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Bolt Cheats for NDS
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How to Enter Cheat Codes/Invincibility 96%
To insert a cheat code, you must be on the main screen. Click on 'Extras'. There you should see a screen with multiple options. Click on cheets. You should see a screen with people on it, and arrows underneath. To get the invinsibility power-up, scroll through the people until you get the following people in the following order, 'Bolt, Penny's Dad, The Green Eyed Man, Penny'.
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Start Play at Oceania Core Level 83%
In the main menu, go to Extras, Cheat Options, then choose Penny, Bolt, Calico, Professor in that order.
By: saharantea(404)
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Maximum Status Cheat 74%
In the main menu, go to Extras, Cheat Options, and choose Bully (yellow glasses, rest of face visible), Cyclops (welder's mask), Calico, and Stompy (big blue dude) in that order. All status is set to maximum and fight sequences available. No save is available when the cheat is on.
By: saharantea(404)
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Stratagies 57%
Do a smoke bomb at the enemy and then immediately strike while woozy.
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Bolt Cheat For One Hit Kills! 55%
Go to 'Extras' and touch 'Cheat option' and you will see Bolt in 4 places with arrows beneath and above. Do Glovey, then Proddy, then Disky, then Calico. Then you hit once and, dead!
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Actoin replay codes 43%
Infinite health:
DA000000 0204E832
D7000000 0204E830
D2000000 00000000

Inifinite energy:
DA000000 0204E892
D7000000 0204E890
D2000000 00000000

94000130 FFFD0000
0204172C 00000100
D2000000 00000000

Max Skill Points:
12050518 000003E7


020416D4 00000100

020416CC 00000100

020416CC 00000800
020416D0 00000800
020416D4 00000800
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Secret room in belize temple 42%
You need the moonjump cheat for this to work.
in level three,when you are starting as penny she says "it's a long way down" then use moonjump to move slightly forward at the roof of the temple then drop down the hole. You should be in an empty room. you need to use moonjump to get out again.
Note:don't walk on the black floor or penny will die.
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Fall through the ground 38%
You need the moonjump cheat for this to work.
use moonjump to travel to a place that you are not supposed to be and then you will fall through the ground!
Note:in the oceania base level if you do this cheat you will be walking in the air!
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Bolt 659046I am stuck on the cave how do I get to beam before it goes off Answers: 2
Bolt 625226Which characters are proddy ,disky and glovey ? Answers: 1
Bolt 724717How can I cofigour bolt settings on bolt 2.0 on nokia5200 Answers: 0
Bolt 825037How to super bark Answers: 2
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Bolt 739077How do I get past level one? Answers: 2
Bolt 740528How do you get to the base core? Answers: 0
Bolt 766501Which ones are "disky", "blasty" and "booty" Answers: 2
Bolt 814488How can bolt escape the cavern Answers: 1
Bolt 842554How does Bolt kill Diskys? Answers: 1
Bolt 918933How do I do super bark? Answers: 1
Bolt 625168How do I defeat the blue enemys that roll at you when your on the bridge @ oceania base I can defeat 4 of them but then die as they kill me please help ! Answers: 3
Bolt 629093Why doesn't the computer work on the mission: Escape and take back your wheel-bar? Answers: 1
Bolt 699839How do I sink calico's ship as bolt,cant seem to find how to detonate all the missiles in the room.Thanx in advance :) Answers: 1
Bolt 814432How can I rescue Penny's dad Answers: 1
Bolt 840199How do I get past the broken bridge on oceania Ive tride the ropes and they didnt help HELP PLZ Answers: 1
Bolt 842333I stoped all the pumps and it tells me I haved? Answers: 1
Bolt 855751How to get on the rocket on Russia Military Base? Answers: 0
Bolt 855766I cannot jump to the disconnecting missile in Russia Military Base. Answers: 0
Bolt 876369How do I do bolts invulnerability Answers: 1
Bolt 877505How do you jump across the cliff in the 3rd mission? Answers: 0
Bolt 883465How do I meet up with penny in the cargo room in bolt nintendo ds? Answers: 0
Bolt 892336How do you use invulnerability power in bolt nintendo ds Answers: 0
Bolt 915076How do you do a sonic boom in bolt the DS game playing whit desmume? Answers: 1
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