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Petz Catz Clan

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Funny eye cat 100%
So here's how to get a funny eyed cat when it grows up its a Russian blue but you breed somthing different I think you breed a Russian blue with a Siamese and you will get a funny eyed kitten I named myn Roxie because if you know Pokemon if you don't, don't read this bit it's nothing important Pokemon black and white the 8th gym leader Roxie that cat looks a bit like that.
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How to unlock the snowfield 100%
Ok first you go to the park you might see a cat called barney or murphy if you do your LUCKY! make sure you make friends with it and then you go home and go back to the park you souls see exactly the same cat that you made friends with barney or murphy it will be holding a gift and then you unlocked the snowfield I hoped it helped if not please don't get angry at me and if it was a waste of time because it worked for me.
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Orange and Blue kitten! 100%
If you want an orange and blue kitten, get a male Scottish fold and a female American shorthair and let them fall in love. When you get to the pedigree thing click on the Scottish fold's signature 4 times on the American shorthair's only once and you will get a kitten that is orange with a blue tummy! It is soooo cute :)! If this did not work for you please don't get mad cuz it worked for me.
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Cool breeds 100%
Siamese+bobtail= snow leopard bobtailish kitty
russian blue+ocicat= cute faced kitten!

you can also use the cat to unlock the angel maine coon breed
my most special cat recipes (epic fold kitties :3) :
simple and not guaranteed to always work:
persian+egyptian mau= mau patterned persian
Abyssinian+Scottish fold= i can't describe...too amazing for words
egyptian mau+scottish fold= mau patterned scottish fold

the way i did it (for people who like experiments and adventure):
breed a scottish fold and an abyssinian. tap the scottish fold's signature button five times and the abyssinian's once. then breed the kitten (the too epic for words one) with an Egyptian mau. same thing as before tap the fold-like one's signature button 5 times and mau's once. then a Persian and the kitten. you get the idea. you could get cool traits with cats at the park.
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Codes 93%
Description: Enter the suitcase menu and choose the key symbol to input these codes.

thirstAngel Maine Coon, Angelic Wings/Halo, a Angel Maine Coon (for adoption)
spacecArmy Ocicat, Training Pants, Dog Tag 2, a Army Ocicat (for adoption)
pswornAstronaut Mandrill, Spacesuit
petcatBallerina Capuchin, Ballerina Outfit 2
swindlBallerina Russian Blue, Ballerina Outfit, Ballerina Russian Blue (for adoption)
dr68jjCheerleader White Persian, Cheerleader Outfit, Pom Poms, Able to adopt a Cheerleader White Persian
furbalClown Marmoset, Clown Hat 2, Frilly Collar 2
edcrfvDevilish Tamarin & Devilish Wings/Horns
tpcbkqDiva Siamese, Fluffy Scarf 2, Sunglasses 2, Able to adopt a Diva Siamese
ctzluvEgyptian Mau & Red Scarf
thrillFairy Yorkie, Frilly Collar, Fairy Wings 2, Crown
laflinSuper husky toy and a super hero costume
stinkoNative American Chihuahua, Native American Feather
aptcayPirate Lemur & Pirate Outfit
lardsiRocket Abyssinian, Rocket Pack, Rocket Abyssinian (for adoption)
eggsukRockstar Boxer, Leather Jacket Suit, Spiked Collar 2
gallonSuperhero Husky, Flying Cape
queenqSurfer Beagle, Surfer Pants, Sunglasses, Beach Ball
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Army ocicat & items 93%
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Native Arerican Dog 92%
The Code Is ctstwo
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It works! 90%
Description: The unlockables on Dogz Pack codes unbeliveably work for all of the Petz games even Catz Clan and Monkeyz House. Here are all the the codes I have noted:


That is all.(Even the 1s w/ dgs / dgz work!)
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Basket Ball Dog 90%
The Code Is ptzcom
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Cute picture of a cat 100%
Ok guys this cheat is very easy if you go to the park you will find a kitty named Zack if you go to the snowfield you will see a kitty named Tiny their both boys and if you look at the picture its very cute so you breed 2 ocicat and you get it I think. I just did this for fun and the other ones I did as well
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How to get a Russain "PURPLE" 89%
I know it's suposed to be Russain blue but I had a purple kitten that is an russan blue.
All you have to do is Breed a male Russain with a female ocicat. tap on the females pedigree 10 times and the male once. you should get a purple kitten. It could turn out to be an ocicat but what I got was an Russain Purple.
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CARCTI or CACRTI try one it unlocks a cat
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How to get a kitten that looks like a snow leopard 84%
Breed a male siamese with a female ocicat. Tap submit on the ocicat's about 10 times and tap onthe siamese's once. When you see the kitten it will be a white ocicat with its spots.
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Cheats for petz catz clan 83%
These are some that I found. Some may be for the same things.
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Lots of cheats that will help alot for Catz clan and Dogz pack enjoy!!!! 83%
Resort dgzrul
cacti rampii
select taniti
dr68JJ walkin
gardmi ctstwo
muckyma maxmon
havefn carcti
phycic(this one works in Dogz pack you will like it)
sk8eri thistl
hawaii gallon
shrill spacec
gayfun pellet
yasman spooky
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How to get a pink Maine coon 80%
So you adopt a Maine coon its usually white at the bottom isn't it? So here's how you get it
First adopt a Maine coon and a persian grow them up and when it's signature time click the persian 10 times and the Maine coon only once. When you get a kitten fill in all the hearts and you will notice it has a pink bottom and not white and it says it's a Persian. But it's actually a Maine coon but pink lol! It might not work for you but it certainly worked for me I tried it sorry if I'm not good at adding full stops and this is too long! bye hoped this helped
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How to get the beach 78%
Go to the park every time you do make friends then you will get the beach as a present.
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Cheats simple 78%
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Just to let you Know 75%
There are cheats here that tell you that you'll get this certain breed, like the one with the pink persian with stripes, but you could get the other breed. I did the pink persian thing and got a pink american!

Just thought you readers might like to know. Your Welcome!
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How to get a big nosed cat 75%
Dont say this cat isn't big nosed well I found this out while I was playing Breed a Russian blue with a Maine coon its kinda weird and kinda cute, and then click the Russian blue 5 times the Maine coon only 2 times ( when it's signature time!) then you have a kitten fill in the hearts and you will see a cat with a big nose!
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Cheats for petz catz clan 74%
Sry that id have that much bc im at another persons house but as soon as I go home ill put up ALOT more so heres the ones I remember. catfun , redcat , petpet , mewlit , catcan , christ , catcln , tpcbkq , ctclim thats all I know
By: warriorcats01(22)
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More Catz Cheatz 73%
Here are some codes. I was just playing my DS Lite, when I typed in a few codes.

1. mewlit

2. cheerl

3. seacat

4. qwenzl

5. shinxl (Like SHINX the Pokemon)



8. lunarl

9. swiftl

10. yummyl


Trust me, they work. If they couldn't be activated, it would say "Incorrect Password."
If they could be activated, it would say "Sorry, this password has already been used." Or something like that.

By: Guest
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How to get a kitten that looks like a snow leopard 73%
Breed a male siamese with a female ocicat. Tap submit on the ocicat's about 10 times and tap onthe siamese's once. When you see the kitten it will be a white ocicat with its spots.
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Angel 72%
Put in shycat to get a free angel toy and cat! by:bailey
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How to get a gray siamese 71%
It is simple you just need a male siamese and a female american shorthair. When you sign the papers tap on the american shorthair's a lot ( 8 or 5 times ) and the siamese once then wala you get a siamese that's gray and it worked.
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Get a white cat with brown stripes 71%
First get an american shorthair and pet it alot to make it grow up then get a bobtail and make it grow up then breed them then when you have to click on the pedigree thing click the bob tail a few times (3 or 5) and the female once. you should get a brown striped white cat or the oppisite if you don't get niether of them then I might be wrong cause I haven't played that game in a long time I might of forgot the way but I think my way that I just wrote is right. so I hope that cheat isn't bogus later!
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Want a pink and gray cat? 70%
If you do, then get a persian and an american shorthair. Breed them and when it comes to putting a signature in, click the signature button of the persian a lot and the american shorthairs just once. I have a pink streaked gray cat with a lighter gray circling its eyes....its so cute:)
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Codes to unlock new cats 70%
Thirst- unlocks a angel Maine coon

spacec- unlocks a army Ocicat

swindl- unlocks ballerina Russian blue

dr68jj- unlocks a cheerleader Persian

tpcbkq- unlocks a diva siamese

lardsi- unlocks rocket Abyssinian
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Awsome cheat!! 68%
If you go to the park and there is a boy there and you brung a girl thats good. If they keep on playing you could have another kitten. Note: Every three times they play their relationship goes up one. Plus your cat might give you a present when you get home!
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Want a red cat 67%
Breed a male siamese and a female persian. Then make sure thier kitten is a siamese with a redish pinkish nose. Then breed that female siamese with a male russian blue. Thier Kitten should turn out a red color. I have one it is so cute:)
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Another way to get beach or moutain 67%
First find (at the park) any cat wearing a swim suit(Usually blue striped with white) or a cat wearing a ski coat (a pinkish red color) become friends with the cat and you will recive swim suit or ski coat. Then go out of the park and it will say you unlocked the beach or moutain
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How to get the beach. 67%
Meet a cat with a swimsuit on.You will make friends.When you go home you will have a present.(btw this is all at the park)
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Unlock All Regular Breeds Hint. 67%
To unlock all breeds breed five kittens. You do not have to keep them all. This will unlock every breed.
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Ballerina Stuff 66%
One cheat code I know is : resort
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Grey cat with orange stripes 64%
I went to the beach and had a female kitten that was grey with orange stripes. Used a female American shorthair and male ocicat. Does anyone else have a cat like this?
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Breed a male Siamese with a female Russian blue. (Both must be purebred.) When you sign the pedigree papers, click the female's a lot of times, and the Siamese's's only once. Make sure their kitten looks like a regular Siamese, except that where it is normally white, it is a pinkish color. Then breed a male Siamese with a female American shorthair. When you sign the papers, click on the shorthairs a lot, and the Siamese only once. This should give you a gray and white kitten. Now you breed the two kittens you have when they grow up. When you sign the papers, click on the gray cat's a lot, and the other only once. When the kitten is born, it will look like it has spots of white, but when it grows up, it should turn into stripes. It works for me!
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Weird 63%
I got a cat with a pink head and blue body it was lightpink when it was born but then boom it turned pink and blue not russian blue either like skyblue and hot pink I'll get out my chart and post here later how to get a cat like that I'tll take time though anyone else gotten a cat like that?
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Cheats for catz clan nintendo ds/codes 61%
I only know 3 cheats for this game from guessing six letter codes.One cheat is-thirst,it unlocks toys.Another cheat is-select,it also unlocks toys.One more chat code that I know is-gallon,it unlocks the Maincoon breed and a toy of the breed.
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How to unlock the beach 61%
To get the beach open you need to take your kitty to the park, and if you're lucky you will see a little kitten there named Barney. He will be wearing a bathing suit. (If you don't see him there, go back to you house play with and bathe your kitty. In a little while, the kitty in the park will reset. Go back to the park after bathing and playing with your kitty.) If he's still not there, repeat in the parentheses until you see him. When he is there, stay there until your cat is friends with him. Barney should give you a present when he likes your kitty alot, it will be a swimming suit! The beach will then be unlocked, it is located south, (below) your house!
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Monkey toy and Ballerina costume 61%
Well go to the menu press the key and type in petpet in the cheat box and it will give you a monkey toy and a ballerina costume2
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Husky and cape 61%
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To get cats to mate faster 61%
If you have a new kitten then pet it ALOT until it gets 3 hearts and matures. Then go to the park and go through the obstacle course. Do this until you have gotten rank A on it. Then get a cat you want to mate with (opposite gender) and go to the park. Make sure the cats are spread apart. Then click on the center of the gap between them multiple times. Your now trained cat should run over to its mate and jump on top of it. They should both have the well-known happy balloons over their heads and take one step further to having a kitten.
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Cheats that work 60%
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Catz clan 60%
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Petz Catz Clan Cheat 60%
I learned one code when I was trying random codes on my catz clan game to unlock things.The only one I have figured out is furpal.I forgot what it unlocks.
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How to get a gray and white dappled kitten!! 59%
Breed a Male Siamese with a female american shorthair. When you sign the pedigree papers, click on the shorthair's signature a lot and the siamese only once. It works half the time!
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Dont use the cheats listed. It will say "Incorrect password" 59%
Physic,dgzrul,cacti,muckyma(too long),
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

A couple of cheats 58%
1. if you're tired of the passwords that have already been unlocked, look at the last letter most that have the same last letter unlocked the same thing.
2. To breed as fast as possible, bring your cats to the park for some reason, after three plays, they move to the next level, whereas the beach takes about four, and the mountain and at home have too many to keep track of.
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Petz Catz Clan 57%
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How to get a pink pesian with black stripes! 57%
Breed a gray and black boy american shorthair with a female white persian then tap the persians signature 10 times and only tap the american shorthair once. in the end it will be a pink persian with black stripes!
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Friends 57%
Type in qweenq and you will win a ball. go to the park and play with the ball with the other cat and after awile you will be friends with the cat and get a preasent or mate and keep the kitten!
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Fast breeding 57%
Do you really want a kitten in 5-10 minutes if you do carry on reading.
First make sure your cat gets along with each other if they don't grab a toy in the toy box and let them play with it for a while until they get fed up with it. They will pounce on each other after the toy has been played with after feed it. Bathe it then leave it on the table or wherever you want it for a while and you should see a straight face if not keep leaving it there until there is a straight face if still not look at the genders again you might have got mixed up.Then play with them in the park, obstacle course then go in the kitchen your cats will be a little bit happier and pounce on each other and then feed it! And leave it in the park until it gets a smiley face. After go home and leave it until it has a opened mouth that means its breeding! So bye I hoped it helped you plus I did not copy this I found it out myself.
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How to have your cat run a lap perfectly in the park's challenge court 56%
If your cat fails the court for the first time don't fret. Just don't start the race thingy and tap the obsticles and if your cat fails try again and if your cat fails again try again and if your cat does a perfect lap without failing an obsticle do one more lap if your cat makes it without any fails of the obsticles then your cat is ready! If not keep practicing and if you do your cat will be an athelete in on time!
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Maxmon 55%
Hey!I have a code for PetzCatz Clan. type in maxmon.
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Cheat codes 55%
Dgsrck havfun and thirst are the cheat codes
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Super husky [doll or on dogz pack real life] 55%
Havfun or havefn works to get this dog.
By: kooppyy(18)
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

How to get a certain gender 55%
When you sign the papers for a baby lets say you want a girl press the "signature" button first then keep pressing it repeatedly and then press the other cats button and then it is a girl and if you want a boy do the same thing.
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How to Breed faster HINTTT 53%
When you go to the park,beach,or the snow field you should make sure all the stats are good and then bring out a toy !
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CHEAT CODES!!! they unlock stuff XD 52%
By: Stynxa(39)
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Cheat! 52%
Put in 'ThistL'!
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

How to get the Egyptian Mau 52%
To get an Egyptian Mau you need to go to the park until you find a Egyptian Mau Named, Zoe. (I don't know if it's different or not on each game) Mate your cat with her and when you sign the pedigree paper, keep tapping on Zoe's signiture a few times. (then sign your cats) after that, WALLA! The kitten should be a Egyptian Mau!
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Kitty love 52%
TO UNLOCK THE BEACH AND THE MOUNTAIN you must find and breed with: a cat wearing a snow jacket(mountain) and a cat wearing swimmers(beach)
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New Breed!!! It's pink... 50%
Breed a maine coon and siamese.
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Red Kitten 50%
You need basicly 2 shorthairs's seriouly I was suprised too!
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Outfit code 49%
Type in tenhat .
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Perfect 47%
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

PetzCatzClan 47%
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Want a cat that looks like a leopard? 44%
Breed an american shorthair with a siamese, then breed the kitten with a bobtail- the cat looks like a really cool leopard!
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

A code I got from thinking of random stuff 43%
Enter CATCAN or catcan and but I can't remember what it does
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Do this 43%
TO get new food you have to wait 1/2 days then you:ll reciiev it!
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

How to get stuff and unlock something. 42%
Furball is a cheat. Hint hint cheats box must be filled all the way with numbers or letters.
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

How to get a offit that a cat at the park is wearing with out a present 38%
1. First if its a boy bring a girl if its a girl bring a boy.

2. Make them gronup spend lots of time with the chother.

3.Next thing you know they get meaired have a kid then the offit is in you closet
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If you......... 34%
If you cant make your new cat like your other one send it to the park with another persons cat. They'll be so annoyed with the other cat they will start to like each other
By: ksl1030(59)
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

May may not work but it worked for me 29%
If you click on your cat six times in the kitchen then feed it water you can get new items I did it and got a toy my friend got a new cat!
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Ballerina Monkey Cheat Code 27%
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Awrsome 20%
Abcdef it unlocks the cheer leader persion
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Why? 19%
Why use this you can just go onto the DS then click ARD>1< then it gets you all the cheats anyway
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Cheat 13%
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Petz cats clan 12%
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Haylee 9%
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

To breed your cats faster 7%
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Catz clan 7%
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Lol 5%
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Petz Catz Clan 548066What is the tittle screen? Answers: 1
Petz Catz Clan 668595Can your pets run away? Answers: 6
Petz Catz Clan 713666I have to cats I put one in the petroom now I can olny havene out and I do not want to restart plus I want to breed them Answers: 1
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