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Monopoly Tycoon Cheats for PC
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Monopoly Tycoon PC Cheats

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Monopoly Tycoon Cheats

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Monopoly Tycoon

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Edit Starting Money 98%
*** This involves editing a game file so make a back-up before proceeding please.

Look for the file initialpref.* in the drive letter:program filesinfogrames interactivemonopoly tycoon directory or your custom install path. Each scenario folder contains the file initalpref.*

Use a text editor to open the file (in each scenario folder) and you can change the amount of begining money for you and your computer opponents on easy, normal, and hard.

Warning about the .initalpref file: When you edit the initalpref file, the amount of money you typed in will be given to the computer players, too.
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Objective Hack 98%
How to: Make a back up of the file you hack, or you will be sorry. IGN will also in your face.

Lets say you need 3000 sales in one month on level 8, and well its taking forever, you can alter the number of sales required for victory by modifying the lua file.

Locate the hub.lua file in the "scenario" directory of your game. The "scnenario" directory is the name of the level you are on (you can also alter all the *.lua files and make the game obscenely easy).

For this example we will use "scenerio15". Use Notepad to open the hub.lua file in that directory and locate the following string:


Simple replace the 3000 or any number in the "Game.SetObjective :" string with a more satisfying value and save the file as a .lua file (save not save as). Reboot the game and the changes will take place.
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Ultimate Level Hack 94%
Description: After you have completed ALL scenarios with ALL players at ALL difficulties, you will get a bonus level, called Megamonopoly. You will have 4 million cash and you are free to build anything, up to 20 floors high!

To open it easily you must change something in the data files. Open the lua file in the game directory :Monopoly Tycoonprofiles{Your name}settings.lua. You open the settings.lua file with Notepad. You will see a list of opened levels, begining with "SetLevelInfo".

At the end of that list, make 2 new lines cosisting of the following:

SetLevelInfo(300001, DEPRECATED, 0, 0, 0, 0)

SetLevelInfo(300002, DEPRECATED, 0, 0, 0, 0)

Save the file as a lua (not txt) file. Boot the game and you should see it in the Scenarios List.
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