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Left 4 Dead Cheats for XBOX 360
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Left 4 Dead XBOX 360 Cheats

Rating: 4.3/5 VOTE
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Left 4 Dead

Rating: 4.3/5 VOTE

The Woods 100%
Grab weapons and health from the picnic table to your right.
Walk straight down the path into the forest. Keep following the path until you reach a bridge. Don't worry about getting lost, you can't really get off the path.
Note: Zombies may come down on you from either side as you walk along the path. Be alert and watch your friendly fire.
Cross the bridge and check out the tiny lodge to your left for any equipment. When you are done, continue along the path veering to the right.
Note: Watch out for Boomers in the woods. Due to the foliage, it may be hard to gauge how far you are from one. Listen to the audio cues of belching to know if one is near.
The path will wind along and eventually curve to the left. You should see a large building off to your left in the distance.
The safe room will be at the end of the path, straight ahead.
By: trenalets(288)
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The Turnpike 100%
Get a weapon and a health pack from the trunk of the car in front of you.
Walk along the road, killing zombies along the way.
Note: Watch out for Smokers hiding in the trees to the left and right of the road. Try to stay near the center of the road if you can.
When you get to the fallen bridge, peer down and pick off as many infected as you can from above. Look across the bridge as well.
Walk down the ramp on the right side of the bridge near the red light. Go across and limb the ladders directly to the right of the bridge.
Continue along the road into the tunnel up ahead. Feel free to ignore the rooms to the sides, they lead to dead ends.
Eventually you will reach a small blockade of cars up ahead. Simply jump over them to get past them.
As you cross the cars, there may be a zombie attack. If so, double back and use the cars as cover and obstacles to slow down the Horde.
Note: Watch the hole in the roof for any Smokers. You want to avoid being pulled over the barricade into the Horde.
Past the cars, there will be an actual wall you can't cross. Look to the left for a narrow passageway you can enter.
Follow it down some stairs and you'll reach two doors you can go through. Both of them lead into a larger pipe room. If you would like, take the door straight ahead, as there will be a chance to get some items in the small room before the pipe room. If you're lucky, there won't be much Infected resistance in here.
Make your way across and up the ramp on the far right corner of the room. You should come up outside again in the forest.
Fences will surround you to the right, but fortunately you won't have to go over there. Simply keep moving forward up the hill towards the light.
Note: There will be zombies here, but you should be able to clear a path to the safe room without much trouble.
The safe room will be to your left on top of the slope.
By: trenalets(288)
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The Town 100%
Climb the ladder to the next floor and stock up on supplies. If the hunting rifle is available, go ahead and grab it.
Before jumping down, you should see a bunch of idling zombies all over the bottom. Take this opportunity to snipe them all with your rifle.
Jump down and exit the yard through the opening in the fence.
You want to make it through the Quik Buy store and out the back. There tends to be lots of zombies milling about inside.
Follow the path outside and turn right. You should see a row of houses to your left and a couple of buses in the middle of the road. Watch out for zombies on top of and to the back of the buses.
Turn right into the courtyard and go inside the Florist building.
Make a right and then a left back outside to a parking lot.
You may encounter streams of zombies here. Watch out on the balcony to the building to your right, as there may be a Smoker up there.
Follow the road with the houses on your left.
Head to the next parking lot of commercial buildings. Feel free to clear the only open building of zombies, but to progress you have to jump onto the white van and onto the roof.
Go through the office building to overlook another area. Take the opportunity to snipe at zombies from the second floor.
Grab any supplies that may be on the table in the middle of the street and hit the button to call the forklift.
Zombies will come at you from the front and from the behind. Depending on which direction they come from first, mount the machine gun or watch the rooftop of the office building you just came from.
Walk up the ramp the forklift created and drop back down once you are on the other side of the blockade.
Take care of any zombies here and walk around the bus.
Go past the arch and turn left, walking through another arch until you reach a building and an alleyway.
Tip: Throwing Molotov cocktails behind you in the alley is a good deterrent for zombies who may be streaming in after you.
Turn left and head up the stairs to a room. Break open the window here and cross the planks to the other end. Walk across the rooftops and drop down to the left on the other side of the fence.
The safe room is at the end of this alley, however, watch out for any enemies next to it or inside the safe room.
By: trenalets(288)
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Unbreakable / Stand Tall Achievements 100%
Do these 2 achievements on Easy difficulty (duh!) and get into the habit of running back to let other players (or bots, if on single player) take out the Tanks and enemies. On single-player mode, if a bot accidentally heals you, you can die, restart the map, and not have that count against your achievement. However, if you are playing online, that exploit will not work.
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Akimbo Assassin Achievement Made Easy 100%
The Akimbo Assassin Achievement requires you to play an entire mission with only the pistol(s). One easy way to complete this is to start a mission, shoot a few zombies with your pistol only, then choose "Take a Break" and let the NPCs finish the level.
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The Sewer 100%
Stock up on health and ammo and head out the safe room.
You can either go straight ahead into the storage building or you can go left through the alleyway. Going through the building will take you near a garage that tends to have pipe bombs or Molotov cocktails, while taking the alleyway will be the shortest way to get to your next destination.
Go through the doorway with the red and white tiled floor and take the first doorway on the left.
Clear out any zombies here and open the door outside to the shipping yard.
Note: Stay away from the gas station on the right. Any sort of fire will cause it to explode, taking you and any of your teammates down with it. Blow it up first if you want to.
The goal here is to all make it to the left on the right side of the yard. Once all of the Survivors are on, call the lift. This will slowly raise you to the roof while also summoning the Horde.
The Horde will come at you from all angles. Try to make your way to the second floor storage room across from where the lift takes you. There you can put your backs to the wall and only have to worry about two avenues of attack - the window and the hole.
Tip: If you still have a pipe bomb throw it outside to give yourselves some breathing room.
After the attack, drop down into the hole and continue forward into another office building. Like before, you can ignore going into the individual offices if you don't need to pick up explosives.
Note: You can either smash a window from the second floor and drop down into the warehouse or you can take the stairs down. If there is a Witch blocking one of your paths, use the other one to get down into the warehouse.
Make your way through the door on the far left side of the warehouse. You will be in a very narrow hallway that snakes around. Watch out for zombies hiding in the little nook straight across from the door.
Follow the hallway around and then down the many flights of stairs.
Tip: Check under the staircase for explosives pickups.
Enter the large room with septic tanks. Be prepared for any eventuality here, including a Tank ambush.
There are two entrances to the sewer down below. The first is more obvious, it's right near the end of the large room with the septic tanks. The other is in a room off to the right side. It has an unmistakable red light. Dropping down the side room may be preferable since it puts you down with only one path for enemies to attack you.
Watch out for either a Tank or a stream of zombies to come at you, The Director has a predilection for unleashing that on you.
Head straight ahead and turn left at the end. There should be an open room on your right side - go inside. Pick up any health and ammo here and head through the opening marked "No Smoking." You'll be in a very tight walkway, keep following it through until you reach the end. Don't worry about the fork in the path, both ways lead you to the same destination.
Turn to your right once you get to the main sewer again and walk forward until you see a ladder to your left marked "To Mercy Hospital."
Note: If there is a Witch in the middle of the main path, you'll have to take the side passageway straight ahead and loop around to reach the ladder without disturbing her.
Get ready to fend off some infected as you reach the surface. Your goal is to reach the hospital entrance.
Note: There tends to be a first aid kit or two in the crashed ambulance outside. Be on the lookout if you are in need of health.
The safe room is just to the inside of the hospital as you enter.
By: trenalets(288)
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The Train Station 100%
Take supplies and walk outside.
Follow the path until you reach a barn. Feel free to go inside if you would like, or you can walk around the right side of it.
You should eventually see a giant "Richardson Atlantic" sign to your right, along with the train tracks. Go to the edge and kill all the enemies you can while up above.
Drop down, turn left, and follow the tracks straight ahead. You can feel free to ignore the Richardson Atlantic building if you don't need anything.
There will be a smaller building to your right, further down the tracks. Check inside this building for new weapons and equipment.
Tip: You can climb the train cars to get a better position on fighting the infected.
If you move a little ways further you'll find a roadblock. Head up the hill to the right and enter the basement of the house.
You'll want to climb a few sets of stairs until you reach the top floor. Look for a window on the left that leads out to a small roof you can jump down on. Clear out all the zombies you can while upstairs and drop down.
Walk down the train tracks on the long bridge.
The safe room is in the train car at the end of the bridge.
By: trenalets(288)
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Easy man vs tank 100%
Go on dead air chapter 5 with the plane to save you start the pump go behind the plane and when the tank comes go near the plane not ON the other side the tank will be stuck under the plane shoot him till he dies and theres 30g for you have fun and good luck
By: Hint master(35)
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When you r in the level that has the gas station in it, go to the pumps then shoot them alot then run like hell. the pumps will explode! and the roof will colapse then turn right ther is a biulding that will now have a piece of debris leaning on a window, run up the plank and into the biulding there is a room that usualy has pain pills or a table right when you get in with weapons,automatic shotgun, M16 ect.
By: Left 2 Hunt(219)
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Easy blind luck 100%
On no mercy chapter one at safe room kill a boomer near you when you stumble from the boomer get a pipe bomb throw it and run in the safe room DONT shut the steel door go in the bathroom shut the door and stay there you guys will shot the zombies if they dont kill them just shot at the door and theres 10g or 15g for you good luck
By: Hint master(35)
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General Hint 100%
Easiest way to crown a witch. Get an auto shotgun and approach from behind the witch. As she rises, shoot her in the back of the head. Done right and she is done in one shot. If it takes more than one, keep shooting.
By: old dude 1(274)
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Farmhouse ending 100%
I have found that at the end of the Farmhouse ending, If you throw a pipe bomb as the truck is pulling up, the commons will chase that and give you a better chance of getting in the truck and escaping. Make sure your entire team is close to you when you throw the pipe bomb.
By: old dude 1(274)
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Akimbo Assasin 100%
Easiest way to get this is to play on easy difficulty. I got it by playing Crash Course and never picked up any guns other than the pistols. That way if you should forget, you can't go to the rifle by mistake. You can get this with friends or with the bots. I also got my unbreakable on this same series.
By: old dude 1(274)
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Way to keep the survivors from winning in versus mode 100%
In verus mode mercy hospital in last stage rooftop final as a zombie when the survivors call the helicopter to come pick them up wait till the helicopter comes and while you are the tank go in the helicopter and when the survivors try to get in the helicopter knock them away from the helicopter or if you're not in the helicoptor knock the survivors of the building
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Confused Witch 100%
Take any gun from a far distince and shoot da Witch she will run around in circles(Hint: After awhile she will find u
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Hide In The Corner! 100%
What You do is just stay in a corner or a room with a door and turn off your light. then just wait there and barley any zombies will come to get you, but it also depends where you hide - and the number of players you have playing with you! P.S. in swamp fever there are little shed/toilet things, you can this here!

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Speed Life 98%
As the director's commentary points out, the Tank can be outrun by any survivor with green (51% or more) health, but the Tank can overtake any survivor with 50% of less life, because the more injured a survivor is, the slower s/he moves.
Pain pills will boost the speed of an injured survivor, although the color of the life bar will reflect his/her original health status.
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Super Shot 98%
This can only be done with the Assault Rifle with a full reload clip. Hold the LT and press Y,Y -- then hold RT for 10 seconds (while still holding the melee trigger). After 10 seconds or more, let go the MELEE TRIGGER. This Super Shot will kill a Tank! (editor: Hoax ? )
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Shortcut in No Mercy 98%
Description: In Part 1 (The Rooftops), as soo as you start, look over the edge of the building, down to the street. There's a box partway down, possibly an air conditioner. Hop down to that and it should reduce you to 41% life. Drop to ground from there to skip the interior of the apartments entirely.
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Punch Twice as Fast 98%
Description: Alternate tapping the melee button and the weapon switch button rapidly to double your melee speed. This can be useful for beating off zombies on Expert difficulty. *** This may be banned in Versus mode.
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Hot Swap 98%
If you need to 'reset' your primary weapon to its original (cherry) state, pick up a weapon different from yours, then re-select the weapon you want. This is faster than reloading (plus the time used from replenishing from the ammunition pile), and can help in close-call rescue finales.
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More Versus Mode Tricks 98%
If you become the smoker in either campaign and come across a witch, stand behind the witch and then smoke one of the survivors. This will cause you to drag your opponent into the witch, thus, startling her when your captives team mates come and try to rescue him/her. When I have done this on several occasions it is an easy 2 kills.
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Unbreakable Achievement 98%
Description: The Unbreakable Achievement requires you to not heal yourself or be healed throughout an entire mission. If the computer begins to heal you, whip out your own health pack (do not heal yourself though!) and it will stop the computer in its tracks. You can also use Pain Pills for a boost. Finally, if you choose "Take a Break" and let the computer heal you, it will not count against you when you hop back in.
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Respawn for Max Health in Vs. 98%
If you'd like to "refill" your health as a zombie, run away from the survivors until you see a message claiming you are too far away. Press X, and then you will be allowed to respawn back in the fray. Hopefully they will not make it to the safe room before you are back!
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Left 4 Dead Xbox360 - Achievements 98%
AchievementPointsHow To
101 Cremations(20)Set 101 Infected on fire
Akimbo Assassin(30)Survive an entire campaign using only pistols
All 4 Dead(30)Kill all 4 Survivors in one life while playing as a Tank
Back 2 Help(20)Leave a safe room to save an incapped teammate and bring them back safely
Barf Bagged(20)Cover 4 Survivors with Boomer bile at once
Big Drag(20)Drag a Survivor 100 feet with your tongue
Blind Luck(20)You or another Survivor take no damage after being vomited on by a Boomer
Brain Salad(15)Make 100 headshot kills
Burn the Witch(10)Light a Witch with a Molotov
Chain Smoker(20)Constrict 2 Survivors in one life as a Smoker
Clean Kill(10)Shove a Boomer and then kill him without him splashing on anyone
Cr0wnd(30)Kill a Witch with a single headshot
Dead Baron(15)Survive the Dead Air campaign
Dead Giveaway(10)Heal a fellow Survivor when your own health is below 10
Dead Stop(10)Punch a Hunter as he is pouncing
Dead Wreckening(20)Dole out 5000 total Survivor damage as a Special Infected
Do Not Disturb(20)Sneak past all Witches in a campaign without disturbing one
Double Jump(20)Pounce 2 different Survivors in one life as a Hunter
Drag and Drop(20)Rescue a Survivor from a Smoker's tongue before he takes damage
Field Medic(20)Heal 25 Survivors with a 1st aid kit
Grim Reaper(15)Survive the Blood Harvest campaign
Ground Cover(30)Save another Survivor from a Special Infected while on the ground
Helping Hand(20)Revive 50 incapacitated Survivors
Hero Closet(10)Rescue a Survivor trapped in a closet
Hunter Punter(10)Shove a Hunter off of a pinned and helpless Survivor
Jump Shot(20)Headshot a Hunter while he's leaping
Lamb 2 Slaughter(20)As an Infected, incap a Survivor who has entered and left a safe room
Man vs Tank(30)Single-handedly kill a Tank
Mercy Killer v(15)Survive the No Mercy campaign
My Bodyguard(15)Protect any Survivor from an attacking Infected 50 times
No Smoking Section(15)Kill 10 Smokers as they are pulling helpless Survivors
No-one Left Behind(20)Beat a campaign with all 4 Survivors
Nothing Special(30)Survive a campaign with no Survivors taking damage from Special Infected
Pharm-assist(20)Give pain pills to 10 Survivors
Pyrotechnician(20)Blow up 20 Infected in a single explosion
Red Mist(20)Kill 1000 Infected with a mounted machine gun
Safety First(30)Play an entire campaign with no Survivors taking friendly fire damage
Spinal Tap(10)Kill an Infected with a single blow from behind
Stand Tall(20)Survive a campaign without being incapacitated
Stomach Upset(20)All Survivors complete a campaign without being vomited on
Tankbusters(20)Kill a Tank without it dealing any damage to a Survivor
Toll Collector(15)Survive the Death Toll campaign
Tongue Twister(20)Free yourself from a Smoker who has grabbed you with his tongue
Towering Inferno(10)Light a Tank with a Molotov
Unbreakable(30)Finish a campaign without ever being healed
Untouchables(30)No Survivors take damage after contacting the rescue vehicle
What Are You Trying to Prove?(35)Survive all campaigns on Expert
Witch Hunter(20)Kill a Witch without any Survivor taking damage from her
Zombicidal Maniac(30)Survive any campaign on Expert
Zombie Genocidest(20)Kill 53,595 Infected
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Shortcuts in Dead Air 98%
Location: Part 2 (The Crane)
Jump on the fence by climbing onto the vent cover. Head across the fence and jump to the other side of the horizontal fence. Turn left, and head to the end, jumping up and to the right to the AC unit / box on the corner of the next building, allowing you to bypass the crescendo event. On the next building, go to the left corner and jump into the highest branch of the tree below. You may lose up to 80% of your health, so heal up before you leap. This leaves you right at the next safe room.
In Part 3 (The Construction Site), by the barricade that you burn is a metal door and a raised fence. Jump on the railing / fence and follow it until it begins to start downward. Here, hop onto the metal siding / door (a difficult maneuver).
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Cr0wned Achievement 98%
Description: To kill a witch with a headshot, put the game on Easy difficulty, acquire an auto-shotgun, and look for a witch. The player going after this achievement should simply (and quickly) approach the witch (lights off), causing her to rise. As the witch is standing (she is slower to attack on easy), unload all 10 shells into her head.
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Fire. And Lots Of It. 96%
The infected cannot extinguish fires once they are ignited (all modes - but especially in versus mode). Use that to your advantage in the campaign by using the molotov (or igniting gas cans) on tough targets like Tanks and Witches.
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Reloaded Defence 96%
When reloading any weapon, your survivor can keep attacking with the melee button. The reloading sequence will continue unabated.
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How to Double Melee 93%
By tapping the melee trigger and Y (the button that changes weapons) at the same time you can do a double melee and inflict twice the amount of damage.
By: SYS Sugar(164)
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Out of Ammo 93%
Out of Ammo?

If you are out of ammo and looking for a pile of shells but all you can find are weapons, pick up a copy of the same gun you are carrying it replenishes your ammo supply. I know this tip might sound simple but I have met so many people in game that did not know this one which surprised me.
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How to move the witch 92%
This only works with the hunter on vs mode keep doing your pounce attack on the witch and then she will get mad and chase you then stop and let her kill you. and that is where she will stay. ps. if you are getting left 4 dead 2 the witch moves around in the daytime but at night she doesnt run around.
By: zombie1531(14)
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How to survive the Swamp House stage 100%
You know at the end were you have to defend until the boat gets to you, Instead of closing doors and what not and going to the docks you go to the FAR FAR FAR left at shore and you see mini rock like islands jump to them carefully and make sure your partners have room (Cause Francis is a little big) and then you will be safe from Tanks and Zombies (BEWARE OF SMOKERS though) the only thing the tank can do is through rocks at you(easykill for you!)
By: CheatMasterTaco(588)
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She will comit suiside 100%
When you play dead air, on the first round, go to the first house, kill all the zombies there, and go in the bathroom with zoey, and have a partner throw a grenade in there. zoey will not move and will blow up with the grenade. [don't walk away to far or she will follow you and it won' work] [and it has to be on multi-player]
By: crappyman2(123)
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Beat the game 100%
When you play left 4 dead, and you play co-op campaign, you just wanna have one person be francis, and the other bill, because zoey will heal you alot, and louis will save your butt AND heal you.
By: crappyman2(123)
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No Mercy Shortcut 89%
No Mercy Shortcut:

After spawning on the roof in the first chapter, most people grab their ammo and run down the stairs into the house. BUT, there is a much shorter route that will save you a healthpack or two if done correctly as well as cut about 15+ minutes off the game time. On the roof, face the table where the weapons are and then turn around and walk straight until you reach the ledge of the roof. Look down but be careful not to fall off. You will see on the other building towards the bottom, two large air conditioning units. If you do this carefully, you can jump off the main roof down onto the units and then jump down off the units onto the ground and from there you are only a short distance away from the safe house (Be extremely careful to land on the air conditioning unit. If you miss it, you will die)

(In versus mode this shortcut is gone but there is another one. Instead of jumping onto the ac unit, jump onto the pipe. You will need to heal after making this jump but it will allow you to skip all the special infected which are 99% most likely hiding in the house waiting to trick you.)
By: SYS Sugar(164)
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The Fast Kills 86%
First Get a GUN then keep Pressing Y,LT Reppeteply and then you can Go up to a Zombiee and they wont stand a Cahnce VS you
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Easiest way to kill a witch 86%
First, locate the witch, than throw a molotov if you have one to burn her, threw it directly at her to unlock the " Burn the Witch " achievement, than keep shooting her. If you don't have a Molotov, aproach to her and when she rises, shoot her wraist with the shotgun.
By: Mrclean214(918)
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Easy Mode= unlocking achievement 86%
For most achievement, it's easier to unlock it on easy mode.
By: Mrclean214(918)
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Skip the lift in no mercy 86%
Go to the lift. dont activate it. go past it to the giant curb and go left. when you get down there beat the silver door down
By: Seabridge(43)
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The Tunnel 86%
Stock up on items and head out the door.
Make a right and head towards the doorway marked "exit." Go down the stairs and into the next hallway.
Duck into the first room on your left. You will see a couple of windows here. Break them open and enter the gigantic silo.
There will invariably be a sizable amount of zombies skulking about in here. Take out as many as you can from up above.
Cross the yellow bridge to the other side and keep moving forward until you reach a yellow ramp. Follow that down to the first floor.
There will be a door marked "exit" to your right. Head through it and grab any first aid or items you may need before opening the emergency door.
Tip: There might be a fuel tank or gas jug in this room. Take it back out to the previous large room and place it where you can shoot at it from the room. Remember to put it a little ways away from the door so you don't hurt yourself or your teammates.
Once you open the door, zombie hordes will stream in at you from both ends. Pick one side and keep the horde from overwhelming you.
When things are quiet again, go through the opened emergency door and turn right. Head up the stairs and continue along the catwalk until you reach the end. Break open one of the windows and step onto the roof. Kill any zombies you can see from your vantage point.
Go back inside and take the stairs down and out the door. Continue along the first tunnel closest to the building and you should reach an opening to the right.
Walk through and walk straight ahead up a ramp. Go through the doorway to your left and jump up onto a train car. There might be a cache of new weapons here if you are lucky. Try to take out any enemies you see on the other side of the car.
Note: The opening to the left will also lead you to the same tunnel, but the ramp bypasses some enemies.
Drop down and walk towards the oil tanker. Climb the ladder to get over it and to the next opening on the left hand side.
The safe room is through the opening with the sparks.
By: trenalets(288)
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Versus Mode Tip 85%
When playing vs. mode, if you are on the No Mercy Campaign and become the tank here is your best option to ensure a win for your team. Rather than chasing after the survivors, quickly run to the tunnel which leads down to the safe room and hit the car that is located outside down into the tunnel to block the survivors from being able to enter the safe room. This will also set the car alarm off when the survivors approach the blocked tunnel trapping them in a zombie horde allowing you and your team to easily pick off your rivals.
By: SYS Sugar(164)
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Even MORE Versus Mode Tips 85%
In versus mode if you are playing as an infected, you can claw at forklifts, generators and wheel barrows to use them to block doorways and trap the survivors from progressing in the game. Please note: Survivors can only move the barricades if they happen to have a pipe bomb and use it to blow up your barricade . Also remember if you are playing as a Boomer, do not stand close to the barricade because if the survivors shoot you and you blow up beside it, you can damage the barricade allowing them to escape your trap. The best places that this trick works is in the No Mercy campaign in the warehouse past the gas station and on the level where the survivors reach the elevator and make it to the floor that is undergoing construction.
By: SYS Sugar(164)
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Easy way to multiply the infected on versus 83%
First go on versus and join a party when your infected leave game and have the party leader invite you back when you leave your zombie will be taken over by a bot so there should be one more special infected each time you do this unless they die before you can join or if you get back in the game as survivors
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How to kill the Witch and Tank faster. 83%
The Tank and Witch are by far the toughest enemies in the whole game.That dosen't mean its are to kill them.Using an Assualt Rifle or Auto Shotgun will take these guys down with ease.Using the Assualt Rifle will take longer,but a few clips to the head should speed the process up.
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Glitch 83%
Enter the cheat or hints here!Ok after you call in the rescue boat. Go toward the dock and pass it go to the corner there should be a sorta flat rock jetting out from the bottom of a cliff. You have to keep jumping from the side that is the closest to the land until your able to get up on top. When the zombies come they can't get you also another plus is if the Tank can't get to you in time it dies, but watch out for the special zombies like the Smoker(with a tounge) and Tank(by throwing a rock only) they can get you. Best to keep all pipe bombs till the end. Only if you want that achievement...This was not found out by me but shown and it does work.
By: Gersfan(435)
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Glitch to pass hoard in the crane mission in Dead Air 83%
When you get to the crane you see a fence going around it and there is a air vent on the inside of the fences. (not the one on the outside) You have to jump up ontop of the air vent and then onto the top of the fence. Walk down the fence to the other one horazontle to it. You have to jump across onto it (it may take a few times.) Then when on the fence you just jumped to you see a gray box on the corner of the building and some small pipes going around the corner to the left.You have to get a running start and jump to the gray box then once on the box you jump on the small pipes then onto the other building.
By: woooo188(54)
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Play versus offline and off system link, really works 83%
At the main menu, have the second player sign in as usual. then press x. after that host a system link game when you do this you will be able to play versus offline and play any time, as long as you have a second player. Only one of you can be a zombie at once, no two zombies wich sucks
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Clearing the Apartments on No Mercy faster. 83%
At the beggining of No Mercy campaign,you start on the roof of the apartments.When ya go down there,you will find rooms full of zombies.There is one room,however,that is dark and usually has about 5 Infected in it at one time!Most of the time,when you kill the Infected in this room,a Horde will attack you.To avoid a dog pile of Infected from killing you,bust out the window behind the Survivors at the beginning of this level.Look down,and you will see the dark room.Kill the Infected,drop down,and surprise attack the Infected in the living room and kitchen.By this time,you should be ready to take on the Horde attack.
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Easy way to complete first stage on no mercy. 83%
When you start no mercy on the rooftop turn left an walk all the way to the ledge. look down . you should see a air cooler. get a run start and jump of onto the air cooler. it takes a little life depending on what difficult your on. WARNING if you miss YOU WILL DIE> have fun.
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Last stand 83%
On last stand the extra online map go right down were the zombies 1st come from then get on a rock in some trees with a friend then its harde 4 the zombies to get to you even tanks! try it :)
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Towering Inferno Kill 83%
Throw a Molotov at the Tank and start shooting at him when he is about to die he will turn entirely black so this will help you save time and ammo
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Door Buster! 83%
As the Tank in versus if you are near a safe room door try jumping while your next to the door and it can break the door making it impossible for the survivors to be safe.
By: Krazyk7(18)
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No Mercy Glitch 80%
You know how it feels to be almost dead and then have to go onto that lift and alert the horde. Good thing you don't have to!

1: go to the lift. DO NOT start it
2: jump on and then go forward all the way into the wall of the building
3: turn left and keep on going until you get to a door
4: continually melee the door until it breaks
5: this could take a few minutes if you are playing with npc's
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Wing and a Prayer 80%
Even though it isn't easy, the best place to stand in the plane is in the back in the wide spot just before the ragged  end of the tail section. Open the emergency door and get in this hole.You can cover attacks from the back and the side and you won't be attacked from your back if you stay again the side of the plane. You can also help shoot Zombies over the top of the seats. Play it right and you will get your achievement.
By: old dude 1(274)
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Unbreakable doors 75%
If your getting owned by a tank and you cant kill it look for bathroom there should be a stall the stall room is unbreakable which means that nothing can break through it
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Safe Areas to go to! 75%
If a horde is attacking you and your buddies,you will notice that they have complete cover of the whole area.Your best bet is jumping up on high places.The Infected will climb up,but a quick 1-2 shot from dual pistols should put them out of their misery.
There will be times where the Infected are in a building and outside of a building.Find bathrooms,sheds,or closets to take a quick rest.But be alert at the time you are in there.The Infected can and will bust down the door if they get the chance!

Note that these places may not protect you from Boss Infected.(Boomers,Hunters,Smokers,and Tanks.)You can use the bathrooms for these guys,but they will takre down the door faster than the horde will.So make sure you pack plenty of firepower.
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Farmhouse Finale 75%
Take everything you can and head out the other end of the train car.
Follow the train tracks until you reach a dead end with a red train car. Climb the ladder on the side of it to reach the US military evacuation zone.
Tip: Keep an eye out for fuel tanks or gas jugs to blow up along the train tracks.
Follow the small path until you reach a corn field. Kill any enemies that may be here and drop down.
Run forward until you reach a small clearing. Turn right to face the tractor's headlight and walk to the right of it.
Note: The corn stalks make it very difficult to see where you are going. Fortunately, the game fences you off so you can't get too lost in this area.
Keep running until you reach another clearing. Jump over the fence and head inside the farmhouse where the US army is trying to reach you via radio.
Stock up on weapons and equipment in this room before you call in the evacuation truck.
Tip: There will be a large fuel tank or two lying around the house. Place them outside the front door, or within viewing distance of wherever you make your stand.
The best place to hole up is on the second floor, as it will take longer for the zombie hordes to reach you. As an added bonus, the windows in the master bedroom are initially boarded up, impeding the zombies further.
Tip: Try to stay indoors for as long as you can. If you loiter on the rooftop or outside for too long, you run the risk of a Smoker dragging you down into the zombies.
Once you hear that the army truck is arriving, quickly jump down to the front entrance of the house. The truck will drive up to the left side of the house if you are facing it. Quickly get to the back of the truck and enter it to be rescued. Watch out, as large mobs of zombies will run at you as you try to do this.
Congratulations, you have finished the Blood Harvest campaign!
Achievement: The "Grim Reaper" achievement will unlock if you played through the entire campaign in one sitting.
By: trenalets(288)
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"Cr0wned" 75%
Find a witch,get a auto-shotgun and turn off light,kneel down and shoot her head, you can get this with pump shotgun just shoot her head (do it on easy)
By: pokerstar99(369)
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Headbash the Hunter 74%
When your team mate is trapped under a hunter, rather than shooting at the hunter and taking forever to save him simply run up and melee the hunter off your team mate. This will save the players health from both being trapped under the hunter for a long period of time and reduced friendly fire.
By: SYS Sugar(164)
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Zeoy's ability 73%
Although she's a girl, she is an expert on healing people(and herself), she's can heal people 25% faster then anybody.
By: Mrclean214(918)
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Grim reaper 71%
If you are a smoker on the rooftop finale then good for you. you have just won a chance for a free kill.once they climb the ladder leading to the top of the buiding then use your tounge to grab him and he will die by a long fall
By: scrappycoco(20)
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Tips on being a smoker 71%
Now lets say you are a smoker and you are not good at killing survivors. being a smoker means you have to be very sneaky. here are some great advantages like a boomer he can help bring more zombie and while the survivors are fighting you can grab a survivor. a tank can get the survivors weak and at that moment in time you grab the survivor
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Weapons 71%
Pistol - Your standard issue sidearm. It has unlimited ammo, and is effective at mid range with a low density of enemies. Each pistol clip contains 15 bullets. You can dual-wield pistols if you find another. This doubles your clip capacity to 30 bullets. Always pick up a second pistol if you see one, there is no downside to carrying two. Pistol bullets have very poor penetration capabilities. They are not the ideal weapon in close swarm situations. Aim for headshots if you have time.
Tip: Always switch to the pistol in low-density zombie situations. It is still effective and will save you ammo in the long run.
Pump Action Shotgun - Like one would expect, the pump shotgun is very effective at close range. On lower difficulty levels it also can be used to take out zombies at midrange too. Since the spread of the shells allows for the capability to take out several infected at once, you normally want to wait until there are a bunch of zombies closer in to fire. Watch out for your teammates at close range with this weapon. The spread of the shells also works against you with friendly fire. The maximum number of shells it can hold in a clip is 8. It takes a long time to fully reload, so make sure you make each shot count. It also has a low rate of fire.
Note: If you run out of shells in the clip you will only auto reload one shell. If you are able to take the time to fully reload the shotgun during battle, take the opportunity. Use your melee attack to buy you some time.
Submachine gun - A fully automatic gun, the submachine gun is good for mowing down crowds at short to mid range. The penetration of the bullets is not very good, only slightly better than the pistol. However, due to the rate of fire, it is much more suited to fending off groups of zombies than the pistol. It can hold up to 50 rounds in a clip, but you will chew through that very quickly. Try to fire in bursts unless you are facing a dense zombie swarm rushing at you.
Auto Shotgun - Now we're talking. The auto shotgun is a very powerful gun, good for taking out Tanks and crowds of infected. You can even use it at longer ranges and it will still kill several enemies with one shot. Don't try to hit enemies across long distances, though. It holds 10 shells per clip and reloads slightly faster. However, each shell still has to be reloaded individually. If you have the auto shotgun, you may want to take point as to not risk hitting your teammates. The rate of fire on this gun is very fast, so make sure each shot counts.
Hunting Rifle - It's a sniper rifle. Use it at long range to pop off heads of enemies for best results. The hunting rifle's bullets also have a very high penetration capability. If you can manage to funnel a large stream of zombies in a line, you can quickly mow down 5 or so at a time with one shot of the rifle. You can also zoom in to help you aim better. It holds 15 rounds per clip and has about the same rate of fire as the pistol.
Assault Rifle - Use it like you would the Submachine gun. It packs a lot more punch and is more accurate at long distances. This gun is amazing at mowing down large groups of zombies rushing you in a funneled corridor. The bullets penetrate deeply and are much more powerful than the submachine gun. The assault rifle holds 50 rounds per clip, but the maximum amount of ammo you can hold is a little less than the submachine gun.
Mounted Machinegun - Mounted machineguns are stationary and will only appear in certain chapters. The location of the machinegun is always at the same place. Though it has a very high rate of fire, the machinegun takes a couple of seconds to warm up before it starts spitting out bullets. Once it does, though, it will mow down infected like a hot knife through butter. It has unlimited ammunition, but will overheat if you hold down fire for too long. Check the barrel of the gun to see how red it glows. When it's a strong red, ease up a bit on the gun to let it cool down.
Tip: The machinegun has a limited turning radius. Be aware of your surroundings and get off the machinegun if there are no zombies within its range.
Molotov Cocktail - Toss it like a grenade. Molotovs are effective at clearing out clusters of enemies. The flames will linger for a bit, creating a wall of fire that damages any infected that walk through it. Watch out for flaming zombies running at you, though, as they can hurt you.
Tip: Lighting tough infected on fire, such as Tanks or Witches, is a great way to lower their health. Every second they are on fire they will take heavy damage.
Pipe Bomb - Amazing crowd control device. Throw it into a large crowd of zombies and watch them cluster around the shiny object. This is a good item to have when you are being overwhelmed as it actively attracts nearby zombies to it.
Note: Special infected will not be attracted to pipe bombs. They will, however, still be damaged by the explosion if they are nearby.
By: trenalets(288)
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Save your ammos! 71%
If you're only going to shoot a few zombies at a time or for fun, DON'T use primary weapons! Especially on Death Toll levels, either use pistols or do it the fun way keep punching them.
By: Mrclean214(918)
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Tips on playing as Boomer in Versus mode 71%
Boomer may be annoying at times, but playing as them is pretty fun. To make the most out of them, go behind the survivors, and wait till they approach a place with a lot of zombies, then respawn, the closer the better, and try to vomit on loner or the whole group if they can't see you. Even if you die, you'll be able to enjoy a scene of brutal violence!  
By: Mrclean214(918)
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Akimbo Assasin 71%
To get this achievement, you have to beat a campaign using only pistols, you can't use any other gun including mounted gun, but you can still use explosive.
By: Mrclean214(918)
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Skipping the appartments. 67%
When you spawn infront of the table get your amo and walk around the roof. look down on every side until you see the door how you get out of the apartments. Go to the far right of that side and you shall find two air conditioning units. Walk backwards and then do a big runup and try to jump on the airconditioning units then jump to the ground. You have successfuly skiped the apartments.
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Helpful Tip on Surviving 67%
1. Always care for your teammates if you are playing online. Don't go far ahead, or fall behind.
2. Put fellow survivors first, if another survivor is pinned by a hunter, while you are surrounded by zombies, kill all the zombies blocking your sight from the hunter, then kill the hunter. After that you can worry about your own zombies.
3. If you're 2 feet away from a pinned survivor, don't shoot the hunter, shove him off, then kill him.
4. If your teammate is slimed by a boomer, chances are he's going into a corner. run in front of your teammate and crouch and defend hm from zombies.

Use the 4 great tips, you'll survive much longer than before.
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Time to fly 67%
The first thing you do is go to the no mercy finale. Then you find the mounted machine gun the only way to fly is to hit the gun with a melee attack. then job on the gun and you will be flying. but you should hit it at least 25 times for a good launch
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Elevator glitch in No Mercy 67%
Once you have overcome the zombie horde after contacting the elevator, go inside but make sure you either have a molotov,pipe bomb,helium tank,or propane tank. Finally, when your inside, throw one of the following and the survivor will fall through the elevator. That's real evil. Do it if you want to.
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Easy way to get red mist 67%
For this you simply need pipe bombs, a teammate, and of course a mounted MG. First get your teammate(s) to get some pipe bombs, go on the mounted MG, and when a wave comes get your teammate(s) to throw a pipe bomb and you will shoot all the zombies that run towards it. Usually you'll kill 70-110 infected.
By: Chipsrgood(16)
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Nothing special and upset stomach glitch 67%
First off, everyone in the game must be in a party..... the party host stays behind on this one.... soooo... when all 4 of u reach the end of the 4th chapter in dead air, everyone but the party host must enter the safe room, shut the door and exit to the main menu, and then the party host, (the guy still in the game) must invite u all back.... u all have to moving around in the safe room before u let the other player inside... and then as soon as the 5th chapter starts, just don't get hit by any special infected, or dont get vomited on by a boomer and u will all get the achievement.

and remember, u all get can hit by any special infected and vomited on by a boomer in the 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th chapters... cause as soon as u enter the safe room, exit and get invited back in, the game doesn't realize that u left and came back so it automatically resets and shows u never got hit by a special infected or vomited on by a boomer....
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Car alarm 67%
This is for smokers only. you need to be on the first level on no mercy. now remember you are a smoker and you have to hide behind a car with a alarm and when your target meter is red drag him towards the car and the alarm will go off
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Skip the subways minihorde 67%
When you get to the part where you activate the lites jump up the steam things on the left of it. Jump on the switch and hit it alot . when you hit it enough jump and you will bounce up to the next floor.
By: Seabridge(43)
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Angry witch 67%
Lets say your A BOOMER and your right next to the witch. but those dumb surrvivors shoot you.then you blow up on the witch the witch well be pissed and they will be sorry they shot you
By: scrappycoco(20)
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Dead air finaly recommended hold out spots 67%
The ones I recommend are the corner at the far edge of the area behind the fuel pump and the jesus plane which is also the plane you escape in.
By: fidget64128(7)
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Broken Door Glitch! 67%
When your the hunter claw at a door until it is almost broken and then when a survivor gets close to it pounce on them and if you timed it right you can take down 2 survivors at a time and the survivors wont be able to open the door.
By: Krazyk7(18)
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Strategy for dead air 67%
Stay in back left corner and the horde has to run to you to get you
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General Tips 67%
Keep moving! Find a balance between progressing forward and clearing out enemies. The longer you dawdle, the more opportunities The Director has to send never ending enemies your way.
Watch out for your allies. You can hurt your teammates if you accidentally shoot them.
Always watch your surroundings for items. Items will be highlighted in blue and the game will often point you in their direction if you are close by.
Use your pistol if there are not a lot of enemies to kill and they are spread out. The pistol has unlimited ammo, allowing you to save your more potent weapons for when you need them.
Don't forget that you have a melee attack as well. Use it against zombies if they get close. This will have the side effect of pushing enemies further away from you. It is especially useful if you have to reload.
Listen to your teammates! They will shout out locations of weapons, equipment, and even enemies. This is especially helpful when a witch is spotted, as you can turn off your flashlight before disturbing it.
Keep firing if you are incapacitated! You can still fire your pistol(s) even when knocked down.
Listen to the audio cues. Before enemy attacks, The Director will cue up a particular theme that will signal what type of attack you will face.
Set traps when you have to defend an area. When you find gas jugs or oxygen/fuel tanks, you can pick them up by using the Use button. Set them down to create a perimeter around where you will make your stand. You will need to do this on higher difficulty levels to survive.
By: trenalets(288)
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Brain Salad 67%
This achievement may be hard to get, but you just have to simply aim your gun higher on the zombies head to score tons of head shot at a time.
By: Mrclean214(918)
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The Greenhouse 67%
Grab a gun and some supplies and walk forward.
Leave the door down the stairs closed. Instead, walk up the hill of dirt and stop at the wall to clear out any zombies idling about on the bottom floor.
Go through the window onto the rooftop and clear any zombies in this area. Watch out for Smokers hanging out on higher floors in buildings around you.
Walk down the plank to the next rooftop. Enter it through the rightmost window and make your way through the kitchen and living room.
Take a couple of minutes to shoot any zombies outside from inside the window.
Drop down and climb the ladder to the right. Walk forward and drop down again into another apartment building. Head down the stairs and take the first passageway on your right.
Shoot any infected from inside the building before dropping down onto the trailer and the street.
Walk forward straight into the hotel. The safe room is on your left
By: trenalets(288)
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The Hospital 67%
Open the safe room door and start moving to your right towards the exit sign. Most likely there will be zombies everywhere, so clear them out.
Head up the staircase and go through the door on the second floor marked "exit" as well.
Note: You can feel free to ignore the side rooms or the other hallway to the right of the first exit door. They all lead to dead ends and more zombies. If you're lucky you'll find some item pickups, but it's not worth the ammo expenditure to get them.
The first door on the left will lead you into a large plaza-like room. If you had gone straight down the hallway, you would end up in the same plaza.
Head up the stairs and follow the hallway ahead. Eventually, you will see another exit sign leading to the staircase that was blocked before. Take it up to the top level and go right towards the ICU.
Note: Again, don't worry about clearing every single room here. If you leap over the barricade to your left after the staircase, you will find a storage area that most likely will contain some pipe bombs or Molotovs for you.
Keep moving forward past the reception area and open the door market "elevator."
Watch out for zombies busting down doors to either side of you as you walk here.
Make a right, towards the ICU section. Keep your guard up, as hospital zombies will leap at you from both sides in this section.
Clear out every room of zombies here before you call the elevator lift.
This will be a very tough battle, as Zombies will come at you from straight ahead and to the right. If you cleared out all the rooms, this will be a little easier. Make sure you target the Boomers at a distance first, or else things will become quickly unmanageable.
Tip: Try to use an Assault Rifle if you can. It's very useful at mowing down zombies in funneled situations.
When the elevator arrives, quickly get on and press the button once everyone is in.
After an agonizingly long ride, you will end up on an unfinished floor of the hospital.
Go straight and to the left. You'll want to take the outer pathway around the floor, with the city skyline to your left.
Turn right and walk towards the center of the floor again when the pathway becomes blocked. You should not have to open any doors to reach the safe room.
Keep moving inwards until you see the game point you towards the safe room. It should be to the left of where you are heading at this point.
Enter it and close the door to end the chapter.
By: trenalets(288)
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More hintz from Hintmanwilltakequestions! 67%
Everyone loves Death tolll part 5 :) especially the wide open space! But if you wanna know a cool trick ask me.Ya see me and my friends tried running back to the saferoom and it worked and we found out that the trash can can get ya into that little space near the van!What you need to do is jump on trash can,jump on silver thing,and ta-da! UR THERE :)

On No Mercy part 1 like people say teh vent thingy jump heal run for your lives.

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"Akimbo Assassin" 67%
On finale of No Mercy or Death Toll go to Jesus Room on No Mercy,or go to Jesus Rock in Death Toll,you can also teleport to saferoom by going to upper right corner in Jesus Room and take break
By: pokerstar99(369)
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Shut The Door! 67%
On versus every time you pass a door make sure you close it when everyone is inside it helps and slows down the infected.
By: Krazyk7(18)
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The Subway 67%
Stock up on ammo and health packs, then open the exit door.
There should be some infected here for you to kill on your left and in the hole.
Drop down when the hole in front of you is clear. Watch out behind you, as there could be an entire floor here possibly filled with infected.
Continue down the stairs past the "Holly Street Station" sign.
Tip: If you head down the narrow passageway to the right of the staircase, you may find some pipe bombs or Molotov cocktails as you drop down to the vent below.
Go down the escalators to your left and left again through the turnstiles.
Achievement: There will almost always be a witch at some point during this level. You can get your "cr0wned," "Witch Hunter," and "Burn the Witch" achievements by replaying this level a couple of times.
Note: There may be some items in the ticketing booth
Head up the stairs to the left and make a 180 degree turn.
You want to go through the tunnel here, with the subway cars on your left side.
Go past through the next tunnel. You should see some burning wreckage to your right.
If you're lucky, there will be some ammo or items on the table to your left in front of the subway car.
Note: More likely than not, there will be an infected attack of some sort in this area.
Hang right at the fork and go through the open subway train car.
After exiting, immediately look to your left, there should be an open door leading to a staircase up.
Take it up and you should be at a garage-like floor. If there are no enemies here, feel free to just run straight across, up the staircase. Otherwise, clear out a path and make sure no one follows you up.
You should arrive in a large room with generator-like objects in the middle. The game will tell you to hit the elevator switch at the far end, but hold off on that for now. Clear out this area of infected first.
Note: If you are lucky, there may be some weapons or explosives on the counter near the front of the room.
If you check out the room to your right, you should see a first aid cabinet and a mounted machine gun. Grab any health that The Director doles out to you and heal up.
Flip the elevator switch and get ready to fend off the Horde.
Tip: For an easy time, get on the mounted machinegun turret. It has unlimited ammo, but can overheat if you fire too long continuously. Fortunately, it cuts through infected like butter, so you should be able to kill a good portion of the attacking Horde. Keep an eye on your health though, as attackers may come from behind as well.
Once the door is open, run through it and up the stairs.
You'll end up on the second floor. Make your way around the path and into the room immediately in front of you. If you are lucky, The Director will have some nice weaponry for you to pick up in here.
Go through the door market "Exit" and head straight down the hallway. Feel free to ignore the side rooms unless you need pipe bombs. The Director will often scatter some explosive item pickups in the various offices.
Watch out for Boomers in these narrow hallways. Always melee them to push them a good distance away before you kill them.
Tip: If you are feeling especially adventurous, you can simply break one of the windows in an office and jump out into the street. This will save you the time of walking through the building.
Continue down the stairs and straight out the door marked "Exit" into an alleyway.
You will be on the main road. Turn right and make your way to the Pawn Shop at the end of the street.
Watch out as you try and enter the shop - The Director loves to send the Horde at this point. Get inside the building and try to funnel the zombies through the front entrance.
Enter the safe room to end the chapter.
By: trenalets(288)
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Easy way to win on versus 67%
On No Mercy level 3 if your infected you can go all the way to the end of the level, where the ladder is to get out of the sewer. When you climb that go to the right and there will be a dumpster that you can push by clawing at it. push it until it goes over the ladder when 1 of 2 things will happen 1. It will fall all the way to the bottom which is bad because they can push it out of the way and continue or 2. it will fall partially and get stuck, there for the survivors cannot move it and eventually die. *** If you have a boomer on your team don't have them vomit on the survivors or the horde will knock the dumpster down. *** This is much easier to do if your a tank because you can punch a car over the hole(you need good aim to do that!)and the horde can't knock it down.
By: Chipsrgood(16)
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Use your pistolthen shoot and meelee at the same time, as you hit the bullet should go off screen! this only works with 1 handgun.
By: Left 2 Hunt(219)
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Easy crOwnd 67%
Use a autoshot gun it more stronger then the pump shot
By: Hint master(35)
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Easy unbreckable and stand tall 67%
Soon as you get in a safe room shut the door when you hear a witch leaver her alone or you lose both when you hear a tank run away that sounds like a chicken but do you 50g for both? hope this will help good luck
By: Hint master(35)
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In the 1st chapter of Death toll if you want 2 get Zoey 2 stay outside the safe house in a place where your teammates cant defend her do dis, get into da safe house before anyone else take da hunting rifle [if der is 1] and let the other survivors in inn this order...
if you r Francis: Bill, louis
if you r Bill: Francic, louis
if you r Louis: Francis, Bill
By: Left 2 Hunt(219)
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Helper 67%
Kill the boomers to get unlocked new level
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Mini guide: pistol 67%
Ammos per round 20
maximum ammos: unlimited
fire power weak
fire blast average
reload time fast
Advantage: They're are the only weapon that can have unlimited ammo, and it's possible to have two of them if you find another one, and it reloads very fast.
weakness:It's so weak that it takes 3 shots just to kill a zombie!
General Stretegy: Use it if you're facing weak and few enemies, shot zombies in the head to make it more effective.

Thanks for viewing this guide!
By: Mrclean214(918)
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Death Toll Glitch 60%
Low on health? At the part where you need to alert the horde in Death Toll (NOT the finale)? This is easy to solve. All you have to do is keep on hitting the machine gun, and then jump on it. NOTE: the more you hit it the farther you go. The best part is that even though it's as if you got launched by a tank, you take no damage.
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Instant Kill as Smoker in No Mercy Finale 60%
On No Mercy right before the finale (If you are the smoker) get on the hospital roof and find the little building with the antenna on the roof. stand on that building top and get ready to grab someone with your tongue as they come up the ladder. If you can drag them off the building its an Instant kill.

PS: It helps if you have a Hunter and a Boomer on your team as the infected. Get one of the hunters to pounce the first person who comes up the ladder. get your second hunter to pounce the second person, then get your boomer to run up and Barf Bag all of the survivors (this prevents one of them from bopin' a hunter of one of the survivors) and then while they are dripping with Zombie Juice grab one with your tongue as the smoker and get the instant kill. by the time they figure out what is going on you have 2 at half health one dead and another person who is just plain freaked out.

Good luck Have Fun!
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Unbreakable cheat 60%
The easiest way to unlock this achievement is to play No Mercy on easy difficulty.
By: Mrclean214(918)
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Glitch:How to get out of map 60%
On No Mercy go to apartments load it then at the very beginning go south west and you will find a cliff or edge touching a wall to get down there move right analog stick to right a little jump down when you are jumping down try to move to right then you will land on skinny platform then thats it..... if you want to fly in the air walk up to jeep and melee it then you go straight up ....... Note:You might die a few times (:

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Boathouse Finale 60%
Stock up and head out.
Clear the little warehouse of any zombies and open the small door straight ahead, to the left of the white van.
You find yourself out on the streets again. There's bound to be a large zombie contingent idling outside, so kill them and make your way to the house slightly to your left.
Go through the house into the backyard. The Director may decide to send a zombie ambush at you over the fences in the backyard. If he does, back into the house and funnel the zombies through the doorway, making them easy kills.
Check the little shack for any equipment and continue through the park entrance.
Walk up the path on the left next to the cliff.
Note: You may encounter a zombie ambush from both the cliffs and the forest on your right.
The path takes you through a lodge and ends at a boathouse.
Clear out the area of any zombies, then stock up on ammunition and health.
Answer the radio twice to start the rescue. Again, his ETA is not in real-time.
Quickly run up to the second floor where the machine gun is. Again, you'll want to try to stay up here as you make your stand. Make sure you have a teammate next to you before you get on the turret. If things play out right, you will be able to fire your machine gun while you blind spots are covered by your teammate.
Tip: Utilize explosives wisely. Your AI teammates won't use them, so toss Molotovs and pipe bombs out into the park as the enemies stream in. If you time your throws right, you'll take out large chunks of zombies with little effort.
Note: Another benefit of being on top is that you are safe from Smoker tongues if the wooden railing is intact still. He will still constrict you, but you won't be dragged down into the park.
Once the boat arrives, quickly drop down behind the house and head for the small dock a little ways to the left, if the house is on your right. You don't want to wait too long as enemies will quickly become too much for you to handle.
Congratulations, you've survived Death Toll!
Achievement: The "Toll Collector" achievement will unlock if you played through the entire campaign in one sitting.
By: trenalets(288)
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73 Achievements
Left 4 Dead - Helping Hand Helping Hand
Revive 50 incapacitated Survivors.
Left 4 Dead - Field Medic Field Medic
Heal 25 Survivors with a first aid kit.
Left 4 Dead - Pharm-assist Pharm-assist
Give pain pills to 10 Survivors.
Left 4 Dead - My Bodyguard My Bodyguard
Protect any Survivor from an attacking Infected 50 times.
Left 4 Dead - Dead Stop Dead Stop
Punch a Hunter as he is pouncing.
Left 4 Dead - Cr0wnd Cr0wnd
Kill a Witch with a single headshot.
Left 4 Dead - Untouchables Untouchables
No Survivors take damage after contacting the rescue vehicle.
Left 4 Dead - Drag and Drop Drag and Drop
Rescue a Survivor from a Smoker's tongue before he takes damage.
Left 4 Dead - Blind Luck Blind Luck
You or another Survivor take no damage after being vomited on by a Boomer.
Left 4 Dead - Akimbo Assassin Akimbo Assassin
Survive an entire campaign using only pistols.
Left 4 Dead - Hero Closet Hero Closet
Rescue a Survivor trapped in a closet.
Left 4 Dead - Hunter Punter Hunter Punter
Shove a Hunter off of a pinned and helpless Survivor.
Left 4 Dead - Tongue Twister Tongue Twister
Free yourself from a Smoker who has grabbed you with his tongue.
Left 4 Dead - No Smoking Section No Smoking Section
Kill 10 Smokers as they are pulling helpless Survivors.
Left 4 Dead - 101 Cremations 101 Cremations
Set 101 Infected on fire.
Left 4 Dead - Do Not Disturb Do Not Disturb
Sneak past all Witches in a campaign without disturbing one.
Left 4 Dead - Man vs Tank Man vs Tank
Single-handedly kill a Tank.
Left 4 Dead - Tankbusters Tankbusters
Kill a Tank without it dealing any damage to a Survivor.
Left 4 Dead - Safety First Safety First
Play an entire campaign with no Survivors taking friendly fire damage.
Left 4 Dead - No-one Left Behind No-one Left Behind
Beat a campaign with all 4 Survivors.
Left 4 Dead - Unbreakable Unbreakable
Finish a campaign without ever being healed.
Left 4 Dead - Witch Hunter Witch Hunter
Kill a Witch without any Survivor taking damage from her.
Left 4 Dead - Red Mist Red Mist
Kill 1000 Infected with a mounted machine gun.
Left 4 Dead - Pyrotechnician Pyrotechnician
Blow up 20 Infected in a single explosion.
Left 4 Dead - Zombie Genocidest Zombie Genocidest
Kill 53,595 Infected.
Left 4 Dead - Dead Giveaway Dead Giveaway
Heal a fellow Survivor when your own health is below 10.
Left 4 Dead - Stand Tall Stand Tall
Survive a campaign without being incapacitated.
Left 4 Dead - Zombicidal Maniac Zombicidal Maniac
Survive any campaign on Expert.
Left 4 Dead - What Are You Trying to Prove? What Are You Trying to Prove?
Survive all campaigns on Expert.
Left 4 Dead - Nothing Special Nothing Special
Survive a campaign with no Survivors taking damage from Special Infected.
Left 4 Dead - Burn the Witch Burn the Witch
Light a Witch with a Molotov.
Left 4 Dead - Towering Inferno Towering Inferno
Light a Tank with a Molotov.
Left 4 Dead - Spinal Tap Spinal Tap
Kill an Infected with a single blow from behind.
Left 4 Dead - Stomach Upset Stomach Upset
All Survivors complete a campaign without being vomited on.
Left 4 Dead - Brain Salad Brain Salad
Make 100 headshot kills.
Left 4 Dead - Jump Shot Jump Shot
Headshot a Hunter while he's leaping.
Left 4 Dead - Mercy Killer Mercy Killer
Survive the No Mercy campaign.
Left 4 Dead - Back 2 Help Back 2 Help
Leave a safe room to save an incapped teammate and bring them back safely.
Left 4 Dead - Toll Collector Toll Collector
Survive the Death Toll campaign.
Left 4 Dead - Dead Baron Dead Baron
Survive the Dead Air campaign.
Left 4 Dead - Grim Reaper Grim Reaper
Survive the Blood Harvest campaign.
Left 4 Dead - Ground Cover Ground Cover
Save another Survivor from a Special Infected while on the ground.
Left 4 Dead - Clean Kill Clean Kill
Shove a Boomer and then kill him without him splashing on anyone.
Left 4 Dead - Big Drag Big Drag
Drag a Survivor 100 feet with your tongue.
Left 4 Dead - Chain Smoker Chain Smoker
Constrict two Survivors in one life as a Smoker.
Left 4 Dead - Barf Bagged Barf Bagged
Cover four Survivors with Boomer bile at once.
Left 4 Dead - Double Jump Double Jump
Pounce two different Survivors in one life as a Hunter.
Left 4 Dead - All 4 Dead All 4 Dead
Kill all four Survivors in one life while playing as a Tank.
Left 4 Dead - Dead Wreckening Dead Wreckening
Dole out 5000 total Survivor damage as a Special Infected.
Left 4 Dead - Lamb 2 Slaughter Lamb 2 Slaughter
As an Infected, incap a Survivor who has entered and left a safe room.
Left 4 Dead - Crash-proof Crash-proof
Survive the Crash Course Campaign.
Left 4 Dead - Quick Power Quick Power
Restart the generator within 30 seconds of it shutting off in the Crash Course campaign.
Left 4 Dead - The Littlest Genocide The Littlest Genocide
Kill 5,359 Infected in the Crash Course campaign.
Left 4 Dead - Smash Hit Smash Hit
Win a Versus campaign of Crash Course.
Left 4 Dead - Truck Stop Truck Stop
Your team wipes all Survivors after the escape vehicle has opened in Crash Course.
Left 4 Dead - 20 Car Pile-up 20 Car Pile-up
As a Tank hit 20 Survivors with a car in the Crash Course campaign.
Left 4 Dead - Jumpin' Jack Smash Jumpin' Jack Smash
Pounce a Survivor for 25 points of damage in the Crash Course campaign.
Left 4 Dead - Slippery Pull Slippery Pull
Smoker pull a bile-covered Survivor until you hold him during Crash Course.
Left 4 Dead - Tank Stumble Tank Stumble
Stun a Tank with an explosion in the Crash Course campaign.
Left 4 Dead - Wipefest Wipefest
Your team incapacitates three Survivors within five seconds in the Crash Course campaign.
Left 4 Dead - Supreme Sacrifice Supreme Sacrifice
Complete "The Sacrifice".
Left 4 Dead - Kill Bill Kill Bill
Have Bill sacrifice himself for the team.
Left 4 Dead - Barrel Rolled Barrel Rolled
Kill a Special Infected with an exploding barrel.
Left 4 Dead - Chaos Generator Chaos Generator
Have all 3 generators running at once in "The Sacrifice" finale.
Left 4 Dead - Sacrifizzle Sacrifizzle
As a Special Infected, incap someone who is trying to sacrifice themselves.
Catch a rare strain of infection, then pass it on to someone else.
Earn a Bronze medal in Survival mode on any official level.
Complete one round of Survival on The Last Stand.
Earn a Silver medal in Survival mode on any official level.
Earn a Gold medal in Survival mode on any official level.
Earn at least a Bronze medal on every official Survival level.
Earn at least a Silver medal on every official Survival level.
Earn a Gold medal on every official Survival level.

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