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Tomb Raider Underworld Cheats for PC
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Tomb Raider Underworld PC Cheats

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What is a trainer? A trainer is a program written to intercept and alter the memory addresses of games that are running in the background. Usually trainers contain such features as GOD MODE, UNLIMITED LIVES and others. Since trainers address specific memory locations, they are usually written to only support a specific version of a game.

Mega Trainer 1.1 by: Caliber Feb 17,2009
Mega Trainer by: Caliber Jan 27,2009
Trainer by: Caliber Jan 13,2009

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Tomb Raider Underworld

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

Game: Tomb Raider Underworld (PC) - Lara's Bathing Suit 87%
After you win the game, you can wear Lara's bathing suit in the Mediterranean Sea expedition, but only if you choose "Treasure Hunt" from the MAIN MENU or go directly to the Mediterranean Sea with your PDA's Revisit Location option.
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Tomb Raider Underworld (PC) - Treasure Hunt Mode 85%
Complete the Game on any difficulty to unlock treasure hunt mode.
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Cheat List 83%
Description: These codes are from Tomb Raider: Legend, but work in Underworld as well.

InvincibilityHold Lock Target and press Jump, Fire, Interact, Fire, Grapple, Sprint
One hit killsHold Lock Target and press Interact, Jump, Interact, Grapple, Sprint, Crouch
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Tomb Raider Underworld (PC) - Lara Croft Concept Art 80%
UnlockableHow To
Game Flow StoryboardsWin the game on the Master Survivalist difficulty setting
Creatures ConceptsCollect every Treasure
Lara ConceptsCollect all 6 Relics
Winston ConceptsComplete Prologue
Zip ConceptsComplete Prologue
Amanda ConceptsComplete Mediterranean Sea Expedition
All Environment Concept Art for Med. SeaComplete Mediterranean Sea Expedition
Alister ConceptsComplete Coastal Thailand Expedition
All Environment Concept Art for Coastal ThailandComplete Coastal Thailand Expedition
Doppelganger ConceptsComplete Croft Manor Expedition
All Environment Concept Art for Croft ManorComplete Croft Manor Expedition
All Men ConceptsComplete Southern Mexico Expedition
All Environment Concept Art for MexicoComplete Southern Mexico Expedition
Gear & Artifacts ConceptsComplete Jan Mayen Island Expedition
All Environment Concept Art for Jan Mayen IslandComplete Jan Mayen Island Expedition
Natla ConceptsComplete Andaman Sea Expedition
All Environment Concept Art for ShipComplete Andaman Sea Expedition
Amelia ConceptsComplete Arctic Sea Expedition
All Environment Concept Art for Arctic SeaComplete Arctic Sea Expedition
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Tomb Raider Underworld 380534I droped the stick to hang coastal thailand bhogabati.......but can't pick it up again...the option to collect it again isn't appearing....... Answers: 0
Tomb Raider Underworld 381390I finished the game, but I didn't get the white swimsuit. How do I get it? Answers: 1
Tomb Raider Underworld 382346In the underwater ruins where the jellyfish light your way, how in the heck do you get to the switch that has to be flipped? I come up out of the water and can't get to the switch. Can get out of water but can't get past rocks to the switch. Answers: 2
Tomb Raider Underworld 386810I'm in Xibalba. I came to the point where I found the plate skull thing....I've found out that I need my bike in order for me to move on. As in I need to get passed the spike pit. I can't reload, because I'm on auto save. Sonar wont work because I know it's where I can't reach it. Anyone have ANY clue what to do? Answers: 1
Tomb Raider Underworld 389358Hello... can someone please post a savegame after the ball court in southern mexico. My TRU crashes right after I go down the stairs in the ball court(xibalba).? much appreciated..thanks Answers: 0
Tomb Raider Underworld 391658I forgot to take the jaguar head into the underground and now I cant get out. What do I do now? Answers: 2
Tomb Raider Underworld 391933Wheres the second axle on level one Answers: 1
Tomb Raider Underworld 395365Whats up with tomb raider underworld game saving? Every time I save a game and reload it, the game starts somewhere else. You apparently cant overwrite saves either. I've installed the patch. Answers: 2
Tomb Raider Underworld 401248I am stuck on the wrong side of the movable bridge in puppet no longer. How do I get back over? Answers: 1
Tomb Raider Underworld 403377Hello im stuck in southern mexico. after turning both calenders I have to turn one again, trouble is, it wont let me! please help... Answers: 2
Tomb Raider Underworld 850836In Tomb Raider underworld, I'm at the stage with the rattling room, the flame room and the other 2 rooms. I cant get to the razor room. Lara is falling everytime I try to jump the colums... how to I get past that? Answers: 0
Tomb Raider Underworld 422893How do I raise the first ramp on 'southern mexico, midgard serpeant'? Answers: 1
Tomb Raider Underworld 426548I cant get the cheats to work on my game I have enterd them in many times before but they wont work now. what do I do. thanks Answers: 1
Tomb Raider Underworld 667010I Cannot get out of Thailand. I'm stuck in the ruins Answers: 0
Tomb Raider Underworld 718934In southern mexico task , I get thor's belt . Now I am in thor's chest ? I don know how to escape from the chest of the statue ? I am fully surrounded by acid ?any one answer me . Answers: 1
Tomb Raider Underworld 741948Where is the the other stone for the calender in mexico I cant find it anywhere Answers: 1
Tomb Raider Underworld 744759I can't find the missing stone plate for the other mayan calendar, where should I find it? Answers: 1
Tomb Raider Underworld 760702How to get unlimited helth and all wepons? Answers: 1
Tomb Raider Underworld 761538My Pc has all the specs and more for playing the game. It is a gaming Pc that was specially build for me. Now problems with any other games like crysis, Fallout etc, With Lara Underworld, as soon as I try to play the "beginnig" after the explosion, the game is thrown out and my PC restarts. As matches and fuel are on my mind I would not like to go to the extreme. Please assist me kindly? Answers: 0
Tomb Raider Underworld 838618How can I go fasterin the last current of the last hammer in jan mayen island? Answers: 1
Tomb Raider Underworld 843224On the thailand level what do you do with the mirrors Answers: 1
Tomb Raider Underworld 892414How do I do a complete restart of the game so I have none of the treasures/relics/etc etc? I have the game for pc and don't know how to do a complete restart. I understand how to delete saved games and I did that but it didn't remove all my treasures. Answers: 0
Tomb Raider Underworld 892762I'm using video tutorials to find the treasures in the first level and it shows where one treasure is then I go back in the game to find that same treasure yet its not where it was in the video and I know I didn't get it because I didn't explore the first time around but I did explore the second time around a little and now i'm on the third time around but the treasures I didn't find the first or second times aren't there the third time. please help! Answers: 0
Tomb Raider Underworld 892770In the Mediterranean Sea, i'm missing 3 treasures. The thing is, every one I see that I don't or shouldn't have isn't there. what should I do? (P.S. sorry if I've already asked this) Answers: 0
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