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FIFA 13 Tips | Tackling Techniques

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Sonic Unleashed

Rating: 4.3/5 VOTE

Starting Boost 85%
How to: During the countdown, swing the Wii-mote between "One" and "Go" for a spin-dash boost.
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Sonic Omake Cutscene 84%
How to unlock: Collect the hidden item in The Final Level to unlock the Sonic Omake Cutscene.
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The Final Mission 82%
How to unlock: Collect all of the Secret Items (except for Movie 36) to unlock The Final Mission.
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Rocket start 62%
When on a day stage on the count down when it hits 1 jolt your wii remote to get a spin dash
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Beginning Boost (Daytime Levels) 58%
When Sonic is counting down at the start of the level, swing the Wiimote after he says one, but before go. Sonic will boost out in a spindash to start the level

by: sonic123
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Defeat egg devil ray 57%
Quick step to avoid laser beams and keep filling up your boost gauge with rings. when eggman turns off his green force shield, slam to him with a sonic boost
By: kwikwi1234(318)
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Sonic Omake Video 51%
Collect all extras-except movie 36-, and get S-Ranks on every level to unlock a cool video called 'Sonic Omake'. Really Funny.
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Defeat egg dragoon 50%
Watch out for the isicles it shoots out can create large ice shock waves. dash towards it to get close then jump up and wallop its glowing green weak point and sonic's slash attacks
By: kwikwi1234(318)
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(hint) kill the enemys 43%
When you do the smash attack it only makes enemys go flying it doesnt do much damage like 3/10 so use punches or other things to kill them
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How to take advantage of sonic unleashed 43%
To beat the eggmanland with an S rank you can unlock a secret mission that you have to pass to get through a certain part in eggman land which is where you see all of those nasty missle robots that shot you and before the action spring* and rocket(*the blue spring).this will help you because this place can be the thing that is stopping you and is just like the first stage day in eggman land so if you can get through it unharmed your set and ready becuaes it goes all the way through to the,if you keep restarting at the beginning when you reach the big robot you'll get the hang of it.
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Arms 42%
To attake other enemys fast swing and move your own arms and wii remote fast too!
By: Gamer71(110)
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Dark Guardian (XBOX 360 AND Wii) 40%
To defeat him attack him as if a normal enemy. However for the Xbox 360 you'll have to push the blocks into the blue area since he heals himself (GRR!). On the Wii, same again except there's no blocks to push, instead you run to him and attack. I hope this helped. –)
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Goal ring 30%
Press b b a 2 and a goal ring will bee in front of you
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RSVP8P 26%
Hedgehog: Infinite Jump with C+A button

040b5808 41820010
E0000000 80008000
208144A8 00004800
040b5808 60000000
E0000000 80008000

Infinite Rings: 42000000 90000000
04B19BA4 000003E7
04B19BA8 000003E7
E0000000 80008000

Max Boost (gauge): 42000000 90000000
04B19BBC 00000006
04B19BB0 42F00000
E0000000 80008000

C20BCA78 00000003
3BE00003 93FE03B4
923E03B8 00000000

Max Boost [Link]
42000000 90000000
04B19BBC 00000006
04B19BB0 42F00000
E0000000 80008000
By: Sonic unleashed(7)
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Sonic Unleashed 431102How do you unlock 'Empire City' on sonic unleashed 4 wii? plz hlp! Answers: 3
Sonic Unleashed 473781How does werehog run Answers: 4
Sonic Unleashed 499097Is there any way to skip the long video about Sonic and Eggman when you start up the game? Answers: 3
Sonic Unleashed 383373How do i jump further? i can't jump from a small roof onto a platform which seem too far away Answers: 4
Sonic Unleashed 389362How Do I unlock the last mission in Adabat? I have heard about 2 ways: Get an S rank on every level or Get all of the Extras except for the last Movie Answers: 3
Sonic Unleashed 407684How to cross roof tops in second temple Answers: 1
Sonic Unleashed 437076I am stuck where I have to jump over water that I can't fall in and I can't catch the robot in the middle help please Answers: 1
Sonic Unleashed 448328What controller - Remote or Classic Controller - on the Wii is required to play Sonic Unleashed? Answers: 4
Sonic Unleashed 449624I'm obviously incompetent...can someone please tell me how to get past the drift tutorial? Answers: 3
Sonic Unleashed 454914I can't get past the gate in the beginning of the game when you're learning to "drift". Help! Answers: 2
Sonic Unleashed 460090In eggmanland how do you get past the 2 things you swing on 2 to get to the ledge at the side without falling? Answers: 2
Sonic Unleashed 463940How do you get sonic over the barrier on the first stage Answers: 1
Sonic Unleashed 471246There is a secret door in Spagonia with 3 lights.I need the extra life and secret mission key on the platforms.How do I get them?=0 Answers: 2
Sonic Unleashed 476280Is there a way to stay super sonic Answers: 2
Sonic Unleashed 481420How Do I buy items from shops like food with rings? Answers: 2
Sonic Unleashed 485687I am stuck on the second level on apadot it is short but the bad guys make me fall. and its hard. what should I do. Answers: 2
Sonic Unleashed 717554Do you have to do all of the missions in the Wii version of the game (like the ring collecting missions,) if not, how can I skip them? I'm stuck on the 'Day time Spagonia: Collect 200 rings in 1'30'000' Mission. Answers: 1
Sonic Unleashed 733462In Chun-Nan, I think its the 2nd stage, there is a broken bridge and I can't seem to get to the other side, jumping doesnt get you there so I really need help! Answers: 1
Sonic Unleashed 748045I too am on the small rooftop which requires a really big jump to get to the platform. Have tried the werewolf run but can't seem to get enough momentum going on the small roof space for him to reach the speed to make him super jump. Am I just lacking the knack at this stage? Answers: 1
Sonic Unleashed 750355How do I open very first gate in Wii Zelda 'Twilight Princess'? Riding the horse but cannot open gate no matter what I try? Have I forgttoen to collect something that will help me open it?. Answers: 1
Sonic Unleashed 758318I am stuck in werehog form. I have to jump over water ( which I cannot touch or I die) onto a ledge. It's a big jump and dashing does not seem to give me enough energy to do this big jump. Can you help please? Answers: 2
Sonic Unleashed 772872How do you do a moon jump I looked everywhere on the computer but nothing is there! please help me Answers: 1
Sonic Unleashed 810967How do you beat the rooftop run in blackstreet in spagonia in sonic unleashed Answers: 1
Sonic Unleashed 782628How do you mid-dash Answers: 1
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