvest Furniture talk to Tortimer for Knife and Fork, then trade them with Franklin for furniture.
By: code whale(866)
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Golden shovel extra money 75%
If you get the golden shovel go to a money rock and dig 2 hole 2 spots away from the rock and hit the rock till all money comes out and you should get 8,100 bells!

By:blackopswii :)
By: blackopswii(100)
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Golden shovel 75%
Get 2 normal shovels and bury 1 of them and the next day you got a golden shovel
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Find Missing Key, Get a Gift 74%
When you come across a resident who said they had lost their house key and ask you to find it for them, just go fishing and in time you will fish out a key. Then bring it to the resident and they will give you a gift in return.
By: pookee(88)
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Get 5 bridges and more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 74%
That's right pokemonsters is back but this time with the ULTIMATE cheat for City Folk. Ok you know how you get a third bridge after donating 200,000 bells. Well you know how you have to vote on the location of the bridge. Usually there are three different locations to vote on. The thing that usually bothers everyone is that you can only get one of the bridges. Well guess what. That's wrong. You can get all three bridges. How? Create three characters and have them all vote for a different location and............................. BOOM! You'll get all the bridges. You can also do the same thing to get the lighthouse and windmill. By doing this cheat you'll have a lighthouse and a windmill and it'll be really easy to get around town because you'll have five bridges. Trust me this works because I've done this before.
By: pokemonsters(315)
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Make tons of money! (time traveling required) 74%
First change the date to bunny day, (April 12 for 2009) and talk to the dancing bunny outside town hall. he will ask you to dig up bunny eggs, which are burried all around town. try to find a lot. open them, and inside some of them is bunny foil (most of them have candy, but DO NOT GET RID OF IT!) go talk to the bunny again and he will give you egg-themed furniture that sells for a lot of money. then change the date to October 31, which is Halloween. track down Jack (you can tell its him because he doesn't chase you when you go near him) and give him candy. he will give you Spooky furniture, which also sells for tons of money. he will disappear each time you give him candy, but keep finding him and give him all the candy. when you are all out, sell it at Tom Nook's. you should have at least 100,000+ depending on how much candy and eggs you had. have fun, and remember to pay off that loan!
By: sanmantha(161)
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City people move in your town! 73%
If you want someone in the city to move to your town then talk too them like
ten times and they will move in your town hoped I helped!
Gary Chew
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A Few random visitors 73%
-Pascal:stands on a bridge in your town.Give him a scallop(A SCALLOP not a WHITE SCALLOP)and he will give you ship furniture.
-Savanah:A camel who exchanges old carpets for new carpets.on this day ask your neighbors for old carpets.(save up 3 to get a cooler carpet).
-Walden:give him a fish to eat and you will be rewarded with a cool design pattern.
By: Ecoliar(307)
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Bugs 73%
It is easier to catch bugs if you have a silver or gold net. It IS possible to catch bees but you have to do it quick and they are worth 4,500 Bells!. Whenever you see a bug on a tree you have to walk up to it very slowly or it willl go away. The same thing with flowers. If you miss or walk quick, they will go away. Happy bug catching!
By: animalgalLK(64)
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If you REALLY want the Silver Shovel, read this. NOW!!!! 73%
Go on the game after 8pm. Then, reset. Go back on the game (still after 8pm) and you will see a mole like usually. But, instead of Resetti you will see his older brother Don. He's much nicer than Resetti. He will mention that his younger brother (or Sonny as Don calls him) is not feeling well and staying at home. As soon as he leaves, go straight to the City and go to the cones on the right. They should be moved aside revealing a path. Go into the light to enter Reset Surveilence Centre. Resetti will be there, so talk to him. He will yell as usually, then give you a Silver Shovel. It gets double money from money rocks!
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Whisp the Ghost 71%
On Monday nights, go to town and the southeast corner. You will hear a voice, and follow its directions. It will aks you to find his lost lamp, and when you do, go to your attic, and you will either het to get rid of all the weeds in your town, get rid of all the cochroaches, or get a random item.
By: SquirrelGirl97(120)
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Max rock bells 71%
To get the maximum bells from a rock dig 3-4 holes one "square" away on one side, this will keep you from sliding back "too" far
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Mushroom Furniture 71%
Every day, at about 3:00 p.m., there will be a piece of furniture in front of any random tree. That piece of furniture is a part of the "Mushroom Collection", meaning it will be part of the mushroom furniture set. It will not look like a leaf when you pick it up, but a mushroom.
By: SquirrelGirl97(120)
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How to get an ABD machine 71%
To get an ABD you need to save 999,999,999 bells in the bank then the ABD notice will mail you an ABD machine


the easiest way to get that money is to duplicate royal crowns and

sell them
By: code whale(866)
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Finding Mushrooms 71%
Go around three o clock in the day around trees. You may find mushrooms in front of them... but this mostly happens around november... you may find priceless mushrooms, costly mushrooms... And even mush lamps! those really cost a lot but also are really pretty for home decor...
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Time Traveling Hint 71%
Instead of going ahead in time, go back in time. You won't lose neighbors, you won't get cockroaches and your flowers won't die.
By: facebookfan(72)
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Tom Nook Point Rewards(complete list) 71%
Banana: 500 points
Triple Shells: 800 points
Yoshi's Egg: 1,000 points
Bad Bro 'Stache: 2,500 points
Toad Hat: 3,000 points
Peach's Parasol: 4,000 points
Hero's Clothes, Varia Suit, Wario Hat: 5,000 points
Hero's Cap, Majora's Mask, Samus Mask: 6,000 points
Midna's Mask: 6,500 points
Kart: 10,000 points

100 bells=1 point
1,000 bells=10 points
10,000 bells=100 points
100,000 bells=1,000 points
1,000,000 bells=10,000 points
By: Ecoliar(307)
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Items in Lost & Found 71%
Like in the recycling bin, random things get into the lost and found.
Go to Booker (the guard on the left), then you say you lost something.
The items usually don't come in to often, but I check a couple of times a week, just incase I see something cool.

(I found an Arwing in the lost and found once.)
By: TylerRocks18(123)
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Golden Axe 71%
To get a golden axe you have to donate money to the town to get a foutain then throw your regular axe into the fountain(my friend code is 2407-6068-5787 town is Freetown and name is Pixie)
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Tortimer's gifts 71%
Spek to Tortimer on holidays or events nd he will give you presents! Here they are.

New Years shirt New Years Day
Cool globe Nature Day
Picnic basket Labor Day
Ressettti Model Ground Hog Day
Sail Boat Model Explorers Day
Sparkler Fire Works Show
Town Hall Model Players one year anniversary for moving to town
Wheat Budle Autumn Moon
By: animalgalLK(64)
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Items in Recycling Bin 71%
People in your town put random things in the Recycling Bin at the Town Hall, so if you check the Recycling Bin daily, you might find cool items, such as furniture and clothes.
By: TylerRocks18(123)
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Sliver Shovel 71%
On any random night go to the city. Note: It must be past 8 o'clock for this cheat to work.
Once you get of the bus go right until you get to the orange cones. If there is a light and the cones are moved to the side, walk into the light and you will be in Resetti's center.
Talk to him and he will give you a sliver shovel.
This happens on random nights and may not work the first time you try.
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Special Holidays 71%
You must travel to other players' towns via Wi-Fi to get certain items. Different versions of the game in different regions (North America, Japan and Europe) have different holidays and - consequently - different items. Talk to Tortimer for your gift on each holiday. It's time to make some pen pals!

Girl's Day in Japan - March 3
Boy's Day in Japan - May 5
Midsummer's Day in Europe - June 21
Starcrossed Day in Japan - July 7
Tsukimi in Japan - September or October
Autumn Moon in Europe - September or October
Naughty-or-Nice Day in Europe - December 5
Midwinter's Day in Europe - December 21
By: PikaComet(1333)
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Easy Bells!!! 71%
This is a few ways to get easy bells. Now, this may require some time.

The first way is to hit rocks every day. You can usually get 3,000 to 8,000 bells from this. I suggest digging a hole behind where you stand to hit the rock, so you don't move as often and lose time replacing yourself.

The second way is to shake trees. Yeah, boring. And dangerous from bees. But the bees, besides stinging you, are no harm. You can usually get at least 1,000 bells from shaking all the non-fruit-bearing trees a day. Or more. Sometimes furniture will fall out. If unwanted, sell to Nook for a nice bonus.

The third way is shaking fruit trees. If it's the native fruit, you'll get 100 bells per fruit piece. If it's non-native fruit, you'll get 500 bells per fruit piece. Ain't that nice?

The fourth way is catching bugs and fish. As long as you have the bug/fish in the museum (or maybe you're like my brother, whom never liked donating bugs/fish to the museum) then you can sell the bugs/fishes for extra profit.

The fifth way requires two or more people under your control. Let's call them #1 and #2. On a holiday, say Easter, collect all the eggs or whatever and get the furniture from the wrappers. So now you have a full set on #1. SAVE. What next? You may ask yourself. I'll tell you what next! Go on #2 do the same thing with #1, get all the furniture from the wrappers or whatever. So now you have 2 characters each with the full Easter set. What next, JSLovesHarvestM? you may find yourself thinking. With #2, drop all of the furniture pieces by #1's house. SAVE. Then go on #1 and collect all the dropped items from the Easter set. Hopefully, you'll have each item twice. Sell one of each item to Nook. You should get a nice amount of bells. If you want, you can make a #3 and #4 to repeat with and have #1 get all those bells. This works well if you're an only child. If wanted, you may now delete #2, #3, and #4 once retrieved Easter items from.

That's all I can think of right now. I hope I helped, and made sense. I tend not to. XD Once I get my camera, I'll make a video to show number 5 if you still don't get it. Until then, PEACE! ~ JSLovesHarvestM
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Mardi Gras! 71%
Obtained from Animal Crossing Community
Credit's due where credit goes.
It goes to iolite.

•*''*•.,,.•*''*•.,,.•*''*•., It's Carnival Time! ,.•*''*•.,,.•*''*•.,,.•*''*•.,

Date: On the Monday before Fat Tuesday (Mardi Gras) which is the day before Ash Wednesday (the start of Lent).

Time: 6am-5:59am the following day


»»» 1.0 - Items to Collect during Festivale
During the event, you are able to collect items from the Pavι Series by providing candy to a colorful Peacock called Pavι.

»»» 1.1 - Pavι Series
• Bed
• Bookshelf
• Bureau
• Chair
• Chest
• Closet
• End Table
• Lamp
• Sofa
• Table

• Floor
• Wall

The furniture can be sold to Tom Nook for 12,000 bells but the Floor and Wall will sell for only 1,800 bells.

»»» 1.2 - Extra Item
There is also a European DLC that matches the Pavι set. It is the Pavι Clock and is available to buy for 4,800 bells from Tom Nook if it has previously been cataloged.


»»» 2.0 - Background to the Event
The confetti begins to fall from the sky at 6am to let you know that it's Festivale time. If you go to the Town Hall, you'll find Pavι the Peacock dancing away outside. Since he is super fit, he'll continue dancing for the entire 24 hours but he needs some energy. This is where you can help by giving him candy and in return, Pavι will thank you by giving you a random piece of furniture from the Pavι Series.

As with many of the events, there are twists in what first appears to be an easy task.
• Unlike the lead-up to Halloween, there is no candy for sale in Nook's.
• Pavι wants three pieces of candy for each piece of furniture.
• Pavι doesn't want just any three pieces of candy. Each time, he'll request a specific color too.
• Luckily, you can obtain candy from your townies but unlike Halloween, getting all your candy isn't as simple.


»»» 3.0 - Obtaining Candy
Candy can be obtained in two ways:
• A few pieces are obtained freely by wearing a Complete Outfit/Look.
• The remainder must be earned by playing any of 5 different games with the townies and beating them.

Either way, in order to get any candy at all, your townies need to be awake so for all the early players that think that they can start playing at 6am - think again. You may be awake but your townies may not be!

Therefore, Festivale requires some preparation.


»»» 4.0 - Preparation
There are four areas of preparation for Festivale.
• Organising your pockets
• Organising your outfit (if you want a few free pieces of candy)
• Knowing when to play
• Saving time by trapping townies

»»» 4.1 - Preparation: Pockets
During Festivale, you will play games with townies in order to win a piece of candy to give to Pavι but the townies will always want you to forfeit something if you lose the game.

Since you can win a game, you need at least one empty space in your pocket to place a piece of candy and because you can lose a game, you need to have an item in your pocket to give to a townie.

If you have neither a space in your pocket, nor an item to forfeit, townies will not play a game with you so you need to prepare your pockets prior to playing Festivale by doing the following:
• Carry 10 empty letters
• Remove bells from your wallet
• Carry a few pieces of cheap shells and/or native fruit

By carrying 10 empty letters you have a place to store candy every time you win a piece. It is crucial that there is no candy in your pockets because a townie can see into your pockets and will always choose to take candy from you if you lose a game. By storing candy in your letters, it also means that you have the option of just playing games with townies and winning up to 11 pieces of candy before you either unload the candy in a designated area of your town or go to see Pavι.

If townies cannot see any candy in your pocket, their next option will be to take 500 bells from you. So if you don't want them to do this, keep less than 500 bells in your wallet.

In your pockets, you can carry a few cheap shells and/or native fruit as a townie will play for these if you don't have bells or candy. It's not worth carrying other items as you never know when a townie might want to play for those items instead of fruit or shells.

Just remember to carry a maximum of 14 pieces of shells and/or fruit so that you always have space for a piece of candy, otherwise townies won't play.

If you are trapping your townies, you will also need a shovel. A gold or silver shovel will be safe in your pocket but if you are using a regular shovel, a townie will want you to wager that so always keep it in your hands.

»»» 4.2 - Preparation: Outfit
When you begin to play Festivale, you can obtain one piece of candy from the townies wandering outside if you are wearing a Complete Outfit which is also known as a Look.

Some shirts have a matching hat and/or accessory that completes a 'Look'. For example, the Cat Top and the Cat Cap makes up the Cat Look the Citrus Shirt and the Mandarin Hat make up the Tangerine Look. The shoes you are wearing do not form part of the outfit.

For a list of all the Looks, you can use this guide on Let's Go To The Wiki.

Wear any one of these Outfits and speak to your townies that are wandering outside. They will compliment you on how fabulous you look and you will be rewarded with a piece of candy.

Ensure that you have space in your pockets to receive the candy as if your pockets are full, you won't be offered your free piece the next time you speak to the same townie.

If you start playing games with a townie but are not wearing an Outfit, you cannot later wear an Outfit to get your free piece of candy from that particular townie. However you can still get candy from the other townies that you haven't played games with. Changing into a different outfit will not get you more free candy from the villagers.

Townies in their homes won't give you anything.

Once you get the candy, it's crucial that you hide it in empty letters or drop it off on the ground by the town hall near Pavι otherwise you risk losing it to a townie later.

»»» 4.3 - Preparation: When to Play
Festivale begins at 6am but before any early morning gamers begin to celebrate, there's a crucial point to remember. Just because you are awake, it doesn't mean that your townies are!

Despite it being Festivale, your townies will stick to their usual waking times which are dependant on their personality type.

There are 6 types of personality - 3 types for each gender. These are named below and each type of personality that is mentioned is also a link to a useful list on Let's go to the Wiki which names every townie in that personality group.

Male personalities can be Cranky, Jock or Lazy.

Female personalities can be Normal, Peppy or Snooty.

From a Guide by Liquefy, the waking times of each type of personality are as follows:
• Female: Normal - 5:00am
• Male: Jock - 6:30am
• Female: Peppy - 7:00am
• Male: Lazy - 8:00am
• Female: Snooty - 9:00am
• Male: Cranky - 10:00am

So if you intend to play Festivale early, it is worth finding out when your own townies will be awake.

Bear in mind though that just because they are awake, it doesn't mean that they will leave their houses. If you want to ensure that 5 townies are available to play with, then the best time to start playing Festivale is at 10am when all the townies are awake.

Even if you have just 9 townies, there will still be 5 of them outside by 10am to play games with you.

»»» 4.4 - Preparation: Trapping Townies
Searching for townies can be troublesome on any day but it's particularly hard going during Festivale. A good option is to trap the townies by digging holes around them.

Here is why:
• Whether you play or refuse to play a game and irrespective of whether you win or lose, you can't play another game immediately with the same townie unless you leave the acre and return or if you enter and exit a nearby building. If townies are wandering freely, it's hard to judge when you've left the acre. Whether you leave the acre or enter and exit a nearby building, the townie is most likely not in the same place when you return for another game.
• Pavι requires 3 pieces of candy of a particular color so you will have to possibly win several games to get the candy you need. Adding search times on top of this means that it can take a long time to acquire just one piece of furniture.
• If you leave your townies to wander freely, you may feel compelled to play any game that is on offer simply because you are glad that you found them. Considering that some games are shorter and some offer you a choice of candy, if your townies are trapped, it is easier to refuse to play certain games as you know exactly where to find another townie. This is particularly useful when you are short of time.
• The excessive search for townies means a lot of wear on your grass.

It is therefore an enormous help to trap at least 3 of them but far better to trap all 5 of them.

The easiest way to trap them is dig a circle of holes near them, leaving one gap in which to push the townie through. Then quickly leave the circle and dig the last hole.

If you are playing with friends, one of you can keep the townie engaged in a conversation while another digs holes around the townie. You need only 4 holes to trap a townie - north, south, east and west of the spot they are standing on. You can then stand outside of the circle and between two of the holes in order to speak to them. It's easier to speak to them while they are trapped in such a small area as they haven't got space to wander away from you. However, it also means that if you accidentally kick dirt into one of the holes, you may find it difficult to trap them again as you will end up speaking to them instead of digging the hole.

You can try trapping townies in larger areas but if it's too large, it can work against you as the townie may wander away from the edge. This means you'll either have to wait until they are near the edge of the trapped area before you can speak to them or you'll have to cover up a hole to enter the area and then dig the hole again after you leave.

Overall, to save you time and trouble, it may be best to trap them in an area where they have no more than 3-4 tiles of spaces to move in. When you are initially trying to trap a townie, it's easy to dig holes around them if you are leaving 3-4 tiles of space for them to move in and if they try to head towards the exit, you have sufficient space to push the townie in far enough before exiting to dig the final hole. This is also a small enough area for you to be able to stand outside and find a space to speak to them after they are trapped.

Watch out though - pushing townies into an area to trap them may cause upset. Some are easy to pish in but others require effort and these are the ones that will either get mad at you for being mean or they'll feel sad. Both of these moods will be accompanied with the relevant emotional signs - either a steamy exclamation mark or a circle of dark clouds. You will not be able to play games with them while they are showing these physical signs of being upset.


»»» 5.0 - Playing Games
Having made your preparations, it's now time to earn your candy by playing games with your townies. There are five games that you are able to play:
• Soccer
• ESP Test
• Heads or Tails
• Guess Which Hand
• Rock, Paper, Scissors

You play these games with one of the 5 townies that are wandering outside on the day. When you speak to them at first, they will talk about Festivale unless you are wearing a Look, in which case they will compliment you and give you candy if you have space in your pockets.

You can speak to the townie again straightaway without leaving the acre or entering and exiting a building. This time, they will offer to play one of the 5 games.

You have a choice to refuse to play a game which is a very useful feature for a few reasons:
• Some of the games are longer than others so refusing to play these ones will save you time.
• Some of the games will offer you a choice of candy color if you win. Considering that Pavι is very specific over which color candy he wants, it's useful to be able to refuse the games that don't give you a choice of color.
• After winning a piece of candy, you may forget to hide it. Fortunately a townie always tells you which item they want you to forfeit before you play a game. If they ask you to risk your candy, you will know instantly that you've forgotten to hide it. So being able to refuse to play alows you to hide your candy before you play again.

Whenever you refuse to play a game with a townie, you won't be able to immediately play with that particular townie again. You will either have to leave the acre and return, enter and exit a building or play with another townie first. Either way, whichever game a townie offered before you refused to play, will not necessarily be the same game on offer the next time you play with them.

»»» 5.1 Playing Games - Soccer
This is an imaginary Penalty shoot-out between the Striker who kicks the ball, trying to get it into the Goal and the Goal Keeper who has to block the ball.
• You each take turns being the Kicker and the Keeper.
• First the townie kicks and you have to block. You have to choose which side you are going to go to block the ball - left or right.
• Then it's your turn to kick the ball and you must choose which way you are going to kick the ball - left or right.
• If you guess correctly as a Keeper and then a Kicker, its a short game.
• This game can result in several draws so can go on for 5 attempts.
• If you win, you can't choose the color of candy you receive.

»»» 5.2 Playing Games - ESP Test
This game is a variation of the regular ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) test that uses Zener Cards.
• First you have to guess which shape the townie is thinking of from a choice of Circle, Triangle or Square which are the types of grass in the game.
• If you get the first answer correct, you then must choose which of the 5 fruits the townie is thinking of.
• The game ends if you guess incorrectly in the first round so win or lose, it is very quick.
• If you win, you may choose the color of candy that you receive.

»»» 5.3 Playing Games - Heads Or Tails
This game is based on the toss of a coin. An imaginary coin is tossed in the air and whichever side it lands on determines the winner.
• You choose either Heads or Tails and your townie will be the other option. An imaginary coin is tossed by the townie and the winner is the one who guessed which side it would land correctly.
• You have to guess correctly three times to win.
• It will end on the first incorrect answer.
• If you win, you may choose the color of candy that you receive.

»»» 5.4 Playing Games - Guess Which Hand
In this game you are simply guessing which hand a townie is hiding a piece of candy.
• You have to get two correct guesses.
• The game is over on the first incorrect guess so win or lose, it's over very quickly.
• If you win, you can't choose the color of candy you receive.

»»» 5.5 Playing Games - Rock, Paper, Scissors
To play, you must choose either Rock, Paper or Scissors and then the townie chooses one of those items too at the same time. Who the winner is depends on the combination that you both choose.

Rocks can be wrapped in Paper but can't be cut by Scissors.
Scissors can't be used on Rocks but can easily cut Paper.

So winners would be the ones shown in Green from the following combinations:
- Rock - Scissors
- Paper - Rock
- Scissors - Paper

• Both you and your townie may choose the same answers and therefore draw. If this happens often, the game can go on for many rounds.
• To win, you need to get two correct answers so you need to be lucky to win in just two rounds.
• If you are looking to save as much time as possible, it's better to refuse to play this game.
• If you win, you can't choose the color of candy you receive.


»»» 6.0 - Hints & Tips:
To maximise your free candy, it's worth getting one character out in a Complete Outfit/Look to get your 5 pieces of free candy. Then remove the Outfit and leave on the ground. Wake up a second character and using the same outfit, get another 5 pieces of candy. Keep doing this until all 4 characters get their candy. This gives you 20 pieces of candy to begin with.

The most obvious items to wager on the games are:
- Bells
- Fruit
- Shells
If you prefer not to use bells and fruit, you may find yourself short on shells but remember that putting candy on the ground will attract ants which can also be used to wager on the games. You can also collect an ant for your Museum and keep them in your house where each one turns into an Ant Farm.

When you lay candy on the ground, it doesn't show what color it is although an information bubble does appear if you hover above it. If you are going to collect quite a few pieces and store them on the ground, it's easier to store and to later collect what you need if you keep the colors separated. One way of doing this is to place one each of blue, green, red and yellow colored pattern tiles on the ground and drop the candy next to the same colored pattern tile. This is especially useful when playing with friends.

When playing games, it's worth keeping a pen and a scrap piece of paper to note the answers. If the answers are correct, it's worth trying the same answers a second and third time - they often work a second time but only sometimes for a third time. Even when the answer is wrong, it's worth noting down as you can use another answer or the opposite answer the next time you play that game. If you are playing with friends, remember to tell each other the answers.

None of the items given by Pavι are available to order from Tom Nook so get as much as you need or want on the actual day. The Pavι Clock however, is a DLC and can be ordered from Tom Nook if you have it in your catalog.

The furniture Pavι gives you is completely random and not related to the color of candy given to him.

Leftover candy can be fed to Wendell in exchange for a pattern:
Blue or Yellow candy: Colouring Boy pattern
Green or Red candy: Colouring Girl pattern

Don't immediately sell all of the furniture you don't want. There will be many people that don't have complete sets and if you still require some items, you can swap.

If you do sell the furniture, either sell it after you've finished playing or remember to remove the bells from your wallet if you are selling while still playing Festivale.

•*''*•.,,.•*''*•.,,.•*''*•., Enjoy Your Very Own Mardi Gras! ,.•*''*•.,,.•*''*•.,,.•*''*•.,

•*''*•., Awesome Editing, Additional Information and Ideas by: ,.•*''*•.,

•*''*•., katysu ,.•*''*•., VenusKamal ,.•*''*•., TreeSprite ,.•*''*•.,

•*''*•., Special Thanks to: LadyKathryn ,.•*''*•.,

The townie personality waking up times are from a Guide by Liquefy. The links for Complete Outfits/Looks and to which townie has which personality are all to lists on Let's Go to the Wiki. The rest of the information has been gained through original research and many hours of gameplay. If you choose to post all or part of this elsewhere, please credit ACC and everyone involved in the creation of this Guide.
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Harvest Festival 71%
Iolite and Animal Crossing Community once more have credit.

•*''*•.,,.•*''*•.,,.•*''*•., Harvest Festival ,.•*''*•.,,.•*''*•.,,.•*''*•.,

Date: Thanksgiving, fourth Thursday in November.

Time: 3pm-9pm


»»» 1.0 - Items to Collect during the Harvest Festival
During the event, you are able to collect items from the Harvest Series from a Turkey called Franklin. He will give items in exchange for Knives and Forks that you collect from Tortimer.

»»» 1.1 - Harvest Series:
• Bed
• Bureau
• Chair
• Clock
• Dresser
• Lamp
• Mirror
• Sofa
• Table
• TV

• Rug
• Wall

The furniture items can be sold for 3,333 bells each to Tom Nook and the Rug and Wall sell for 1,200 bells each.

»»» 1.2 - Extra Item:
For those collectors amongst you, a knife and fork set can also be kept as a momento of the event.

Any leftover Knife and Fork sets after the event can be sold to Tom Nook for 100 bells each.


»»» 2.0 - Background to the Eventl
At 3pm, you will find Tortimer outside of the town hall along with a couple of tables mostly filled with food, drink and plates. One of the tables however, has a large empty platter with something very crucial missing from it.

When speaking to Tortimer, initially he will talk about the Harvest Feast and tell you that if you want to do the Harvest Festival right, you need a Knife and Fork - after all, you can't eat without the proper tools. He will then give you a Knife and Fork with no further explanation. If you speak to him again, he only gives tiny hints but if you put away the Knife and Fork into an empty letter slot or the ground nearby and then speak to Tortimer, he asks you:

"Why hasn't the Feast started yet? Where's the guest of honor?! Where's the main dish?!"
It seems that the Guest of Honor, Franklin the Turkey, also happens to be the main dish missing from the empty platter and it's your job to hunt him down!


»»» 3.0 - Preparation
Harvest Festival requires no special preparation. However to obtain the items from the Harvest Series, you have to obtain a Knife and Fork from Tortimer and then give them to Franklin, the main dish, erm.....the main guest!

Since this involves a lot of wear on your grass as well as a lot of time going backwards and forwards, it is easier to get several Knife and Fork sets from Tortimer all at once. To this end you will need empty pockets and 10 empty letters in your letter slots.

The first time you approach Tortimer, he will immediately give you a Knife and Fork. Once you place these in an empty letter slot he will give you another Knife and Fork set but it will be for a particular townie. Although he will instruct you to deliver the Knife and Fork to that townie and that he will wait for you while you deliver it, DO NOT do this. Just place the Knife and Fork into another empty letter and speak to Tortimer again. The next set given to you will be for another townie. He will keep giving you a set for each townie that you have in your town irrespective of whether you have ever talked to them or not. After he has given you one set for each townie, all further sets will be for you.

You don't need to remember which cutlery sets are for which townies. This does not seem to matter.

Once you have filled up your letter slots, you can continue speaking to Tortimer for more Knife and Fork sets but you'll need to drop them on the ground each time. Make sure you drop them just outside of the acre that the Town Hall is in, otherwise Tortimer will know that you've dropped them on the ground and won't give you another set. Since the Town hall takes up quite a large part of an acre, you won't have far to go to drop the sets in the next acre but it may be useful to mark the edge of the acre with a particular flower or item.

If your pockets and letter slots are empty, you could carry 25 sets of cutlery before you go hunting for Franklin. This will save you a lot of time and grass wear as you can concentrate on searching for Franklin rather than having to return to Tortimer for another Knife and Fork after locating Franklin each time.


»»» 4.0 - 3pm and the Harvest Festival Feast begins......or not!
This event is just like Hide-and-Seek. Franklin can be behind a tree, a building or a sign post. He is fairly easily spotted as he's a very delicious, erm..... a very suspicious looking character wearing a straw hat. He is also very pink with blue-lilac eyelids and beak.

For those who don't have trees in their towns, don't worry - Franklin will still appear but will hide himself only behind buildings and signposts.

In heavily wooded towns, Franklin may be hard to find but you do not need to chop down any trees. When you are in the middle of an area with many trees, simply press the up button on your Wiimote and nearby trees will disappear, thus allowing you a good view.

When you find Franklin, he will be very distressed and tells you that he had thought that he had been invited to a Feast but quickly realised that he was actually the main dish for the Feast. He's therefore hiding from the Mayor and the townies.

He becomes aware that you are carrying a dreaded Knife and Fork set and worries that you intend to eat him. To bribe you into handing over the Knife and Fork, Franklin will give you an item from the Harvest Series.

Unfortunately, he seems not to be able to see the other many Knives and Forks that you are carrying so you cannot get another item from him straightaway. Instead, you have to walk away from the area and allow him to disappear. Once he has disappeared, you must set about finding him again to exchange another Knife and Fork set for another item from the Harvest Series.

It's a lot easier to play with friends as you can all take different areas of the town and then let each other know when Franklin has been found. Not only is it quicker to locate Franklin this way but, once you've found him, you are all able to approach him for an item from the Harvest Series.

If you want, you can pool your items to try for a full set for each player because just like most other special events, you can be given a lot of duplicates.

When all characters move away so that Franklin is off screen, he will then disappear and you have to find him again.


»»» 5.0 - Townies
Occasionally, Franklin will have hidden himself well - too well. If you really cannot find him, simply approach a townie and you will be prompted to hand over a Knife and Fork. In return you will be given a clue as to where Franklin is. For example, you will be told of a shady character wandering near a particular house or building. Sometimes the information is accurate and other times, Franklin won't be at that particular location but will be nearby in that acre.

Clues can be obtained from both townies in their homes and the ones wandering outside but there is a catch! Each townie will give you a clue only once in the entire evening - therefore you have a maximum of 10 clues to Franklin's whereabouts. So only ask a townie for a clue when you really have to.

When you approach a townie for a clue, ensure that you are going to act on it immediately because if you get side-tracked and forget the clue, the townie will not repeat the same clue. After getting a clue, if you still can't find Franklin or you have forgotten the clue, it is possible to get another clue from a different townie but it's a waste to use two clues for one search.

If you talk to a townie without having a Knife and Fork in your pocket first, obviously you can't get a clue. If you have Knives and Forks stored in letters and retrieve one, you won't always immediately get the option to hand it over. To get the option back, simply walk away from the townie or exit their home and then return.

Remember - if a townie has already given you a clue, they will not give you a clue again, irrespective of whether you are carrying a Knife and Fork or not.

With Franklin it doesn't matter whether you have a Knife and Fork ready when you approach him. After the conversation is over, you can either get a Knife and Fork from a letter and speak to Franklin again or if you've completely run out, you can go back to the Town Hall, stock up and return to the same place - Franklin will stay in place until he's given you an item.


»»» 6.0 - Hints and Tips
You will get several repeats of items throughout the event, so clues from the townies can be helpful, but as you only have a maximum of 10 clues, use them wisely!

Sometimes Franklin will be easily spotted peeking out from the side of a house, a tree or a signpost. Other times he is well hidden behind a building or a house. To save you from using your clues unnecessarily, always walk behind each house and building and press the 'Up' button on your Wiimote to remove the building from view.

If you are the kind of player that doesn't talk to your townies, it's worth doing so before the Festival begins as when you need a clue and need to speak to them, they will just introduce themselves to you instead. You will either have to find another townie to give you a clue or wait until that townie walks away and then find them again to obtain the clue.

It's worth keeping a note of which townies you have already obtained a clue from and which ones you can still approach as this will also save you time and help you judge when is the best time to use up your remaining clues. Keep a note either on a piece of paper or by writing and amending a letter to yourself, which can also be used as storage.

Although the Knife and Fork appear as such while in your pocket, they appear as a paperbag when placed outside or inside your house. The paperbag can be placed on the Fireplace or a table.

Despite the fact that Thanksgiving is not widely celebrated outside of North America, the Harvest Festival will take place in all versions of the game.

•*''*•.,,.•*''*•.,,.•*''*•., Enjoy the Feast ,.•*''*•.,,.•*''*•.,,.•*''*•.,

•*''*•., Awesome Editing & Additional Information by katysu ,.•*''*•.,
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Going into mr.resettis Reset Place 70%
Go The The City At About 8 p.m And as Soon as you get off the bus dash towards the right until you het to somewhere with cones. It will be sorta like a dark cave. If you are lucky enough the cones may be moved allowing you to go inside. dont be afraid. once you get in their you will recive a silver shovel. Do this as many times as desired...
By: lashley(29)
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House expansions 70%
Normal house: 19,800 Bells
First expansion: 120,000 Bells results in larger first floor
Second expansion: 248,000 Bells results in largest first floor
Third expansion: 368,000 Bells results in second floor
Final expansion: 598,000 Bells results in basement
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Foreign Fruits 70%
Foreign fruits cost 5 times as much. If you bury non native fruits, and keep repeating it, sell half, and plant the rest! You'll be rich!

P.S. Sorry about the last one!
By: TylerRocks18(123)
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Extremely FAST Bunny Bells!!! 70%
While "time traveling" Change the date to Easter Sunday or "Bunny Day":

2009--- April 12
2010-- April 4
2011-- April 24
2012-- April 8

When you come out of your house, go to the beach. Waddya see? Yes, LOTS of cracks! Dig up each crack and you will find a "Bunny Egg" open it in your pockets, and you will either get a green, blue, red or yellow candy or a "Bunny foil".
Bring whatever "Bunny foils" to Zipper T. Bunny, who will be at the front of town hall. He will exchange the "Bunny foil" for a prize which could be anything from the "Egg" theme.
Egg dressers, benches, wardrobes, floors, walls, beds, tables, lamps, toy sets, and beds are available. When you have gathered a lot of the egg furniture, take them all to Tom Nook's shop. There he will pay a whopping 9,000
Bells for each item! With only 3 "time travels" to "Bunny Day" I have already paid all my mortgages except for the final one.
This also works with Halloween and Christmas, but it takes a LOT longer, as you have to FIND Jingle or Jack.
Do this, and you will soon be living in luxury!
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Golden Slingshot 70%
If you shoot down 5 balloon presents with your slingshot, the next present you get will be the golden singshot!
By: Mii2(132)
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Easy golden slingshot 70%
At 10 a.m or 3 p.m there will be at least 12 balloon's in the sky.If you  shoot 8, the next will be a golden slingshot.
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Animals Looking At Trees 69%
When you see an animal looking at a tree for a while, it means there's something in it. Shake the tree and something with fall out. For me I got a spider.
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How to get the fountain 69%
If you donate 200,000 bells to your town(at the post office) you get a bridge, if you donate
500,000 bells you get a fountain and if you donate more bells you get a light house or a wind mill
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Lucky furniture(7,777 HRA points each) 69%
Arwing (Star Fox): Spotlight item at Nook's
Dracaena: Spotlight item at Nook's
Ivory Piano: Spotlight item at Nook's
Jack in the Box: Have Jack play three tricks on you on Halloween
Lafty Lucky Cat: Buy from Redd
Lovely Phone: Gift from Katie and Kaitli
Lucky Black Cat: Buy from Redd
Lucky Cat: Buy from Tom Nook
Lucky Gold Cat: Spotlight item at Nook's
Master Sword (The Legend Of Zelda): Spotlight item at Nook's
Music Box: Gift from Katie and Kaitli
Piggy Bank: Put 100,000 Bells in the bank
Raccoon Figure: Buy from Redd
Samurai Suit: Spotlight item at Nook's
Treasure Chest: Spotlight item at Nook's
Triforce (The Legend Of Zelda): Buy from Redd
Washer/Dryer: Buy from Tom Nook
By: Ecoliar(307)
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Halloween cash 69%
Make sure your wearing a pumpkin mask and have only fruit (no tools, furniture etc.) in your pockets.Then find people on halloween night and refuse them candy then they will make one of your fruits a jack in the box.(Each jack in the box is worth 1031 bells)When all your fruit is a jack in the box sell it to tom nook and then if you think you need more cash repeat process.dont wait a year keep setting it back to halloween.
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Hybrids - Pansies 69%
Red + Red = Purple
Red + Yellow = Orange
White + White = Blue
Purple + Purple = Purple
Orange + Orange = Orange
Blue + Blue = Blue
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When Baloons Come!! 69%
Baloons come at every day at every hour. But the thing is, the last number of the hour has to end in 4. So at 9:24, 10:44, 1:04, and so on. I hope this helps!
By: coolness1800(493)
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How to get a tan 69%
Spend 10-15 minutes then go in a building for like 5 minutes then youll notice your skin changed!
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Hybrids - Tulips 69%
Red + White = Pink
Red + Yellow = Purple
Red + Red = Black
Yellow + Yellow = Black
Pink + Pink = Pink
Purple + Purple = Purple
Black + Black = Black
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Bunny Day. You've probably all heard of it. After you collect all the eggs, fast forward to 2 or so days ahead. then play and THEN fast back to bunny day again and all the eggs will be re-hidden.
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How to make a lot of bells on market day seriously click 69%
Whenever you know the price tom nook will give you for your stuff sell that object for double price 99% of the time they will buy it for that price
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Trade 68%
If you get a piece of furniture that Nook will buy to cheap, but don't want to put it in the recycling bin, just simply send it to another town resident. They will almost always give you something back.
By: SquirrelGirl97(120)
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Phineus the prize man 68%
Sometimes, in the city, there is a man with a prize shack named Phineus. His prizes are absolutely free, but you can only get one every time he visits. He comes on random days, so be sure to check the city often!

By: Mii2(132)
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Fishes that get sold for big money 67%
You will be able to catch these fishes in late July and early August:

Hammerhead = 8,000 Bells
Napoleanfish = 10,000 Bells
Red Snapper = 3,000 Bells
Shark = 15,000 Bells
By: tar3pandal0v3(111)
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Get as much presants as you want! 67%
First you have to get statinary then write a letter to one of your neighbors and make sure it has the word FRUIT in it.Then atach a cherry or whatever fruit you have in your town to the letter,mail the letter and in 1 or more days they will send you back a letter with a present on it!

p.s.(I have done this hundreds of times!)
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Sling Shot 67%
If you have a sling shot and if you shoot balloons which appears every "5" like 10.05, 2.35
from 10am to 3pm so you can have a 12 chance so if you shoot 8 balloons down the next one should be a golden box with a balloon shoot it down and you'll have a GOLDEN shlig shot!

Hope I HeLpeD
By: Theacleire(48)
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Silver Slingshot 67%
This second best form of the sling shot can only be aquired by buying it from Tom Nook's store.He rarely has it in stock,so if you see it in the tool section buy it.Also,he sells it cheap.
By: Ecoliar(307)
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January 1 - New Year's Day gift 67%
New Year's Shirt talk to Tortimer
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