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Bolt Cheats for PS2
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Bolt PS2 Cheats

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Rating: 3/5 VOTE

Cheat List 98%
Description: In the Extras menu, navigate to 'Cheats' and enter these codes for the desired effect:

Right, Up, Left, Right, Up, RightUnlock All Game Levels
Right, Up, Right, RightUnlock All Mini Games
Left, Right, Up, DownUnlimited Enhanced Vision
Right, Left -Left, Up, Down, UpUnlimited SuperBark
Down, Down, Up, LeftUnlimited Invulnerability
Left, Left, Up, RightUnlimited Laser Eyes
Right, Left, Left, Up, Down, RightUnlimited Gas Mines
Right, Up, Right, Up, Left, DownUnlimited Ground Pound
Left, Down, Down, DownUnlimited Stealth Camouflage
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1.) Pin-Down: To pin enemies to the ground,or Pin-Down them, Double Jump then Press triangle while in the air. It's sort of like Ground Pound,but with Strong Attack.

2.)This one is a little harder. You have to stun enemies with GROUND POUND EXACTLY, and while they're in the air flying, Ground Pound again near them. And again. And again, until enemies fade away or die. This'll give you maximum Super Power points.

NOTE: You can also do this to get max Super Power Points: Stun an enemy in a corner where they can't escape your grip when they are dead,and if they slip away,not in a CLOSED CORNER,you won't get maximum points. Trap enemies in corners except for STRONG ONES,like Bully or Stompy.
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Unlimited Stealth Camo 83%
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Bolt Fact from TWO N EW POWERS FOR BOLT 73%
Sorry I didn't tell you guys earlier, but the Ground Pound thing only works if you put in the unlimited Ground Pound. The cheat for that is RIGHT,UP,RIGHT,UP,LEFT,DOWN.
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How to do super bark? 71%
You can do it but step by step you only need to press r2 and every level it is gonna be levelled up
By: amr mohamed(399)
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Bolt super bark 67%
If you need to destroy a large structure press L2
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Unlimited Gas Mines 65%
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Extra hit combo 64%
You can fill up your supercharged meter faster by is to make an enemy go by a wall hit him and keep hitting him even after he?s knocked out.
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Lazer eyes unlimited 59%
By: dannie(49)
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All levels unlocked 57%
Right -up -left-right-up-right
By: dannie(49)
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Vishon 57%
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Unlock All Levels 56%
By: Bad Boy Gamer(19)
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All minigames unlocked 56%
By: dannie(49)
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Unlimited Invulnerability 55%
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Unlimeted super bark 32%
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Bolt 428392How do I finish the level from the fire place on level 1 thanks Answers: 1
Bolt 532196When does the ninja come down in one thousand bites Answers: 1
Bolt 542508How do I get penny past disky in the snowy place? pls help me Answers: 1
Bolt 542512How do I get past the bomb guy with penny? ive tried and I keep dying! some1 please help me! Answers: 1
Bolt 549381In the level A Penny Saved, you go straight, then right and there are boxes there. I need to get on the ledge on the top but I cant. The walkthroughs say double jump and press O but penny cant get hold of the ledge as it is too high. How do I cling to the ledge. Answers: 1
Bolt 778840How do I get past the Time to flea level as penny. I can get on the last box but it will not let me jump to the overhead bridge. Answers: 1
Bolt 461897How do you get penny through the door and a gate is on the left side of her? The enhanced vision shows the door yellow but how do you get in? Answers: 2
Bolt 483166When you have to flood the boat you have to break the pistons using R1... trying and not getting anywhere can you help Answers: 1
Bolt 536584I can't find the unlock all levels window please HELP! Answers: 1
Bolt 547033How do you get passed the laser censored floors when the enemy comes out of the door and sets it off? Answers: 2
Bolt 555987How do you get past the part where you have to kill the baddies next to the bridge? Answers: 0
Bolt 570742In Take out the trash, how do you get off the floating circle thing? I beat all the bad guys but now I'm stuck on it. Answers: 0
Bolt 604405Hi I am in the level bridging the gap part 1 there are stairs they are put like they are hanging one on the left and then on the right more up they are four like this I can only get on one please HELP ! Answers: 1
Bolt 604419Hi I am in level bridging the gap I am on a helicopter landing dont know what to do HELP Answers: 0
Bolt 606143How to destroy the turbines Answers: 1
Bolt 607387Hi! I am stuck trying to jump up on all the cliffs with out falling off. I have tried heaps of times but can't get it right. Please help me! Answers: 0
Bolt 628936After putting the cheat codes in for bolt how do I use the laser eyes Answers: 1
Bolt 640208In bridging the gap where bolt changes to penny and goes to those pipes how do you get all through where those pipes are? Answers: 1
Bolt 668108Where is the L3 and R3 button? In the bolt game is says use L3 and R3 super charge mode. Our controller has L2 and R2 and L1 and R2. Answers: 2
Bolt 694531How do I get the control room door open? Answers: 0
Bolt 703017How do you get past the fire wall's area Answers: 0
Bolt 703080How do you get on to all the diferent pillers where you have the fire comming out of the mouthesin the chambers. Answers: 0
Bolt 706910How do you get on the pedestal after you get past the first pedestal Answers: 0
Bolt 707531How do you destroy the turbines in part 12 Answers: 0
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