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Need for Speed Undercover Cheats for PS2
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Need for Speed Undercover PS2 Cheats

Rating: 4.1/5 VOTE
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Need for Speed Undercover

Rating: 4.1/5 VOTE

Good tips. 72%
:The best starter car is the Mitsubishi. I beat 70% of the game with it.
:The best car to beat Chase is to get the CCX.
:Save up your money. I had over $1,000,000 and still had $400,000 after I bought a Porsche (911 Gt2), CCX, and a Zonda f

Hope these helped. :)
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Perfect Launch 70%
Get your tachometer needle to hit the blue just as the race starts to get a perfect launch.
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The best spot to escape cops and cool down 69%
When your in a cop chase look at your world map on the puase menu look at the far top right off the map and you should see that the road just stops. go over to that road, once you get there, there should be a bridge nos it and jump it the cops will lose you and once you evade them theres a cool down spot in the midle of the road.
if theres a helicopter on you just stay there (on the dead end part of the road) and the helicopter will have to go to get more fuel.
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Faster car 68%
While tuning nitruros tune all the way to velocity instead of duration you leave cops and components in the dust
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Saving lots 'o' cash 67%
When you choose your starter car choose the purple car that costs 25,000$( I forgot the name )... upgrade the car and save money until you unlock the Porche Caymen S Upgrade it it until you unlock the Ford GT..u should have around 600,000$ upgrade it and complete the career.. your cash will build up to 800,000$
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Garfield 65%
On the world map, the bottom city area, your safe house is a great way to get away from the cops. just make sure that the cops don't follow you in and then the should go away because they won't know where you are. If there is a helicopter there, don't get out because it'll have to refuel itself and leave.
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Hide place 65%
The best place for hide from police cars(not helicopters)is near the safe house in palm harbur
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Need for Speed Undercover Tips Video 64%
Escape Police / Feds and other tips!
Need for Speed Undercover cheat video Cheat Video
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Easiest way to take down hector and g mac 63%
First let him get some distance on you(let him get in front of you)then floor it and don't use nos yet then and still while your geting close go to the side like your going around him then get clos and he will use his breaks so qiuckly press your slow motion and turn behind him while he is slowing down then still on slow motion press nos and ram him hard .He is slowing down and you are going fast makes big - health!
By: dcsk8freak(322)
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Cheats 63%
Here is a video with various cheats for Need for Speed Undercover
Need for Speed Undercover cheat video Cheat Video
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Top Speed Glitch 63%
Here is a top speed glitch in Need For Speed Undercover
Need for Speed Undercover cheat video Cheat Video
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Get a perfect launch easily 62%
Hold X during race countdown then when the 1 comes out release then press x to the second line backwards to the red line then surely you will get a perfect launch not joke
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Cop Car Cheat 62%
Here is a cheat on how to get the Cop Car in Need For Speed Undercover
Need for Speed Undercover cheat video Cheat Video
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Car list ps2 only 61%
1.Chevrolet Camaro ss
2.Mitsubishi Eclipse GT
3.Nissan 240SX
4.Dodge Challenger
5.Dodge charger R/T
6.Plymouth Hemi Cuda
7.Shelby G.T. 500
8.MazdaSpeed 3
9.Infiniti G35
10.Renoult Clio V6
11.Mazda RX-8
12.Volkswagen Golf R32
13.Ford Mustang GT
14.Lotis Elise
15.Nissan 350Z
16.Mazda RX-7
17.Mercedes-Benz CLK 500
18.Porsche Cayman S
19.Chrysler 300C SRT8
20.Toyota Supra
21.Dodge Charger STR8
22.Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX MR Edtion
23.Nissan Skyline GTR
24.Dodge Challenger R/T
25.Chevrolet Camaro (new)
26.Aston Martin DB9
27.Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG
28.Dodge Viper SRT10
29.Porsche 911 Turbo
30.Lamborghini Gallardo
31.Chevrolet Corvette ZO6
32.Porsche 911 GT2
33.Mercedes-Benz SIR Mclaren
34.Porsche Carrera GT
35.Ford GT
36. Lamborghini Murcielago LP640
37.Koenigsegg CCX
38.Pagani Zonda F

Now what everybody has been forgeting to count the police cars:

39.Ford Mustang GT Police
40.Lamborghini Gallordo Policce
41.Porsche 911 GT2 Police

I order the cars by when you get them.
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Escape helicopters 61%
Go to one of the high ways that have the big pursuit breakers that are signs that you can can knock over. When you get there DO NOT KNOCK OVER THE SIGNS the helicopters will run right into it and will go away.It's as easy as that.
By: dcsk8freak(322)
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Evade Pursuit 61%
While in a police pursuit head to the bridge with the dead end on the other side and the police do not get over it and there is a hiding spot there too.
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Escape cops esaily 60%
Pull up your map in any cop chase and in the top right corner is a road named Dinner's Bridge that cuts of the map.Drive there and make sure there are no helicopters on you,if they are than it wont work and you just need to wait tell they go away then go there.While you going down the road make sure you are going about 95+ mph.There is a bridge jump at the end that you can get over but the cops can't except the helicopters.That can get you out of the toughest pursuit.
By: dcsk8freak(322)
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The infractions 60%
Ok so their are 6
1. Ram cop car
2. Destroy cop car
3. speed over 200kph
4. hit a regular car (car, van, truck, etc.)
5. property damage.
6. YOU SPEED OVER 300kph
i did it in a fully souped can do it in a SLR too and im sure you can with other cars too but nos is the key ppl later..dont get caught lol
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Cops n robbers 60%
If when on multiplayer you are doing cops and robbers if you are the robber and there is a trap near you drive as if you were going to hit it then swerve away luckily the other player will hit it and be totaled or stopped and slowed down therefore you can evade them
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Easy mission 60%
When your on the mission to get the woman in the porche get a evo 7 or a zonda and will crash her easily because the porche is slower than they both.
By: meng(74)
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Kill the cops 60%
Once you've hit a pursuit breaker o 2.then press it again and bean the cops by hitting them on the trunk
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How to bust the guy easily in 2 player mode 59%
To do this you must hit near the back tire to make him hit the wall say he hits the right wall
45 degree angle to the left you would hit near the back left tire he will completely spin out
then you can move in for the bust

p.s this works best on the highway or wide straight roads
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Cornering 58%
To make a tight corner use speedbreaker to incease your mass and slow down time to make a good corner.
By: Tellsy(52)
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Easy kills when your in chase down mode 58%
First drive close to a criminal when you get close enough your sirens will turn on
automatically then get really close turn on your speed breaker and n2o (nitrous)
normally you should get a kill with one or two hits.
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Road blocks 58%
Ok I am a guy who is very good at this most of the other cheats out there dont work but you can trust this hint when you are in pursuit and there is a road block look for a suv in traffic avoid spikes and drive the suv into one of the cop cars and ride underneath it
By: ozzyfan223(24)
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Use the koenigsegg ccx at the end 57%
Use the koenigsegg ccx because its got full upgrades if your struggling at the end.
By: canisgun(171)
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Easy crash 57%
If there a road block ahead hit them in the side of the police car to roll over 1-9 in the sky. this take pratice
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Escape cops easy 56%
When you are in a cop chase go to rosewood and go strait to diamond bridge on the dead end road and go over it. You need to be going at least 85 miles per hour to make it. You will find a cooldown spot so you can finish the pursuit.
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Fastest starter car 56%
It's the Chevy Camaro SS. It's cheap, rides well and the upgraded engine is MMMMMAAAAAADDDDDD!
I recommmend it to anyone.
By: Black43(238)
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U-turn 56%
When driving get a high speed then turn around your car using handbrake
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Easy escape from the cops in pursuits 55%
When being chased by the cops an easy way to escape is to trick them ie. make it look like your going to turn left then quickly turn right and use nos or you can simply destroy all the cop cars then use nos to speed off before the next set of cops find you
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Best way to escape cops 55%
Any time you are in a problem to escape cops you just have to drive to your nearest save house and stop your car at any corner of of your safe house which is far from the road then after some time you will be safe this is also a good way to enjoy and to complete missions in which you have to escape the cops. NOW GO THERE AND ENJOY!

by choota sayam
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To dominate a race,
USE NITROS ONLY DURING DRIFTS, CORNERING AND SMOOTH HIGWAYS(don't use excess-graphical glithces problems can occur)
By: gamerstormz67(4647)
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Hint:Glitch Through Old Bridge 55%
When you jump the bridge go strait then line the right side of your car so that it is touching the barrier keeping you from getting over to the other side then the front of your car to the wall then hit the "car reset button" at least 6 or 7 times then it should show your car from a left angle then keep hitting the button and it should eventually jump you though to the other side good luck and keep trying.!
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The northern bridge 55%
Once you found the northern bridge, fly across it to escape the cops!(They can't cross it)(make sure your going fast enough!)
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Evolution X car 55%
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Sirens still blaring 55%
Chase a bad guy in the cop car then hit restart. the results are that your sirens are still blaring!
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How do dogde the spike things 55%
Right before you go over the spikes use
your speed breaker and you'll go past
the spikes without popping any tires
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Takedown a woman in a porsche 911 gt2 55%
First buy a ccx reduce the ride height play usually if you see on the mini map you don't see her car just look at the world map follow it's direction once find her she will turn around the town never stop or you will lose use a a car that is fully tune................
By: tristanpwg(47)
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Easy wins 54%
To win lots of races from 50% to 80% career mode you need lots of money so buy the Lamborghini gallarado and upgrade the engine to pro. also make the supercharger race and put any amount of N20 so use it in every race so you will win a lot
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360 spin 54%
During gameplay turn to the side you want to do the spin and press triangle ,triangle, square ,nitrous but don't hold it for to long
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All you need to do is just to every time you are about to ram a car use speed breaker just before you ram it and it would probably spin or move out of your way

By: hamzah(341)
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Hint Glitch Through Bridge 54%
When you get to the old bridge you want to line the right side your car up with the barrier keeping you from getting to the other side and then the front of it touching the wall then hit the "Car Reset Button" at least 7 or 7 times then it should shoot you through to the other side have fun and keep trying.!
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A good start! 54%
When you start your career buy a mitsubishi eclipse gt then customize your car with nitrous then race more keep on customizing the car until you get a cop mustang gt, then scrap the car and buy a lotus elise and customize your performence but always buy the nitrous first!
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Great code 54%
I found that you can type in at secretcodes BIGMONEY you get 15,000 dollars!
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Fast car 54%
The fastist car is doge viper when you play the last level you will cacth up with her
By: assassins(150)
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How to modify your car like a police 53%
Make sure you have mustang car , gallardo and porshe ( Normal car not Police)
Buy a gallardo car. then make sure the coulor are same
then once you do it . save it. go to the main menu press

0 , 0 Triangle , up , down , L1 , R1 Square

Then you wil hear a engine sound aftyer the engine sound. it says cheat actived....
go to my cars . cutomize cars. then after market. then at last last one. you will see police car. Click it then. go to free roam hit a police. then once hit . you will evade easily ....... at mission one you avoid spikes like that once you avoid 10/10 spikes it will evades and cool down faster...

it will work!
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Nfs Extra Boost 53%
While starting the race, make sure that the needle at your speedometer( the round thing at the lower right hand side of your screen) is pointing to the blue area, so you can get a perfect launch and give your car a good headstart in the race (or you can simply start your race at the 1 count.)
By: yudevon(34)
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Knock out trick 53%
If you are in a knock out mode. Go beaside the car, use your speedbreaker to hit the car with nitrous on the side and push it against the wall, for greater damage.
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Fastest car 53%
When you -( need or wont the fastest car) buy the Viper s.r.t. 10 and upgrade it all the way(buy the best parts) and you will have.

Full:Top speed
Almost Full:Handling

the c.c.x. may look fast,but if you use my hint
the Viper s.r.t.10 will be faster trust me!

By:Anthony Claudio
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Get into a chase in 4 seconds 53%
On the left side of your controller (PS2) push the down arrow and wait for the timer to go off. Then when you see cops just run and battle.
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Easy as to get thru roadblocks 53%
When your about to go thru a road block hit the end of the cop car its lighter there . the engine end and in the side are heavy
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Nitros doesn't finesh 52%
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Chase Chase !!! 52%
If you want to take down chase but you take 2 long... 4 get about the cops and just race for your life .......... smash her in 2 a wall and ram her 6 times........ the best car 2 use is the mclaren SLR
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Great cornering 52%
When your in a manual shift car and turn a sharp corner press the button that slows down time and down shift in the corner so you won't have to stay in the same gear and work up speed again.
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The nitro brake 51%
I'm one of the best video game racers ever! (seriously I'm not gloating) ever wanted to turn faster, or sick of using brakes?ill show a tough but 100% effective. while going around a sharp corner, pull your car so its hood is facing the way you wanna go then brake hard.then when your car close enough to the wall, let off the brake, hit gas, and use nitrous. be careful, to late and you'll hit the curb or stop totally, to early and there won't be be enough brake and you ll skid. try to stay as straight as possible. it works!
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Better handling 51%
If you want a better turn use manual transmission putting gear 3 on almost the turn
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5000.0000 50%
L1 L2 R1 R2 s t x o. It works I've got all the cars in undercover
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Super - speed in evolution x 50%
First you go to the old bridge then you jump you get close to the barrirer then you press x and triangle at the same time then you put more prussare on the triangle but it might take you a long time but eventuly youle get through its a little difficult. ps the mitsubishi lancer evelution x is the only car you can do this cheat with.
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Did you know? you can beat gt2,carera gt,viper,gallardo can be beaten up by dodge challanger r/t (modern version)
By: proracer321(28)
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Best cooldown spot 50%
If you want the best cooldown spot, remember the unfinished bridge back at nfs:most wanted?(if you ever played it before) go to there and jump over the cops won't get you at this spot EXCEPT when police's helicopter following you,you can't hide here and the police's helicopter will spin around here because of glitch or something you may need to wait until the helicopter fuel ran out. hope it helps!
By: proracer321(28)
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All cars 49%
Enter right,left,circle,triangle,down,up,square at the press start menu enter it with the direction pad
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Best car 49%
Ok the best car is the dodge viper srt10 its topspeed and acceleration stats are almost full if you you customize it to the max. it can cost upto 300000 with visuals,
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Need stuff 49%
When you get to a race where you have to get to the checkpoints before time runs out you need pro nos pro transmission and pro engine to pass it.

jake phelps
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How to lose cops.( last mission) 49%
Don't go straight when mission starts turn around and turn left at first street you see. this is faster. the sooner you catch up to Chase the better because the Lt. will call off the pusuit so you can take out Chase.
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How to evade the cops 49%
When the cops are chasing you find a spike strip and make the cops go on the spike strip, they will pull out
By: canisgun(171)
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Money $aver 48%
When you first start the game, buy your car, and start stocking up on money. Don't buy anything until you have enough to buy the best engine possible. Get that engine, and then you can buy other stuff. Butr with that engine, you will dominate the races, and get even more money. Some more advice is to make the second car you buy, the last one you get for performance, but do not take that too strictly.
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Unlocking police cars 48%
Once you beat hector or zack you get a ford mustang gt 5-0 vehicle and when you tale down rose you get the lamborghini gallardo 5-0 vehicle and gmac unlocks the porsh 911 gt2 5-0 vehicle.
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U do not have to pay any cash to the cops when u get busted cheat 48%
After winning or losing a race go back to the safe house and save then go into the world map if you have a bounty mission or something involving police if you get busted quickly turn off your ps2 then tern it back on when you go back to carrer mode member how you saved it it will resume you back into the safe house before you got busted and so you didnt have to pay any cash
By: dom417(40)
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100,000,000$ 47%
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Ulock mclaren 46%
L1 l2 left rigth up duwn up up
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How go trought the wall? 46%
Jump the brighe and go to the wall.accelerate and press reset button.Then cam is right angel and dadaa your in!
By: Cheatguy1(20)
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Need for Speed Undercover cheats (pc) 45%
Citwoxq53f -------------------Chevrolet Camaro Concept

qlcukc4bqm -------------------Dodge Charger (1969)

i3kxodepfc -------------------Ford Mustang GT

2-----------------------------Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

d5dviyrlgn -------------------Pontiac GTO (1965)

>8P:I -----------------------Porsche 911 Turbo

NeedForSpeedShelbyTerlingua---Shelby Terlingua

%%$3/" ----------------------- $10,000 in-game

05M2 ----------------------- Lexus IS F

-KJ3=E ----------------------- Lotus Elise

?P:COL ----------------------- Nissan 240SX

!2ODBJ: ---------------------- Volkswagen R32

S1D3K1CK --------------------- $15,000 in-game

"9:G3IF----------------------- Die-Cast Audi R8 car
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All cars 44%
Type the word UNLIMITED at career mode
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Infinety nitro 44%
Left down left down down left triangle
By: gusiff96(52)
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Take down faster!!!!!!!!! 44%
Ok, so, we all know how hard it is to take down people when we begin the game,,, i found a way to make that go faster,,, the only thng u need is to know where ur rival will be next,,, its really easy knowin that they take only one road during the whole pursuit,,, ok so,, if u have nozz use it to get ahead of him or her,,,then make a u turn,,, u see where i'm goin with this? u should,, ur guna hit them head on! car parts will fly everywhere its awesome! and eventhough they have all their energy,, u can take them out with one hit! thats how i got chase,, that triple agent! u should know why she's a triple agent! if not,,, play the whole game again! anyways,, i hope this helps you guys!

ok c u around!
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Juiced 2 44%
Saleen s7 :WIKF its not in career! you enter cheat code in dna lab
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The only slop in Undercover 44%
Press The left button ( GO TO WORLD MAP)
then look the the right of the map
u will see theres a road there but then it suddenly stop.
go to there dont use your N20 Once you see it
you use your N20!
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Cop chases easy 44%
All you have to do is be in free roam and when you are in free roam press down wait for a few seconds and the cops will be chasing you (if you want to know why I shared this it is because it is for useing any other cheats that have to do with cops)
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99.99 % game completion 44%
Go to safe-house press buttons :X,X,X,R2,L2,R1,L1,square,square
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Fastest car(when fully upgraded) 43%
The fastest car on the game has to be dodge viper I had mine fully upgraded and it was at 260mph....then I hit a cop
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Ultimate performance 42%
Up down left right circle square x triangle
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Open all cars 42%
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6 infractions 42% a roadblock
2.ram a barrel on the highway
3.ram a civilian 150 180 200
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Fast Money 41%
Ok you have to beat Zack and Hector then you unlock a ford Mustang use that in busting criminals it gets you about 20,000 but later on in the game you unlock a porshe and lambo cop car I use the lambo it is better then you get 20,000 again after the mission then insted of pressing continue press restart then you do the whole mission again but you keep the money from before.

By: evil6000(37)
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Bmw m3 41%
X x triangle left left right right up down
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Be the front of a tanker 41%
1.Find a tanker
2.get close to it
3.reset your car
4.make sure your car is in the tanker to the front of the tanker a bit foward
7.ta da your the front of the tanker
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Push cops on the spike strip 41%
I tried to push the cops into the spike strip and it worked. thats a easy way of evading the cops
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Unlock All Cars 40%
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Get 100% on the game 40%
Press up down left right l1 r1 up down right left

then it will show a video of you getting fired
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Best starter car 40%
The best starter car is the nissan eclipse.Its not to expensive and it has room for improvement but it still has good top speed,aceleration,and pretty good handleing.
By: cody b man(51)
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Starting a new carer with the fastest car 39%
At the title screen go to options and then you put in this following cheat L1,L2,R1,R2,right,left,right,left,up,down,up,down,up,L1,R1,R2,L2 :
and that cheat should make you start with the farstest car when starting a new carer.
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No Cops/ All Cars 39% cops= triangle,x,triangle,x,x,x,o all cars=up,x,x,x,left,o
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Open every thing 39%
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Get millions of dollars 39%
Up, down ,down, down, right, up, down, select and right at the same time
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Get all the cars 38%
Up, right ,right, start and select at the same time,x, o and r1 at the same time ,triangle
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Kills cops 36%
Press x,o,R1,R2,R1,O,X,TRIANGLE
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Ps3 36%
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Need for Speed Undercover 405165Iv got 52% on career so far and the last car I got was Nissan Skyline at 44% Answers: 10
Need for Speed Undercover 447202I am all the way through the game. 100% But I dont have the viper or the aston martin. whats wrong Answers: 8
Need for Speed Undercover 521526What % do you get the shelby gt500 in nfs because im a big mustang fan so please help me out Answers: 2
Need for Speed Undercover 539581I am 60% into my career and I am racing Zonda's and Lamborghini's,the top Porsche's but I cant buy any car pass the Nissan skyline Lamborghini's,911's,Zonda's,koensiegg no fast car like that at all.whats going on? Answers: 10
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Need for Speed Undercover 470190Hey people im gonna get NFS undercover, but I dont know whether it is any good. Do ya fink it is good, better than the ones before E.G most wanted? And are the cars any good? Answers: 7
Need for Speed Undercover 480624Im stuck on the Outrun Carmen thing I can Outrun her but when it comes to the part where you have to save her from the 3 cars I cant do it any advice? Answers: 6
Need for Speed Undercover 488828I cant find chase when on the mission to hunt her down.helpp Answers: 1
Need for Speed Undercover 490755On the mission where you have to kill to cars and then escape cops ( I think its called port cresent) how do you escape the cops. whenever I evade them my cooldown bar starts going and it goes all the way, but when I start driving again (i go real slow) the cops always start racing me. Answers: 4
Need for Speed Undercover 557987Im stuck on the mission to save carmen. no matter what I do the goons kill her. even when I had already killed 2 and it said she was safe and the third was a bonus the third killed her anyway. what do I do? Answers: 3
Need for Speed Undercover 509899I have completed the whole game to a 100% in easy mode, but there is still one spoiler (fishtail CF) I can't use. why? Answers: 2
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Need for Speed Undercover 539903Can you get all cars on just your the cop mode in undercover on Playstation 2? Answers: 1
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