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Petz Monkeyz House Cheats for NDS
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Petz Monkeyz House NDS Cheats

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Petz Monkeyz House

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

How to getgorilla 83%
Type escrgo into theinputcode
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It works!!! 82%
The unlockable codes you get from Dogz can work with Monkeyz and Catz!I looked on that part of the site and heres what I gotsecret,dgzpak,belbot,dumbel,havfun,petpet,funpal,aptcay,thrist,pupmil,edcrfv,wetvet,dgsrck,and christ.If you want 2 no how 2 get 2 the other places in town just follow these simple steps go 2 the park if there is some animal in blu and white stripes then if you breed with him/her and go back to the park and if you peted them allot then you will get swimming trunks and you can now go 2 the beach,if you see an animal with a redish full body suit the I think thats the ski costume/outfit repeat step 1 and you will get 2 go 2 the snow mountain.(This works on all versions I ve tried)
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Unlockables 82%
Type in the code (tarzan) to unlock :superhero husky doll & superhero cape.
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Cheats 82%
To unlock a Angle main coon cat stuffed animal and wings/halo for your monkeyz in petz monkeyz house go to the area that looks like a tool box click on the key and type in 3heart.
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Jersey 81%
Skizwi unlocks soccer uniform and ball
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Rocket abssynian and rocket pack 72%
Mannii unlocks Rocket abssynian and rocket pack
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Cheatz 71%
Many of the cheat codes are:


Many of these codes also work on Dogz Pack and Catz Pack.
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Fast grow your monkeys 65%
If you want your monkeys to grow under a minute then you came to the right place first : pet your monkey till he/she gets up then pet the monkey as fast as you can verticaly. its easy and under a minute.
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Petz monkeyz house 65%
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Huskey doll and superhero cape 62%
Baboon unlocks items listed above
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Petz Monkeyz House (NDS) 61%
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Breeding monkeys and having a baby 58%
If you want a baby monkey,take your monkey to the park.Then shut your ds and wait five minutes.Then go back on your ds and it will say...congratulations!They've had a baby.Then you name the baby.Go to the other persons monkey and it will give you a gift!Have fun!ps.will not work if there both the same breed,for instinse,orangotang orangotang they wont mate or have a baby beacuse their both the same breed.
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Devil monkey 58%
If you don't already have it then use this code to get the devil monkey and the devil wings/horns the code is 0heart
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Maximum Amount Of Monkeys You Can Have: 10 Or Give One Away 56%
If you have 10 monkeys and one of them have another baby, you will have to put one of your other monkeys in a foster home (you CANNOT give away the new baby unless you give a different monkey away first)
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Presents 50%
Your monkeys can give you gifts!
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2 Monkeys At Park 49%
You can take up to 2 monkeys to the park.
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Rocket abssynian and rocket pack 34%
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10 new monkeys 10%
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Unlock beach 7%
By: patrick 953(35)
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Petz Monkeyz House 782445How do you get your pets monkeys older so they can have babies? Answers: 1
Petz Monkeyz House 620727How do I get my pets (Oreo&Orange) older so they can have a baby? Please tell me they all ready like each other : ) Answers: 6
Petz Monkeyz House 776603How do you leave the park Answers: 3
Petz Monkeyz House 804131What do you do if the screen turns white Answers: 2
Petz Monkeyz House 851751How do you have a male and a female (grown up) monkey make a baby? Answers: 2
Petz Monkeyz House 649448How do you feed your monkeys? Answers: 4
Petz Monkeyz House 801180My adoption center is locked on petz monkeyz how do I unlock it? I didnt have to unlock it on petz dogz p.s. please help I have been trying for 3 days to unlock it Answers: 1
Petz Monkeyz House 825035How do you feed your pets Answers: 1
Petz Monkeyz House 845647How do you get your monkey clean? Answers: 1
Petz Monkeyz House 853898Hi ppl, how do you change clothes or take clothes off? cheers, Elli xx Answers: 1
Petz Monkeyz House 900206What costume does the monkey in the park have to wear for me to unlock the mountains Answers: 1
Petz Monkeyz House 958759How do you get10 new monkeys and new breeds and new places gorilla Answers: 1
Petz Monkeyz House 980586How do I get new monkeys and animals on monkeyz house to adopt? Answers: 0
Petz Monkeyz House 988800How do you restart the whole game and make a new account Answers: 0
Petz Monkeyz House 998121How do you know when you have all the codes Answers: 0
Petz Monkeyz House 508062Need help how do you have babies Answers: 6
Petz Monkeyz House 500185How do you unlock the beach? Answers: 7
Petz Monkeyz House 528888How do you get monkeys to be friends? Answers: 8
Petz Monkeyz House 437879How many babys can a monkey have? Answers: 9
Petz Monkeyz House 371540How do you get more space to edopted Answers: 5
Petz Monkeyz House 374079How do you create a monkey? Answers: 6
Petz Monkeyz House 374098How do you get codes if you the places are unlocked? PLEASE HELP! how do you get a gorilla baby? PLEASE HELP PLEASE HELP PLEASE HELP! Answers: 8
Petz Monkeyz House 371543How do you get more space to edopted Answers: 5
Petz Monkeyz House 647232How do you get more space to adopt? Answers: 2
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