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Case three 36%
Go to the stairs and pick up the piece of paper, on the evidence bar bring that paper to the mask and it will open it up
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CSI: NY 359147The second mission on csi NY, im stuck in the kitchen of a restaurant.. ive got almost all the objects except the apron, fire extinguisher, and the container of kerosene or something. there are glimmering stars over the fire extinguisher, but every time I try to take it, it tells me its not time.. I dont know what to do next! help! Answers: 3
CSI: NY 377252I am in the 2nd case. I have past the interrogations of everyone except the resturant owner of the second resturant. I can't get through the interrogation I can't figure out what I am missing Please help! I have went through it twice and can't get beyond that point. Answers: 2
CSI: NY 380757I am stuck on the 1st case in the Empire State Building Lobby. I can't find the disk/CD. I have looked and clicked high and low and can't find it. Any help? Answers: 12
CSI: NY 413953I'm stuck on the first case in the state building by the doctors office I can't find what appears to be some sort of splash please help me Answers: 1
CSI: NY 411008How do I get pass the girl at the tatto place Answers: 1
CSI: NY 368308I am stuck in the 4th crime - When looking in the girls apartment the item at the bottom looks like an egg or something oval. If anyone has located it will you please tell me where it is. Answers: 8
CSI: NY 381702Im stuck on the first case and what do you do when your talking to the security guy I showed him the evidence and clock on the links and im still not finish with the interview what happens next? Answers: 0
CSI: NY 384121I am on 2nd case, have Sebastian in interrogation, but I can't seem to get the progress bar completed. Help?! Answers: 0
CSI: NY 3848693rd mission of csi:ny - get to lucas trenton's office, get all of the objects except for the last looks like a syringe, can't tell what the other "sparkles" to indicate a clue......what do I do? Help! Answers: 4
CSI: NY 408021I am also stuck on the first case in the lobby I can not find the cd/disk either. please help! Answers: 1
CSI: NY 414460Cant get anyway with this game . Stuck talking to BILL TRAVIS in empire state building. please help. TEES Answers: 0
CSI: NY 425482Does anyone know what the letters are for the conbanation for the safe in guys private study on the second episode.... I cant figure it out Answers: 2
CSI: NY 441768I'm stuck on the 1st episode .. in Linc Sark's office - I have successfully assembled the 2 paraglider wings - but I'm stuck. Please help Answers: 1
CSI: NY 476739Im playing the csi ny on big fish im stuck with dr coil ive got 1 more thing to find but no objects are working is there two things I need to find on the picture? Answers: 0
CSI: NY 364057I have the same problem with the 2th case in the kitchen of that same restaurant. Is there an answer Answers: 3
CSI: NY 407426I am also stuck looking for the computer disk on the first case. Please will someone answer! Answers: 1
CSI: NY 373338Hey, OK well I'm on the third mission, and I'm still collecting from the crime scene, but this mask thing is sparkling and tells me to click it but I can't! Please help me! Answers: 5
CSI: NY 385502I am having problems with case 4 - there is an object that I am not sure what it is and when I try the hint button nothing happens. Answers: 1
CSI: NY 393347Case no 3 you have to choose the stone cutters name what do you join it with Answers: 0
CSI: NY 3934003rd case, trenton's office, can't find the last 2 objects. anyone got any suggestions? Answers: 1
CSI: NY 405284Iam also stuck on case 2 in the interrogation room I have tried many times and the progress bar never gets completed I ask all the questions, showed and clicked on the apron and the other item but thats as far I get, please help really want to finish the level now! Answers: 1
CSI: NY 399703I'm stuck on the interrogation of Sebastian in Case 2 (Kitchen murder). I have 2 pieces of evidence (at this stage you are only left with 2) - apron & review. I've dragged review to Sebastian & finalised that item, however when you do this with the apron and click on the dark stain, he comes up with an excuse, and the item is not finalised. I've tried clicking on other parts of the apron but it just brings my credibility down... please help! What do I have to do?! Answers: 1
CSI: NY 406176I'm stuck in kindlings kitchen and can't seem to use the red container with the nozzle on the thing with the stars around it. I've clicked and double clicked and nothing happens except Stella tells me it's not time yet. Please help me get passed this stupid kitchen, I thought I had found the answer here only to see it doesn't work. Answers: 1
CSI: NY 412689Please tell me the 3 letters Answers: 0
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